PHOTOS: Giungla Live at The Sidewinder (SXSW)

Italian musician Ema Drei, who goes by Giungla (Italian for ‘jungle’), released an excellent EP “Camo” (Apple Music | Spotify) last year and three of its four songs ended up to be our Song Pick of the Day. That is why we were more than excited when Giungla not only signed up for[…]

SONG PICK: Two Islands – Heaven

“Heaven” opens so joyfully without being annoyingly upbeat that it is simply impossible to not feel uplifted and well… good, actually. “Heaven” is the lush and gorgeous debut single by Liverpool duo Two Islands  and here is hope that there is more where this came from. The band provides the[…]

PHOTOS: Woodes Live at SXSW

The two large stages within the Austin Convention Center are not the best ones at SXSW – although they looked much better than in previous years – yet they offer surprise opportunities to see interesting artists. When I walked past the “International Day Stage” and heard Elle Graham aka Woodes playing, I[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Mike Sal – Nation of Love

Something new and exciting comes from Atlanta, Georgia! Singer/songwriter and producer Mike Sal just finished the video to his irresistibly delightful new single “Nation of Love” and we are overjoyed to premiere the track and the visuals today. As a producer, Mike Sal doesn’t shy away to mix styles that at first[…]

SONG PICK: Grace Savage – Medusa

Grace Savage is a musician, actor and beatboxer. Beatboxer? I didn’t know that this is still a thing, but you can hear the influence in her new track “Medusa”, an elegant trip-hoppy piece of synth pop. With the song she kicks off her career as a solo musician. Grace explains:[…]

SONG PICK: Hopper Race – Pop Priest

In New York, there is no a shortage of talented musicians who churn out great tracks and fortunately, these come in all different shapes and colors. “Pop Priest” by Hopper Race is in the blissful pop spectrum, with some crazy catchy hooks in it. What makes “Pop Priest” stand out, are the alluringly[…]

SONG PICK: Jupiter Deluxe Tube – Home

Jupiter Deluxe Tube is the project of L.A.-based musician Darwinn Sato, who will release her debut album “Product of Insomnia” on June 2nd. The album’s title is quite literal, as she explains here: I have terrible insomnia and can go for a few days to a week with little to[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Tom Forest – You Have A Father

“You Have A Father” opens with an achingly beautiful guitar melody and skillful finger picking and when the warm and soulful vocals set in, there is no more escape, I’m hooked! British singer-songwriter Tom Forest releases with “You Have A Father” a very personal, quiet and at the same time super[…]

SONG PICK: L.A. Girlfriend – SFO

L.A. Girlfriend is back! After last year’s excellent album “Neon Grey” (Apple Music | Spotify), she just released the EP “Rex” (Apple Music | Spotify, where she retires (for now?) her guitar and focuses on pure electronics. Single “SFO” is about a brief love affair and how getting over it,[…]

3 Is A Band: Auction for the Promise Club

Auction for the Promise Club is quite an elaborate band name and sort of hinting of eight or more members, yet this guitar driven indie rock band is only three members strong and hence ideal for a closer look via our #3IsABand feature. Hailing from Cornwall, in the U.K. the trio[…]

SONG PICK: Missing Words – Alright

There are songs that radiate that special Summer feeling perfectly, the feeling of sun on your skin, a nice drink in your hand, enjoying the still warm air at night and just letting go… For me, “Alright” evokes just such a feeling. Then again, the song’s title is “Alright” and it is[…]