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VIDEO PICKS: Aniqo, Drug Store Romeos, Manu Delago, Mumble Tide

Aniqo – Must Surrender German musician Anita Goß aka ANIQO, has been releasing music over the past few years. Now she has her debut album “BIRTH” ready for a release later this year. The first single, “Must Surrender,” a dark synth-pop piece comes with a nightmarish animated video. Watch the[…]

SONG PICK: Kate Havnevik – Into Dark

Norwegian experimental artist, composer, musician, and producer Kate Havnevik just dropped the magnificent electro-pop gem “Into Dark,” announcing her upcoming album for fall this year. The track is beautifully brooding, keeping us on our toes thanks to some mesmerizing synths that are paired with soaring yet eerily twisted vocals, all[…]


SONG PICK: Rivita – Speed Limit

It is summer (in the northern hemisphere) and L.A.-based singer/producer Rivita has a good advice for you. For once, heed the “Speed Limit” and enjoy what is around you at a slower pace. The chill exudes relaxation and has the vibe of that moment on a Friday early afternoon when[…]

SONG PICK: Favours – Left Behind (Video)

“Left Behind,” the new single by Canadian duo Favours is beautifully nostalgic and irresistible from the start. The nostalgia comes from the warm synth tones of the Juno-106 together with energetic 808 drums and some clear 80s guitar progressions. Think Stan Ridgway meets Howard Jones meets Kim Wilde, combining their[…]

Mia Pixley

SONG PICK: Mia Pixley – In The Daylight

Singer, cellist, and composer Mia Pixley celebrates being alive every day in her new song “In The Daylight.” She neither needs many words nor instruments to immerse the listener in something like an early morning sunrise experience, maybe high up in the mountains, where nothing distracts from the pure miracle[…]

SONG PICK: Jyroscope – Frozen In Time (Video)

You might not hear a more soothing, hypnotic, and absolutely irresistible track this Summer than “Frozen In Time” by Chicago’s Jyroscpope.  The stunning track marks the new video and teaser for the progressive Hip-Hop trio’s upcoming EP Happy Medium, out July 23rd. Jyroscope consists of MCs I.B. Fokuz, Collasoul Structure, and[…]


SONG PICK: Babehoven – A Star

“A Star” is a hypnotic, slow-burning song made up of little more than vocals, guitar, and a mysterious beat. It is easy to imagine it as the soundtrack to a movie, and most likely not a lighthearted one. “A Star” is from the upcoming EP “Nastavi, Calliope” by Babehoven, the[…]

SONG PICK: Ah-Mer-Ah-Su – No One (Video)

Californian artist Ah-Mer-Ah-Su released the super catchy and utterly charming “No One,” complete with a stunning iPhone video. Star Amerasu aka Ah-Mer-Ah-Su says about “No One:” This video, completely filmed on an iPhone is my fourth video in collaboration with filmmaker Roge Stack. The song is about the idea of[…]


SONG PICK: Imogen – Bloodbag (Video)

English singer/songwriter Imogen packs a lot of drama into her new song “Bloodbag.” The powerful, cinematic soundscapes, together with the haunting visuals directed by Harv Frost, send you on a trip to the dark regions of the mind. Imogen explains: “I wanted to write something that depicted the feeling of[…]

SONG PICK: Sara Noelle – Do I Have to Feel Everything

Admittedly, Sara Noelle got me at “Do I Have to Feel Everything,” the name of her new single. Once I started listening, I was immediately charmed by the song’s bright and optimistic vibe, and Sara’s enchanting and smooth vocals. “Do I Have to Feel Everything” is the anthem we all[…]

Ani Brava

SONG PICK: Ani Brava – Origami

In every relationship, there are clashes, and singer/songwriter Ani Brava asks for forgiveness when she has caused one: “When the rain, when the waters surround me, hold me up, fold me like origami,” she advises her loved one and that is undoubtedly better than escalating the situation. The restrained production[…]


Ahead of their sophomore album shame, British eclectic pop duo IDER release the stunning song and video “Bored.” The track and the captivating visuals deal with -as the title suggests- the same-old-same-old feeling of nothing ever-changing and feeling, well, bored. The music clip was shot in one take on the[…]

Red Ribbon

SONG PICK: Red Ribbon – Planet X

Red Ribbon is the project of L.A.-based singer/songwriter Emma Danner. “Planet X,” the title song of the upcoming album, deals with a different horrifying collective experience: the raging wildfires in California. Emma recounts the events that inspired the song: “On tour in November 2018 (with a band called The Berries[…]

SONG PICK: Maviii – Time

The new single “Time” by Richmond-based, Canadian artist Maviii is a marvelous piece of big, bold, and beautiful pop! The track shimmers and swirls and takes you instantly under its spell. Of course, a song with a title like “Time” might have quite the story and Maviii offers: Time has[…]

Lhasa Petik

SONG PICK: Lhasa Petik – Hurts to Be Young

Canadian singer and songwriter Lhasa Petik is still young, but in her new song “Hurts To Be Young,” she expresses already some nostalgia for childhood when life was a few notches simpler and more carefree. Entirely self-produced, the track is built like a painting, where with a few broad strokes[…]