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SONG PICK: Charlee Remitz – Pretty Genius

“Pretty Genius” is a new song by singer, songwriter and producer Charlee Remitz. Like our song pick “Forever Like,” almost exactly a year ago, it has an unique relaxed, organic feel to it. She tells her story in a stream of consciousness with her voice floating over ethereal synths and[…]

SONG PICK: October Drift – Forever Whatever

“Forever Whatever”, the new single by English indie rock quartet October Drift comes with a significant dose of melancholy which is not surprising given the song’s title. However, as with all great rock songs, the nostalgia is counterbalanced by an overall optimistic vibe. When asked about the inspiration to their songs,[…]


Su Shaw aka SHHE has released another stunning track from her self-titled debut album, due out next Friday on One Little Indian. In “Emma” SHHE uses her signature subtle production to greatest effect and you can feel the effects of that unhealthy relationships with her through the music. The song[…]

SONG PICK: The Very Lazy Sundays – Sometimes A Broken Heart

“Sometimes A Broken Heart”, the new single by English folk-quartet The Very Lazy Sundays charms from the very first guitar strumming and the feeling intensifies as the song progresses. Singer and guitarist Diyar provides the following inspiration for their new song: “One of us had recently gone through a messy breakup[…]

SONG PICK: Detalji – Forever

Here at glamglare the Iceland Airwaves fever heats up. As always, there is a fantastic lineup with lots of new music to discover. For example, we are looking forward to see Finnish singer and producer Krista Myllyviita who records as Detalji. Her latest song “Forever” is a friendly electronic dance[…]

SONG PICK: Reyko – Hierba Mala

“Hierba Mala,” bad weed, refers to a person with bad influence who you cannot get rid of anymore. London-based synth pop duo Reyko tells this cautionary tale wrapped in a perfectly executed contemporary production. There are some of those ubiquitous trap beats and chopped vocals, but they are skillfully interwoven[…]

Iceland #Airwaves2019 – We’re going again!

Daylight savings has just passed and the days began to get longer again in New York City, when in 2016 Oliver had the idea to attend Iceland Airwaves, the music festival held in Iceland’s capital Reykjavík. The festival had its humble beginnings in November 1999 with a one-off event in[…]

SONG PICK: Easypeel – Honey Glazed

Melancholy, when used sparingly and in an intelligent way, can be such a powerful tool. London-based musician Easypeel understands how to infuse his new single “Honey Glazed” with just enough of a wistful feeling to create an utterly appealing vibe. Singer/songwriter Tom Morley is the artist behind the moniker Easypeel[…]

SONG PICK: Gazel – Walk on Land

“Gazel’s Book of Soul” – the album title alone makes you curious about what is going on here. It is British/Turkish singer, songwriter and producer Gazel, who sets a mythical story to a compelling soundtrack full of ideas and unexpected twists. Gazel put deep thoughts into the album. She explains:[…]

SONG PICK: bdrmm – Shame

Do you know what utter heartbreak sounds like? Lend “Shame”, the new single by shoegazers bdrmm your ear and you get an idea. The British five-piece made heartbreak listenable! The brooding sadness gets joined by undeniable melancholy and the sparkles of hope spread by the bright and jangly guitars make[…]