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Megan McDuffee

SONG PICK: Megan McDuffee – 13th Hour

Megan McDuffee is a composer and producer, and while she is busy creating soundtracks for games and film, she also found time to sing her own songs. “Inner Demons” is her first album in 10 years and it presents ten electronic pop songs of classic beauty. Our song pick of[…]

SONG PICK: Mewn – I’m Only Talking

Manchester art-rock five-piece Mewn release with “I’m Only Talking” the second single from their upcoming debut EP Landscapes Unchanged via Simonie Records out later this month. The almost seven minutes long track starts on a bright high note but not even halfway through takes a different, more pensive turn, with[…]

SONG PICK: Jenny Palacios – Noah (Video)

Canadian singer/songwriter Jenny Palacios tells an untypical love story in her new song “Noah.” Neither happily ever after nor heartbreak, this goes somewhere in between, when the sparks of potential mutual attraction already deliver happiness. It is big pop music statement that Jenny makes here and she sums up perfectly[…]

SONG PICK: E.W. Harris – Bad Ghost

  “Bad Ghost,” the new single by eclectic singer/songwriter E.W. Harris is a glorious piece of music where pensive and thought-provoking songwriting, paired with emotive vocals and skillful fingerpicking meets modern finishing touches. The Brooklyn-based artist premiered “Bad Ghost” on Saturday live at the newly (re-)opened Footlight Presents at the[…]

Billie Flynn

SONG PICK: Billie Flynn – Hey Stranger

“Hey Stranger,” tells the story of a relationship reflected in the moment of an encounter years after it ended. U.K. singer/songwriter Billie Flynn delivers it as much sonically as through the lyrics: the way she sings and the music slowly builds hints a more extensive emotional engagement than she wants[…]

SONG PICK: 88/89 – Bite the Bullet

Awww – I remember 1988 and 1989 well, but contrary to Michael Hornby (vocals) and Jack James (guitar), neither of these two years were the one I was born in. In 88/89‘s case, though, their birth years not only make for a cool band name but also set the tone[…]


SONG PICK: CYPRSS – The House I Hate

“The House I Hate” is a not-so-subtle song about the struggle of accepting yourself and how to overcome a constant state of self-loathing. Nashville-based musician CYPRSS delivers her message as a trendy, but elegant pop song that packs a few surprises. CYPRSS says about the song: “My favorite thing about[…]


Q&A With Babehoven

Today, New York-based singer/songwriter Maya Bon aka Babehoven releases her latest EP, “Nastavi, Calliope.” This new piece of work is based on deeply personal experiences and musically takes a new, more experimental direction. We are fascinated with her music and reached out to Maya, who was game for answering our questions.[…]

SONG PICK: Ásgeir – Sunday Drive (Video)

Icelandic singer/songwriter Ásgeir releases the hauntingly beautiful and utterly mesmerizing “Sunday Drive,” a song based on a personal experience that could have ended very differently! It is surprising and then again maybe not at all, that it took one of Iceland’s finest musicians so long to put this particular childhood memory[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Babehoven, Charm of Finches, Kings of Convenience

Babehoven – Annie’s Shoes We will have more about Maya Bon, aka Babehoven, on Friday when her EP “Nastavi, Calliope” comes out. But the colorful, deep-sea-themed stop-go video created by Phoebe Jane Heart deserves a separate mention in our weekly video roundup. Watch the video now: Charm of Finches –[…]

Sam Blacky

SONG PICK: Sam Blacky – No More

Bring the heat on! “No More,” the new song by producer and DJ Sam Blacky does not only transport you immediately to a hot summer night dance party but also infuses you with a hefty dose of positivity, something we can all use after the past year. In Sam’s own[…]

SONG PICK: Johnny Lloyd – Joypolis

Some artists make themselves rare, and only occasionally appear live or release new material. Not so British songwriter, singer, and film composer Johnny Lloyd, who gears up for his third solo album La La La out July 16th, 2021 via Xtra Mile Recordings. (Pre-order now.) Providing us with another taste[…]

Slaney Bay

SONG PICK: Slaney Bay – Talking About You

Slaney Bay are the four friends Caitlin Whitley (lead vocals and guitar), William Nicola-Thompson (lead guitar), Joel Martin (backing vocals and bass) and Beth Stacey (drums). They have been making music together for a while, but Slaney Bay is the start of a new endeavor, and their debut single makes[…]


SONG PICK: Jessicka – Mirrorball Midnight

The beautiful new song by Vancouver-based musician Jessicka is a sprawling synth-pop indulgence. Turn up the volume, let yourself fall into the glittering soundscapes, and it becomes clear why the song is called “Mirrorball Midnight.” Listen to our Song Pick of the day on your favorite streaming service of below[…]