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We LOVE Iceland Airwaves and were crushed when the yearly festival got canceled, like every other music festival this year. Fortunately, though, the makers of Iceland Airwaves put an online version of the event together and bring Live from Reykjavík right into our homes. From Friday 13 to Saturday 14 of[…]

Charlee Remitz

SONG PICK: Charlee Remitz – Season Friends

Charlee Remitz is shooting straight in her new song “Season Friends”: people who only drain energy and never give back are no longer her friends. And while the L.A.-based singer, songwriter and producer holds nothing back verbally, her ethereal, bright signature sound takes a bit the edge off the message.[…]

SONG PICK: Los Saints – It’s Easier When You Jump

Shimmering guitars and soft synths that evoke the feeling of bright sunshine on warmth-deprived skin play over sharp drums in the newest song by West Coast three-piece Los Saints. The band is comprised of Angel Mariscal, Emiliano Garcia, and Gianluca Exposito, three first-generation Mexican Americans who live in San Diego.[…]


SONG PICK: Giungla – Walk On The Ceiling

There is a lot of great music coming from Italy, Ema Drei aka Giungla was the first who caught our attention five years ago. Now she is back with a new track “Walk On The Ceiling,” that perfectly showcases her unique signature sound: hard-hitting guitar riffs, smacking beats, subtle electronics[…]

SONG PICK: Virginia to Vegas – flyby. ft. Mokita

Toronto-based singer, songwriter, and producer Virginia to Vegas just released his gorgeous six-track EP “don’t wake me, i’m dreaming“, of which we chose “flyby.” ft. Mokita, as our glamglarepick. We love the track for its super sweet and catchy feel, yet serious and relatable lyrics. Derik John Baker, the artist behind[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Belau, Nilüfer Yanya, Shame, Soccer Mommy

Belau – Risk It All ft. Amalah The Budapest-based electronica project Belau not only delights with highly appealing music but with impressive videos, one more enigmatic and beautiful than the previous one. Announcing their album Colourwave, Belau offer the compelling video to “Risk It All” featuring Amalah,  directed by Péter P.[…]

Chloe Rodgers

SONG PICK: Chloe Rodgers – Faces (Video)

In “Faces” U.K. musician Chloe Rodgers reflects on two diametrically different moments in her life. The beauty of this ethereal, quiet track is the distance to the actual events, which conveys melancholy about the passing of good times, but also hope that the bad ones can and will be overcome[…]

SONG PICK: Signe – Cry Wolf

Solo pop artist Signe grew up dancing her heart out to ABBA, singing along to Sara Bareilles, and falling in love with the lyrics of Billy Joel. To my knowledge, the latter never wrote such explicit lyrics as in the pre-chorus to “Cry Wolf” but it feels good to sing[…]


SONG PICK: Isabel – Sparks

It is a wonderful moment when ideas spark, but at some point there is work involved to turn them into something real. In “Sparks” Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Isabel observes the annoying behavior of somebody who is quick with the first part, but lets you down on with latter. The track –[…]

SONG PICK: Boncyan – It’s On Me

As fans of the Icelandic music scene, our interest was already piqued when we heard about a new-ish Icelandic alt-pop trio called Boncyan. Naturally, we listened to “It’s On Me” and loved it from the spot! The song is electro-pop bliss topped with ultra-gorgeous vocals and stellar guitar work. Award-winning[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Erika de Casier, Mai Kino, Mellah, Vania

Erika de Casier – No Butterfly, No Nothing With summer having come to a firm end, at least in New York and other parts of the Northern hemisphere, a beautifully delightful music video like “No Butterfly is no Nothing” could not be more welcomed. This is the debut by Erika[…]

SONG PICK: Captain Kidd ft. La Poré – Over It

Recently, we featured “Blame” by La Poré and are still buzzing with excitement whenever the gorgeous track comes up in our playlist. Although La Poré exchanged Ohio with California, leaving his bandmates of Captian Kidd back in Columbus, OH, it is touching and promising to see them teaming up again.[…]

SONG PICK: Gianna Lauren – Closed Chapter (Video)

“Closed Chapter” is the new single from Gianna Lauren from Nova Scotia, Canada. As an enticing piece of indie art rock the song reinvents itself throughout its 3:20 minutes, held together by Gianna’s vocals and guitars. “Closed Chapter” is from the upcoming EP “Vanity Metrics,” out on November 13, which[…]