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SONG PICK: Pace – Strange Secrets (Video)

“Strange Secrets”, the new single by art-rock quartet Pace comes with a crazy catchy hook that is impossible to resist. The London-based band wrote the song together with Justin Young (The Vaccines) and enlisted Brett Shaw as the track’s producer. Their fun and playful video got created by Allan Taylor.[…]



Jeannel is a singer, songwriter and producer based in Berlin and London, who has her very own perspective on music and life. “ICMB” is a beautiful example for that: the song takes cues from classic R&B, but its multilayered production expands in multiple directions and you may want to listen several times to realize what you are witnessing here.

SONG PICK: keaton dekker – ITYK

What is your take on unknown words, acronyms, and abbreviations? Do you want to find out more or are you losing interest already? Would you know what ITYK stands for? Admittedly, I have not heard the acronym before and now, I not only know what it means but in the[…]

Patricia Lalor

SONG PICK: Patricia Lalor – Alone (Video)

At 14 years old, Patricia Lalor has never lived in a world without Californian band Warpaint. We have no word whether she is a fan, but judging from her latest song “Alone” she surly has a similar taste in music: there are the harmonies, the melodic guitar lines and the intricate beats. “Alone” is dream pop at its best and we hope to see more of this on her upcoming EP “Do It Again,” out on July 24.

Cat Turner

Song Pick: Cat Turner – Empathy

Singer, songwriter & producer Cat Turner is a unique voice in Irish music, who has been refining her sound over two years and three EPs. Her latest one, “House Plant” has a more organic vibe and strikes with an effortless, sleek production: from here, she can go anywhere and we more than curious about what she is doing next.

SONG PICK: Austin Ward – Big Technology (Video)

Many songs come either from a personal place or are self-reflecting one in some ways, and the personal experiences shape these introspective stories. Not every musician though can take from having worked for a huge tech company yet Austin Ward can. In  “Big Technology”, the Los Angeles-based producer, singer/songwriter, and[…]


SONG PICK: Ishani – Twin Flames

“Twin Flames” is a song about the thrill and the uncertainty in the early stages of a relationship. London-based singer, songwriter and producer Ishani muses about having found a soulmate. Or maybe not? The drama of the situation is reflected in the trip-hop-inspired production spiced up with a searing guitar line.

SONG PICK: Ellie M – Out Of The Blue

“Out of the Blue”, the new single by English singer/songwriter Ellie M is a big sweeping pop-production one does not hear so often anymore with restrained bedroom pop being ubiquitous these days. The more “Out of the Blue” surprises with Elli M’s powerful yet warm and earthy vocals, lovely guitar[…]

Ora Cogan

SONG PICK: Ora Cogan – Skull

Canadian singer/songwriter Ora Cogan is a about to release a beautifully dark and haunting album “Bells in the Ruins” on July 13. The second single “Skull” with its ghostly strings siren vocals and a wild bass line is a good introduction to Ora’s rich sonic world: there is some Radiohead in it, but also the unsettling vibes of Gazelle Twin.