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SONG PICK: Mr. Alec Bowman – Safe Mode (Video)

Ahead of his 11-track album “I Used To Be Sad & Then I Forgot”, British singer/songwriter Mr. Alec Bowman released the quiet and beautiful “Safe Mode”, together with a gorgeous video. Writing and recording songs, putting them all on an album, and releasing it at one point, takes time. With an[…]

SONG PICK: Lara Snow – Wild Sea (Video)

Tel Aviv- and Berlin-based singer/songwriter Lara Snow does big, glittering synth pop reminiscent of Icelandic artists like Vök or Hildur. In her latest single “Wild Sea” she reveals a very personal story “of a poisoned relationship and a great heartbreak.” Don’t expect her sulking, though: Lara’s music always feels elevating and empowering and is maybe what you need right now to brighten your day. And even better, her EP “Delete Everything” is finally out.

SONG PICK: Sophie Colette – In Love a Little

Is life a collection of moments and memories? Beautiful moments that live with us for a very long time, acting as a comforting cushion when things are not going so well, as very much right now? Last year in November, magic happened in a hotel room in Reykjavik, when Sophie[…]

Big Fox

SONG PICK: Big Fox – Let Love In

Swedish singer/songwriter Charlotta Perrier aka Big Fox has a beautiful album “See How The Light Falls” for you, one that you enjoy while leaning back, letting your mind wander while listening to Charlotta’s soft, reflective vocals.

SONG PICK: The Desert – Beauty Queen

“Beauty Queen”, the new single by Brighton-based art-pop band The Desert is slightly unsettling, brooding and ever-intensifying in its built yet at the same time blissfully gorgeous! The track is one of these songs that charm you at the spot and stay with you for a really long time, all the[…]

SONG PICK: Giek_1 – Both Ways (Video)

Stephanie Smit aka Giek_1 is a musician and visual artist based in Amsterdam. The new single “Both Ways” is one of those songs that immediately takes you into a different headspace with its atmospheric production and Giek_1’s layered, ethereal vocals. This is music to lose yourself in and you will find more of this on her EP “ESCAPE,” to be released on May 1.

SONG PICK: Color Theory – Juggernaut

Despite its dark and brooding lyrics, “Juggernaut”, the new single by one-man synthwave act Color Theory is oddly comforting. The hypnotic track reminds me of some of my favorite synths-pop bands of the 80s, and I never stopped liking this type of music. But even without this kind of personal[…]

SONG PICK: Red Vienna – Evelyn

The mellow, contemplative and beautiful “Evelyn” by Vancouver three-piece Red Vienna, is accompanied by an equally compelling video. The cuts between band practice/live show and singer/bassist Jahmeel Russell walking on the street are maybe surprisingly mesmerizing and soothing. The artfully shot video is directed by Adrian Mottram. When asked about[…]