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Hayden Everett

SONG PICK: Hayden Everett – Still (Video)

Diego-based singer/songwriter Hayden Everett released the utterly gorgeous single and video “Still,” taken from his stunning EP Kennecott. Hayden provides context to his beautifully pensive songwriting and says: In early college, I worked as a camp counselor just outside of Yosemite National Park. Strangers became my dearest friends in just[…]

Ellyn Woods Sterlin Grove

SONG PICK: Ellyn Woods & Sterling Grove – Wake Up

Canadian musician Ellyn Woods and production duo Sterling Grove went to a remote cabin in Quebec to create music. The first release, “Wake Up,” is exactly about that: inspiring new ideas by changing the perspective. Musically, the trio crafted a feast for the ears by fusing an abundance of organic[…]


British synth-pop band NOPRISM add the crazy catchy and oh-so-good “Order” to their already impressive body of releases. The Newcastle-based group has only formed last year and managed to make it through the pandemic by creating fascinating tracks that got the attention of many U.K. radio stations and also of[…]

Emika & Liela Moss

SONG PICK: Emika – Angel Come (ft. Liela Moss)

Berlin-based singer, composer, producer, and all-around creative powerhouse Emika celebrates the tenth anniversary of her debut album with a flurry of new releases throughout the year. For the latest one, “Angel Moon” she worked with The Duke Spirit frontwoman Liela Moss, who also takes over the main vocal part. All[…]

SONG PICK: Tedadore – Dancing With Another

Based in Nashville, Ted Hartog creates catchy electro-pop under the moniker Tedadore and his new single “Dancing With Another” might very well be his finest work to date. We feel the importance and significance of the lively track. It also offers the vibe and irresistible swagger that we came to[…]


SONG PICK: Shadowlark – Without Your Love

When love fades, one side is usually hit harder. In “Without Your Love” it is Shadowlark singer Ellen Smith who is coping with seemingly inevitable heartbreak. But the Leeds-based trio keeps melancholia at bay in their latest track and presents a big-chorus, energetic pop song that shows that love is[…]

SONG PICK: why try – time 2 heal

Montreal band why try call their music “living-room-pop” which describes their sound perfectly. The band’s newest single “time 2 heal” floats on a bed of beautifully mellow piano chords, with a soft sprinkle of bright notes, which is like sitting on a comfy sofa while enjoying the sunlight streaming in. We[…]


SONG PREMIERE: Josin – Traveller (Video)

In many ways, water is life, and through water, we are connected to each other and the eternal cycle of life. German musician Josin finds comfort and power in this thought. Her new song “Traveller” reflects this in a bright, meditative composition. The ambient, orchestral music, and Josin’s vocal incantations[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Mega Bog, RALPH, Squirrel Flower, TOLEDO

Mega Bog – Station to Station “Station to Station” is the beautifully pensive new song and video by Mega Bog. The video is at times lightly surreal but this just adds to the special appeal. Mega Bog has a new album coming out, co-produced by Big Thief’s James Krivchenia, featuring contributions from Krivchenia,[…]

SONG PICK: La Poré – Right Track

From an early age on, the importance of the weekend is known and eternally engrained. As a school kid and teenager, this was the time when finishing homework and learning was put on the back burner, and life could get enjoyed to the fullest! Add a five-day workweek, or at[…]

Chloe Foy

SONG PICK: Chloe Foy – Work of Art

Performing live on stage is the lifeblood of music. Despite everything that musicians have been doing to keep the connection with their fans alive, being together in a room and celebrating art is unreplaceable. A “Work of Art” calls it the U.K. singer/songwriter Chloe Foy – not only what is[…]

SONG PICK: Love Crumbs – Ellipses

Folk-rock and Americana quintet Love Crumbs delights with the instantly appealing “Ellipses,” a song about human connections and relationships. Based in Massachusetts, the band creates timeless, skillfully crafted songs with a touch of a nostalgic vibe, reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac and the likes. The song’s title “Ellipses” is intriguingly mysterious[…]

Elis Noa

SONG PICK: Elis Noa – Make Me Think of You

“Make Me Think of You” deals with a problematic relationship, which pushes both partners farther away from each other. The song is full of a yearning melancholy that is reflected in the video: we see the members of Elis Noa, Elisa and Aaron, acting warmly with each other, but the[…]

SONG PICK: Vintage Fiction – Alright, Okay

Los Angeles-based psych rockers Vintage Fiction released “Alright, Okay,” the first single from their upcoming EP Caution in Vogue. “Alright, Okay” is a beautifully laid-back, dreamy number and simply perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. When asked about the track and singer/guitarist Josh Campos explains how the concept of time[…]

Charm of Finches

SONG PICK: Charm of Finches – Treading Water (Video)

Two days ago, Emily McNally asked “Can we be friends.” Today, Australian sister duo Charm of Finches is one step further in their new song about the friendship that could replace a relationship. With gentle guitars and beautiful harmonies, “Treading Water” is a trip down memory lane. While Mabel and[…]