SONG PICK: Moon Panda – Gun

“You don’t know what you want, but you know it’s not this” is the core line of the new song by Californian duo Moon Panda. The song unfolds with a soft guitar line like a daydream on a hot summer afternoon, reminiscent of the work of Air on “Moon Safari”.[…]

SONG PICK: Chaunter – Boo Cat (VIDEO)

Where to possibly start? Music first! “Boo Cat” is a fantastic song, with interesting instrumentation and great vocals, and without knowing that it has been composed by Baltimore duo Chaunter, one might think of psych-pop superstars MGMT. With that out-of-the-way, we can have a closer look at the video itself,[…]

SONG PICK: EZI – Family Tree

L.A.-based musician Esther Zyskind aka EZI is 23, independent, but married, but not a “spinster” as a narrator in her song “Family Tree” lets us know. But still, reconciling modern life with traditional expectations can be a challenge and that is what this extremely catchy pop song is about. Esther[…]

SONG PICK: Young & Sick – Bitter End

While the song’s title at first might be misleading, “Bitter End” is an optimistic track, about not giving up and doing what it takes to succeed. Additionally, what makes “Bitter End” perfect for the early days of this still young year is the creative use of different styles and musical[…]

SONG PICK: Betta Lemme – Give It (Video)

“Give It” is a futuristic pop song and a sharp left turn from Betta Lemme‘s previous music. “Bambola” was a big hit around the world and you probably know it well, but apparently the singer/songwriter from Montreal did not feel like standing still and kicks off her 2019 offerings with[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Glitch Cake – Tension

“Tension”, the latest single by Brooklyn-based dark disco electro-pop duo Glitch Cake, got an effervescent visual treatment, and we are excited to premiere the exquisite music video today. Glitch Cake are comprised of Kat Tingum (vocals, electronics) and Poyraz Aldemir (drums, electronics), providing the following insight:  “We’re inspired by how glitch art can digitally[…]

SONG PICK: Leyya – Donnie

“Donnie” is just a b-side – whatever that means in 2019 – by Austrian duo Leyya, but it is so good that is has to be a Song Pick of the Day. The band agrees: ‚Donnie‘ is one of those tracks we continued working on although we knew it won‘t[…]


“Fever” is my first Song Pick of the Day of the brand new 2019, and I chose the latest single by Welsh trio XY&O for its gloriously laid-back and super smooth vibes. Last time I have featured XY&O was in 2015, definitely long overdue! Listen to “Fever” and ease into[…]

SONG PICK: Emma Charles – Comfort In The Chaos (VIDEO)

Happy New Year, everybody! Here is a great idea by L.A.-based singer/songwriter Emma Charles wrapped in a gorgeous song: battle the everyday stress levels by setting your mind to find “Comfort In The Chaos”. Emma also delivers some fitting visuals (with horses!), so you can practice right here at your[…]

SONG PICK: Little Napier – The Orchard

“All the people that I used to know, still have a place in my heart” chant Melbourne four-piece Little Napier on their latest single “The Orchard”. It is a beautifully quiet song with a catchy piano melody and interesting lyrics. Listen to “The Orchard”, our Song Pick of the Day,[…]

SONG PICK: Dramaglider – The Future Is A Parody

As 2018 comes to an end and we ask ourselves what 2019 will hold for us, here is a song by Chicago brainy rock six-piece Dramaglider about wrestling with the future. Singer Emily Anderson tries to “stare her down” – not a bad idea, if you think of it. Happy[…]

SONG PICK: Charity Shop Pop – Always You

Hard to believe that “Always You” is just the debut single of British indie pop artist Charity Shop Pop aka Dave Hughes,  because the track is beautifully crafted and irresistibly joyful and catchy. Listen to “Always You”, our Song Pick of the Day: Connect with Charity Shop Pop on Facebook, Instagram and[…]

SONG PICK: Dorine Levy & Roy Sela – Troubled Faith

Give me steel drums and I’m happy, in particular when they come in so unexpected as in “Troubled Faith,” the new track by singer/songwriter Dorine Levy, who splits her time between Canada and Tel Aviv. For the song she turned to her long time friend Roy Sela for production –[…]

SONG PICK: Indigo Velvet – Nineteen

“Nineteen” by Scottish quartet Indigo Velvet, is as joyous as the band photo indicates:  it will make you smile, guaranteed! Just hit ‘play’ and see for yourself. Wether you are remember having been nineteen more wistfully or find yourself more in the midst of it, the song will appeal to[…]

SONG PICK: Christinna O – Shelter

“Do I be shelter?” ask singer/songwriter Christinna O in her first single “Shelter”, after she realizes that she is taken advantage of with little in return. The song is an exciting mix of classic R&B and future pop with refreshing restraint in vocals and production. Christinna is working on an[…]