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SONG PICK: Gypsum – Kaleidoscope

L.A. trio Gypsum does not take the easy way with their music. Their self-titled debut album is full of meticulously crafted indie rock with a broad range of influences. For our Song Pick of the Day, “Kaleidoscope,” drummer Jessy Reed sums it up: “For those about the math rock, we[…]

SONG PICK: Blake Morgan – Down Below Or Up Above (Video)

Maybe the atmospheric image of a fedora-wearing and umbrella-holding man, testing some dance moves under an archway in the secrecy of the night did the trick? The black and white image certainly invited us to instantly click “play” on the video link and indulge in Blake Morgan‘s beautiful new song[…]


SONG PICK: AnSoFi – Love & Fear

Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room. It is almost 2022 and we are still in a pendemic. in dealing with that fact, Danish singer, songwriter and producer AnSoFi pitches the opposing emotions of love and fear against each other in a moving, quiet song. “Love will keep us together[…]

Christmas at Rockefeller Center

A glamglare Holiday 2021

Music is an essential ingredient for the holidays. Every year as December comes closer, we all start to listen to the same selection of songs over and over that seem to get blasted everywhere. New songs, apparently, are added to the list of classics only once or twice every decade.[…]

SONG PICK: The Thing With Feathers – Static

Charismatic vocals, crisp drumming, and sharp songwriting mark the sound of Nashville-based indie-rockers The Thing With Feathers. Their recent single “Static” announces their upcoming EP Sundays In The South and the equally named tour, which kicks off on February 22nd in Newport, KY.  The quartet is also already among the[…]


SONG PICK: Solis – Sunday

It is Sunday, our Song Pick of the Day is titled “Sunday,” and this chilled-out music is perfect for a lazy afternoon. But Manchester-based singer/songwriter Solis wants to remind you that every day counts betting your hopes on the future. She explains: “Sunday is about always focussing on the future[…]

SONG PICK: Ultraviolet Communication – Moon Man

Phoenix-based indie-rockers Ultraviolet Communication just released their glorious sophomore album Paper Tiger.  We dig the psychedelic vibe of the album with its daring nod to the late 60s. Experimenting with different recording techniques, Ultraviolet Communication say about their album’s lead single “Moon Man:” The vocal production is notable because we[…]


SONG PICK: Mïrändä – Self Care

If you are in a region where the holidays mark the beginning of the cold and dark season, it is a good idea to think about self-care. Of course, there are many ways of doing this, but one very effective method is to listen to the new song by the[…]

SONG PICK: The Joshua Hotel – Somebody New

When you come across a song titled “Somebody New” what would your initial thoughts be? Someone has found someone new or wishes for someone else, no? Not so The Joshua Hotel aka songwriter, singer, and producer Joshua Mackenzie. In his new single “Somebody New” he wishes that he could turn[…]


SONG PICK: Circe – Mess With Your Head

“Mess With Your Head” – that’s what the namesake sorceress did to Odysseus in Greek mythology. For the London-based pop musician Circe this is a two-way street: love is messy and good intentions don’t always lead to a good outcome. Circe explains about her new bright, swirling synth-pop track: “It’s[…]

SONG PICK: Yumi And The Weather – Howl

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ruby Taylor makes music in Brighton, England under the name Yumi And The Weather. Her latest song, “Howl,” is an energetic, loud indie rock track that goes all in from the first second on. Ruby gives us some details about the song: ” ‘Howl’ is about[…]

SONG PICK: La Poré – Headphones (Video)

Like with his previous single “Right Track,” La Poré takes a widely known experience and spins it in his unique and utterly appealing way. It is impossible to not instantly feel the sonic beauty of “Headphones.” With its shimmering synths and La Poré’s gorgeous vocals, “Headphones” is as intimate as it[…]

Neggy Gemmy

SONG PICK: Neggy Gemmy – California

In her new song, singer, songwriter, and producer Lindsay French, now known as Neggy Gemmy wants to go to California. In reality, the artist formerly known as Negative Gemini has already done this a few years ago. We miss her dearly here in NYC, but we take this song as[…]

SONG PICK: Tears For Fears – No Small Thing (Video)

What begins as maybe a little campfire ditty, with simple guitar strumming and lyrics like “I just have one more song to sing, one more story to tell,” develops into something big and grande and absolutely irresistible. I am biased, no doubt, with Tears for Fears being among my all-time[…]