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SONG PICK: Kastrup – Joanna

While I probably have to wait… forever until someone creates a great (!) song with my first name in it, I am always especially drawn to tracks featuring a female or male first name. “Joanna” is not only a lovely female name but in the case of Kastrup also the[…]

NEW MUSIC: joan – I Loved You First

First there are these little signs, that get more, and they pile up until they can no longer be ignored. The falling out of love. This awful feeling of sensing an end to something beautiful which joan are pondering in their latest song “I Loved You First”. Essentially saying something like[…]


I love everything about “Take Me On”, the debut single by Los Angeles duo JOAN. When I first came across the track, then I almost did the judge-by-its-cover thing and dismissed it at first but am I glad in the end I pressed play and am glad I did. Or maybe[…]

SONG PICK: Resin – Lie

If there is something like future R&B, “Lie” by L.A. singer/producer Resin would qualify as future rock. Distorted sounds and raw vocals dominate the track and generate a dark, menacing vibe. Niko Antonucci hails originally from Prague, Czech Republic and has been doing music since the age of 15 in[…]

[PHOTOS] Superbly Diverse Festival 8 at C’mon Everybody

The maybe biggest accomplishment of Festival 8 on Sunday August 14 at Brooklyn’s C’mon Everybody, was its amazing diversity in performers and musical styles. Something even in New York you don’t experience often! Major kudos go to Kelsey Warren for organizing this festival and for performing with his band Blak Emoji that day.[…]

VIDEO: Jesse Mac Cormack – Repeat

Black and white videos, featuring a good-looking woman and a good-looking man are so easy to love. Give me pulsating drums, and coarsely charming vocals and I’m all set! It’s no different with Jesse Mac Cormack‘s video for “Repeat”, his latest, highly atmospheric single, which grips you from the start, shakes you, sends[…]