SONG PICK: Slowlights – Overgrown

Who ever pays attention to an artist’s Facebook ABOUT page, particularly the “Artists We Also Like Part”? Well, Slowlights definitely got me with their EP “I Try So Hard” but sealed the deal with mentioning ‘Rod Stewart’… that’s rather… unusual and so cool because… that story is way too long[…]

SONG PICK: Arson Daily – Last Call

With a song structure soundly rooted in blues rock, a string and rhythm section knowing what to do with it and completed by highly intriguing rock vocals… out comes the alluring “Last Call”, the new single by North Carolina-based three-piece Arson Daily. “Last Call” is one of these tracks that[…]


Kyndyl Miller is a classically trained pianist and holder of music degrees, but she also masters the art of creating intelligent and catchy electro-pop that defies the usual clichés. Under the name Kyyn she released five songs on an excellent self-titled EP. Listen to “Kyyn” on Apple Music or Spotify:

SONG PICK: Linki – Circadian Adieu

“Circadian Adieu” is the second single by Australian singer/songwriter Linki. Like her first song “Demonise” the new track is a piece of art rock that takes unexpected turns and twists. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day now:

SONG PICK: Hero Fisher – Sylvie (Video)

“Sylvie”, the new song by London-based singer/songwriter Hero Fisher is one of those tracks that suck you in and don’t let you go until the last note. It starts quietly with a gently plucked guitar and then slowly morphs into an emotional cinematic finale. “Don’t let them make you leave[…]

SONG PICK: Raveen – Always

“Always” offers a beautiful melody, warm and soulful vocals, somber undertones laced with an overall optimistic vibe. “Always” is the debut single and title-track of the self-titled album by Montréal-based three-piece Raveen. Listening to the gorgeous track, one can easily sense what Raveen explain as follows: There’s a lot of[…]

EXCITED ABOUT: Slowdive – Slowdive

Slowdives’s dreamy shoegaze is the kind of music that lifts you up and carries you away on soft, thick guitar layers. The English five-piece called it quits for 22 years, but here they are again with an excellent self-titled album. Listen to “Slowdive” on Spotify or Apple Music:

SONG PICK: From Apes to Angels – Gift Tag

From Apes To Angels is a synth pop duo from England who name a slew of exciting electro-pop acts of the last few decades as their inspiration and I would add Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark and Ladytron to the list. But their latest track “Gift Tag” stands well on[…]

SONG PICK: The Felix – Still Holding On

Riding on an ethereal, electronic synth pop wave, “Still Holding On” convinces with its optimistically melancholic vibe, the soothing vocals and its re-assuring dynamic. “Still Holding On” is the new single by New York-based duo The Felix who formed only last year in Lower Manhattan and back then successfully debuted[…]

SONG PICK: Roxiny – 9 Months

“9 Month” is the duration of the abusive relationship Brooklyn singer/songwriter Roxiny sings about in her solo debut track, a slow building indie pop anthem. The choice of topic is no coincidence: Roxiny actively engages in supporting women and girls who have experienced abuse and leads music workshops for GEMS.[…]

SONG PICK: Spirit Award – Fields

“Fields”, the first single from Spirit Award‘s upcoming album “Neverending” (10/06/17), delights with a dynamic flow, lovely synths, earthy vocals and an overall optimistic vibe. This is also what one can expect from the record for which Spirit Award credit the death of a family member, anxiety, a robbery, and the ending[…]

SONG PICK: Sgrow – Feel Something

Here is a new one by Norwegian electronic duo Sgrow. “Feel Something” has the same chills-inducing intensity as its predecessor “Is Anybody Where They Want to Be” plus some Aphex-Twin-inspired synth craziness. But it is very much Vilde Nupen’s haunted vocals that stop you in your tracks when this song[…]

SONG PICK: courtship. – Perfect People

One would assume that Los Angeles is full of either “Perfect People” or people who strive to be perfect. The latest track by L.A. duo courtship tackles this topic in a lighthearted, upbeat way: in the end you are happier if you accept who you are. Listen to “Prefect People”,[…]

Excited About: Ellen Allien – Nost

Some techno music can is like an influx of pure energy. Put it on headphones and its relentless, repetitive and slowly changing beats will drive you forward. “Nost”, the new album by Berlin electronic producer Ellen Allien is an excellent case in point. Enjoy!

SONG PREMIERE: Impure – Gin & Ice

Ini Edwards and Rob Sparx, the musicians behind the British electronic dance duo Impure, are about to release a new EP on June 3oth via NexGen music. The album holds five captivating tracks, each a little electronic gem in its own rights. There is one song though that took my music[…]