SONG PICK: Deep Deep Water – Freedom

How would Warpaint sound if they added a flute to their music? This was the first thought I had when listening to the gorgeous “Freedom”, the new single by London-based quartet Deep Deep Water. The mysterious and mesmerizing track doesn’t give away that there’s so much more to it as[…]

SONG PICK: elegant slims – Shake The Glass

elegant slims is a fascinating figure in the New York music scene: even with her third single she remains “Shake the Glass” anonymous and features original art with her music in place of the usual press shots. In this case it is it is a piece by Mario Klingman (see[…]

SONG PICK: Pelicandy – White Sky

London-based duo Pelicandy deliver with “White Sky” a beautiful alt-pop single that is highly infectious thanks to its lightness and synth-laden smoothness. Listening to the song makes me think of the fizziness and the fine pearls of good champagne, the extra lovely sparkles. Vocalist TC Beecham says about the track:[…]

SONG PICK: Meiko – Gimme Gimme

“I want it all right now!” – you know where this is going: meaningless indulgence and consumerism. But it is deep-thinking singer/songwriter Meiko who is delivering this message in a mysterious way: “Gimme Gimme” morphs from a quiet song into a big pop music piece and keeps you with unexpected[…]

SONG PICK: Octopus – Happy Today

What makes “Happy Today”, the new single by Manchester 4-piece Octopus  stand out, is its intelligent build with stunning twists and turns that are especially surprising for young musicians. Rowan Well‘s skillfully booming bass lines provide “Happy Today” with a welcoming earthiness over which George Hunter‘s gorgeous vocals can soar or[…]

SONG PICK: Herizen – Focus (Video)

Keeping “Focus” is not easy when one is young and being pulled in many directions. But in real life singer/songwriter Herizen has her stuff together and wants to show it with a fun and heartwarming video. Herizen explains: The inspiration for the FOCUS music video really just came to me[…]

SONG PICK: Candy Says – Crave Easy

“You Are Beautiful; We Are All Beautiful” is the upcoming EP by Oxford electro-pop band Candy Says and to be released on June 7th digitally and on cassette tape. From what we have learned about Candy Says, they initially released this EP already in late 2018 but via old school[…]

SONG PICK: Reptile Room – Talk (Video)

“We don’t talk about it anymore” – the new song by the Atlanta-based three-piece Reptile Room is about the breakdown of communication. Bill Zimmerman, Sean and Sami Michelsen write and produce the music together and one can imagine that the parts of the songs came from different minds. In the[…]

SONG PICK: Desert Weather – Still In My Head

We all have our favorite bands and favorite type of music that we hold dear to our heart, no? As for myself, I can not say ‘no’ to anything remotely The Strokes and re-turn visitors of glamglare will have come across the one or the other of such features. In[…]

Welcome Campers Festival Preview

Welcome Campers Festival Spending Memorial Day weekend in a summer camp, all expenses paid? With an eclectic lineup of indie artists, many of whom we have covered over the years on glamglare? That sounds too good to resist we thought and bought tickets. For the full price, by the way,[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Eva & The Vagabond Tales – The Sea Will Return You

“The Sea Will Return You” is an intriguing song title and the video transforms it beautifully into images. Eva & The Vagabond Tales is a Californian folk band around singer Eva Mikhailovna, who explains the story of the song: This song is about the beginning and end of a relationship[…]

SONG PICK: Alyusha – 48

Alyusha is a London-based musician and her new song “48” is such a delicious piece of future pop that it stops you in your track. The way her vocals lead through the song surprises around every corner and you want it go on forever. Hey, you can always rewind. Alyusha[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Kat Spina – Play it Loud

Which are the songs you can not help but to sing along with? You might very well add “Play it Loud” by Kat Spina to your repertoire because the song is so cheerful that even the grumpiest vocally challenged person would feel inclined to chime in. And for those of[…]

SONG PICK: Sam Valdez – Turn

“Turn” is one of those songs that feel immediately familiar and whenever is came up in my playlist I checked immediately on my phone who is the artist. It is Sam Valdez, who is not a unknown here on glamglare: her song “It’s Alright” was a Song Pick in 2017.[…]

SONG PICK: Imperial Daze – People Are Animals

The brooding vibe in psych-pop band Imperial Daze‘s new single only lightens up throughout the contrastingly bright chorus when they cheeringly chant “People Are Animals” – and that sentiment sticks. Having found a home in Great Britain’s capital, Imperial Daze come from different backgrounds and nations and this cultural diversity[…]