VIDEO PREMIERE: Pale Houses – The Ocean Bed

The beautifully flowing “The Ocean Bed” is the lead single of Pale Houses‘ recently released album “Songs of the Isolation” and it got some video treatment. The Nashville-based quartet kept it simple and focused on what is important and came up with a zen-like lyric video. We are psyched to[…]

NEW MUSIC: Abi Wade – Beautifully Astray (album)

The cello is the main instrument of Brighton-based singer/songwriter Abi Wade, but there is a lot more going on on her debut album. Her song feel like miniature worlds in itself, brimming with ideas. Like her new single “Reasonable Doubt”, which she describes as follows: I imagine a twisted &[…]

SONG PICK: RALPH – September Fades (Video)

“September Fades” is a bright, nostalgic pop song by Toronto-based singer RALPH that will stick in your head for at least the rest of the day. Director Gemma Warren created the matching visuals for the track: follow RALPH and several other characters on an evening in a motel from the[…]

SONG PICK: Prize the Wild – Go Nowhere

Seattle-based Indie electronic duo Prize the Wild create that kind of electro pop that comes with a lot of soulfulness and longing. “Go Nowhere” is a beautifully moody track, grounded by the earthy vocals and elevated by some serious brass action, the latter rather unusual for electro pop and the[…]

SONG PICK: Alexandra Lost – Towers

Alexandra Lost are Jane Ehrhardt and Simon Paradis from Quebec City, Canada. That is all we know for now, but their first release, “Towers” speaks for itself with an ominous bass line, chilling synths and androgynous vocals. Turn the volume up and enjoy! Listen to “Towers”, our Song Pick of[…]

NEW MUSIC: Young Galaxy – Down Time album & Frontier video

Young Galaxy was responsible for two of my favorite songs last year and tomorrow finally their new album “Down Time” comes out. While the Montreal-based duo has been around for a while, “Down Time” is a new start of making music independently on their own label. To celebrate the occasion,[…]

SONG PICK: Lowell – War Face

Liking a young artist, who is just starting out, is easy. There’s not much to compare them too, and their often unapologetic approach to making music is refreshing. What happens next though is important. Can they hold and deliver again? And again? Fortunately, our initial fascination, originating with Lowell‘s 2014[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Spaces Of Disappearance – Mr. Nobody

Spaces of Disappearance is the project of Chicago-based singer/producer Elaine HD and at glamglare we have been following her work since the show at the 2015 CMJ festival. That is why we are particularly delighted to premiere the first single of her upcoming EP  “The Eye”, to be released later this[…]

SONG PICK: Hvmmingbyrd – Papillon

What is better than an intriguing singing voice? Two of the very same! “Papillion” is alluring in any way possible but it is maybe the stellar vocal harmonies that give the track its stand-out appeal. There are Deborah Byrne’s but also Suzette Das’ vocals, and together they form the indie[…]

SONG PICK: Hydrah – Fire

“Fire”, a new piece by L.A. based singer/producer Hydrah is a track that continuously induces growing heat over its five minutes, with a steady house beat and Katie Kramarczuk’s rich and soulful vocals. And there is some other ingredient, which turns out to be a recording of an underwater earthquake[…]

SONG PICK: CONFUSE-RAY – Quarterly Projections

The most fascinating about “Quarterly Projections” are the powerful rock-vocals, with lots of swagger plus a touch of brooding darkness and oddly familiar sounding. Although, it’s unlikely that we would know Elmer Hallsby‘s vocals, the musician behind CONFUSE-RAY. Elmer plays bass in the Swedish quartet Dead Vibrations but he creates something completely[…]

SONG PICK: Strangers On The Internet – Good Problems

strangers on the internet is the electro-pop duo of Lilly Wolfson and Alex Neuhausen from New York. We know them already from their previous project Lilly Wolf and are happy to report they are back with a new name and a new track “Good Problems”, which is about the good[…]


Singer, songwriter and producer Pierre-Marie Maulini, who goes by the artist name STAL, is onto something mighty with the irresistibly gorgeous “Magic”. As the artist’s French sounding first name suggests, Pierre-Marie grew up in France, has been intensively touring with Anthony Gonzalez and his band M83, called Ireland his home for a while,[…]