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SONG PICK: Stacey – D.M.T. (Video)

“D.M.T.” is an audiovisual piece full of beauty. Toronto singer/songwriter Stacey takes cues from the 60s and creates psychedelic pop that engulfs you like a warm blanket while she invites you to “dream in multicolor together.” Fellow Canadians Babygirl, another glamglare favorite, were also involved in the song.

SONG PICK: Brothertiger – Paradise Lost

Electronic musician and synthwave pioneer John Jagos, aka Brothertiger, is releasing his first album of original material in five years. “Paradise Lost” the last single before the album drops on Friday, is the album’s title as well as closing track and it is full of promise despite the grim name.[…]

Abby Sage

SONG PICK: Abby Sage – Honey,

Abby Sage is a singer/songwriter from the Bay Area. Her third single “Honey,” allures with a relaxed vibe: chill beats and guitars underline Abby’s voice as she reflects on a high-energy romantic encounter.

SONG PICK: Kissy – Ever Enough

“Ever Enough”, the bright and joyful new single by Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Kissy, makes for the perfect summer soundtrack, even for such a strange one as the one of 2020. Nightlife in general and clubbing, in particular, came to a screeching halt but we still imagine “Ever Enough”[…]

Ellie Haddad

SONG PICK: Ellie Haddad – How Are Ya?

Libanese/Swedish singer/songwriter Ellie Haddad has been writing music for a while, but “How Are Ya?” is the first single under her own name. It is a fun, playful tune about insecurities in social situations, when you start to believe that others must think you are a crazy. But don’t let the light-hearted, upbeat music presentation fool you: Ellie is tackling serious stories from her own life in this song and the upcoming EP.

SONG PICK: Mt. Wolf – Anna Maria (feat. Solomon Grey)

What happens when two London-based acts team up and collaborate? The utterly gorgeous “Anna Maria”, that is what happens! After releasing their album “Aetherlight” and heavily touring around it, Mt. Wolf went on a hiatus to spend some time on individual projects. While Mt. Wolf’s singer Sebastian “Bassi” Fox is[…]


SONG PICK: Vania – Wonder

Today, New York-based singer/songwriter Vania releases her second single “Wonder,” an introspective song about the unexpected side effects of having been ill. Don’t expect her to be quiet, though: “Wonder” is an epic, cinematic piece of electro-pop in the veins of 90s trance bands like Hybrid or Asura. For Vania this is an important part of recovery.

SONG PICK: Temples – Paraphernalia

Big names around the track threat to almost drowning its beauty but this would be a shame because the newest single by psych-rock quartet Temples is infectious – in the best of ways. “Paraphernalia” swoons and swirls in their 60s and psychedelic-infused signature style and will be a sure-fire hit.[…]

Temme Scott

SONG PICK: Temme Scott – A Lot To Lose

Pop songs often deal with breakups and loss, but things are actually going pretty well for L.A.-based singer/songwriter Temme Scott. Sure, there is a bit of anxiety in “A Lot To Lose” too – after all it is 2020 and the next bad news may just be around the corner, but until then why not just enjoy the moment. Musically, Temme gives us an upbeat track with just enough grit to keep it grounded in reality.


Q&A with Odina

If you are not familiar with the music of Blanca Romeo aka Odina, here is a bit of a warning: her music can hit you with a raw emotional intensity, that is hard to shrug off. You could feel this special kind of intimacy and honesty in each of the[…]

SONG PICK: Better Person – Something to Lose

Better Person is the project of Polish, Berlin-based musician Adam Byczkowski, who just dropped the first single “Something to Lose” from his equally titled upcoming album. The single is like heading back to the 80s, when Spandau Ballet, Style Council, and the likes were dominating the pop charts. “Something to[…]


SONG PICK: KiNG MALA – sugarblind

Is it a sugar rush? Is it love? For L.A. via El Paso musician Areli Castro aka KiNG MALA these feelings can be similar and are a good base for an upbeat, sing-along pop track. But “sugarblind” plays out differently than you might think: all this sweetness is made truly delicious with good dose of grit through glitchy vocals, distorted guitars and effects.