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Danielle Durack

SONG PICK: Danielle Durack – Eggshells (Video)

As we come slowly out of the winter break, there are already many releases lined up to look forward to. On January 15 Phoenix-based singer/songwriter Danielle Durack releases her new album “No Place,” which is described as her “journal laid bare for listeners.” The closing track “Eggshells” is about the[…]

TOP 15 SONGS OF 2020 – Elke’s Picks

The past year, I was drawn to optimistic, positive, and dreamy fare, from acoustic folk rock to intricate electro-pop. These are my Top 15 favorite tracks and the order is no ranking but what I find a nice playlist flow. Please enjoy and follow/share if you like what you’re hearing.[…]

Oliver’s Top 15 Songs 2020

Mïrändä – Stay Von Sell – Want Carly Shea – Forever Half Waif – Ordinary Talk Sandmoon – Angels Fenne Lily – To be A Woman Pt. 2 Patricia Lalor – Alone Odina – Please Giungla – Walk On The Ceiling Yodashe – Take Time Kelly Lee Owens – Night[…]

SONG PICK: Tourists – Another State

“Another State” by English indie-rock quintet Tourists, is a hazy, dreamy, and utterly beautiful song. It is taken from their debut album bearing the same title. The single comes also with a music video, that picks up the nostalgic vibe, about which the band says: With the video, we wanted[…]

Lauryn Peacock

SONG PICK: Lauryn Peacock – Coming Over Me Again

The outgoing year brought us many new experiences. One of them is spending time with little distractions from the world around. Nashville-based singer/songwriter Lauryn Peackock lets her new song “Coming Over Me Again” lead up to a soaring chorus that describes these moments with joyful intensity. “All the time alone[…]

SONG PICK: Walker & Royce – Need2Freek

Out with the sweet holiday cheer, and in with some energizing dance music! Let’s shake those extra pounds off again, and dance away any lingering negative feelings toward 2020. Time to look with optimism into the future with 2021 approaching fast. New York DJs Sam Walker and Gavin Royce, better[…]


SONG PICK: Daemes – Riptide

“Riptide” is about a time further into a relationship than it is typically covered by pop music: when the grace period of courtship ends and a new more meaningful phase begins. In her dramatic debut song Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Dorothy Daemes approaches with deep insecurities but also much courage. Rest assured:[…]


SONG PICK: Estère – Animal Pleasure

In case you feel like drowning in holiday sweetness by now, here is a jolt of energy to pull you out. “Animal Pleasure” is an electric new song by New Zealand producer and singer Estère about exactly what you might think it is. In Estère’s own words: “This song is[…]

SONG PICK: Limahl – One Wish For Christmas (Video)

“One Wish For Christmas” by Limahl landed in my inbox already before Thanksgiving and instantly knew that I would want to feature the track because as a true teenager of the 80s, who can say ‘no’ to one of England’s hottest pop-stars? Yes, Limahl, the former lead singer of new[…]

Marie Norgeger

SONG PICK: Marie Noreger – Eager To Feel

With its chilled jazzy future pop production “Eager To Feel” smoothly enters you mind and invites to dream of something like a sunset cocktail at a beach somewhere. But Norwegian singer Marie Noreger also pours deep thoughts into this song, making it an excellent companion for your year end reflections.[…]

SONG PICK: Rare Monk – Statistic Vandals

At home in Portland, OR, indie-rock quartet Rare Monk is gearing up to release their new album “Never Really Over” in early 2021. As fans of their previous record “A Future”, which made it into my favorite albums of 2017, I was eager to hear what they might sound like[…]


BYFYN answers questions about her new EP “In Blue With You”

Ellie Isherwood aka BYFYN is a singer, songwriter, and producer from the U.K. and she has just released her new EP “In Blue With You,” a collection of four shimmering pop tracks that all show a particular edge that keeps them apart from much of the other contemporary pop music.[…]