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Blonde Maze new single "not all flowers bloom"

SONG PICK: Blonde Maze – Not All Flowers Bloom

Electronic musician Amanda Steckler, who writes, sings, creates and produces her music under the artist name Blonde Maze just released the beautifully melancholic “Not All Flowers Bloom”. The new single contains Blonde Maze’s signature traits like her warm and soothing vocals, playful beats, including bright synths and a healthy dose[…]

Juanita Stein

SONG PICK: Juanita Stein – Snapshot (Video)

“Snapshot” is a hauntingly beautiful song about keeping the memory of a lost loved one alive through the little things that remain left behind. Brighton-based, Australian singer/songwriter Juanita Stein has created this reflective masterpiece for her late father, who was an inspiration to her father in many ways.

SONG PICK: Baseball Game – Woman (Video)

Twice already I passed on a band called Baseball Game because what type of music would they possibly make? Then again, it seems to be hip these days to give your band a sports-related name as I came across a few more new (!) ones. It also would have been[…]


SONG PICK: Ruti – Closer To You

The English singer/songwriter Ruti has a real treat for your Sunday afternoon: a super-chill, elegant song about the first signs of attraction to another person. “How would it feel to get a little closer to you?” Ruti sings and maybe you too have somebody in mind who you would like to approach. Just take Ruti’s advice and don’t rush things.

SONG PICK: Jonathon Conant – Life IS Love Dancing

“Life IS Love Dancing” is love at first sight, respectively listen. It also is the new single by Jonathon Conant, an incredibly gifted human being, who packed up his things in California and build himself a new home in Costa Rica. Alone hearing about this, is reason enough to want[…]

SONG PICK: Odd Morris – Your Four Walls

Ireland’s music scene knows no shortage of exciting new bands, new to us anyway. We have seen live the band these indie-rockers from Dublin are friends with (Fontaines D.C.) and can not wait for our current dire times to end to get a taste of Odd Morris live as well.[…]


SONG PICK: Circe – Ten Girls

London-based musician Circe does dark, chills-inducing pop music and looks to correlate fictional literary work with the times we are living in. For her new single “Ten Girls” she found inspiration in a particularly dark and unsettling story.

SONG PICK: Psychic Shakes – Suddenly

Psychic Shakes, the solo project of Brighton-based artist Max McLellnm, knows how to mesmerize listeners with the help of hooks that are an enchanting blend of dreamy meets edgy. No different with his latest single “Suddenly” that features shimmering piano synths as the base for bright guitars and warm and[…]



“This is what it feels like to be free.” In her latest song “THRIVE” Singer, songwriter and producer Emma Shaw aka emzae encourages you to shake free from the expectations of others and go your own way. That doesn’t mean not to party, though: the upbeat, super-catchy 80s dance-pop production invites you to have fun – just do it on your own terms.