SONG PICK: Sampson – Damned

“Damned if we do, damned if we don’t,” an unpleasant, but probably familiar situation that Sampson, a singer/songwriter from Halifax on the Canadian east coast describes in her latest single “Damned”. It is one of 12 songs on her debut album “Dark Sky Nights” (Apple Music | Spotify), which she[…]

SONG PICK: Fizzy Blood – Pink Magic

“Pink Magic”, the latest single by English indie rockers Fizzy Blood comes not only with some crazy, instantly catchy hooks but also a lot of swagger and the best of what Brit pop/rock has to offer. What a party banger! Well done. It is always a special treat to learn something[…]

New Music: ANIQO – Chess (Video)

“Chess” as a metaphor for life: every round brings new decisions and us closer to winning or losing. The new song by German singer/songwriter ANIQO builds up suspense with sparse beats and electronics, but then it never releases you: unlike the game, the chess of life never ends. “Chess” is[…]

SONG PICK: Polychrome – Final Kiss

Victoria and Oliver from London have been playing in several other bands, but they now working on a new album as Polychrome. The first single “Final Kiss” is a lush synth pop track, which excels with an unpretentious and effective production. This is in large parts the work of Victoria,[…]


Super mellow vocals lend “Dreaming” its surreal appeal, one that holds throughout the song. “Dreaming” is the debut single by Mikale D’Andrea, who goes by SAVI MINDS, a songwriter and producer originally from New Jersey, now calling Los Angeles his home. Mikale in his own words about “Dreaming”: “I grew up[…]

SONG PICK: Eliza Shaddad – White Lines

Eliza Shaddad is back! After last year’s stint as singer for electro-jazz duo Sandscape, she returns with an impeccable indie rock piece “White Lines”, the first single of her upcoming debut full-length “Future”. The song was inspired by traveling alone in Australia, where apparently things fell into place for her[…]

SONG PICK: Asha – Exit Strategy

“Exit Strategy” deals with a difficult situation: losing the fight over a loved one to the substances he or she is addicted to. In a calm, intense way, underlined with piano and strings, New York-based singer/songwriter Asha describes the inevitable downward spiral she is caught in and the increasing need[…]

SONG PICK: Ask Carol – Mountains of Cash

Ask Carol is a two-guitar duo from Norway and their song “Mountains is Cash” is hard to get out of your head once you’ve heard it. They played SXSW this March and are planning an EP and a full length for this year. Listen to “Mountains of Cash” on SoundCloud[…]


There is an airy lightness to “Wave After Wave” amidst the powerful and strong setting. Like flirty seagulls approaching the coast, circling above the water, contemplating things while waves playfully roll ashore. Though this would tell only half the story, because while starting out all mellow, with sparse, finger picking and[…]

NEW MUSIC: Host – Goodbye

“Goodbye”, the debut single by Ireland-based singer/producer Host is a triumphant, bright pop song with a nod to the 80s. Its topic is rather sad, though, as Host explains: Goodbye is about putting your heart and soul into a shit relationship that inevitably falls apart  right before your eyes, but[…]

SONG PICK: Mars Motel – Living In The Moment

Leave it to Brooklyn-based indie rockers Mars Motel to create irresistible jangly dream pop because they did it again with the gorgeous “Living In The Moment” – maybe the dreamiest of their singles to date. The band around singer/songwriter Sarik Kumar tends to fascinate audiences when they perform live, not[…]

SONG PICK: GIRL SKIN – Darling (Video)

The new project of Sid Simons, singer and songwriter of Brooklyn band GIRL SKIN, is all about love: he and his girlfriend and muse Foster James are merging creative forces for a split EP “LoveMore”, due out on May 18. After Foster James’ “Skin” (Apple Music | Spotify) last week, Sid[…]

SONG PICK: Alexander Vincent – I Won’t

Subtle restraint, airy lightness, feeling of letting go… this all and more comes to mind when listening to “I Won’t”, the debut single by Alexander Vincent. Alex Tanas, who toured as the drummer of Canadian pop band Magic! around the world, decided that his need to create his own music[…]

NEW MUSIC: Sofi Tukker – Treehouse

There are two things to report about our favorite dance music duo Sofi Tukker: First their debut album “Treehouse” is out, packed with hit songs like “Johny” or “Fuck They”. Second, their new single “Baby I’m A Queen” tackles the use “Baby” as a nickname, which happens to be the[…]