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SONG PICK: Circa Waves – Move to San Francisco (Video)

U.K. indie rock quartet Circa Waves released a charming video to their feel-good single “Move to San Francisco”, an idea those of us living in the colder climates might have often these days. The single/video are part of Circa Waves fourth studio album “Sad Happy” with the “Happy” part being[…]

SONG PICK: Georgia – 24 Hours (Video)

Five years have gone by since British singer/songwriter, drummer and producer Georgia released her self-titled debut album. Her follow-up album would have been ready to hit the turntables in 2019 yet her label Domino Records held off thanks to an overwhelmingly successful year for the young artist. Coming out tomorrow,[…]

Lola Marsh

SONG PICK: Lola Marsh – What Am I

Here is a beautiful new song by duo Lola Marsh from Tel Aviv, Israel. With its playful guitar and the warm synths it makes you feel floating away with the music, reminiscent of an Air song of the “Moon Safari” era. Lola March is about to release a new album[…]

SONG PICK: Green and Glass – Gabriel

Mysterious and playful, “Gabriel” instantly grabs your attention and enchants with its harp harmonies and luxurious vocals. “Gabriel” marks the third single of Brooklyn-based Green and Glass before their self-titled album drops on February 14th. The avant-pop band is led by harpist and vocalist Lucia Stavros and rounded out by[…]

SONG PICK: Sunna Margrét – Art of History

Music from Iceland will be a focus here on glamglare on 2020 and we are off to an excellent start with Sunna Margrét from Reykjavík and her song “Art of History”, an elegant fusion of industrial and ethereal synth pop. “Art of History” is the title track of Sunna’s excellent[…]


Maybe it is a little sad to start the new year with sort of a break-up song but if it is packaged so beautifully? “Say Say Say”, the new single by Dutch indie-pop trio DANSU is as lighthearted and heartfelt as it is catchy. At one point we have all[…]

SONG PICK: Flyying Colours – Goodtimes

“Goodtimes” by Australian shoegaze quartet Flyying Colours could quickly become your favorite new song and mantra. New resolution for 2020 anyway! The track is utterly beautiful, bright and confidence spreading. When asked about the new single, songwriter Brodie J. Brümmer explains: “‘Goodtimes’ is sort of about the opposite. The chorus is[…]

Katie Burden

SONG PICK: Katie Burden – Edge of Sleep (Video)

Happy New Year! Let’s start 2020 with with a genre-defying pop song by L.A. musician Katie Burden, whose collaborations include jennylee’s excellent 2015 solo album. Her new song “Edge of Sleep” invites you into a dream-like state as is ebbs in swells with Katie cooing seductive like a siren. She[…]