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SONG PICK: The Record Summer – White Dress (Video)

With his critically-acclaimed six-song EP “Race to the Bottom,” The Record Summer can count on a devoted fanbase. While this release lies firmly ten years in the past, The Record Summer aka Bret Rodysill is gearing up for his first full-length album, out March 5th.  Titled “Lay it Bare”, the[…]


SONG PICK: Maud – Baby Girl

In her new song “Baby Girl” Kristine Hoff aka Maud presents the years of growing up from childhood with cinematic drama. The Norwegian singer, songwriter, and producer lets her track grow into a battle-like finale, complete with tribal drums and war cries. Turn up the volume to get the full[…]

SONG PICK: Doohickey Cubicle – Sign Here

“Sign Here” by Canadian synth-pop duo Doohickey Cubicle starts out as any lovely dream-pop piece would begin, with hazy guitars, catchy rhythms, and airy vocals. However, the track takes an unexpected turn when the jazzy saxophone and other wind instruments chime in, never dominant but beautifully adding to the blissful[…]


SONG PICK: Wrené – Phoenix

“Phoenix” is classic synth-pop beauty, one that fills the air with sizzling energy from the first bar on. Toronto-based musician Wrené wants you to feel that power and do what the mythical titular bird does: rise high to fulfill your dreams. Wrené co-produced the track with an 80s-style unapologetic affection[…]

SONG PICK: Marie Naffah – Wasteland

The utterly appealing rhythm in “Wasteland” is impossible to escape, with absolutely no chance to abandon the mesmerizing song once you started listening! This is the new single by Marie Naffah, whose lyrics are intelligent and beautifully poetic – a heady combination: Why you drink my water, if it’s all that’s[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Graywave, Lucy Spraggan, Marie Clo, Morcheeba

Graywave – Before The latest song “Before” by English shoegazer Jess Webberly aka Graywave has received a simple but effective video treatment that amplifies the already scorching intensity of the song. Jess will release an EP this spring. Check out also our Q&A with her. Watch the video now: Lucy[…]

Jane Bonis

SONG PICK: Jane Bonis – Keep Me Around (Video)

In “Keep Me Around,” the machines reign: a wobbly bassline, relentless drumbeats, and heavy synth layers paint a dark, dystopian picture. Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter Jane Bonis brings humanity into the mix with bright vocals and distant piano play. This contrast emphasizes the question that Jane put at the core of the[…]

SONG PICK: HYYTS – Bad Tattoo (video)

We had Scottish synth-pop duo HYYTS on our radar already, when we featured the video to their beautiful and relevant single “SOS.” The irresistibly pleasing synths vibes got us, paired with the serious subject matter: mental health. Now, Adam and Sam continue to combine ultra-catchy tunes with meaningful messages in[…]

San Mei

SONG PICK: San Mei – In The Machine

Australian musician Emily Hamilton aka San Mei self-produced her latest single “In The Machine” for an big, industrial sound, reminiscent of 90s Depeche Mode. Her airy vocals float over the heavy layers of synth, guitar, and relentless drums and reveal a personal experience of self-reflection. Emily explains: “Once I stepped[…]

SONG PICK: CeaseTone – Continents

A song as beautiful as “Continents” and with a kaleidoscope of feelings does not come along every day. It is the new single by Icelandic singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Hafsteinn Þráinsson, who goes by the artist name CeaseTone. “Continents” is a song that swirls and shimmers, leaving us almost dizzy with[…]


SONG PICK: Laventure – GIVE

Laventure is a duo from Strassbourg, France, who released their debut single “GIVE” last Friday. The song is an immediate ear-catcher: it starts with a weirded-out lo-fi vibe but then meanders into a chill, disco-tinged slow dance track, complete with a cathartic guitar solo. With “GIVE,” the band is on[…]

SONG PICK: Low Island – Feel Young Again (video)

Bright, promising vocals immediately draw us into “Feel Young Again”, the new single by Oxford quartet  Low Island. The soft and pleasing vibe continues throughout the track, evoking the feeling of walking on a beach in the early morning sun. The song’s production is sophisticated indie-pop at its finest! When[…]

Allison Lorenzen

SONG PICK: Allison Lorenzen – VALE (ft. Midwife)

Allison Lorenzen’s solo debut “VALE” is a slow-burning, intense song about a place of darkness. Nothing is too much here: the ghostly vocals, the sparse drums, a distant keyboard, and the fuzzy guitar are carefully placed in the track to create a vibe of desolate loneliness. The Denver-based musician, also[…]