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With her debut “I’m Not Running You”, MNRØ from Manchester, England entered the music scene with a splash. A very angry splash! Now she is back with softer more reconciliatory “Waves,” even though in the end the song is still about a break up. Musically, she stays the course with elegant future pop that strikes the right balance between current trends and timelessness.

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Crawford Mack, Estere, Ruti, Scintii

Crawford Mack – Firing Squad Despite its gripping title, we loved the sheer beauty of “Firing Squad” by Glasgow-based singer/songwriter Crawford Mack, hence had previously featured the track in our Song Pick of the Day series. Today, the creative singer-songwriter released a short film, conceptualized by him together with the[…]

May Rosa

SONG PICK: May Rosa – Gresham Street

Sometimes when things don’t go well in life, comfort can come when and from where you don’t expect it. In the case of Belfast-based singer/songwriter May Rosa, it was the good time she spend with someone at a place on “Gresham Street”. It helped her getting back on her feet and so she wrote an hauntingly beautiful and atmospheric 80s inspired song about the experience.

SONG PICK: Mines Falls – From Behind Glass

Mines Falls is a Los Angeles-based electronic indie-rock duo comprised of brothers Carson and Erik Lund, who work in film and design by day and create utterly enchanting pop music by night or whenever their time allows. “From Behind Glass” marks the third and last single before their self-titled album drops[…]

Q & A with Daragh

Earlier this year, we featured Daragh‘s song “Pretend” and realized that we had written about the Irish singer, songwriter, and producer before when he was part of the more electronic-leaning duo Company Ink. What makes someone leave a successful musical project and start a solo career? Curious, we checked out[…]

Lauren Hulbert

SONG PICK: Lauren Hulbert – Gone in One

Being trapped in a one-sided relationship that is going nowhere is a special kind of hell. Oakland-based singer/songwriter Lauren Hulbert gives us a personal account of the painful back and forth, waiting in vain for the moment that might change everything. Earthy guitars and drums keep “Gone in One” on the rockier side of Lauren’s spectrum – she is a classically trained pianist, who picked up the guitar later.

SONG PICK: Make Friends – Hesitate

Bristol-based indie-rock quartet Make Friends released the super smooth and instantly appealing “Hesitate”, their new single that deals with a difficult topic. The core message of the song is wrapped in a blanket of soft and wistful tones, with some sparkles of doubt yet also optimism thrown in. In the[…]

Manu Grace

SONG PICK: Manu Grace – Over The Stove

Letting go and just giving in to mutual attraction – this sentiment is beautifully turned into music by South African singer/songwriter Manu Grace. Listen and you can see a story unfold in your mind, one that makes you smile and wish that things were always so full of clarity.


SONG PICK: Stacey – D.M.T. (Video)

“D.M.T.” is an audiovisual piece full of beauty. Toronto singer/songwriter Stacey takes cues from the 60s and creates psychedelic pop that engulfs you like a warm blanket while she invites you to “dream in multicolor together.” Fellow Canadians Babygirl, another glamglare favorite, were also involved in the song.

SONG PICK: Brothertiger – Paradise Lost

Electronic musician and synthwave pioneer John Jagos, aka Brothertiger, is releasing his first album of original material in five years. “Paradise Lost” the last single before the album drops on Friday, is the album’s title as well as closing track and it is full of promise despite the grim name.[…]

Abby Sage

SONG PICK: Abby Sage – Honey,

Abby Sage is a singer/songwriter from the Bay Area. Her third single “Honey,” allures with a relaxed vibe: chill beats and guitars underline Abby’s voice as she reflects on a high-energy romantic encounter.

SONG PICK: Kissy – Ever Enough

“Ever Enough”, the bright and joyful new single by Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Kissy, makes for the perfect summer soundtrack, even for such a strange one as the one of 2020. Nightlife in general and clubbing, in particular, came to a screeching halt but we still imagine “Ever Enough”[…]