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Cate Le Bon

SONG PICK: Cate Le Bon – Running Away

Heavy bass lines dominate the sound of “Running Away,” the new single by Welsh singer/songwriter Cate Le Bon. On her upcoming album “Pompeii” she used bass guitar and synth as composition tools and played and recorded most instruments herself in isolation. Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint contributed drums from her home[…]

SONG PICK: Trentemøller – All Too Soon

Danish composer, musician, and producer Trentemøller releases the mesmerizing “All Too Soon.” For his newest single, he once again features the compelling vocals of longtime collaborator Lisbet Fritze, whom we could last enjoy on the dreamy “In The Gloaming.” In “All Too Soon,” Trentemøller explores the push and pull of opposites[…]

Danielle Lewis

SONG PICK: Danielle Lewis – Slow, Sad, and Real (Video)

“Slow, Sad, and Real” is a sweeping reflection about dreams, reality, and the overlap between the two. Welsh musician Danielle Lewis enlisted videographer Mark James for adding some stunning visuals that shun overused effects and tired cliches about how dreams look like. She says about the song: “Slow, Sad and[…]

SONG PICK: Stats – Wet Black Trees

Too bad to discover a really cool band only to learn that they’ll call it quits by next month. Granted, they go out in style, releasing a farewell album and celebrating with one last live show. However, their music will live on and so we enjoy “Wet Black Trees,” the[…]

SONG PICK: Sparrows – I Know Fire

Fire – a metaphor for excitement – can be too much and dangerous or too little and dull. In her upbeat pop-anthem “I Know Fire,” Sydney-based musician Jessica Nitties aka Sparrows, assures you that you can make it work for you either way. She says: “[I Know Fire] has taught[…]


SONG PICK: Reya – Heat

Hot emotions are difficult to control. “Heat,” the new song by Melbourne-based artist Rebecca Matthews aka Reya brings this point over with an intriguing left-field R&B production that meanders around an unconventional snare-driven beat. She explains about the song: “Heat is an exploration into lust and intimacy and the frustration[…]

SONG PICK: Le Junk – Sticky Side

“Satisfaction tastes so wrong” sings Le Junk in his new single “Sticky Side.” The British songwriter, singer and producer developed his passion for music by playing around with a bass and drum machine before refining his style. The juxtaposition of different styles in “Sticky Side” is exciting and the melodic[…]

SONG PICK: in earnest – The Days in Between

“Reasons to Stay Alive” is the title of the new EP by U.K. trio in earnest. And while the main songwriters Sarah Holburn and Tom Eatherton have their own stories to tell, the reflections on this gap-less six-track record deeply resonate in a broader sense. Our Song Pick of the[…]

SONG PICK: Bunny X – Young & In Love

Earlier this week, New York-based Synthwave/Italo disco duo Bunny X  released their highly awaited debut album Young & In Love via Aztec Records. We dig all the tracks on the nostalgia-tinged and oh-so-dance-ready album and decided to feature the album’s title track, because -who doesn’t remember the feeling of being[…]


SONG PICK: talker – Sad Chick (Video)

Sometimes things just don’t work out for you. The state of mind that L.A. indie rocker Celeste Tauchar aka talker describes in her new song “Sad Chick” is familiar probably to many of us. But instead of letting it go, she packs some serious punch into her music, and that[…]

SONG PICK: ZOO – What’s There To Lose

Find Cincinnati-based songwriter Cory Pavlinac as “A Band Called Zoo” or “A Man Called Zoo” on his socials and simply as ZOO on most DSPs. But you would want to find him because the songs he creates are melodic, with an experimental edge and enchant thanks to their relatable little[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Hana Vu, Imogen, Kidsø, Oscar Welsh

Hana Vu – Keeper L.A. musician Hana Vu is grossly overlooked in this video, no matter how much she tries to catch attention from others. Director Meagen Houang did not take the easy route when she filmed the clip in one shot. Hana recalls: “Shooting ‘Keeper’ was really an intense[…]

Em Glasser

SONG PICK: Em Glasser – All I Want

Em Glasser moved from Miami Beach to Berlin, Germany, and it is hard to think of two cities more different. On the other hand, that can be a fertile ground for an engaging musical melange. That is what Em does with her new song “All I Want,” when she expresses[…]