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SONG PICK: Harry Heart – Guaranteed Peace

The underlying sadness in “Guaranteed Peace” never goes away but intensifies and there’s no escaping it! Something serious has happened that causes the somber mood. This is also not a happy nostalgic, easy melancholic mood but something of substance. At the same time, “Guaranteed Peace” is utterly gorgeous in its[…]

Mara Simpson

SONG PICK: Mara Simpson – Reason

“Reason” by U.K. musician Mara Simpson is a song with instant appeal. It draws you into a rich sonic world, and the lyrics empower you with a sense of resilience and control about your destiny. Mara is currently working together with producer Ellie Mason on her third album to be[…]

SONG PICK: Blak Emoji – Mechanism

New York singer, multi-musician, and songwriter Kelsey Warren, who makes music as Blak Emoji, just released the somewhat surprising new single “Mechanism.” With this new offering, he is also announcing his upcoming EP. It’s always an exciting moment to hear new works by favorite artists the more so when they[…]


SONG PICK: Vyolet – Honey

NYC-based singer/songwriter Laura Spira aka Vyolet wants you to go for guilty pleasures with her luscious new single “Honey”. She lets the music and her voice gently float around you, inviting you to back and reflect on what a blissful moment means to you. Laura says about the song: “Honey[…]

SONG PICK: Ayron Jones – Spinning Circles

Rock singer and guitarist Ayron Jones has announced his twelve-track debut album Child of the State due for May 21st via Big Machine/John Varvatos Records. The album’s title is inspired by Jones’ own experiences, growing up in Seattle, and he explains: Having faced the abandonment I did as a child, and[…]


SONG PICK: emzae – Strip Lights

“Strip Lights” is the new single by U.K. singer and producer emzae, who delighted us last summer with her pop anthem “THRIVE.” This time around, she acknowledges that one cannot fly high all the time. But that does not make her let go of the shimmering pop sensibilities she is[…]

SONG PICK: Five Days North – Colours (In My Mind)

Manchester-based synth-pop quintet Five Days North delight with the lush and irresistibly gorgeous “Colours (In My Mind).”  We get quite the White Lies meet U2 vibe thanks to the exuberant synths and impeccable guitar work, and the alluring and powerful vocal delivery. A high-energy track like “Colours (In My Mind)”[…]


SONG PICK: Giulia. – Lucky Ones

“Aren’t we the lucky ones?” asks Giulia.. And indeed, it is spring in the northern hemisphere, a time when one can feel the pure joy of living despite everything else that is going on. With her new song “Lucky Ones,” the NYC-via-Toronto singer/songwriter gives you a lighter-than-air soundtrack that perfectly[…]

SONG PICK: Pretty in Between – Clear

“Clear,” the newest single by California-based jazzy pop act Pretty in Between, couldn’t be titled more aptly. The track exudes calm clarity, and one is instantly transported to a tranquil place. Maybe somewhere with a gently bubbling stream nearby, sunrays dancing joyfully on the steadily running crystal clear water. Mesmerizing[…]


SONG PICK: Miynt – Nothing Personal

New music from MIYNT is always a special treat. The Swedish singer/songwriter adds a new spin to her signature blend of edgy pop music with every song. Her latest track, “Nothing Personal,” centers around many layers of guitars – wait for the groovy climax towards the end of the song.[…]

SONG PICK: Azure – The Jellyfish (Video)

The exuberant joy in “The Jellyfish” is infectious and beautifully expressed in the accompanying music video. “The Jellyfish” is the latest exciting offering by Brighton-based prog-rock band Azure. We love the throw-back 70s vibe of the track, including gorgeous power vocals, rad guitar solos, and playful synths work. Think Peter[…]

Blonde Maze

SONG PICK: Blonde Maze – Diamond Eyes

“Diamond Eyes” is a song about missed chances and the moments when memories come back in a mix of melancholia and gratefulness. Singer, songwriter, and producer Amanda Steckler aka Blonde Maze carries you away with an effortlessly gorgeous production that never seems to repeat itself while building up to an[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Lailana, Red Moon, She’s Excited!, Talia Jackson

Lailana – Pixelated Soundwaves U.K. singer/songwriter Lailana covers a tough topic in her song “Pixelated Soundwaves” – the same as Claire George earlier this week, by the way: losing somebody to drug addiction. The song is upbeat and bouncy, but Lailana packed a deeper meaning into the music and video.[…]

SONG PICK: Josin – The Darkness (Video)

“The Darkness,” the new single and video by German singer, songwriter, and producer Josin is a sonic and visual masterpiece. The juxtaposition of understanding and accepting with sadness and despair are hypnotizing in its push-and-pull dynamic. When asked about her newest work, which also announces an upcoming EP, Arbella Rauch, the[…]