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Hallan – Sich Übergeben

British post-punk quartet Hallan seem to have enough if the title of their latest single is any indication. The urgently pulsating track is called “Sich Übergeben” and tackles a chain of situations that can make you sick to your stomach. Conor Celements’ frenetic visceral vocal delivery brings the importance of[…]


Aliénore – Paradise Lost

Aliénore wants to show you her inner world. “Paradise Lost,” the fragile debut single of the Berlin-based, French-British singer/songwriter, starts as a quiet folk song, but it takes a sharp left turn for the bridge when the underworld makes an appearance. Aliénore says about the song: “Paradise Lost is a[…]

Little Suspicions – Giving Up The Ghost

“Giving Up The Ghost,” the new single by Little Suspicions takes you by the hand and leads you to the Italian riviera, for a little evening stroll. Add some nostalgia and 60s flourishes, including lyric pieces in Italian and the result is an unforgettable and utterly irresistible song. Moritz Meyns[…]

I See Rivers

I See Rivers – Your Love

The Norwegian, Wales-based trio I See Rivers released their wonderful debut album “Deep and Rolling Green” in October 2020. Now they are back with a new song and ready to play their music live throughout the summer. “Your Love” is an anthemic track about trying too hard to make a[…]

Simon Alexander – Along Came June

Sweden knows no shortage of great musicians and iconic pop bands but not every Swedish musician creates pop and not everybody is a star although for us Gothenburg-based Simon Alexander is a star. We first featured the singer/songwriter in 2018 with his single “Last Dance,”  and later in 2020 with[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Bad Pelicans, Momma, Patrick Holland, Sub*T

Bad Pelicans – Paris How do you feel about a stripped-down song? A distorted bass with sharp drumming, heavy guitar riffs, and the chorus front and center? Add the city of romance as backdrop for the brilliant black and white video and you get something that’s not exactly romantic but[…]


Strama – Focus

The London-based singer, songwriter, and producer Strama has just released “Silver Lining,” The six-track EP features elegant, soulful tracks that let her gorgeous vocals shine. A good example is the closing cut, “Focus,” with its chill beat and nocturnal vibes. As a woman who takes full charge of her creative[…]

Elizabeth M. Drummond – Crisis [Video]

“Every morning there’s an ache. It’s no big deal, just seems my heart just wants to break,” sings Elizabeth M. Drummond, and sets the mood for her beautiful debut single. However, this is not an emo anthem, yet a light and super lovely song, that takes surprising turns along the[…]


Pitou – Big Tear

Pitou is a singer/songwriter from Amsterdam, and she does both in unusual and engaging ways. For her new song “Big Tear,” she uses a blend of acoustic instruments that sound unsettling and soothing at the same time. Here’s what Pitou reveals about her songwriting approach: “I tend to write songs[…]

IMBER – Heat

It’s a beautiful day when you can listen to new music by IMBER, the musical project of Bristol-based songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Ben Imber. In November of last year, we premiered his beautiful single “Familar Faces.” For his new single “Heat,” Ben enlisted family to join his indie-electronic project and[…]

Dol Ikara

Dol Ikara – Saraph

Dol Ikara is the project of Claire Roddy. Her latest song, “Saraph,” is a dark, sprawling synth-pop track where so much is going on that it pays off to listen multiple times. Claire explains: “‘Saraph’ was conceptualized with a single floating note triggered on a Moog modular system; I sang[…]

David Poe – Post [Video]

Los Angeles-based artist David Poe delights with the ultra-catchy “Post,” his latest single release to announce the upcoming album Everyone’s Got A Camera set due September 23, 2022. Poe proves that a good song doesn’t need to be drowned in auto-tune and gimmicks, but puts the focus on songwriting that[…]


Kleo – Miss You

In “Miss You,” Danish singer/songwriter Kleo reaches out to someone with a heartwarming, disarming openness. With that, she invites us to do the same to push back negativity and brighten up our world. She says: The song is about carrying your heart in your hands, letting yourself be vulnerable and[…]

ASHRR – No Garden

ASHRR is the musical project of Grammy award-nominated producer Ethan Allen, vocalist Steven Davis, and pianist and multi-instrumentalist Josh Charles, who blend their collective sum of influences into mesmerizing interplanetary recordings for the desert, the city, or the beach. Yesterday, they released the gorgeous and instantly irresistible “No Garden.” Asked[…]

Hazel English Day Wave

Hazel English – All Dressed Up (ft. Day Wave) [Video]

For her new song “All Dressed Up,” L.A.-via-Australia singer/songwriter Hazel English is joined by her co-writer and -producer Jackson Philips aka Day Wave on vocals. Both also star in the beautifully washed-out video that perfectly reflects the summer vibes of the track. “Maybe we should be together,” is the song’s[…]