SONG PREMIERE: Polyphia – 40oz

Inspired as it is inspiring, playful but also with a hint of restraint, perusing all major elements of modern songwriting, “40oz” is only on the surface a must for guitar aficionados but essentially for music fans across multiple genres because the track simply awesome! “40oz” is the new single by[…]

SONG PICK: Felix Pallas – Similarities

Felix Pallas is a four-piece from Belgium and “Similarities” is the first track they release on Disco Naïveté’s brand new record label. The song starts as a catchy electro-pop piece and adds some massive drama on the way. An EP is on its way for release later this year. Listen[…]

VIDEO: Dakota – Silver Tongue

Dakota is a four-piece from the Netherlands and in the video for their latest song “Silver Tongue” you can see the four women hanging out at some nondescript location. But with such a catchy and appealing piece of dream-pop you actually don’t need any more visual distraction. Watch and listen[…]

SONG PICK: MACK – Chasing Down My Mind

“Chasing Down My Mind” by MACK has the power to make you drop everything you do and just indulge in the absolute beauty of the song. There is something magical about MACK’s vocals and delivery. The chill and laid-back “Chasing Down My Mind” is one of three tracks on MACK’s[…]

SONG PICK: Drinker – Fake It

“Fake It” is only the second track by Brooklyn duo Drinker, but members Aaron Mendelsohn and Ariel Loh have been around in the local indie music scene for a while with other projects. “Fake It” is a sophisticated, slow-burning song and will be featured on the upcoming EP “Happy Accident”,[…]

SONG PICK: Space4Lease – Must Be Something

Like the bubbles in a java lamp, everything seems to organically flow and build upon each other in the ultra gorgeous “Must Be Something” by Oklahoma City based quartet Space4Lease. This is what guitar driven indie pop with dreamy, psychedelic influences sounds like these days. Listen to “Must Be Something”, our[…]

SONG PICK: Zola Jesus – Exhumed

Zola Jesus is back! Her new track “Exhumed” indicates that she turns again towards a darker place for her music. There is still the big orchestral sound of her last album Taiga, but not only her oil-covered face on the new artwork reminds me of “Stridulum”, one of her first[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Henry Bateman – Received in Me

Listening to “Received in Me” for the first time, what instantly fascinates are the gorgeous melody, the rich vocals and the overall optimistic vibe, yet there is a depth in the lyrics, that asks for further exploration. Singer/songwriter Henry Bateman, based in Gloucestershire, South England, taps into a topic that[…]

SONG PICK: Wyldest – Hitchhiker

Happiness, independent from any external influences, is the topic of the new track by London synth-pop three-piece Wyldest. About the titular “Hitchhiker” singer and a songwriter Zoe Mead explains: “This dude had nothing material, but anyone who met him saw him as happiest person they’d ever met.” “Hitchhiker” is the[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Mars Motel – The Enemy

We are stoked to exclusively premiere “The Enemy”, the debut single by Brooklyn indie rockers Mars Motel. Fans of sophisticated alt pop might know frontman Sarik Kumar as one of the members of dream pop trio Twin Wave. In Mars Motel, Sarik Kumar adds song writing and vocal skills to his[…]

SONG PICK: Someone – The Deep

In this case, Someone is Tessa Rose Jackson from the Netherlands, who moved from more traditional singer/songwriter fare into bigger arrangements. “The Deep” is an extremely catchy track that explores loneliness in a bright and almost upbeat way. Tessa is working on an EP, out later this year.

SONG PICK: Slowlights – Overgrown

Who ever pays attention to an artist’s Facebook ABOUT page, particularly the “Artists We Also Like Part”? Well, Slowlights definitely got me with their EP “I Try So Hard” but sealed the deal with mentioning ‘Rod Stewart’… that’s rather… unusual and so cool because… that story is way too long[…]

SONG PICK: Arson Daily – Last Call

With a song structure soundly rooted in blues rock, a string and rhythm section knowing what to do with it and completed by highly intriguing rock vocals… out comes the alluring “Last Call”, the new single by North Carolina-based three-piece Arson Daily. “Last Call” is one of these tracks that[…]


Kyndyl Miller is a classically trained pianist and holder of music degrees, but she also masters the art of creating intelligent and catchy electro-pop that defies the usual clichés. Under the name Kyyn she released five songs on an excellent self-titled EP. Listen to “Kyyn” on Apple Music or Spotify:

SONG PICK: Linki – Circadian Adieu

“Circadian Adieu” is the second single by Australian singer/songwriter Linki. Like her first song “Demonise” the new track is a piece of art rock that takes unexpected turns and twists. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day now: