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talker – Don’t Want You to Love Me (Video)

“Don’t Want You to Love Me.” Or does she? There is more to a relationship than love and in her new song Celeste Tauchar aka talker explores the crazy thought loop one can get into when a difficult decision is on the plate. But in talker’s typical fashion, she lets[…]

William Ryan Key – Brighton

William Ryan Key delights with the beautifully atmospheric “Brighton,” the second taste from his upcoming EP Everything Except Desire. The five-track album drops on February 11, 2022, via Equal Vision Records. Asked about “Brighton,” Key says: I think this song is a manifestation of my desire to set myself free from[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Artsick, Daytona Starsky, Gentle Party, MAKAR

Artsick – Look Again Every year around this time, the winter blues hits. Totally uninvited but definitely unavoidable and the best remedy is to create a playlist with upbeat tunes and to virtually travel somewhere sunny and nice. “Look Again,” the new song and video by California three-piece Artsick does[…]

Cate Le Bon

Cate Le Bon – Remembering Me (Video)

Welsh musician Cate Le Bon is about to release her sixth album “Pompeii” on February 4. The third and last single “Remembering Me,” is not an easy listen at first, but it grows on you the more you dig into it. Cate says about the song: “‘Remembering Me’ is a[…]

Social Order – Never Again

A big dose of passion and life experience went into Social Order‘s new single, and we undoubtedly believe Mason Musso when he chants “Never Again.” Sounds like the Los Angeles-based four-piece has written the perfect anthem for all of us who want to change things for good without falling back[…]

Anna Sun

Anna Sun – What a Shame

Anna Sun, the Brooklyn-based trio around songwriter Samantha Aneson, does melodic, atmospheric indie rock. Our Song Pick of the Day, “What a Shame,” is a reminder when things don’t work out, you have to accept it – grudgingly, maybe – and move on. “What A Shame,” is the third single[…]

FEZ – Black Dogs

FEZ are a highly intriguing new band based in London, East London to be precise. I loved their new double-single from the spot and decided to feature the more lively “Black Dogs.” However, this should not stop you form also listening to the more pensive “Counter Culture,” which can perhaps[…]

Sea Change

Sea Change – Is There Anybody There

Living with loneliness and isolation is not limited to extreme situations like the one we are going through collectively right now. It can become a fact of life, no matter the circumstances. Ellen Sunde aka Sea Change follows this line of thought in her new song: “Is There Anybody There,”[…]

Slow Fiction – Niagara

Whenever I come across “Niagara” somewhere, my thoughts instantly wander to Niagara, the music venue and bar on the Lower East Side, whose North-facing wall once graced a cool Joe Strummer mural. Is it still there? I wouldn’t know because so much has changed over the last couple of years[…]

Let's Eat Grandma

Let’s Eat Grandma – Happy New Year (Video)

When we saw U.K. duo Let’s Eat Grandma for the first time at Iceland Airwaves 2016, the question in our minds was: where will Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth, then just 16 years old, go from here? With abundant talent and creativity, the sky seemed to be the limit. But[…]

Honey Guide – Nom De Plume

Only four days into 2022, with the determination to do things differently and already somewhat failing, a gorgeous song like “Nom De Plume” couldn’t come more timely! The track was released last year in December already as part of Honey Guide’s stellar EP A Tidy Room Is A Tidy Mind. But[…]


Vazum – Gallows

This is a time when the brightness and cheer of the winter holidays wane, and the new year greets you with a cold and dark January. Enter Detroit duo Vazum with their latest track “Gallows,” reminiscent of The Cure in their darkest era. The song also comes in an intriguing[…]

Bare Dreams – I Cannot Forget (Video)

Not every day we came across an indie-rock band from Israel and the more our curiosity was piqued with super cool pop-punk quartet Bare Dreams. They recently released the video for their new single “I Cannot Forget,” a taste from their upcoming album Joy due early 2022 via Ranch Records.[…]

Gaby Paul

Gaby Paul – Bedroom Velvet

“Bedroom Velvet” shines with an intriguing, minimalistic production. But the Arizona-based musician Gaby Paul does not need much more to make the song a sonic experience. As an accomplished classical and jazz vocalist, she knows how to bring a special moment to life. Gaby tells us the story behind the[…]

SONG PICK: Shady Groves – Backflips (Video)

How’s your year been? I think I am not alone in saying that 2021 unfolded yet again differently than planned or hoped for. With my own health and that of my loved ones intact though, I feel there’s plenty to be happy about! “Backflips” from Shady Groves‘ 2021 album seems[…]