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SONG PICK: Miss Naivety – Cyclones

One of the fascinating aspects of music is how little is required to evoke strong feelings in the listener. Irina Shtreis aka Miss Naivety has already prooven with her two first EPs that she does not need much to draw you sonically into her world. “Cyclone,” her latest song features[…]

SONG PICK: Ro Bergman – Horizon

“Horizon”, the new single by indie-rock musician Ro Bergman is hypnotic in its repetitiveness and irresistibly gorgeous at once. Dark and brooding yet with a touch of hope and optimism when the chorus of “new horizon”, chanted repeatedly, sets in. When asked about his newest song, Bergman provides: “Out of the underground[…]

SONG PICK: Russian Baths – Tracks

Enjoy the few soft riffs at the beginning of “Tracks,” because soon will Brooklyn duo Russian Baths hit you with a massive wall of sound. Built around Jess Rees and Luke Koz on guitar and vocals, their music is unsettling and digs deep into the human psyche. “Tracks” also deals[…]

SONG PICK: Super Paradise – Feel

Admittedly, I do not always remember the band names of the musicians whose sound we cover in our #glamglarepick series, and it also doesn’t really matter, as I go by the music first and foremost. “Feel” by Super Paradise got me instantly, with its slightly uncomfortable overtones, yet ultimately beautifully[…]

SONG PICK: Tanners – Heavy Metals

“Heavy Metals” is the new song by NYC-based musician Tanners. Like last year’s “Venus” is a super-catchy, perfectly executed pop song, urgent and uplifting at the same time. You can feel how the song has a therapeutic effect for Tanners: As I slowly began feeling more like myself, I started[…]

SONG PICK: Life At The Arcade – Antidote

As much as I like to indulge in delicate singer/songwriter fare, I also enjoy bombastic, anthemic sound like “Antidote”, the new single by Liverpool quartet Life At The Arcade. The chorus of “Antidote” is refreshingly catchy and makes me want to chime in immediately and you might want to as[…]

SONG PICK: Miynt – Lucy in Disguise

Miynt is a singer, songwriter and producer from Sweden, who we fell in love with already in 2016. Now she is back with a just released new EP “Stay on Your Mind” (with nine tracks I would call it an album) in which she continues to dazzle with her melange[…]

SONG PICK: George Gretton – Too Soon

Highly unique and utterly appealing, George Gretton‘s second single “Too Soon” confirms his superb artistry. Written, recorded and produced entirely by himself, “Too Soon” is mysterious, haunting, catchy and absolutely beautiful – all at the same time! Without giving away the featured instruments of “Too Soon” let me just state[…]

SONG PICK: Hannah Stewart – Glaze

Hannah Stewart produces hard-hitting electro pop out of Dallas, Texas. Her latest single “Glaze” goes straight into the heart of the matter with a heavy bass line and a smacking beat as it twists and turns alongside the vocals. There is a similar excitement in Hannah’s music like with the[…]

SONG PICK: Honey Lung – Nothing

“Nothing”, the new single by London-based quartet Honey Lung is definitely something for the guitar lovers among us! What Jamie Batten (vocals, lead guitar) and Harry Chambers (guitar, synths) conjure out of their six strings is magnificent and goes far beyond using cool effects but shows great skill and talent.[…]