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SONG PICK: Cyrano – White Wine

Within mere seconds we were totally smitten by “White Wine,” and listening to the track only gets better the more we indulge in it. “White Wine” marks the new single by British producer Cyrano, who, like the famous fictional character, wants to remain in the background for now. For “White Wine,”[…]

Dune Aimee

SONG PICK: DUNE Aimee – Power Cut

“Power Cut” is a song that combines melancholy, drama, and upbeat pop sensibilities just in the right measure to make it an engaging experience every time you listen. DUNE Aimee is a singer/songwriter from the Netherlands who moved to Leeds, U.K. to advance her artistic career, so we can hopefully[…]

SONG PICK: Brothertiger – Dancer on the Water (Video)

We only discovered electronic musician and synthwave pioneer John Jagos, aka Brothertiger, last year and since then we can’t get enough of his music. Brothertiger dropped “Paradise Lost” in the fall last year, which is among our favorite albums of 2020. The livestream to celebrate the album felt super intimate[…]

Elysse Mason

SONG PICK: Ellysse Mason – Sweet Talkin

There is little more than vocals and a massive, swelling synth in “Sweet Talkin” by Manchester-based singer/songwriter Ellysse Mason. With just that, she creates a vast space to lose yourself in, with little structure to hold on to, but also suspense that carries on until the last bar. Ellysse says[…]

SONG PICK: Tangerine – The Coldest Winter (Video)

“The Coldest Winter” by Los Angeles-based dream rock band Tangerine is a beautifully light and airy song, despite its grim title. The guitar work is kept acoustic and more on the playful side, with a bit of electronic distortion added to give the catchy track some edge. The lovely flow[…]

T & the Rex

SONG PICK: T & the Rex – Roses

The name T & the Rex may get you on the wrong track here: The T. is (presumably) Tilda Bergkvist from Sweden, a young singer, songwriter, and producer who makes a point to keep full control and in particular not turn to one of the 98% male producers who continue[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: André Ethier, Baker Grace, Caoihlfhionn Rose, Wyldest

André Ethier – Wild Goldfish Toronto-based artist André Ethier makes us smile with the ultracharming “Wild Goldfish.” The song offers a nostalgic feel and the visuals pick up that retro vibe by putting a digitized version of Ethier as an RPG character, who lives his life on the fictional Further[…]

SONG PICK: Will Graefe – Almost Morning

“Almost Morning,” the new single by Brooklyn-based guitarist, singer/songwriter Will Graefe starts tenderly with a promise that might be as quickly gone again as it came. But a few bars in, the instantly irresistible track intensifies, and the enchanting vocals state that it would be almost morning, a time when[…]


SONG PICK: Cloves – Manic

“Manic” is a big pop song, one that you could imagine accompanying the opening sequence of a Bond movie, even though the visualizer suggests more something like “Bladerunner.” But that might not be at all what Kaity Dunstan, the Australian musician who records as Cloves in London, had in mind.[…]

SONG PICK: WHARVES – Everything I’m Waiting On

At home in Lennox Head, New South Wales indie rockers WHARVES released “Everything I’m Waiting On,” an instant classic brimming with promise and hope. From the get-go, the listener is enveloped in a long-missed feeling of possibilities, endlessly bright skies, and sheer bliss. The four-piece ensures though that we stay[…]

Girl as Wave

SONG PICK: Girl As Wave – Second Thoughts

Girl As Wave, the project of New York-based singer/songwriter Marci Elizabeth, is back with a new song. An effective, minimalistic production placed around a relentless, heavy bass line makes the track instantly accessible and appealing. It also helps that Marci sings about a feeling that is familiar to many of[…]

SONG PICK: Mighty Oaks – Mexico (Video)

Berlin-based folk-pop trio Mighty Oaks released the pleasantly catchy “Mexico,” announcing their upcoming equally titled 4th studio album. Mighty Oaks’ easy appeal might stem from the fact that all three band members sing and play various string instruments but their backgrounds’ roots might influence their musical style as well, being[…]


SONG PICK: Sophia – Stay

“Stay” is about a beautiful experience: the moment when you realize that you connect with somebody on a deeper level. The latest song by the U.K. singer/songwriter Sophia is a disarmingly honest, intimate pop song. The track comes with some of the bells and whistles of modern pop production, but[…]

SONG PICK: Goth Babe – I Wanna Help Your Mind (Video)

Nomadic indie-pop artist Goth Babe released the instantly appealing “I Wanna Help Your Mind” together with a lovely, imaginative music video directed by Stephanie Haller. With his new single and video, Goth Babe, aka Griffin Washburn, announces his new EP in partnership with Protect Our Winters, a non-profit that focuses on legislation regarding climate change[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: ALONZO, Cujo Moon, Emika, Emilia Tarrant

ALONZO – Distractions Everything about ALONZO‘s new single and video “Distractions” is irresistibly fabulous!  The Los Angeles-based rock-soul fusion artist, choreographer, and songwriter taps into early 80s famous dance styles and takes them to a new level. Thanks to the fashionable wardrobe (Beatrice Valenzuela, the sensual cinematography (Santiago Cologero), and[…]