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SONG PICK: JÁNA – Carefree

“Carefree” is the perfect nudge if you happen to be in a relationship that goes nowhere. The way that Swedish singer and producer Johanna Andrén aka JÁNA lays out her song as light, shimmering soundscape shows how deliberating it can be when some things finally are over. There is a[…]

SONG PICK: Jelly Crystal – I Don’t Like Dancing

Jelly Crystal is the moniker of Stockholm-based artist Filip Johnson, who just released the irresistibly catchy “I Don’t Like Dancing” complete with a nostalgic 70s vibe. The single is out via Smuggler Music/ PIAS and much more music is to be expected in 2021 from the Swedish musician. When asked[…]

I Am Snow Angel

SONG PICK: I Am Snow Angel – Falling Down To the Earth

New York-based songwriter and producer Julie Kathryn aka I Am Snow Angel is back with new original music after her 2019 album Mothership. In March she released the instrumental production “Elegy”, and yesterday the four-track EP “Falling Down To the Earth.” Both EPs invite you to close your eyes and[…]

SONG PICK: Baba Ali – Black Wagon

With its winsome vocals and elegant production “Black Wagon” is an electrifying slice of electronic pop music. The song marks the magnificent new single and video by London-based musician Baba Ali, who originally hails from Fort Lee, New Jersey. It’s easy to get a little dizzy when reading about the[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Fake Fruit, feeo, Leah Thomas, Reisender

Fake Fruit – Milkman California post-punk three-piece Fake Fruit just released the compelling “Milkman” together with a truly inspired video. The clip sees singer/guitarist Hannah D’Amato in the role of the milk delivery person and guitarist Alex Post and drummer Miles MacDiarmid in diverse other roles. The music video, directed[…]

Madi Diaz

SONG PICK: Madi Diaz – Nervous (Video)

“Nervous” is a personal song and you may not get behind what exactly Nashville-based singer/songwriter Madi Diaz is experiencing here. But it still likely will strike a chord with you as it deals with the complexities of personality and the interactions with the world around us. Madi keeps the song[…]

SONG PICK: Good Grim – Roomates

Following the release of “Fear of God,” Utah-based singer/songwriter Trevor Free aka Good Grim puts out the mesmerizing “Roomates.” The track is hypnotizing in its softly gurgling flow, subtle melancholic built, adorned with sprinkles of hope glittering around the edges. With “Roomates,” Good Grim announces the upcoming LP Enchantment. When[…]

Daytona Starsky

SONG PICK: Daytona Starsky – Gasoline (Video)

This song is hot and does not beat around the bush: there is fire between Daytona Starsky and the woman he is attracted to. Add some “Gasoline,” and you have an explosive mix, driven by a heavy bassline and scorching guitars. Daytona Starsky is originally from the Netherlands and now[…]

SONG PICK: The Brothers Koren – Like Water

Change is usually a good thing, especially when it means making things easier without losing anything. Thankfully, Isaac and Thorald Koren ditched their tongue-twister band name Fransancisco and continue to make their beautiful blend of folk-inspired acoustic pop brimming with big harmonies as The Brothers Koren. Ahead of their upcoming[…]


SONG PICK: Wyldest – Beggar (Video)

Zoe Mead aka Wyldest is a master of melodic dream pop. Her latest song, “Beggar,” is a beautiful example of this: layers of sound flowing around a gentle guitar line, and the vocals sit perfectly in the mix to never take you out of a meditative state. She says about[…]

SONG PICK: Ideini – Iris

French-Italian indietronica duo Ideini is at home in Dundee, Scotland and the music they create is as creative and surprising as the different backgrounds they are coming from. Ideini is comprised of Theo Duplus and Francesca Martino and together they invite listeners “to stop and just let go.” They were[…]


SONG PICK: Warpaint – Lilys

We have heard a new Warpaint song here and there since the release of their last full-length album “Heads Up” in 2016, but nothing that would have pointed to a new body of work. That ends today with “Lilys.” Technically part of the soundtrack to the HBO show “Made For[…]

SONG PICK: John Smith – Hold On (Video)

Singer, songwriter, and esteemed guitarist John Smith recently released the phenomenal “Hold On” and now added a beautiful music video to it. While the song features the vocals of Jessica Stavely-Taylor, the video focuses on stunning displays of the Welsh countryside and the artist himself. The video is directed by Chris[…]


SONG PICK: Anika – Finger Pies (Video)

Berlin-based musician Anika (Annika Henderson) has been releasing music throughout the last decade with her band Exploded View and under her own name. Anika’s new song “Funger Pies” rides on an energetic bassline and creates an air of mystery. What is going on here? Both Anika’s explanation below and the[…]

SONG PICK: Mat Kearney – Anywhere With You

Nashville-based, Oregon-born singer-songwriter and producer Mat Kearney released the utterly gorgeous  “Anywhere With You,” another take from his upcoming album January Flower. The album is scheduled for release May 21st via Tomorrow Music/Virgin. While Kearney is flirting with different production styles, borrowing from genres as he sees fit, “Anywhere With[…]