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SONG PICK: Brooks Brown & J Ingram – Soho

Having exchanged Kansas with California, residing in Los Angeles for now, multi-instrumentalist and singer Brooks Brown just released “Soho” a beautifully smooth new track. On the single, fellow Kansas City artist J Ingram can be heard on vocals and the result is a hypnotic and tranquil piece of gorgeous music. […]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Editors – Black Gold

Only reluctantly, did I open the email that said “New Video by Editors”, I mean, Editors are a British alt rock band I loved in the… when was it? Early and later 00s? What can they possibly have to offer now? A. Lot. As it turns out! Their new single[…]

SONG PICK: Daniela Andrade – Ayayai

Daniela Andrade lives in Canada as daughter of Honduran immigrants and has celebrated successes with cover versions of popular song since the beginning of the decade. Now she focuses on writing and producing her own fascinating, sleek future pop songs. “Ayayai” is her first song in Spanish and even if[…]

SONG PICK: Current Affairs – Breeding Feeling

“Breeding Feeling”, the new single by Glasgow post-punk quartet Current Affairs is one beautifully swirly, high-tempo ride that leaves me dizzy like a carnival ride but with the same desire to just do it again. And again. And then some more. The single is the latest cut from the band’s[…]

SONG PICK: Rosa Bordallo – Lost on the Coast

Rosa Bordallo is a singer/songwriter based in New York City. Originally she is from Guam in the West Pacific and her upcoming album “Reef Walker” deals with the places you belong and call home. Musically there is something of PJ Harvey’s masterpiece “Let England Shake” in the 10 songs that[…]

Q&A with Penelope Isles (#airwaves19)

Even before we saw Brighton-based quartet Penelope Isles live for the first time during this year’s The New Colossus Festival in New York, we were already fans of their beautifully crafted indie rock. Founded by singer/songwriter siblings Lily and Jack Wolter, the band consists further of Becky Redford (bass) and[…]

SONG PICK: Dead End Career Club – Vice Vice Baby

The catchy swagger in “Vice Vice Baby” makes it impossible not to immediately fall for Dead End Career Club‘s new single. The somewhat snotty and overall careless vibe paired with cool guitar strumming totally resonates with a die-hard The Strokes fan like myself. Not sure though how much Ryan Kennedy,[…]

SONG PICK: Ryahn – Watching x Waiting

Ryahn is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from L.A. via Florida. Her debut EP “Light Blue” is about finding her way out of a seemingly hopeless place in her life. In the opening cut “The Journey” she recounts a pivotal moment in such candor that you may want to go[…]

SONG PICK: Mexican Radio – Pretty Out There

Synth punk three-piece Mexican Radio deliver with “Pretty Out There” a nod to the past while embracing the present. It is also the newest single from their exquisite just released album “Destruction/Reconstruction” and combines a few of my favorite styles and genres from the past in one pretty darn good[…]

SONG PICK: Sara-Danielle – Sometimes

There is something in the music of Sara-Danielle that keeps it from falling into the background. You may think that you listen to jazzy lounge music in one moment, but then something happens that throws you off and gives a song a whole new spin. “Healing,” the second album of[…]