SONG PICK: KYOTI – Restart The World

With “Restart The World” KYOTI, an art pop electronic three-piece from London, released a track that is equally infectious dance pop as it is hypnotic chillout music. 80s synths sounds are prevalent in “Restart The World” yet the overall funky vibe is irresistible and just so good! Together with the easy-going[…]

SONG PICK: Spellling – Under The Sun (Video)

“Under The Sun”, the new song by Chrystia Cabral who goes by Spellling is quite something to wrap your mind around. It starts with bubbling Kraftwerk-y synths, then shape-shifts multiple times, but is always held together by Chrystia’s beguiling vocals. After “Haunted Waters” she chose a much more upbeat topic[…]

VIDEO: Alice Phoebe Lou – Galaxies

Ahead of her album “Paper Castles”, scheduled for March 8, Alice Phoebe Lou delights her fans with a gorgeous surreal video for her latest single “Galaxies”. Alice explains that the track: “Happened on a rainy moody day in Berlin, my friend Harry Charles & I wrote this song while lying on[…]

VIDEO: Larkins – TV Dream

Manchester is brimming with cool bands, and guitar-pop band Larkins are no exception. The inspired band video invites us to come out and see them live. Frontman Josh Noble explains about the single: “‘TV Dream’ was inspired by my grandparents; the idea that romance and dancing has lost its appeal[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Rivita – Her Ghost

Singer/producer Rivita has come around in the world before settling in Brooklyn – for now. Like for most people, her life is one of ups and downs and in her new song “Her Ghost”, she calls for embracing that flow and not letting yourself spiral down into becoming your own[…]

SONG PICK: Doomsquad – General Hum

Without even listening to the end of “General Hum”, I already started to create today’s #glamglarepick feature because I am a huge fan of Toronto-based sibling-trio Doomsquad. With “General Hum” they not only released yet another fantastic electro-psych single but also an electrifying video, directed by Zak Tatham. Both promote[…]

SONG PICK: Drinker – Something I Want (Video)

Drinker is the bi-coastal duo of Aaron Mendelsohn and Ariel Loh, who create elegant, reflective electronic pop songs. Their latest song “Something I Want” finds them in a more experimental mood with sparse beats and glitchy, 8-bit synths. The song is enjoyed best together with the artful video clip that[…]


Sunday morning breakfast, while listening to Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” which basically follows glamglare’s musical taste closely, one song stood out: “What is Thom Yorke doing in this mix?” Listening more  intently, it became evident that these were female vocals but in the singing style Radiohead’s frontman is famous for. What[…]

Three New EPs with Different Angles on Synth-pop

Synth-pop is a vast genre and the endless possibilities one has these days with hard- and software invite to constant experimentation and invention. The second installment of our Three (or more) Albums series highlights three EPs which convey quite different vibes. Gwendolyn Dot – Mystic Responsibility Indianapolis-based producer Gwendolyn Dot[…]

SONG PICK: Spectator – Waves

“I was lost out at the sea and you were the waves crashing down on me.” That is love as the force of nature that binds two different people together. The calm and reflective dream folk song “Waves” is the new track by St. Louis-based duo Spectator of married couple[…]

SONG PICK: J. Laser – Waves & Blades

Depending on your relationship with music, you might recall the times of browsing a record store, when you heard a fantastic new single and could not wait to play it on your own turntable. On repeat! Now this all has changed of course, but as a music blogger I often[…]

SONG PICK: Giungla – In My Head

Italian one-woman powerhouse Ema Drei aka Giungla is back! She dazzeled us with the irresistable combination of heavy distorted guitars and glitchy electronic beats almost three years ago on her debut EP “Camo”. Her latest song “In My Head”, out today, picks up from there, but adds more melody and[…]

SONG PICK: Henry Jamison – American Babes

On the heel of Henry Jamison’s upcoming album “Gloria Duplex” out on February 8 via Akira Records arrives the absolutely gorgeous “American Babes”, with distinct story telling, exquisite production and vocals to get lost in. As if this was not yet sufficient, “American Babes” also features a subtle at first but long-lasting serious catchiness. It[…]

SONG PICK: Woman’s Hour – Luke

“Conversations” the debut album by U.K. trio Woman’s Hour was one of my favorite albums in 2014. There was silence around the band since then and they actually broke up while working on their second album “Ephyra.” But fortunately they are back and the record is ready for release on[…]