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SONG PICK: Ludic – Love Me Like

“Love Me Like”, the new single by art-pop trio Ludic is as joyful as it is irresistible. This is feel-good music that pushes even the darkest clouds aside to make room for a little sunshine to breakthrough and dance to. While “Love Me Like” is not all roses lyrically, it[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: High Waisted, in earnest, LONA, Morgan Harper-Jones

High Waisted – Modern Love “Modern Love” is the latest single off High Waisted‘s new album, “Sick of Saying Sorry”, out May 22nd and it got a cool video treatment. Its creators Jenni Yang & Logan Seaman say about the inspiration behind the video: “Jenni found a quote that says “to[…]

Margo Sanda

SONG PICK: Margo Sanda – Aspettami

There is much good music coming from Italy, but all artists we featured so far prefer to sing in English. That’s why I’m particularly excited to present North Italian, Berlin-based singer, songwriter and producer Margo Sanda, who just released her second EP “La Stanza Verde” (The Green Room) with five tracks sung in Italian. The language alone makes for a delightful listening experience, even if you don’t understand it. But there is far more to discover in Margo’s music: the songs spread out like a garden of wildflowers – beautifully harmonic from the distance, but full of life and surprising details. Margo used field recording and played an array of different instruments for her delicate productions.

SONG PICK: Caro – When All My Friends Move Away

When singer/songwriter and producer Caro rhymes “All my friends move away, leaving me for LA” then it profoundly resonates with me because this can be taken literally: some lovely friends of mine have exchanged New York with Los Angeles (it is not just all about the weather, is it?) but others even[…]

The Familiar

SONG PICK: The Familiar – Control

The control you you have over your life and the forces that take it from you are the topic of the new song by duo The Familiar – a transatlantic collaboration between Ruth Mirsky and Mads Martinsen. Both have roots in Norway and this reflects in their dark, melodic synth pop songs. You can find two more, similar excellent tracks on their latest EP, also called “Control”.

SONG PICK: Golan – Anima (Video)

The ambient flow of “Anima” is soothing and comforting, yet at the same time also highly hypnotic as the new track by Golan draws the listener immediately in. Golan are a Romanian electronic three-piece, coming from different backgrounds and skills. From what we have learned about them, their live shows[…]

Ria Carval

SONG PICK: Ria Carval – Reflections

19 year-old musician Ria Carval has embarked on the path to pop stardom on her own terms: she moved from Cali, Columbia to Albany, NY to study the music business and takes full control of writing and producing her music. Ria’s latest song “Reflections” is a catchy but soothing pop ballad about star-crossed lovers that feels consistent with the mission to be force of good in the lives of her listeners.

SONG PICK: Zaac Pick – Ladder To The Sun (Video)

The video to “Ladder To The Sun” drew me immediately into its compelling story. It is so nice to see young people hanging out together… “Ladder To The Sun” is the second track from Zaac Pick‘s upcoming album “Passages” (out May 22nd) and with its melancholic undertones yet overall optimistic[…]


SONG PICK: Austra – Mountain Baby (ft. Cecile Believe)

The release of a new Austra album is always a special day at glamglare. “HiRUDiN” – you don’t want to know what this is if you are squeamish – is just Katie Stelmanis fourth album over almost a decade and a lot has changed since her first full-length “Feel it Break.” What remained the same is the diverse approach to the production and her clear, bright almost outerworldly vocals. I recommend listening to the entire album, but the latest single “Mountain Baby” is a good summary for what to expect: an intriguing collage of sonic experiences, featuring a Toronto children’s choir and fellow Canadian musician Cecile Believe (fka Mozart’s Sister).

SONG PICK: Midnight Vesta – I’ll Have Another

The sun came finally out today in New York, and while enjoying breakfast on the balcony, we were listening to my playlist of potential song picks and when “I’ll Have Another” came on, I loved the track all over again. The track is defined by its groovy John Mayer vibe, complete[…]