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Tacono Gate – Goner

“Goner” by Brooklyn-based synth-pop artist Tacono Gate demands your attention instantly but in a very good and charming way. Looking at Tacono Gate’s press shot, his influences become apparent -at least to those of us who include Kraftwerk and the likes of our fav bands. Tacono Gate names the German[…]


Beau – Even If You’re Gone

Breakups are rarely equal, and when one side quickly moves on with somebody else, the other suffers even more. If such a situation touches a personal memory, the emotional intensity of “Even If Your Gone” will give you serious chills. The New York City musicians Heather Goldin and Emma Jenney[…]

Vision Video – Beautiful Day To Die [Video]

Vision Video are an Atlanta, Georgia-based goth-rock, post-punk act, that just released the instantly irresistible “Beautiful Day To Die.” With that surprisingly sunny track, they announce their sophomore album Haunted Hours later this year. (Pre-order now.) Vision Video is led by former U.S. Marine and current Atlanta Fire Department EMT[…]

Rani Adi

Rani Adi – Starkissed

“Starkissed” is a song about love that cannot overcome obstacles that should not exist in the first place. L.A.-based singer and songwriter Rani Adi co-produced this hazy track that climaxes in a hot guitar solo. Attraction and rejection collide here, but the song leaves you with pleasant euphoria. Rani Adi[…]

Forever Honey – Singing To Let England Shake

Forever Honey follow their 2020 beautiful EP Pre-Mortem High with the dreamy “Singing To Let England Shake,” announcing a flurry of upcoming singles. The Brooklyn-based indie rock quartet is carving out its very own brand of airy jangly pop with soft tones and lovely harmonies.  Forever Honey is comprised of[…]

Shady Cove

Shady Cove – High Divide [Video]

Sarah Rose and Sarah Nienaber used to play in Candace but found together again to form a new band, Shady Cove, named after the place where they recorded new music. Their new song “High Divide” is about dreaming of the future and comes with a nostalgic video from Central Oregon[…]

Julian Taylor – S. E. E. D. S.

I am currently writing this far away from the USA or Canada, where Julian Taylor creates his gorgeous music. While the inspiration to his newest song “S. E. E. D. S.” is something that happened on Canadian soil, similar horrific acts have been happening at many places in the world[…]


Wyldest – Abilene

It’s travel day here at glamglare, and traveling often goes differently than planned these days. But there always must be time to point out new music by one of our favorite artists, Wyldest. The London-based artist Zoe Meade, in real life, just released the second single, “Abilene,” of her third[…]

The Mary Onettes – What I Feel In Some Places

It’s been a while since Sweden’s The Mary Onettes released new music but here they are with the lush and beautiful “What I Feel In Some Places.” True to their dreamy signature sound, the track swirls and glistens and absolutely delights. On July 1st, they will release their three-track EP What[…]


Sandmoon – Wake Up [Video]

Sandmoon is the band around singer and songwriter Sandra Arslanian from Beirut, Lebanon. Their excellent second album “Put a Gun/Commotion” was one of my favorites in 2020. They are back now with a new reflective track, “Wake Up,” carried by glittering synth arpeggios and Sandra’s gentle vocals. It is a[…]

MARBLES – Heading Out

Norwegian dream-pop act MARBLES delight with irresistibly gorgeous “Heading Out,” the first single from their upcoming album, later out this year. With “Heading Out” they are addressing the joyous anticipation that ensues when planning a trip or even just leaving a buzzing city for a little while. Ferdinand Widmer (vocals, bass, […]

VIDEO PICKS: Automatic, Fionn, Laufey, Zoey Lily

Automatic – Skyscraper We’re getting a little antsy and can’t wait for the release of Automatic‘s second album but luckily, the wait will be over tomorrow, with Excess coming out June 24th, 2022. The latest single and music video “Skyscraper” can be found on Excess, and the video stars Izzy Glaudini[…]

Bar Pandora

Bar Pandora – Vice Vice Vice

Bar Pandora is the new project of the U.K.-based singer/songwriter Charlie Tophill. Her latest track, “Vice Vice Vice,” is a break-up song, but with its swirling synths, it comes as such a pop anthem that it sounds as if she had much fun with it. And Charlie admits it: “The[…]

Julia D’Angelo – Point of View [Song Premiere]

Officially summer, the cool temperatures and the monochromatic grey sky in New York today tell a different story. Still, with a song as bright and beautiful as “Point of View,” things don’t look so dreary anymore. The Toronto-born, Brooklyn-based artist Julia D’Angelo/strong> releases her new single “Point of View” today,[…]

Kadhja Bonet

Kadhja Bonet – JGS

“JGS” stands for “Just Getting Started,” and with that, L.A.-based singer/songwriter Kadhja Bonet wants to inspire you to look forward to great things that indeed will happen to you. Add her bright, airy music and the silvery vocals, and this song can become a first-class mood booster for you. Kadhja[…]