VIDEO: Ekurtis – HumDrum

“HumDrum” immediately captivates with its charming and essentially super catchy melody, the soft vocals and its minimalistic instrumentation. This is a colorful and gorgeous video, with someone in it who can sing AND dance, no wonder because the artist who goes by Ekurtis exchanged his ballet dancing career with making music. If Ekurtis[…]

SONG PICK: Sawyer – Next Time

Just wait for the “Next Time”, the next, better opportunity to let somebody know that you have a crush on him or her. That moment, when your brain decides if you want to keep your dreams open or do the next step is the theme of the debut song of[…]

SONG PICK: HOAR – Venice of the North

Careful, very slowly intensifying, “Venice of the North” grabs you quietly and then doesn’t let go! The debut single by Belgium four-piece HOAR pulls all minor key register and resonates because of its dark melancholy and the rays of optimism that are breaking through and like with many a great songs recently,[…]

VIDEO: Ferris & Sylvester – Save Yourself

Achingly beautiful – melody and visuals! “Save Yourself”, the debut single by London-based folk duo Ferris & Sylvester, conquered our hearts by storm because there’s something so bitter-sweet and simply breathtakingly gorgeous to “Save Yourself”. The duo is the first signing by legendary producer Youth (Paul McCartney, The Verve, Crowded House) to[…]

SONG PICK: Natalie Bouloudis – Firebird

A “Firebird” is a mythical creature who rises from the ashes of a destructive fire. The hope that lays in the eternal cycle of renewal is the topic of the latest song by London-based singer/songwriter Natalie Boloudis. Musically she wants “it to sound like a 60’s girl group jamming with[…]

SONG PICK: Midnight Pool Party – This Love

A danceable, irresistibly catchy track like “This Love” provides us with this incredible Saturday night on the town feeling even on a bleak Monday morning. The joyous “This Love” is the fourth and final single from Australian duo Midnight Pool Party, taken from their debut EP “Dalliance”. The track is sonically[…]

OFFSTAGE: Q&A with Trace

Trace is a singer/songwriter from L.A., whose 2016 debut EP “Low” (Apple Music | Spotify) introduced her as an artist who skillfully uses restrained electronics to create a relaxed, pensive vibe in her songs. This year’s new, just released single “Oh My My” is no different and makes appetite for[…]

VIDEO: W. H. Lung – Really Something!

Watching the video to the stunning “Really Something!” (“Nothing Is”) it is impossible not to draw comparisons with the awesomeness and fascinating vibe of Radiohead’s Live From The Basement videos. Manchester indie-electronic rockers  W. H. Lung are truly onto something with their new video, live recorded at the Victoria Baths in Longsight, Manchester. Oh, this massive[…]

SONG PICK: Pleasure House – Mind Control

“Mind Control” by British indie rockers Pleasure House comes with surprising harmonies, hard-hitting drums, interesting guitar work and an overall catchy vibe that is impossible to escape! Frontman Alex Heffernan provides the following insight: “The system is broken and we’re all being lied to. Mind Control is happening all around us and we[…]

3 Is A Band: Demob Happy

Demob Happy are a heavy hitting alt rock three-piece originally from Newcastle and now based in Brighton, England with a gritty, grungy vibe. The band consists of Matt Marcantonio (vocals, bass), Adam Godfrey (guitar, vocals) and Thomas Armstrong (drums, vocals).  After their self-released album “Dead Dreamers”, they are  now debuting their new single “Dead[…]

EXCITED ABOUT: CryptoChrome – More Human

The European hip hop trio CryptoChrome of USA, Anik and S.O.N. was the first act we saw at last year’s Iceland Airwaves and they set us up to the right mood for the festival. Now their excellent debut album “More Human” is finally out with 11 intense tracks driven by[…]

SONG PICK: Trace – Oh My My

In “Oh My My” L.A.-based singer/songwriter Trace feels detached from a relationship. Vocals and music are restrained – while she enjoys being adored she keeps herself firmly on the safe side. “Oh My My” is the first offering since her brilliant 2016 EP “Low” last year and we can look[…]


MXMS stands for “Me And My Shadow” singer Ariel Levitan’s shadow looms darkly over her opponent. “I Revenge” she confesses and asks for absolution. Religious references, deadpan vocals and heavy piano chords convey torn emotions: the inspiration for the song came from being cheated on by a lover.

SONG PICK: Kylypso – Blame Love

This is how the summer of 2017 could sound like: without focusing on one particular sound per se, but taking from different styles, blending them with a big portion of wistfulness thrown in. “Blame Love” is the new single by East London indie electronic three-piece Kylypso. Most likely, by the end of summer, some might blame love[…]