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SONG PICK: Gatlin – I Think About You All The Time

Break-up songs are often written from a safe emotional distance. Not this one. Nashville-based singer/songwriter Gatlin created “I Think About You All the Time” about events only a few months back, together with fellow musician Victoria Bigelow. This becomes palpable with a special immediacy as Gatlin ponders about the push and pull in a difficult relationship.

SONG PICK: Greentea Peng – Ghost Town (Video)

When I heard “Ghost Town” this morning, I was immediately smitten by its dazzling and groovy vibes. The statement “No, you can’t take my city away”, also made my mind spin, as this became more crucial in more than just one way.  “Ghost Town” marks the first overtly political song[…]

The New Colossus Festival – Day 1

This is the time of the year where we usually immerse ourselves into music full time with SXSW, and since last year also [The New Colossus Festival]( in our hometown. Of course it is different this year: SXSW is not happening, and it is hard to engross into anything other than… well, you know what. But to say it with one of the artists, Siv Jacobson, who traveled nonetheless from Europe to play at New Colossus: “Music always helps.” And so we double down on what we always do: find new music for you and write about it, as a reminder that life is going on and there is still a lot of beauty to be found out there.


SONG PICK: Notelle – Come For Me

Singer and songwriter Notelle is born in Nashville, Tennessee, but this would not give you a hint of where she is going musically. Her latest single “Come For Me” is a haunted, dark pop gem with an elegant production that – while trendy – holds some surprises. And if you want to feel some good chills, Notelle comes up with an eerily scientific explanation for what is ultimately a ghost song.

SONG PICK: Morgan Harper-Jones – Lie To Me

“Lie to Me” by British singer/songwriter Morgan Harper-Jones is a beautifully intense experience! The song instantly grabs you, raises the hair on your arms in a good way, and makes you fall head-over-heels in love with this incredible artist. The song itself is carefully arranged, giving Morgan Harper-Jones’ vocals the room[…]

The New Colossus Festival – glamglare Picks

Dire times maybe ask for philosophy and culture, and so a variation of a quote of the famous German writer Goethe comes to mind: “two hearts have always beat within my breast”, one for SXSW and one for The New Colossus Festival, well since 2019 anyway! Now, with the former[…]

SONG PICK: Laveda – Ghost

At glamglare we are big fans of Albany-based shoegaze duo Laveda and we are happy to report that they will release their debut full length “What Happens After” on April 24 via Color Station. The new single and album opener “Ghost” is the corner stone of the album and makes appetite for more.

SONG PICK: Neon Dreams – Walk Away

When I first came across “Walk Away”, the new single and video by alt-pop duo Neon Dreams, my heart did a little happy jump for excitement. So. Good. At that time, I was looking forward to seeing the Halifax-based band live in Austin next week. But, only a few hours[…]

SONG PICK: Evvol – It’s OK (Video)

After Friday’s Song Pick here is another act who helped sparking this blog: genre-defying Berlin-based duo Evvol, formerly Kool Thing. They are now ready to release their second album “The Power” on May 8. First single “It’s Ok” is a compelling synth pop piece that keeps you on the edge with unexpected vocal effects and leaves it unclear how well things really are.

SONG PICK: Luna Bec – Come Over Tonight

Many different scenarios are possible with an invitation like “Come Over Tonight”, and London-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Luna Bec might just have the best for you. Her gorgeous new song is playful and bouncy, with an overall much-needed optimistic vibe. When asked about her latest single, Bec explains: “Come Over[…]