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SONG PICK: Twelve Ballet – My Sweet, Darling’s a Nice Word

The new song “My Sweet, Darling’s a Nice Word” by the Australian duo Twelve Ballet is about that moment when you realize that you are lucky in love. This sentiment fits perfectly for siblings Sam and Ben Hope, who are masters of reflective, straight-from-the-heart songs that seem to capture a[…]

SONG PICK: Clubhouse – Lucky Soul

“Lucky Soul”, the new single by Columbus, Ohio electro-pop six-piece Clubhouse,  is heartbreakingly beautiful. The song rides an overall optimistic and bright wave but there are also some more serious undertones noticeable. Essentially though, “Lucky Soul” is one of these super chill songs great for summer or any time to[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Ailsa And The Seahorses – Seventeen

Follow Scottish singer/songwriter Ailsa And The Seahorses on a trip down memory lane, to a time when things in life were just simple and carefree. From the perspective of the here and now, there is an undeniable sense of melancholy in the song and the visuals. But watching the almost[…]

SONG PICK: Moon Palace – Who You Are

Whatever imagery the phrase “moon palace” invokes in you: the music of Seattle quartet of Moon Palace is probably a fitting soundtrack for it: nocturnal and dreamy with a ray of light shining through here and there. The second single “Who You Are” is a good preview of their excellent[…]

SONG PICK: Dominic Sen – Hear Me

“Hear Me”, the new single by Dominic Sen is just so incredibly beautiful that it is impossible to do anything else but to listen to it intently. The song unfolds carefully, with driving beats and sparse instrumentation, letting Sen’s vocals shine, until the more voluptuous chorus kicks in. While I[…]

SONG PICK: Emma Charles – Scorpio

L.A. singer/songwriter Emma Charles kicked off 2019 for us with “Comfort in the Chaos.” Now she is back with an irresistible new track about how astrology can unexpectedly help you understand things in your life: born at the cusp of Scorpio – when water turns to fire – Emma knows[…]

SONG PICK: The Golden Dregs – Just Another Rock

It might be too easy to completely drown in the gorgeous velvety deepness of Benjamin Woods’ vocals, who makes music as The Golden Dregs. Such a fine baritone is a remarkable and rare occasion in itself yet the songwriting is en par as well, with great story telling craft and[…]

SONG PICK: The Leanover – Lily

The Leanover is the duo of Ali Overing and Lou Seltz founded in upstate New York but now based in Montreal, Canada. They just have released their debut album “Portico” with seven no-frills melodic indie rock songs that exhibit a high level of musicianship. Our Song Pick of the Day[…]

SONG PICK: Mealtime – Teef

“Teaf” got me from the start by the lyric piece “let’s sit by the ocean“, an image appealing and strong enough, to draw me in. Of course, the allure does not stop at the lyrics as “Teef”, the new single by Manchester-based six-piece Mealtime, is highly catching and truly charming.[…]

SONG PICK: Miss Naivety – Cyclones

One of the fascinating aspects of music is how little is required to evoke strong feelings in the listener. Irina Shtreis aka Miss Naivety has already prooven with her two first EPs that she does not need much to draw you sonically into her world. “Cyclone,” her latest song features[…]