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SONG PICK: Cat Turner – Situation (Video)

Cat Turner is a singer, songwriter and producer from Galway, Ireland, who does cutting-edge synth pop that avoids most of the genre-typical slickness. Cat is out there, singing her heart out and working the electronics like a punk band their guitars. She gives some insights about her new song “Situation:”[…]

SONG PICK: The Woods – Night Silk Threads

When the sun has set and the sky is colored in shades of dark blue and one by one windows become illuminated, that is when “Night Silk Threads”, the new single by The Woods, enters the scene. The Scottish producer, vocalist and multi-instrumental live-loop artist Johnny McFadzean makes music as[…]

SONG PICK: Thailah – Joy

It’s officially summer in the Northern Hemisphere and here is your first hit for the carefree season: “Joy” by the London-based singer Thailah. A sing-along anthem and a dance floor banger at the same time, it can be the soundtrack for your beach party or lift up your mood during[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Ora The Molecule – A Piece of Heaven

We are fans of Ora The Molecule ever since we heard (and featured) their fabulous single “Sugar” and have their EP with the same title on constant replay. Now we can even enjoy an incredibly charming and inspired video to “A Piece of Heaven”, the last track on the album. The[…]

SONG PICK: Caamp – Wolf Song

“Wolf Song”, is a gorgeous single about love, what is and what could be. It might be as much an assurance for the person the song is dedicated to as it is for the singer himself when he muses “Always thinking I could love you more”. “Wolf Song” announces the[…]