PHOTOS: Courtesy Tier live at Rough Trade NYC

Courtesy Tier create superbly crafted, blues inspired indie rock and it is always a special treat to see the trio live, even more so when they take one of Brooklyn’s finest stages. Recently, Courtesy Tier played Rough Trade NYC and once again delighted old and new fans alike with their[…]

SONG PICK: Illyin Pipes – Waking Up (Video)

As we here in the northern hemisphere prepare to hand over summer to the southern part of the planet, here is a fantastic audiovisual experience by Toronto band Illyin Pipes to reminisce the warmer months of the year: Soothing synth lines, dreamy vocals and singer Jill Harris dancing through HD[…]

OFFSTAGE: Q&A with Me Not You

There is no lack of female/male electronic duos these days, but New Yorkers Me Not You have a grittier approach to the genre as can be witnessed when listening to their single “Relief, that dropped early this year. Now they have released their six song debut EP “Reckoning 1” (Apple[…]


“Body Talk” is as smooth as it is sensuous and madly infectious! It is also the debut single by Birmingham-based quintet SHE, comprised of Rebecca & Robin Davies, Simon McCoy, Edd Duffell and Ricky Hill, who have honed their skills and talents in various different bands and under diverse pseudonyms, all[…]

SONG PICK: BOO – Radiation (Video)

BOO stands for Battery Operated Orchestra, an Australian/Scottish duo who creates “irony-free DIY synthpop” with layers of synth arpeggios, glitchy bass, icy beats and deadpan vocals. There is more than one nod to the 80s here: for the video they duplicated themselves into a Kraftwerk-style lineup and they released a[…]

SONG PICK: T R A E – Back 2 the Start Again

“Back 2 the Start Again” is a tasty uptempo electro-pop track with hooks so sharp and effective that linger. According to singer/songwriter/producer T R A E, he wrote the song out of “frustration during my initial move to LA – our moving truck broke down in the middle of the[…]

SONG PICK: Holland – Demons

Holland, the Amsterdam-based singer, who assumes the name of her home country broke onto the scene with the chill-inducing “Forget Your Name”. In “Demons”, again a wonderfully dark and unpretentious pop song, she is a little more reconciliatory. Holland explains: Demons is a dark track about a troubled soul, who[…]

VIDEO: Ruby Fray – Cilantro

This video is seriously about “Cilantro”: watch Emily Beanblossom, singer and songwriter of Ruby Fray take on a big bowl of the titular herb to presumably prepare some delicious food. A giant portion of guacamole maybe? In the end it doesn’t matter: the beautifully shot video and the bright, reflective[…]

SONG PICK: The Zephyr Bones – Juglar Child on the Carousel

“Juglar Child on the Carousel” by Spanish beach wave quartet The Zephyr Bones, is a highly infectious track thanks to its beautifully carefree and playful vibe. Jangly guitars, mollified soft vocals, a pretty melody, steady beats blend into each other and one can easily imagine a young juggler spinning round[…]

SONG PICK: My Little Hum – Rise Over Run

The Jewetts, Yuri and Dan, make music in Oakland, California under the name My Little Hum. They just released their debut album “Remembering Houses” (Apple Music | Spotify) and the lead single “Rise over Run” is our Song Pick of the Day. It is a fresh and catchy pop songs[…]

SONG PICK: Human Heat – Best For You

The bittersweet “Best For You” is as alluring as it is melancholic. The gorgeous track will be on Human Heat‘s upcoming album “All Is Too Much”. Behind the moniker Human Heat is Alex Schaaf (Yellow Ostrich) and after having called Brooklyn his home for a while, the artist is now back[…]

VIDEO: Desert Mountain Tribe – Interstellar

The London-based indie rock trio Desert Mountain Tribe comprised of Felix Jahn (drums), Jonty Balls (vocals, guitar) and Philipp Jahn (bass) just released a marvelous video for “Interstellar”, a track from their 2016 debut album “Either That Or The Moon”. In its album version a mesmerizing nine minutes long, “Interstellar” got[…]

SONG PICK: Crème – Helium

“You’re My Helium” is charming compliment – it’s a lighter-than-air, non-poisonous gas used to let balloons soar into the sky. So does this song by Trixi Reiss, who goes by the stage name Crème. She wrote, produced and recorded “Helium” by herself and we can expect more music later this[…]


Orlando-based indie pop duo SALES just put out their new single “Talk a Lot”, the first -super cool- track since their self-titled LP in April 2016. The minimalism with drums, vocals, guitar and then some of “Talk a Lot” is crazy infectious and there is something hypnotic about Lauren Morgan’s[…]

SONG PICK: Stacey – Trouble Is

Let’s stay in Toronto for another Song Pick of the Day by singer/songwriter Stacey: “Trouble Is” is “the darkest side” of her upcoming EP, a slow, restrained track full of emotion. “I like what I cannot have”, she sings, a path that rarely leads into happiness. Listen to Trouble is[…]