SONG PICK: Glassio – Back For More

New York-based duo Glassio delights with their new single “Back For More”, a deliciously joyful indie-pop pearl. Despite the mournful lyrical context -dealing with the aftermath of an ended relationship- the track is unabashedly happiness infusing. It makes you want to jump to your feet and try out a few dance[…]

SONG PICK: Emma Elisabeth – Soul Traveller

Back from SXSW, the first show we saw seems like a distant memory, but Berlin resident Emma Elisabeth’s performance at the German Haus is still vivid in my mind. Her brand of music clearly nods to classics in the past without sounding dated. Case in point: “Soul Traveller”, the first[…]

SONG PICK: Crooked Teeth – Mountain Song

One of the many exciting things about music is what each of us hears when listening to a new track. Without having read anything about “Mountain Song”, the tune immediately appeals to me with its playful, analog synth vibe, and its hypnotic melody. So for me, comparisons with Kraftwerk immediately[…]

SONG PICK: Foxtrap – Kontrol

Dark, hypnotic and full of energy – that is the debut track “Kontrol” by the U.K. three-piece Foxtrap. As the electro beats and singer Helen Morrisson’s vocals swell up and down, it is hard to escape the song’s allure: you want to jump up and just be carried away by[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Ariah & – Gold Bottle

New York born and raised singer/songwriter Ariah Noetzel, who goes by the stage name Ariah &, decided to give one of her songs the video treatment, the mysteriously catchy “Gold Bottle”. We could not be any happier to exclusively premiere the intriguing music video to maybe our favorite Ariah & tune. In a[…]

SONG PICK: Gadless – Falling (feat. Lou is)

Per his own description Gadless creates “melancholic chamber pop”, and “Falling” is yet another example for the Greek musician’s songwriting craft. The melancholic “Falling” with optimistic edges features backing vocals by Lou is (aka Louiza Sofianopoulou), and together with Gadless’ striking warm lead vocals something mesmerizing is happening. The Athens-based artist began[…]

SONG PICK: Brunswick – know no better

When featuring a #glamglarepick, we try to remain somewhat in the back, but being barely back from a whirl-wind-week of music, PACKED with music, I am listening through about 20 song pick options already… nothing stuck. Then. THIS. “know no better” by Brunswick, a 19 years young musician from London.[…]

SONG PICK: Mission Jupiter – Will You Be Loved? (Video)

This Song Pick of the Day comes from Minsk, Belarus: “Will You Be Loved?” is a cinematic, melancholic track by the band Mission Jupiter about the dark sides of relationships. There is a heavy guitar, a saxophone and Shevtsova Nastya’s chills-inducing vocals. The band is working on their debut full-length[…]

SONG PICK: Bleach Baby – Turn Around

It is Saturday and when you’re ready to go out and about in town tonight, this is the track to put on. “Turn Around” by the U.K. band Bleach Baby is a high energy house track that turns every space into a night club. Listen to our Song Pick of[…]

PHOTOS: SXSW Day 4 Roundup

At every SXSW there comes the point where it is hard to keep up with the daily posts. But here they are, with a little delay, the photos of day 4. Follow us along for more impressions on Twitter or Instagram under @glamglare.

SONG PICK: Rich Aucoin – The Dream

What would George Harrison do, when he put away his guitar or sitar, and dealt with modern technology? This is a question that popped up in my mind immediately when listening to “The Dream” by Nova-Scotia based artist Rich Aucoin. The song pleases with a distinct late 60s vibe, beautifully[…]

PHOTOS: SXSW 2018 Roundup Day 3 – glamglare showcase

Countless hours of preparation, but on Wednesday the day of our showcase has finally arrived. We had a blast! Big thanks to everybody who could come out. Check out a few photos below – our full coverage will be up soon. Follow us along for more impressions on Twitter or[…]

SONG PICK: Cat Turner – Waster

“Waster” is an electronic pop piece, probably unlike anything else you’ve heard: Irish singer/producer Cat Turner lets a brooding arrangement of classic chiming synth sounds compete with a rough, unsettling vocal delivery, which you would rather expect for a blues song. The conflict she describes is sonically obvious in this[…]

SONG PICK: Eckhardt And The House – If You Cannot Talk

While Eckhardt And The House might not -yet- be a familiar name, Rik Elstgeest might ring a bell, and the producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and dramatist actor puts himself on the map with the stellar “If You Cannot Talk”. The song took my music loving heart three weeks ago already, and[…]