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SONG PICK: Amara ctk100 – How Can I Sleep Now That I Know?

“How Can I Sleep Now That I Know?” is a song about pushing through a difficult time, which adds a serious rock guitar to Amara ctk100‘s brand of hard-hitting pop music. The London-based musician plays the instrument herself. She recalls: “My Dad taught me the guitar back when the guitar[…]

SONG PICK: Kid Bloom – Like I Never Left

It’s been a while since we last featured Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter/producer, and multi-instrumentalist Lennon Kloser, better known under his artist moniker Kid Bloom. His newest single ” Like I Never Left” offers everything we came to love about Kid Bloom’s music. The song swirls and shimmers and it feels[…]

SONG PICK: Sea Change – Night Eyes

Norwegian singer, songwriter, and producer Ellen Sunde aka Sea Change does music at the exact sweet spot of pop and electronic avant-garde. I have been a fan since her brilliant first album “Breakage” in 2015, but for some reason, there was never an opportunity to have her as a Song[…]

SONG PICK: Ross Newhouse – Ohio

When a talented singer/songwriter, comfortably at home in the folk music genre, adds electronic elements to his music, magic can happen! Swing States, the new EP by Ross Newhouse proofs this concept right. The production of the three tracks on the EP is stellar, evoking the sound of eclectic folk-pop grandmaster[…]

Carrie Baxter

SONG PICK: Carrie Baxter – You

Jazzy vibes, hard-hitting beat, raspy vocals, and a generally feel-good vibe are what London-based singer/songwriter Carrie Baxter delivers on her new EP “What Now.”. Single “You” is a beautiful love song, but the inspiration came not from her own experience as Carrie explains: I wrote this song for a friend[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Cherry Blaster, Chloe Rodgers, French For Rabbits, Pixey

Cherry Blaster Iulia Ciobanu, singer and songwriter of Toronto-based trio Cherry Blaster, muses about getting older and crossing a significant threshold in “New Age.” The video, an inspired pink dream, is directed by Isaac Roberts. Watch the video now: Chloe Rodgers We can always rely on U.K. singer/songwriter Chloe Rodgers[…]

Amber Jay

SONG PICK: Amber Jay – Equal

Liverpool-based artist Amber Jay states what should be obvious to everybody: “A person is a person, and we’re equal.” But there cannot be too many reminders, especially if they come as such a catchy and engaging pop song like “Equal”. Amber says: “‘Equal’ is about feeling inferior because of who[…]

SONG PICK: Spaceface – Long Time (ft. LABRYS)

Spaceface, featuring past and current members of The Flaming Lips, delight with what they call “Retro Futurist Dream Rock,” which you and I probably would call “psychedelic-pop.” Any musings about the genre aside, “Long Time (ft. LABRYS)” is an instantly irresistible and beautifully catchy track. Behind the moniker LABRYS is[…]

Emma See

SONG PICK: Emma See – Thinking About It

There is this one moment when it becomes clear that there is no turning back by going one step further. “Thinking About It” by Danish, London-based singer/songwriter Emma See captures the situation in a riveting and elegant pop song. But there is more to the story, as Emma reveals: It’s[…]

SONG PICK: Noah Elliott – Undone

With the provocative pop-R&B ballad “Undone” Noah Elliott released the final track from his EP End of Summer, and maybe he kept the best for last? Lyrically, “Undone” deals with heartbreak and how we cope with it. Musically, the track is inspired by R&B harmonies yet ultimately it is embedded[…]


SONG PICK: Jeannel – Horses

At glamglare, we have been fans of Berlin-based singer, songwriter, and producer Jeannel for a long time, and we are still bummed that we could not see her playing at our (canceled) SXSW 2020 showcase. Her bold approach to R&B evokes an excitement similar to an early FKA twigs song.[…]

SONG PICK: The Delines – Little Earl (Video)

It does not often happen that a song makes me cry halfway through, especially not since I had listened to “Little Earl” two times prior without shedding any tears. Maybe because I was on a bus, perhaps because I didn’t entirely focus and didn’t watch the accompanying video, which picks[…]

La Loye

SONG PICK: la loye – White Summer

In her quote below, Dutch singer/songwriter Lieke Heusinkveld aka la loye reveals that she does not like summer much, for unclear reasons. Her new song “White Summer” details these feelings in a beautiful, shimmering, and slow-building pop song. Maybe she will find her appreciation for the warm season. Maybe not,[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Helaine Vis, The KVB, Maita, New Pagans

Helaine Vis – Go On For her video “Go On,” Polish singer/songwriter Helaine Vis takes you into a strange, black & white dreamscape where she meets a mysterious figure. Immerse yourself into Helaine’s world while the song builds slowly into a massive outro. Her album “Pretty Cliche” is out this[…]