SONG PICK: Black Fly – Sign 2 (Video)

Our Song Pick of the Day comes from Vermont-based musician Black Fly, who does classic, grand and dark synth pop pieces. After his more reflective debut “I Don’t Know”, his new track “Sign 2” builds continuously along an arpeggiated synth line and doesn’t let you go until its abrupt end.[…]

SONG PICK: Auction for the Promise Club – See Through

A band name like Auction for the Promise Club inevitably raises the questions: How did they come up with this? What does it mean? But then, the music speaks for itself – “See Through”, the new song by the three-piece from Cornwall, England is one of those driven, melodic rock[…]

SONG PICK: The Recoupes – Lovinit

How can one not at least give a song titled “Lovinit” a try? What if it comes with happy, bright, jangly guitars? Highly danceable and rather catchy indie rock? Plus surprisingly husky, dark and highly captivating vocals to go with?  Sold! From what I get lyrically, it is about self-misconception and[…]

OFFSTAGE: Q&A with Polar States

When I first listened to “Gold” by Polar States, I knew immediately that I wanted to feature their latest single as our Song Pick of the Day. But why stop at one song if there is a stellar five tracks EP to present as well? Or why not go all the way[…]

PHOTOS: Fifi Rong live at Latitude 30 (SXSW)

Fifi Rong is a London-based singer and producer who does lush and dramatic synth pop songs. She is a sought-after collaborator and toured for example with Swiss avantgarde pop pioneers Yello. But her solo shows are no less a delightful experience: on stage she has a charming and enchanting personality[…]

SONG PICK: Yumi and the Weather – Distant Days

A bubbling bass line keeps the song grounded while synths and Ruby Taylor’s vocals soar in “Distant Days”, a beautiful synth pop piece by Brighton-based Yumi and the Weather. Ruby has released two EPs since 2013 and “Distant Days” contains an equally good B-side “In The Night”. Listen to our[…]

SONG PICK: The Technicolors – Little Charmer

What is more interesting, the fact that The Technicolors have a new song out? Or that this three-piece is based in Phoenix, AZ and not, as their sound would suggest, New York City? Or that “Little Charmer” is exactly that, one charming and totally gorgeous gem of an indie-rock track? Not[…]

EXCITED ABOUT: Overcoats – Young

You only need to listen a minute or so into “Father”, the opening track of the debut album “Young” by Brooklyn-based duo Overcoats, to enter their musical world: the vocal harmonies come from folk music, but instead of an underlying lovely acoustic guitar line, there is a carpet of industrial[…]

SONG PICK: Essx Station – Can’t Go Back

There are situations when you have to move forward and accept that things are changing – this is what “Can’t Go Back”, a new track by Essx Station is about. The song has the dramatic build that would make it a good fit for a montage in a romantic movie,[…]

PHOTOS: Dead Leaf Echo Live at Iron Bear Bar (SXSW)

Seeing Dead Leaf Echo live is always a treat, hands down. The show they put on for this year’s SXSW at Austin’s Iron Bear Bar was one for the ages, though! When approaching the venue, which is located up the hill on 8th street, we could already hear our favorite Brooklyn[…]


From a song title like “Be Happy”, one is inclined to expect some over-the-top upbeat, heavily sugar-coated tune yet this one is chill and laid-back, slightly melancholic even at times. No surprise here, because this super gorgeous track has a different idea behind it: “Be Happy is about finally reaching[…]

SONG PICK: Von Grey – Poison In The Water

Our Song Pick of the Day is the dramatic synth rock track “Poison In The Water” by the three Von Grey sisters from Atlanta, Georgia. The song builds up lingering dread with various metaphors of hidden dangers lining up in the future. The von Greys don’t reveal what exactly they[…]

EXCITED ABOUT: Løzninger & Kitowski – Crashing Clouds (Album)

“Crashing Clouds” by Løzninger & Kitowski starts with gentle electronic sounds that lull you into the expectation of a mellow experience. But then an alarm sounds so abruptly that you may want to look around for the nearest emergency exit and then all bets are off. The album is a[…]

SONG PICK: The Big Drops – By The Water

“By The Water” is a light and joyful single, that feels like fresh air after a brisk summer rain or the clean, bright light after a Thunderstorm. It is just absolutely gorgeous and maybe its title alone already makes the association to water heavy images. “By The Water” is taken from[…]