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SONG PICK: Sunnbrella – Lost & Found (Video)

Sunnbrella takes us on a beautifully dreamy ride in his new single and music video to “Lost & Found.” Instantly drawn in and our curiosity piqued, we happily follow David Zbirka around his hometown London, on his search for something. A feeling of “the journey is more important than its[…]

Olivia Morreale

SONG PICK: Olivia Morreale – Parasomnia

“Parasomnia” is a song about the infatuation with a person, so deep that it enters your dreams and even takes on a nightmarish character. L.A.-based singer/songwriter Olivia Morreale comes from jazz music, and with her soulful vocals, she does not want to sound hazy and dreamy here. Instead she rather[…]

SONG PICK: Brodka – Game Change (Video)

“Game Change” is the new thought-provoking new single by Polish superstar Brodka, complete with a stylish music video. The song and the visuals are incredibly good and so relevant that we don’t want to miss out on featuring “Game Change.” Behind the moniker Brodka is Monika Maria Brodka, who came[…]


SONG PICK: Penfriend – Exotic Monsters (Video)

“Exotic Monsters” is an essay about the state of humanity in the ever faster-moving spiral of technology and (mis-)information. Bristol-based artist Laura Kidd aka Penfriend produced this song fittingly as a synthpop track with a nod to the 80s when things were simpler, and the technology revolution could still be[…]

SONG PICK: PWNT – Shortcuts

“Shortcuts,” the new single by PWNT couldn’t be any sunnier or more laid-back even if he tried. Might very well be that Kosta Galanopoulo, the artist behind the moniker PWNT, grew up in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and now resides in Los Angeles, California, exchanging one warm and sunny state with[…]

Sunflower Thieves

SONG PICK: Sunflower Thieves – Don’t Mind The Weather

“Don’t Mind The Weather” is a comforting allegory: no matter how the elements rage outside, there are stronger forces that can give you safety. Sunflower Thieves, the duo of Amy and Lily from Leeds, England tell their story with shimmering harmonies that give the song a heartwarming, summerly bliss. This[…]

SONG PICK: Coumarin – Godspeed (Lyric Video)

Indie-rock trio Coumarin just released the lyric video to their recent single “Godspeed,” a lush, wistful ballad with sprinkles of hope and optimism mixed in. The overall mood is alluringly affirmative and invites to just let go and say adieu. Coumarin is based in Stuttgart, a city southwest of Germany[…]


SONG PICK: Badlands – Out of Reach (Video)

It has been a while since Swedish singer and producer Catharina Jaunviksna aka Badlands has released her last album “Locus, but now she is back with a new record “Djinn” with features 11 of her big, cinematic soundscapes that can make a movie run in your mind. What kind of[…]

SONG PICK: Nature TV – You and Me

The mood for “You and Me” is immediately set thanks to the ultra-chill guitar vibe and the considerate request to slow down, take it easy. “You and Me,” the new single by Brighton four-piece Nature TV is pure, dreamy bliss. Add a Santana-esque guitar solo to the mix and you[…]

Natalie McCool

SONG PICK: Natalie McCool – A Sun Going Down

The new song “A Sun Going Down” by the Liverpool-based singer/songwriter Natalie McCool is a timeless pop song reminiscent of the sweeping anthems of Tears For Fears. Catchy and with sing-along qualities, Natalie proves that you don’t need a quirky production to create fresh, engaging pop music in 2021. She[…]

SONG PICK: Khazali – NYC to CDG

London-based singer/songwriter Khazali puts himself firmly on the soulful electronic music map with his new single “NYC to CDG.” The track not only showcases Khazali’s gorgeous vocals but his evident talent for catchy songs. When asked about the track, Khazali says: NYC to CDG is a story about a character[…]


SONG PICK: Emika – The Anti-Universe

Berlin-based musician Emika is a multifaceted artist, who pushes the boundaries of music from different angles. Her main project started ten years ago with her groundbreaking self-titled debut album at the crossroads of cutting-edge electronic dance music and dark, emotive pop. She celebrates this anniversary with several new releases under[…]

SONG PICK: Stubborn Heart – Talking Gold

The opening of “Talking Gold” evokes the vibe of sitting in an abandoned church, all quiet with a heavy dose of suspense, just the organ playing a few simple, majestic notes. What’s happening next? Well, electro beats, are kicking in and vocals fully with longing and promise. Suddenly, all falls[…]