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Evie Balfe

Evie Balfe – Wearing a Crown

London-based singer/songwriter Evie Balfe is “Wearing a Crown,” but that is only the start of her troubles. The slow-burning synth-pop track meanders like her thoughts about never making it to the other side, where happiness is guaranteed. But while the song builds around the drama of her insecurity, it also[…]

Goldpark – Lady Lightyear

Indie rock three-piece Goldpark just released the glorious “Lady Lightyear” and will be on tour throughout May and June, playing some of these shows with fellow Nashvillians The Thing With Feathers. I first noticed Goldpark thanks to their formidable cover of the New Radicals’ superhit “You Get What You Give,”[…]

Sofie Mathiasen

Sofie Mathiasen – Magnetic Love

Sofie Mathiasen currently attends school in Vienna but she comes from a diverse background and was raised in South America. Her first single, “Magnetic Love,” is an intimate but catchy pop song about the push and pull of a complicated relationship. She is currently working on more material for an[…]

Charlie Hickey – Gold Line [Video]

“What’s the point of even trying” muses Charlie Hickey on the beautifully mellow “Gold Line,” and takes the listener on a joyful ride. The accompanying video supports the positive, inviting vibe, because that’s what the gorgeous track ultimately offers. “Gold Line” is taken from Charlie Hickey’s upcoming album Nervous at[…]


O. Wake – Let’s Get All Pessimistic

O. Wake is the project of Brooklyn-based musician Ofer Shouval. With his second single, “Let’s Get All Pessimistic,” he takes you on a wild music ride against the negativity bias in the news that can become a self-destructive addiction. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

Brijean – Shy Guy

We are huge fans of Cali duo Brijean, comprised of much thought after percussionist Brijean Murphymulti-instrumentalist Doug Stuart. The duo is announcing their new EP Angelo, with the irresistibly catchy “Shy Guy,” out August 5th on Ghostly International (pre-order/pre-save.) Ultimately, the emotive “Shy Guy” serves as a motivational anthem for[…]

Kathryn Williams

Kathryn Williams – Answer In The Dark [Video]

Liverpool-based multi-faceted artist Kathryn Williams announced her new album “Night Drive” for July 15 on One Little Independent. The second single, “Answer in The Dark,” is a sweeping, nocturnal track with cinematic string arrangements. Kathryn says about the album: Some of it is questioning who we are, realising that being[…]

Quarry – Chemical

British artist/producer Quarry offers a glorious slice of pop with the refreshingly upbeat “Chemical.” Out via Columbia Records, Quarry says about his new single: “Chemical” is ultimately about letting go of things we can’t control – like the chemicals that shape us, racing through our bodies and colouring everything we[…]

Carly Shea

Carly Shea – Brush it Off

Here at glamglare we are big fans of NYC-based singer and songwriter Carly Shea since her 2020 track “Forever.” Now she is back with brand new music, which adds a good dose of soulfulness to her synth-pop sound. The new swanky, feel-good song “Brush It Off” is about an exercise[…]

LUIANNA – Heroin

Electro-pop singer and producer LUIANNA, aka Jasmine Luianna Emslie, released the atmospheric “Heroin” as the last single of her brilliant debut EP skiá (out now.) The emotive vibe of “Heroin” paired with darker, brooding undertones appealed to me from the spot, not to mention that exquisitely intense ending! Incredibly good.[…]

Paula Jivén by Eveline Johnsson (Edit by The Corlene Machine)

Q & A With Paula Jivén

Today, Swedish pop singer/songwriter Paula Jivén releases her debut EP “The Duality in Me” – before she even graduates from high school. In five expertly crafted pop songs that assert her own style of pop music, she says goodbye to her childhood. Paula was so kind to give us some[…]

Liz Cass

Liz Cass – Human

“Does it make me less human,” asks U.K. based singer/songwriter Liz Cass in her new emotive single “Human.” She refers to the mental readjustments that we all have been gone through since the pandemic arrived. The elegant, dramatic synthpop production fits perfectly with the heaviness of the thoughts in her[…]

DC Gore – I Like You [Video]

The synth-pop banger “I Like You” marks the third single from DC Gore‘s upcoming debut album All These Things, out July 29th on Domino Records. Irresistibly catchy, “I Like You” is only on the surface carefree and easygoing because the song’s sentiment goes deeper. “I Like You” is an introspective view[…]

VIDEO PICKS: A.O. Gerber, Brian May, Nadia Sheikh, Vicky Farewell

A.O. Gerber – Looking for the Right Things On the surface, “Looking for the Right Things” might “just” be another beautiful song and another intriguingvideo but a lot thought and also time went into it. This is a fascinating work of art that shows that an artist can get lucky[…]

Siv Jacobsen

Siv Jacobsen – Most of the Time

“Most of the Time” is a reflection of how the past suddenly can awaken in one’s mind. We don’t know who Norwegian singer/songwriter Siv Jacobsen refers to, but there is also a hint of darkness and regret in the song when she sings, “I wanna know what it feels like[…]