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SONG PICK: Katherine Aly – Glow & Ignite

“Glow & Ignite” is upbeat pop infused with a good dose of electronic grit. It also features 60s-style background singers. Scottland-via-Greece singer/songwriter Katherine Aly puts this all together into an exuberant melange of a pop song that keeps you engaged from the first bar until the fade-out. Yes, there is[…]

Michy Tree

SONG PICK: Michy Tree – The Wire

“It’s time to stop listening to social media, and do what makes you happy,” says U.K. musician Michy Tree and she has an infectious indie-rock banger to back it up. Michy currently studies music in London and has released three singles so far. Listen to “The Wire,” our Song Pick[…]

SONG PICK: M Field – Fiona (Video)

Matthew Field, aka M Field, moved from his home in Capetown, South Africa, to London, the U.K, in a change of scenery. In the process, he also gears up for the release of his self-titled EP, due September 2nd. From the EP, we already came to love “Gargoyle,” “Leafy Outlook,” and[…]



“Push Back,” the new song of East Coast folk-rock trio TEOA works on two levels: it tells the story of being accidentally connected to a global tragedy and yet helpless to do anything against it. But the track also shows that something can be done, for example, using music to[…]


SONG PICK: Taryn – Brand New

Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Taryn does not use many words to bring over her message: it is never too late to start over “Brand New”. The song has bright and upbeat vibes, and maybe you want to listen in the morning to make the new day a little better than the last[…]

SONG PICK: Maisyn – Pool Party

Los Angeles-based songwriter, singer, and guitarist Maisyn writes songs that are rooted in personal experiences and reflections, yet they certainly resonate with a great many people. Her latest single “Pool Party,” is the third one ahead of her upcoming EP. For “Pool Party,” Jessi Mason aka Maisyn teamed up with[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Emika, Pink Laces, Piroshka, Valeree

Emika – Battles Pt. II The original “Battles” is the opener of Emika’s 2015 album “Drei.” The sequel, which features Sebastian on the violin, is a different experience. The video adds to the mythical experience: directed by Zee Marla Osh, it shows a cosmic battle between fantastic figures. Watch the[…]


SONG PICK: JEEN – Maybe I’ll Be Gone

Toronto-based singer/songwriter Jeen O’Brien who records as JEEN has enough. Set at the moment when another straw breaks the camel’s back, “Maybe I’ll Be Gone” marks the realization that it is time to move on. There is a lot of energy in this indie-rock banger, more than enough to help[…]

SONG PICK: Rosenblume – Knight In Shining Armor (Video)

Ahead of his self-titled debut album scheduled for September, 24th British singer/songwriter Rosenblume releases the beautifully catchy “Knight In Shining Armor.” While the guitar-driven song deals at its core with heartbreak, it is surprisingly optimistic and upbeat even. Looks like the Liverpool-based artist has long since moved on, and can[…]

Louise Aubrie

SONG PICK: Louise Aubrie – Ours

Louise Aubrie is originally from London, but she spends equal time in New York City. “Ours, a track from her upcoming album “Antonio,” is a blend of rock and pop elements and features a chorus that will stick in your head for a good while. “Antonio” is a concept album[…]

SONG PICK: Sunshine Boysclub – Don’t See Why (Video)

“Don’t See Why,” the new single by Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Sunshine Boysclub comes with groovy bass lines, lush guitar rhythms, and a crazy catchy chorus. When Sam Martin aka Sunshine Boysclub sings on repeat I don’t see why, we are ready to join his introspective journey. He says:[…]

Sophie Kilburn

SONG PICK: Sophie Kilburn – I’m in Love with My Therapist

“I’m in Love with My Therapist.” Does Sophie Kilburn mean it literally or figuratively? In her new super-catchy indie-rock banger, the U.K. singer/songwriter voices her frustration that mounts with the second: “Gotta get out of here!,” she sings repeatedly. But where? Therapy does not seem to be a solution. Sophie[…]