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SONG PICK: Chèlle – Hallucinating You

How about a little time travel, back into the heart of 1987?  With its nostalgic disco sound yet exquisitely modern production, Chèlle‘s new single “Hallucinating You,” immediately spreads feel-good vibes. The Toronto-born singer/songwriter kicks off the new year on a high note with a song as irresistibly gorgeous as “Hallucinating[…]

Kings Eliot

SONG PICK: Kings Elliot – Dancing Alone

Kings Elliot makes her plea with disarming honesty: it is not going to be easy, but there is a chance to make it through those hard times that certainly will come. The London-based, Swiss-born singer/songwriter uses the metaphor of dance, and when she sings, “Spinning us around till we both[…]

SONG PICK: La Poré – All We Have Is Us

In his previous single “Blame“, Nick Samson aka La Poré asked his significant other to blame him for whatever might not go as hoped for. With his new single “All We Have Is Us”, he ties in with that theme and reassures his love that even though things are currently[…]


Graywave Releases New Single “Before” and Answers Our Questions

Jess Webberly aka Graywave is a musician from the U.K. we have been excited about since she released “With Me” last summer. Today she releases “Before,” an instant fan favorite with its chills-inducing intensity. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music or below on BandCamp: Graywave also prepares to put out an[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Ian Sweet, Odina, The Weather Station

Ian Sweet A lot is going on in the new video by L.A. singer/songwriter Jillian Medford aka IAN SWEET. Are those people in suits really fighting or just playing. And who are they anyway? Maybe Jillian’s words give you a clue about her self-directed video: “[The Track] taps into my[…]

Luna Shadows

SONG PICK: Luna Shadows – Nite Swim

In “Nite Swim” L.A.-based pop songwriter and producer Luna Shadows explores how a Romeo & Juliet story could have unfolded in the present day. Obviously, being in constant contact these days would have changed the story’s outcome significantly. This makes the song a summer love story on the surface, but[…]

SONG PICK: Brijean – Ocean (Video)

Brijean Murphy and Doug Stuart teamed up to make music together under the moniker Brijean. Ahead of their upcoming full-length album “Feelings,” they share the new single and video “Ocean”. The album will be out on February 26th via Ghostly International. The new track is as beautiful and compelling as[…]


SONG PICK: Gaeya – Tide For The Change (Video)

Imagine stepping out of a cabin somewhere in nature. The sun has just risen, the light is crisp and the air clear, and around you, the wildlife awakens. This is the feeling that “Tide for the Change” by Swedish musician Gaeya evokes when it swells from a simple piano line[…]

SONG PICK: Evan Isaac – Incandescent Eyes

The first thing I have learned about Evan Isaac was that the Pittsburgh-based synth-pop artist “draws from the moment when creating music. Time and energy flow bountifully towards the horizon leaving you feeling nostalgic and excited.” Are not all musicians inspired by their surroundings, by what they are going through?[…]


SONG PICK: Devan – Night Drives

Driving late in the dark has its own meditative power and London-via-Toronto singer, songwriter and producer Devan shares such a moment with us in her new single “Night Drives.” As the lights pass by – watch the lyric video to get into the mood – thoughts float freely through her[…]

SONG PICK: 33 1/3 – Timedown

The past year saw many artists do things differently. As we all learned to not only remain six feet apart from each other but to stay at home entirely, some artists took this as a challenge to collaborate more than ever. While we had featured Bryan Edwards’ and Kelsey Warren’s[…]

Need Serene

SONG PICK: Neeq Serene – Fields of Gold (Video)

There are two worlds in “Fields of Gold,” the new song by London-based musician Neeq Serene. The borderline is blurry like the two languages, English and Urdu, that are blended together throughout the song, but you can feel when the transition happens in a grand, cinematic moment. It is nothing[…]

SONG PICK: Valley Maker – No One Is Missing (Video)

“Tell me, people make you angry, People are your puzzle, Trouble begets trouble” – after yesterday’s events in Washington, D.C., these words become a whole new meaning. They are the opening lyrics of “No One Is Missing,” from the new single by Valley Maker, announcing his new album “When The[…]

There's Talk

SONG PICK: There’s Talk – Ascension

There’s Talk is the trio of Olivia Lee, Kellen Balla and Young Lee who do slow-burning dream pop out of Oakland, California. Singer and songwriter Olivia named their new EP “Great Falls” after “a place- a waterfall system I used to walk and climb along in my home town” and[…]


The first week of January does not see a lot of new music or music videos for that matter. And while our editorial calendar is usually booked for a couple of weeks in advance, I found myself browsing through my emails and new releases, hoping to find a newly released[…]