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Marva Von Theo

SONG PICK: Marva Von Theo – Forever

The new song “Forever” by Marva Von Theo, the Athens, Greece based duo of Marva Voulgari and Theo Foinidis takes on big thoughts about life and eternity, but wraps them into an accessible synth pop gem that will stick in your head. Reminiscent of synthesizer pioneers like Jean-Michel Jarre the track celebrates electronic music as a classic, energy-infused composition.

SONG PICK: Zach Benson – mischief!

The joie de vivre, the joy of life in “mischief!” is infectious, the good kind of contagious. The new single by New York-based pop artists Zach Benson and Gregory Dillon captures the carefreeness and sunshine fun of Summer in just one glorious pop-song. When asked about the inspiration for “mischief!”,[…]


SONG PICK: Jareth – Amber (ft. Gent Mason)

Amber can preserve a moment in for eternity, an idea that strikes close in the current situation, where time seems to be in a weird loop. This is the metaphor the new song by London-based singer/songwriter Jareth evolves around: “being in love feeling like you’re trapped in amber, the way it can feel like it’s going to last forever and every detail seems preserved in your memory.” With Gent Mason lending his vocals and a slow, floating production the track indeed captures a moment which will be in our collective memory for a long time.

SONG PICK: Family of Things – YKB

“YKB”, the new single by Canadian indie-pop duo Family of Things sends a heavy dose of brightness and optimism into the world that makes you look at things with newfound confidence. “YKB” swirls and swings and takes cues from different styles and genres and puts them all exquisitely together. The[…]


SONG PICK: Lennixx – Empty Room

Hanna Larsson and Andrea Kallström aka Lennixx from Sweden are back with a new track “Empty Room,” the “b-side” of “Bold Me,” released a few weeks ago. The song beautifully showcases their light-as-a-feather, sparse production style that puts their vocal harmonies front and center and lets the music float around you like warm summer breeze.

SONG PICK: Homesick Hotel – All Love

Having toured the world as part of the Dutch electronic duo The Him, Jay Kersten settled down in Amsterdam for the time being and started working on his solo project. Under the moniker Homesick Hotel, Jay released his first single called “All Love”, which is a stunning debut not alone[…]


SONG PICK: Byland – Mine

This probably sounds familiar: too much is going on, everybody wants something from you and you scramble to get it all right. New Mexico-based singer/songwriter Alie Renee Byland, who records under her last name Byland turned that state of mind into a song like a wave that slowly builds and then washes over you with a big orchestral finale. “Mine” will be on her debut album “Gray,” out on October 2.

SONG PICK: Michael Butera – The Green Garden

At home in Melbourne, Australia, cinematic pop-musician Michael Butera was living in Canada, when he wrote his latest single “The Green Garden”. With a hook like “​with you my garden is green, without you my garden is yellow,” the enchanting ballad intensifies to a powerful love declaration. When asked about[…]