SONG PICK: Roman Lewis – Midnight in Paris (Video)

With great finesse and a musical talent that reaches far beyond his young age of 17, Roman Lewis takes us on a journey to the capital of France while serenading “Midnight in Paris”. The video is filmed on location and depicts the longing and the heartbreak and everything in-between beautifully.[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Ben Rice – Autumn Days

Being the most famous urban park in the world and a major tourist attraction, New York City’s Central Park is inspiration and backdrop for many a stories and unsurprisingly plays a role in Ben Rice‘s new single “Autumn Days” as well. The song does the magnificent outdoor space justice with[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Through Juniper Vale – Mirror Mirror

Through Juniper Vale is a fascinating and unusual collaboration between singer/songwriter Sarah Jane Wood, illustrator Hein Zaayman and producer Vian Izak. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, they together create indie-pop music that combines stories with colorful, whimsical illustrations such as the one above. Aiming at monthly releases, „Mirror Mirror“ is their[…]

SONG PICK: The Buoys – Arm Wrestle

Let’s stay in Sydney, Australia for another Song Pick of the Day of a different kind. The Buoys are the indie rock four-piece of Zoe (vocals), Anthea (guitar), Ros (bass) and Tess (drum) and their latest song is about a mental arm-wrestle with oneself. “I’m just trying to process all[…]

SONG PICK: Nightseason – Dying In The Heat

In sync with the lyrical context, “Dying In The Heat” starts out wistfully and stays that way until the end, but not before XXXXX guitar solo. What makes the new track by Nightseason standout, is its sparse instrumentation, with super rad beats, giving room to the raspy-charming vocals of Jordan Caiola[…]

Mondo.NYC back in its 3rd year: October 2-5, 2018

Remember the inaugural Mondo.NYC in 2016 and its follow-up last year? The global business conference and festival uniting music and technology, with emerging artists, innovators and industry insiders? We sure do, and you can get a glimpse of the past too by glancing at 2016 and 2017 photos and articles here.[…]

SONG PICK: Sparrows – Over & Out

Get ready for an infectious pop song that walks the line between catchy and edgy perfectly. “Over & Out” is the new single by Sydney-based singer/producer Jess Nitties aka Sparrows. She produced the song herself which confirms my theory that the best work often comes out of the mind of[…]

SONG PICK: Jong SL – Driving Away

“Driving Away” is a beautifully mellow and melodic tune by Toronto-based singer/songwriter Jong SL. While the song floats softly on a cloud of shimmering notes and a caressing feel, the exquisite guitar solo in the last third of the track makes you perk up and regard the “Driving Away” with[…]

SONG PICK: Ishani – Dark Angel

London-based singer/producer Ishani does not choose easy topics for her songs. Her latest song “Dark Angel” deals with suicide – the form of death that is the hardest to cope with for friends and family. Ishani gives some background: This song was pure therapy. It has helped me cope with[…]

VIDEO: Between Mountains – Into The Dark (#Airwaves2018)

One of the best parts of preparing for Airwaves is discovering new music. It is no secret that Iceland has an incredibly diverse, high quality music scene, so behind every name you have never heard about on the festival lineup could be your next favorite act. We don‘t know much[…]

SONG PICK: Ex Mykah – Suspicions

A feeling of unease can at times be intriguing as well as cool. “Suspicions” by experimental pop artist Ex Mykah keeps us on the edge of our seats, ready to run should it be necessary. In the end, as it turns out, this is one phenomenally dark and unsettling song, which[…]

SONG PICK: Evvol – Song For The Broken Hearted (Rollin’)

Here is new music from Berlin-based electro-pop duo Evvol: “Song For The Broken Hearted (Rollin’)” is exactly about what the title suggests: heartbreaks are frequent, but part of modern life is to get over them. Julie Chance and Jane Arnison give some background about the track: These songs were written[…]

PHOTOS: pronoun live at Bowery Ballroom

Her stage name alone, raises interest because why would someone choose ‘pronoun’ as their moniker? Turns out Alyse Vellturo does and there is so much more to back up the maybe eccentric name choice. Ever since pronoun‘s debut EP “There’s no on new around you.”, I considered myself a fan of her[…]

SONG PICK: Boniface – Dear Megan (VIDEO) (#Airwaves2018)

Listening through all the new announcements for Iceland Airwaves 2018, I fell immediately and thoroughly for “Dear Megan” by Winnipeg-based artist Boniface. The song is beautifully upbeat, equipped with an instantly catchy hook and feel-good vibes. I reached out to Micah Visser, who goes by Boniface, to find out more about[…]

SONG PICK: Saya – The Moon

Good pop music depends much on what does not happen in the song. Toronto singer/songwriter Saya gets it right in her new song “The Moon”: sparse beats and electronics place the focus on on the story she wants to tell: I wrote “The Moon” in 2016 during a big writing[…]