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Q&A with Lydia Luce Ahead of the Release of Her Second Album Dark River

Lydia Luce is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Currently, she is working on the release of her second album “Dark River,” where she blends indie rock with string arrangements to create timeless pop songs. We fell in love with her latest single “Maybe In Time” at first[…]

SONG PICK: Patricia Lalor – Same Place Again (Video)

Young Irish singer/songwriter Patricia Lalor is a phenomenon: she released four EPs this year, three originals and one with cover songs, but instead of inching closer to the mainstream, she doubles down on her unique brand of dream pop. Our Song Pick of the Day “Same Place Again” from her[…]

SONG PICK: HUX – Headrush

London-based indie-pop duo HUX delight with “Headrush”, a song so beautiful and bright, it makes you want to dance. The Flamenco rhythms and Flamenco-inspired guitars make for a cool spin on electro-pop. Behind HUX are London-native Pat Keating and Melbourn-born George Huxtable, and the latter’s nickname also serves as their[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: C’Est Karma, Do Nothing, HYYTS, Saint Sister

C’Est Karma – Industrial Salt Luxembourg singer and producer C’Est Karma creates intricate synth pop pieces and you would imagine her hunched over her gear most of the time. But in “Industrial Salt” she twirls and dances through some sort of art installation and shows off the emotionality that makes[…]

Natalie Bouloudis

SONG PICK: Natalie Bouloudis – Coal

Coal and diamonds are both just carbon, albeit in very different states. This is the metaphor that London-based singer/songwriter Natalie Bouloudis applies to a relationship that went from glitter to black dust. Her signature cinematic folk noir immediately captures and takes you into its own world – perfect for this[…]

SONG PICK: Bad Love – Cashmere Tears

Manchester indie-pop band Bad Love appeared on my radar before but it took “Cashmere Tears” to eventually listen closely and fall head-over-heels for the glistening track. Reminiscent of dream-pop acts like LANY and of course electro-pop pioneers like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, or Ultravox, Bad Love create songs that are[…]

Lydia Luce

SONG PICK: Lydia Luce – Maybe In Time (Video)

December is a good time for reflection – maybe sitting down in the afternoon, watching darkness outside slowly settling in and musing about past and future. For such a state of mind, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Lydia Luce has a wonderful soundtrack for you with her new album “Dark River.” The whole[…]

SONG PICK: Dead Rituals – Broken Memories

While we are heading into the last month of the year, we tend to reflect on what has happened over the past eleven months. Despite all the bad and truly horrifying, that has been going on in 2020, one common notion has come up in media of all sorts:  the[…]

SONG PICK: Von Sell – Want

Brooklyn singer/songwriter Von Sell has created his own unique style of pop music: quirky and catchy, without adhering much to the hip production techniques of the moment. Now he is back with a stellar new song “Want,” which may well end up on your list of the favorite songs of[…]

SONG PICK: Jessi Mac – Bedroom Years

With the utterly gorgeous “Bedroom Years,” London trio Jessi Mac released a second single to announce their debut EP “Border Lines,” out on February 4th, 2020. The track’s flow is as irresistibly beautiful as it is soothing and mesmerizing, with Jessi Mcdonald’s warm vocals taking center stage. When asked about[…]

Cate Von Csoke 2020 Visions

“Visions For 2020” – an Eclectic Holiday Playlist by Cate Von Csoke

We are going into the last month of 2020, a year like no other. And while for most of us the holidays are very different from previous years, one constant remains: music is an important ingredient for the season. With that in mind, Australian, Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter Cate Von Csoke[…]

Artemis Orion

SONG PICK: Artemis Orion – You Are Your Own Home

L.A.-based singer, songwriter and producer Artemis Orion has a mantra for you in case bad news, hopelessness or simply the darkness of winter seem to overwhelm you. “You Are Your Own Home” she sings and lets the synths shimmer like rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds after a storm.[…]

SONG PICK: Piqued Jacks – Golden Mine

When a song starts with its chorus, our ears perk up and our interest is peaked. As it is the case with “Golden Mine”, the new single by Italian indie rock-quartet Piqued Jacks. “Golden Mine” marks the second single of Picked Jacks’ upcoming album “Synchronizer”, produced by Brett Shaw (Foals),[…]

Alaska Reid

SONG PICK: Alaska Reid – Big Bunny (Video)

Alaska Reid is a singer, songwriter and guitarist originally from Montana and now residing in Los Angeles. After playing in the band Alyeska she is now recording music under her own name. Her latest release is “Big Bunny,” an infectious track with a fuzzy guitar over electronic beats, which reflects[…]

SONG PICK: Hilang Child – King Quail (Video)

“King Quail” is every bit as mesmerizing as you would expect from a song with royalty in the title. It is the super gorgeous new single by Brighton-based singer, musician, and songwriter Hilang Child, ahead of his upcoming album “Every Mover”. Leading up to his album, the Welsh-Indonesian artist nee[…]