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SONG PICK: Go Robot – The Gallows

For its heavyweight topic and serious lyrics, “The Gallows” flows beautifully along, with bright piano sprinkles to lighten the mood and with raspy-velvet vocals to give it depth. “The Gallows” is the new single by British rock band Go Robot and for those of us who happen to enjoy the[…]

SONG PICK: Psychic Twin – Water Meets Land

“Water Meets Land” is an upbeat, bright synth pop song and you may feel compelled to put it on repeat to inhale as much of its bouncy energy as possible. It is the first new song by Erin Fein aka Psychic Twin since her 2016 album “Strange Diary”. Since then[…]

SONG PICK: Zac Pajak – Again

Good timing, our Song Pick of the Day matches  London based indie-pop artist Zac Pajak‘s video release for his infectious and beautiful single “Again”. Pajak has the following to say about the video: “A party aftermath fitted the song concept perfectly. I wanted to take viewers on an almost voyeuristic[…]

SONG PICK: talker – Keep Me Safe

Celeste Tauchar aka talker is back with new music after her excellent EP “Horror Films,” released early this year. Her new single “Keep Me Safe” is soaked in strong conflicting emotions. “I just want you be happy,” she sings, but that selfless well-wishing doesn’t take her where she wants to[…]

SONG PICK: Josh Kroehn – Here I Burn

Great vocals and guitar playing always make me swoon and this s no difference with singer/songwriter Josh Kroehn latest single “Here I Burn” is no different. The beautiful “Here I Burn” is part of Kroehn’s just relased EP “Something I’ve Found”. What makes “Here I Burn” so intriguing and special[…]

SONG PICK: Overcoats – Leave If You Wanna

Brooklyn duo Overcoats came back with a bang with “The Fool”, accompanied by a video that shows them change their looks dramatically. Our Song Pick of the Day is another new song from their upcoming second album: in “Leave If You Wanna” Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell go all out[…]

SONG PICK: Wanderers – Make It On My Own

Calling South Australia’s coastal capital Adelaide their home, indie duo Wanderers defy genres with their trademark symphony of moods: guitar shredding meets dreamy harmonies meets funky bass lines held together by an overall feeling of nostalgia. The duo’s latest single “Make It On Your Own” is a beautiful testament of[…]


SONG PICK: Shells – Like I Love You

“Like I Love You” is a shimmering synth pop song about love itself by the English singer/songwriter Shells. The music is bright and uplifting, a perfect carrier for a positive message. Shells gives us some background about the track: I wrote “Like I Love You” in June 2016. The UK[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Fifi Rong – Love Is a Lonely Thing Part 1

“Love Is a Lonely Thing,” but not so much in the new video by London-based singer, songwriter and producer Fifi Rong. There she enjoys a good time out in nature with a somewhat mysterious companion. But then, maybe everything was just a dream? The story is to be continued. Watch[…]