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VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Summer Dennis & Rhymes / SHEAFS / Marcus King / RALPH

Summer Dennis & Rhymes – Circles Washington DC-based, soul/funk project, Summer Dennis & Rhymes bring a sexy, beachy feeling right into your home with “Circles”. Stay until the end where a lush guitar outro solo awaits. Watch the video now: SHEAFS – Care Less British rock quintet SHEAFS teamed up[…]

SONG PICK: Mai Kino – Talk (Video)

Mai Kino is an London-based singer/songwriter originally from Lisboa. Her new song “Talk” is an intense, sweeping synth pop track that comes with mesmerizing visuals showing Mai Kino in others dancing below (biodegradable) sheets of plastic. It symbolizes isolation and loneliness, but also the danger that lays therein. After all,[…]

SONG PICK: Violet – Shiver

With a mellow yet enchanting opening, “Shiver” demands attention and does not let go until its reverb-drenched ending. “Shiver” marks the latest single by British quintet Violet and announces their EP set to be released November 22nd. The bright, slightly metallic vocals stand in fascinating contrast to the warm and[…]

SONG PICK: Party Nails – Cut To Bleed

“Cut to Bleed” is a song about the female and ultimately human experience clashing with modern realities. L.A.-based singer and producer Elana Carroll aka Party Nails released this intense electro-pop banger as a follow-up to her 2018 album “Past Lives and Paycheck”. Elena explains the story behind the song: This[…]

Photos and Impressions of Iceland Airwaves 2019

Every early November and now in its 21st year, Iceland Airwaves attracts a good 150 musicians to play the festival and more than 6,000 concert goers who want to see these acts perform in Reykjavik. The festival takes the Keychange commitment seriously in ensuring a noticeable gender balance. This being[…]


Birmingham-based glam rock trio TREMENDOUS is about to release their irresistibly dazzling new single “Copycat Killer” this Friday, announcing their full length album “Relentless” out early next year. The track does not give you any chance to slowly ease into the groove but grabs you from the start with its chorus,[…]


SONG PICK: HOST – Trainwreck

Irish singer, songwriter and producer HOST has a unique way of blending upbeat pop music with eerie undertones and dark lyrics. Her latest song “Trainwreck” showcases her production style exemplary: she creates a tension that keeps you on the edge throughout the track’s three minutes. Don’t miss the Q&A we[…]

SONG PICK: Tennyson – Collapse

It comes as no surprise that visual artist Waneella pairs technology with nature, as this is what comes to mind when listening to the utterly gorgeous new single “Collapse” by Canadian brother and sister duo Tennyson. The track is unbelievably dreamy and images of a crystal clear creek, steadily purling[…]

SONG PICK: Natalie Walker – Starry Eyed Kids

Way back in 2006 I was looking for new music on emusic, which was back then a predecessor of the today‘s subscription services. „Urban Angel“ by Colorado-based singer/songwriter Natalie Walker was one of the albums I found and I had it on repeat on my iPod. Social media was still[…]

SONG PICK: Louis Prince – Lounging

“Lounging” starts of with a feeling of unease due to the eery sounds of chimes (or chains?) yet thankfully, the warm piano and Jake McMullen‘s beautiful and soothing vocals stir the song into a fascinating direction. McMullen chose the moniker Louis Prince for his new project, using parts of his[…]