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SONG PICK: Tricky – Fall Please feat. Marta (Video)

When Tricky says about his new single that it would be his “version of pop music”, then this can be taken literally as “Fall Please feat. Marta” is as appealing as it is slightly unsettling and seriously catchy. It is one of these tracks one wants to listen to on[…]


SONG PICK: Graywave – With Me

We are for the last few months in various forms of lockdown – this now increasingly shows direct influence on the art that is being made. Take “With Me,” a beautiful new song by U.K. musician Jess Webberley aka Graywave, which she self-recorded in her bedroom. With its longing guitar and dream-like vocals the track perfectly purveys the state of mind where you miss what is no longer possible and hope for a better time ahead.

SONG PICK: Cai Gray – Invincible

“Invincible”, the new single by Nashville-based singer/songwriter Cai Gray starts out pensive and brooding but lightens up a bit further in. Understandably, as the subject matter is serious and based on Cai’s own experiences with depression. We reached out and asked Cai if he could summarize “Invincible” for us in[…]

Ask Carol

SONG PICK: Ask Carol – Run With You (Video)

Ask Carol is a duo from Norway and their new song sums up a feeling that is familiar to many of us these days: getting away from it all. “All I want to do is run with you,” Carol sings over an energetic beat and scorching guitars and you might just want to join her.

SONG PICK: At Pavillon – Joy

It only takes three letters to infuse a grey day or a hopeless moment with a feeling of possibilities. Small on the outside, yet incredibly powerful that is “Joy”, the mighty three-letter word and also the title of the new single by Austrian pop-quartet At Pavillon. The feel-good track swirls[…]

SONG PICK: Luca Wilding – Heartachers

“Heartachers” starts with tender fingerpicking, creating a gentle and beautiful backdrop for Luca Wilding‘s utterly amazing vocals. We cannot not listen to what he has to say, as “Heartachers” immediately puts us under a spell. Suddenly, roughly at the half-way mark, the song takes an unexpected turn: it swells and[…]

SONG PICK: Troi Irons – Flowers

Get ready to be blown away but the latest song of L.A. musician Troi Irons. Equal parts airy pop song and fist-pumping power rock anthem – complete with a hot guitar solo – “Flowers” begs to be rewound and listened to again and again. As a multi-instrumentalist, Troi writes and produces all her music herself and given her experiences with collaborations she might want to keep it that way.