SONG PICK: Hanford Reach – Asunder

Mid 80s and early 90s guitar driven post-punk never fully disappeared but it seems to pop up again more often, especially in New York as neo-psych duo Hanford Reach are proof. The sparsely arranged “Asunder” marks the lead single from their just released EP “Nathalie” (stream here). “Asunder” takes the listener[…]

SONG PICK: Butterjack – Hot Sauce

“Hot Sauce” has ‘party music’ written all over its album cover bottle, well not literally but figuratively. The new single by English singer-producer Aiden Grimshaw aka Butterjack is one hot and sexy dish, and a major dance floor invitation. It is still only February but I can easily see this fun and[…]

SONG PICK: Thayer Sarrano – Grace Goes On

Thayer Sarrano is a singer/songwriter from Athens, Georgia and her new song “Grace Goes On” moves along an effect-heavy guitar line that keeps you on the edge for the entire song. But what is the chiming sound in the beginning? Thayer explains: That instrument is a Chimeatron, It was in[…]

SONG PICK: Sylvie Kreusch – Please To Devon

Belgian singer/songwriter Sylvie Kreusch goes full throttle into this relationship, no prisoners taken. A heavy piano line and an ominously screeching saxophone add serious drama to Sylvie’s second single “Please To Devon”: “I’m no a person to cross to, baby,” she chants and you know she means business. Listen to[…]

SONG PICK: Bestman – 143

Sure, music does not know boundaries and is also not restricted to certain areas to originate from, yet I was utterly surprised to learn that the joyous, bright and dance floor-ready “143” is the creation of a synth-pop band in Chicago! Said synth-pop act is Bestman, and fronted by singer/songwriter Brian[…]

SONG PICK: FEET – English Weather

Last year, English indie-rockers FEET got some fine buzz going with their singles “Petty Thieving” and “Backseat Driver”, but the praise will only continue with the release of their new single “English Weather”. The song was written during what the band now calls the “Barn Sessions”, when they had some time in-between[…]

SONG PICK: Blu DeTiger – In My Head

The beat that is in Blu DeTiger’s head starts slowly, almost as a distraction but not before long it turns into a full-fledged high-energy disco party. The message is simple: music can be the best medicine and a good rhythm can indeed drive you forward. Blu is based in New[…]


European and American fans of indie rockers ISLAND can rejoice together, as the London-based four-piece is gearing up for their headlining tour in Europe and then makes their way over to the states again. If you were lucky enough to have caught ISLAND at SXSW2018, then you might want to see[…]

SONG PICK: Stella Donnelly – Old Man (Video)

Australian singer/songwriter Stella Donnelly is a cheerful, charistmatic young woman as we could witness first hand at her Iceland Airwaves show where she was interviewed for The Current. It fits that her new song and video “Old Man” feels upbeat and light-hearted on the surface, but in fact it is[…]

SONG PICK: Geographer – Summer of my Discontentment

“Summer of my Discontentment” is the first and wistfully gorgeous new single from Geographer‘s upcoming EP, due out March 8th. This EP marks a special turning point in the artist’s life, which even non-artists will be able to relate to, because the vast majority of us has moved from A[…]

SONG PICK: She’s Excited! – Drowning (ft. Mimiko)

Our Song Pick of the Day “Drowning” is an elegantly produced future pop track, which builds suspense around every corner. It is the latest single by She’s Excited!, a singer & producer from Brooklyn via Munich, Germany and for this song she worked together with Japanese-American musician Mimiko. This makes[…]

SONG PICK: Kid Bloom – Sugarcoat

“Sugarcoat” exquisitely dances on the exciting edge between sadness and joy, a sonic combination that can only come from a warm and sunny place like Los Angeles. Californian indie rock band Kid Bloom deliver yet another fantastic song after their hit singles “Different State of Mind” and “Electric U”. On[…]