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SONG PICK: JWestern – Check In

Following the splash that his debut single “Call You Right Now” made, British alt-pop artist JWestern adds “Check In” to his released work. Soft, pleasing vocals over a bed of glistening guitar sounds and groovy beats that brighten even the darkest places, even a melancholic heart, maybe. John Gooding, who[…]

Saturn's Rejoice

NEW ALBUM: Silky Disturbance – Saturn’s Rejoice

“Saturn’s Rejoice” takes you onto a journey into a strange but fascinating world, a “far off cabalistic dreamland” how Georgia Collins, the woman behind Silky Disturbance puts it. As a producer and vocalist, she has crafted intricate electronic soundscapes that feel like celebrating ancient rituals in a very contemporary way.[…]


SONG PICK: BYFYN – Ain’t Gonna Be Lonely

Nothing really bad is going on in “Ain’t Gonna Be Lonely,” just the realization that life might go down the wrong path. From a personal experience U.K. artist Ellie Isherwood aka BYFYN created a song keeps a level of discomfort below its otherwise bright pop sensibilities: an ominously pulsing bass line and an eerie synth patch put a weight on the sing-alone chorus, just like Ellie’s concern do on her relationship.

SONG PICK: Cosmo’s Midnight – Idaho

“Idaho” is the final, and extremely satisfying cut from “Yesteryear”, the second full-length album of Cosmo’s Midnight, out on October 2nd via Sony Music Australia. The electro-pop duo consisting of twin brothers Cosmo and Patrick Liney, calls Sydney their home. Essentially, “Idaho” sounds very Australian in the sense that it[…]

Kerri Martin

NEW EP: Kerri Martin – Haunting Me

Kerri Martin is a young musician from Orlando, Florida who has a refreshingly bold approach to pop music. “I am so happy to be living in an age where I can create complete tracks in my bedroom,” she says, but instead of crafting the abstract electronic soundscapes that dominate today’s pop music, she sticks to guitars and keyboards – she plays both herself – and produces a sound reminiscent of a big studio full of session musicians in the 80s.

SONG PICK: Blakkheart – Honey Boy

Eimear O Sullivan is a producer, engineer from Cork, Ireland who records under the name Blakkheart. For her new song “Honey Boy” she sings herself and creates the vibe of a pool-side Sunday afternoon reflection, albeit one with strong melancholic undertones.

SONG PICK: La Poré – Blame

Formerly the drummer of Cleveland-based pop band Captain Kidd, Nick Samson exchanged Ohio with California and now calls Los Angeles his home. With his new psych-pop project La Poré, he blends 80s synths with exquisite drum work and tops it all with his gorgeous falsetto vocals. La Poré’s new single “Blame”[…]



With her debut “I’m Not Running You”, MNRØ from Manchester, England entered the music scene with a splash. A very angry splash! Now she is back with softer more reconciliatory “Waves,” even though in the end the song is still about a break up. Musically, she stays the course with elegant future pop that strikes the right balance between current trends and timelessness.

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Crawford Mack, Estere, Ruti, Scintii

Crawford Mack – Firing Squad Despite its gripping title, we loved the sheer beauty of “Firing Squad” by Glasgow-based singer/songwriter Crawford Mack, hence had previously featured the track in our Song Pick of the Day series. Today, the creative singer-songwriter released a short film, conceptualized by him together with the[…]