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December 2019 // January 2020 in Rearview

In case you’re living somewhere where the winter months equal grey skies and cold temperatures, then you might be as glad as we are that hopefully the worst -weather wise- might be behind us. This first month of the brand new decade turned out to be an especially taxing one[…]

Half Waif

SONG PICK: Half Waif – Ordinary Talk (Video)

“Ordinary Talk” is about coming to terms with life with all its twists and turns and accepting the fact that it is actually a common, ordinary experience. Who could wrap this sentiment into a song better than Nandi Rose aka Half Wife who is so good in crafting gripping and personal songs without grand gestures?

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Navina, Planet 1999, SHEL

Navina “Being content is merely just piecing together the good things that each day brings,” says singer/songwriter Navina and her upbeat video gives you some ideas how such a day could look like. Watch the video now: Planet 1999 “Party” is the latest single from Planet 1999, a London-based shoegaze[…]

SONG PICK: James Supercave – Never Happened

Based in Los Angeles, James Supercave made a name for themselves with their lush yet often almost minimalistic sound. Their production style is precise and focused, not one note too much or a bar too many. This seems to be even more true with their latest song, the utterly gorgeous[…]


SONG PICK: Surrija – Barcelona

Singer/Songwriter Jane Lui aka Surrija is originally from Hong Kong and lives now in Los Angeles. Inspired by Picasso, she has also spent time in Barcelona, only to find out that the famous painter was a conflicted character in the way he treated his muses and lovers.

SONG PICK: Deeper – This Heat (Video)

Too many music videos these days show happily dancing people or colorful abstracts. How refreshing, if a band does something completely different, like… going on a hunt for rare flora and fauna but – watch for yourself! The video in question is the intriguing visualization of the instantly appealing “This[…]

SONG PICK: Forever – Blur (Video)

Here is an artist we are super excited to see live at the spring festivals SXSW in Austin and The New Colossus in NYC: Montreal-based singer/songwriter June Moon aka Forever is about to release a new EP “Close to the Flame” dealing with breakup on Cascine (paradoxically on Valentine’s Day).

SONG PICK: DMA’s – Life Is A Game Of Changing (Video)

Sydney’s DMA’s announce their third studio album “Glow” with a fire cracker of a song. Thanks to its high octane energy and joie de vivre, it is easy to fall head over heals in love with “Life Is A Game Of Changing”, fast and hard! Tommy O’Dell‘s vocals are appealing[…]