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SONG PICK: Tomos – Resonate

Once I decide which new song I want to feature, I listen several times to the track and jot down whatever associations I have, with usually half a dozen adjectives as a result. Not so with “Resonate”, the new single by Welsh producer and multi-instrumentalist Tomos because the descriptions were[…]



TEOA – The End Of America, a name inspired by a Jack Kerouac novel – is the East Coast trio of the seasoned musicians Brendon Thomas, James Downes and Trevor Leonard, who do beautiful melodic folk rock songs. Their latest offering “Canyon” eternalizes the memory of Amy Regan, a fellow musician and friend of Brendon, who passed away four years ago.

SONG PICK: Rituals of Mine – Come Around Me (Video)

Rituals of Mine is the musical project of Los Angeles-based songwriter and singer Terra Lopez. With her eclectic mix of downtempo, indie-pop, and R&B elements she puts herself firmly on the map and setting the bar high for her sophomore album “Hype Nostalgia”, out September 25th via Carpark Records. A[…]

Q&A with Slye

Sometimes one song is all it takes to make a lasting impression and spur curiosity and deeper interest! “The Mirror” by songwriter, guitarist, and singer Slye is such a magical song. Yet all of Slye’s R&B and funk-inspired, soulful music offers this magnetic pull and stunning beauty, and that’s why[…]

SONG PICK: Moscow Apartment – New Girl

Moscow Apartment is the Toronto-based duo of Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla who are about to release there second EP “Better Daughter” on July 10. It contains six intricate, folk-tinged songs with delightful vocal harmonies in the vein of Overcoats or Daisy The Great.

SONG PICK: Private World – Hypnagogia

“Hypnagogia” refers to the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep. Cardiff pop-band Private World has chosen that state of consciousness during the onset of sleep for their new single. “Hypnagogia” is an exquisitely layered and richly textured track, filled with sweet emotions and soft sounds. On the helm of Private[…]


A good four years ago, we came across Blak Emoji , became friends, and have been seeing Blak Emoji live whenever we could and were overjoyed when Blak Emoji joined our showcase lineup for Northside 2016. There are no live events happening these days but so are other important events[…]

Harmony Byrne

SONG PICK: Harmony Byrne – Sweeter Than Sugar

Australian singer/songwriter Harmony Bryne takes venerable genres from blues to rock and makes them somehow sound fitting for the 20s of the 21st century. On her debut album “Heavy Doors” (stream here) you’ll find lots of earthy guitars and a good measure of Pink Floyd-ish drama, but also lightness and modern pop sensibilities. Our Song Pick of the Day “Sweeter Than Sugar” is a power rock song and a love letter to the arts.

SONG PICK: Tricky – Fall Please feat. Marta (Video)

When Tricky says about his new single that it would be his “version of pop music”, then this can be taken literally as “Fall Please feat. Marta” is as appealing as it is slightly unsettling and seriously catchy. It is one of these tracks one wants to listen to on[…]