SONG PICK: Jesse Hite – In your Mind

With its hypnotic beats and repetitions, the wistful piano melody and the charismatic vocals “In Your Mind” proves instantly irresistible. When the song closes out with a soulful saxophone solo, “In Your Mind” feels like a timeless classic. This is the second single by Jesse Hite, an American artist living[…]

SONG PICK: Sophia Bel – Time

“Princess of the Dead” is the title of the debut EP by Sophia Bel and the single “Time” has indeed something netherworldly to it. Time does not seem to matter the way the baseline and beat lead the song into an ethereal open space. The Montreal-based artist explains: “Time” really[…]

SONG PICK: Far Caspian – A Dream of You

“A Dream of You”, the new single by Leeds three-piece Far Caspian, could come right from a John Hughes movie. Take a potential montage where she keeps on glancing at a framed picture of him (way pre-digital!) while going through her wardrobe for a possible prom dress, while he is[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Archie Faulks – Hung Up

What makes a great video? For starters, a great song of course plus appealing visuals and intelligent story telling. “Hung Up”, the latest single by London-based singer/songwriter Archie Faulks is achingly beautiful, a song so bright and lovely that you can not help but smile and instantly feel good. Wait[…]

SONG PICK: Negative Gemini – Different Color Hair

Somehow I imagine Lindsey French aka Negative Gemini writers her songs in the very early hours of the morning, shortly before sun rises. They have something nocturnal and twisted to it, like an intense dream that leaves you puzzled after you wake up. But then there is also rays of[…]

SONG PICK: Dantevilles – Bloomin’ Flowers

As much as I love beautiful melodies and easy-going arrangements, I am equally drawn to the edgy and maybe more complicated sound, the one that takes a little to unravel itself. “Bloomin’ Flowers”, the new single by British quartet Dantevilles is a song in that latter category: it immediately keeps you[…]

Our Favorite SXSW 2019 Artist Discoveries

The most exciting and memorable SXSW moments happen when you least expect them; when you are blown away by a new act that you didn’t know before, or by arriving a bit too early to see somebody you had on your must-see list and see someone else instead. Or maybe[…]

SONG PICK: Claude Fontaine – Pretending He Was You

Some songs immediately transport you immediately to another place and time. “Pretending He Was You” by L.A. singer/songwriter Claude Fontaine is about a lost love being a constant companion in your life and you can imagine her sing the song on a porch of a tropical residence, while looking out[…]

SONG PICK: LONA – Shangri La

After releasing the superb “She’s With Me” a little over a month ago, London-based alt rock quartet LONA, follow-up with “Shangri La”, an equally stunning new single. The song provokes feelings of unrest and uncertainty yet there is also some almost overwhelming longing and beauty woven within. “Shangri La” is[…]

SONG PICK: THERE – Swimming Backwards

“Swimming Backwards” is the debut single of L.A. via Tel Aviv duo THERE, who made quite a splash at this year’s SXSW festival. For starters, the song is hard to get out of your mind after you have heard it a few times: electronics and guitar gently flow over the[…]

SONG PICK: Rozi Plain – Conditions (Video)

“Conditions” is a song to get lost in: let your thoughts drift away on flowing layers of guitars, synths and vocals. The track is from Rozi Plain‘s fourth album “What Boost”, out on April 5 and is accompanied by dream-like video shot by Ed Tucker on Morecambe Bay, England. Watch[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Callaghan Belle – Dear Detroit

Callaghan Belle did what many do in the entertainment business: move to L.A. But the glamour capital of the world is not everything, so she wrote a longing love song “Dear Detroit” to her hometown. Together with the video her struggle becomes palpable as the melancholy in the music and[…]

SONG PREMIERE: BirdyHop – This Time

The dreamy tenderness in “This Time” by BirdyHop is striking and only thanks to the determined bass lines we are not completely carried away on a cloud of joyful bliss. “This Time” sports some faint Arcade Fire vibes and is definitely a break-out track for the London-based band. As fans[…]

SONG PICK: Quivers – You’re Not Always On My Mind

What do you a think a song titled “You’re Not Always On My Mind”, one that even starts with that sentiment, would continue? Well, take a guess! “You’re Not Always On My Mind” – just mostly all the time – is the latest single by Melbourne-based quartet Quivers, who just[…]

SONG PICK: Tusks – Peachy Keen

Good to hear that London-based musician Emily Underhill aka Tusks is up to something new. After her excellent debut full-length “Dissolve” she is readying a new album “Avalanche”, to be released on June 14 on One Little Indian. First single “Peachy Keen” is a scorching condemnation of the patriarchal society,[…]