PHOTOS: Elle Exxe Live at Tellers (SXSW)

Elle Exxe is a Scottish singer, songwriter and producer, who creates delicious pop songs, performed with verve! While we already totally enjoyed her live show last year for Mondo.NYC (review here), we were blown away by experiencing her live with a full band! Linda Harrison, who goes by Elle Exxe,[…]

SONG PICK: Flora Cash – California

I imagine California and Sweden very different places and that may be exactly the point of the new track by Flora Cash. The duo points out: California describes a longing to be free; even when the prospect of achieving that freedom, is itself daunting. You can hear this in the[…]

VIDEO: Rita Indiana – El Castigador

Rita Indiana is a writer and a singer/songwriter from the Dominican Republic. She has taken a 7-year break from music, but is now with a a new track that is hard to get out of your head. Watch the video to “El Castigador” here:

SONG PICK: Elohim – Skinny Legs

Los Angeles singer/producer Elohim may never show her face, but she certainly shows her colors as an exciting producer in her latest track “Skinny Legs”, even more so than in her self-titled debut EP released last year. “Skinny Legs” has something gritty and unsettling and makes curious which direction she[…]

PHOTOS: Casper Skulls Live at Swan Dive (SXSW)

Knowing, that Canada is home to a lot of fantastic acts and some who we like very much, we didn’t want to miss the Canadian Blast at Swan Dive. Without having chosen a particular band, we simply went there Friday afternoon, when Toronto-based Casper Skulls just started their set. I absolutely loved them from[…]

SONG PICK: Is Bliss – Into A Dream

Rarely is a band’s name more appropriate than it is the case for U.K. psychedelic shoegaze three-piece Is Bliss because their new single “Into A Dream” is total heaven for fans of this genre. So. Incredibly. Good. Think of some of the genre’s most famous and beloved legends like Chapter House or The[…]

SONG PICK: åMBe – Of Your Crimes (Video)

“Of Your Crimes” by Brooklyn musician åMBe is not the theme song of the next James Bond movie, but it should be – maybe this would breathe new life into the aging franchise. Maria Brodskaya, the woman behind åMBe, is an accomplished classically trained musician, who today released the EP[…]

SONG PICK: Simian Ghost – Stop Moving

While the title of Simian Ghost‘s new single is “Stop Moving” the actual songs make you want to do the exact opposite. “Stop Moving” is an incredibly upbeat and vibrating song, that makes you want to get up onto your feet and start dancing or at the very least actually[…]

SONG PICK: Young Galaxy – Stay for Real

This Song Pick of the Day, “Stay For Real” literally stopped me in my tracks when it appeared on Apple’s new music playlist while walking in Central Park. It is the latest track by Montreal four-piece Young Galaxy and a call to resistance against forces who want to push the[…]

VIDEO: KWAYE – Cool Kids

The visuals are that compelling and beautiful, that I would want you to simply watch the video and listen to the gorgeous synth-pop track already! But wait, there is also quite an interesting story behind the song and how it all came together for the young Zimbabwe-born, London-raised musician. As it[…]

SONG PICK: Will Joseph Cook – Plastic

“Plastic” is a blissfully bright and infectious indie-pop song but there is more to it! Lurking somewhere underneath the optimistic vibe is some profound suspense and seriousness that lends the track its edge and special allure. “Plastic” is the newest single from London-based Will Joseph Cook who is about to release his[…]

SONG PICK: Paperwhite – Wash Us Away

“I hope it’s going to rain and wash us away” sings Katie Marshall, one half of Brooklyn synth-pop duo Paperwhite and together with that glittering, icy synth line this song will feel like a welcome refreshment for the summer days that are undoubtedly around the corner. The track will be[…]

PHOTOS: Giungla Live at The Sidewinder (SXSW)

Italian musician Ema Drei, who goes by Giungla (Italian for ‘jungle’), released an excellent EP “Camo” (Apple Music | Spotify) last year and three of its four songs ended up to be our Song Pick of the Day. That is why we were more than excited when Giungla not only signed up for[…]