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O-SHiN – Visitor

Singer and Producer Stephanie Martens aka O-SHiN is based in Berlin, Germany, but has lived in other places around the world. That may explain that her new song “Visitor” has less of a Berlin vibe but intrigues with a more cosmopolitan style. The airy track does not reveal at first[…]

VIDEO PICKS: GHXST, MARIA Die RUHE, Redhanded, Warpaint

GHXST – Pls, You Must Be a Dream Announcing their debut album Admire, out on April 22nd, Los Angeles-based noise duo GHXST delight with “Pls, You Must Be a Dream,” the first single from the record. “Pls, You Must Be a Dream” comes with a  lush, atmospheric video, showcasing the[…]

Thomas Dollbaum – All is Well

Believing Thomas Dollbaum that things are okay when he sings “All is Well” comes not easy because the track pulls heavily on our heartstrings. It’s the good kind of pull, though. We are inclined to get close to Thomas -now that we’re allowed to ditch the six feet rule again-[…]

Adia Victoria

Adia Victoria – Ain’t Killed Me Yet

Southern musician Adia Victoria gives us a ray of hope at a time when we need it. “Ain’t Killed Me Yet” – that for sure is true, so bring it on. The song stays true to its blues roots, but certainly does not look only to the past – after[…]

Papercuts – Palm Sunday

Papercuts, the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Jason Quever, adds with “Palm Sunday” another delightful taste of his upcoming album Past Life Regression, due April 1st. “Palm Sunday” is a beautifully dreamy track, not unlike the previously released songs from Past Life Regression, most notably “The Lodger.” The wistfulness[…]

Georgia Harmer

Georgia Harmer – Talamanca

There is a lot of quiet joy in this song: blissful moments, gorgeous locations, close friends, and sunrises. Toronto-based singer/songwriter Georgia Harmer recounts these special memories in her new track “Talamanca,” the opener of her debut album “Stay In Touch” (April 22). She explains the chain of associations behind the[…]

Ian McFarland – Plus One to Heaven

New York-based indie-rock artist Ian McFarland celebrates his birthday and the release of his second album Almost There on the same day, together with a show at the iconic Rockwood Music Hall. Talk about reasons to celebrate! The album’s featured track is “Plus One to Heaven,” which we also chose[…]

Joe Beth Young

Jo Beth Young – Adversity [Video]

When you listen to “Adversity,” the cinematic new song by U.K. musician Jo Beth Young it is hard not to imagine vast landscapes, ancient rituals, and eternal powers. Jo performs and produces much of the music herself, and we are looking forward to immersing more into her world on the[…]

bennytheghost – My Boy

Los Angeles-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist bennytheghost has us happily dancing and singing along from “My Boy” ‘s first few bars until the song’s last notes at 2:55 minutes. “My Boy” is beautifully infectious with its bright and upbeat vibe. The musical influences bennytheghost grew up with find their way into[…]


Tiiva – To Get Better

“It’s all we need to get better” London-based singer, songwriter, and producer Tiiva reminds us that it is small things and human connection we need to experience happiness. Their sprawling synth pop anthem “To Get Better” accordingly does not try to thrill you, but rather radiates comfort and small joys.[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Abbie Ozard, Companion, Good Fortune, Into A Circle

Abbie Ozard – Pisces It’s Pisces season and Manchester-based singer/songwriter Abbie Ozard celebrates her sign actually everybody who knows what they want. I also can confirm that Pisces vibe well with Geminis. Abby explains: “After releasing songs about yearning, loss and change I was set on creating a bad bitch[…]

Tom Jenkins – Back Roads

Welsh indie-folk artist Tom Jenkins delights with the beautiful “Back Roads,” the first single from a flurry more and maybe an album out this year. I know how important it is to find a good home for your music or any of your creative work and Tom’s excitement for signing[…]

glamglare loves SXSW 2022

glamglare has been attending SXSW in Austin, TX since 2014, minus the last two years, of course. One could even say our blog was founded at SXSW or shortly thereafter under the influence of the enormous energy level one can ingest during the festival. In 2018 and 2019, we ran[…]


ANIQO – Vivre Libre

“Vivre Libre” refers to the moment when things fall into place, and you can see the end of a struggle. Everyone one of us can probably come up with multiple events where such a breakthrough cannot come soon enough but for Berlin-based musician Anita Goß aka ANIQO this also refers[…]