Lime Garden – Love Song
Wednesday, Sep 13, 2023

Only yesterday, I saw Warpaint, the female indie-rock icons, live, and here at glamglare, we’ve been following their career since the beginning. The more it is exciting to come across another all-female band like Lime Garden that, similar to the West Coast quartet, impresses with delightful vocal harmonies and intricate[…]

Dream Wife – Orbit [Video]
Tuesday, Apr 18, 2023

“Orbit,” the new single by  Dream Wife, is exactly what I was looking for without even knowing it, thanks to its infectious vibrancy and joy-de-vivre. If you’ve never heard of Dream Wife before and have only time for one song, then “Orbit” is a fantastic start to acquaint yourself with[…]

Let’s Eat Grandma – Happy New Year (Video)
Wednesday, Jan 5, 2022

When we saw U.K. duo Let’s Eat Grandma for the first time at Iceland Airwaves 2016, the question in our minds was: where will Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth, then just 16 years old, go from here? With abundant talent and creativity, the sky seemed to be the limit. But[…]

SONG PICK: W. H. Lung – Pearl in the Palm
Sunday, Jun 20, 2021

Manchester’s W. H. Lung announce their new album Vanities with a bang! Their sound is as energetic and mesmerizing as we came to love this crazy talented synth-rock band and the video matches the brilliance of previous W. H. Lung videos. “Pearl in the Palm” starts with hypnotic beats, takes[…]

SONG PICK: CeaseTone – Continents
Monday, Jan 25, 2021

A song as beautiful as “Continents” and with a kaleidoscope of feelings does not come along every day. It is the new single by Icelandic singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Hafsteinn Þráinsson, who goes by the artist name CeaseTone. “Continents” is a song that swirls and shimmers, leaving us almost dizzy with[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Luis Ake x Dima Midborn, Maria Naffah, Ólafur Arnalds (ft. Josin), Wyldest
Friday, Nov 13, 2020

Luis Ake x Dima Midborn – Hey Du/Эй, Ты Having exchanged Moscow, Russia with Berlin, Germany singer/songwriter and bass player Dima Midborn teamed up with Berlin-based singer/musician Luis Ake and the result is the irresistible “Hey Du/Эй, Ты”. While I don’t speak Russian, I do speak German and the lyrics[…]

Tuesday, Nov 10, 2020

We LOVE Iceland Airwaves and were crushed when the yearly festival got canceled, like every other music festival this year. Fortunately, though, the makers of Iceland Airwaves put an online version of the event together and bring Live from Reykjavík right into our homes. From Friday 13 to Saturday 14 of[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Belau, Nilüfer Yanya, Shame, Soccer Mommy
Friday, Nov 6, 2020

Belau – Risk It All ft. Amalah The Budapest-based electronica project Belau not only delights with highly appealing music but with impressive videos, one more enigmatic and beautiful than the previous one. Announcing their album Colourwave, Belau offer the compelling video to “Risk It All” featuring Amalah,  directed by Péter P.[…]

Q&A with I See Rivers
Monday, Oct 5, 2020

I See Rivers is the trio of Eline (keys, vocals, percussion), Gøril (guitar, vocals, drum pad), and Lill (drums, vocals) from Norway, who met in Liverpool and are spending now much of their time in Wales. They have just released their debut album “Deep & Rolling Green,” a diverse collection of 16 songs that make it hard to put them into a specific genre. Read our Q&A with I See Rivers here:

SONG PICK: Dream Wife – After The Rain (Video)
Thursday, Jul 30, 2020

At glamglare, we have been fans of the music and live performances of British/Icelandic band Dream Wife ever since we saw them live during Iceland Airwaves 2016. They just released their excellent second full-length album (listen here) and while most tracks explode with energy, the closing track “After The Rain” strikes a different note. Singer Rakel Mjöll, known for her raucous speak-singing, turns to softer vocals as she candidly refers to a difficult situation from her own life.

Iceland Airwaves 2020 – First Lineup Announcements
Thursday, Feb 13, 2020

While our bodies are still buzzing from the formidable experience Iceland Airwaves 2019 was, Europe’s Best Small Festival Nominee announced its first wave of participating artists today. Internationally known favorites like Courtney Barnett or Black Puma are among the featured artists but also more hidden gems like indie electronic duo[…]

10 Favorite Albums of the Decade (Elke’s Picks)
Monday, Dec 16, 2019

1 – Phrazes for the Young by Julian Casablancas – 2009, USA Starting the list of my favorite albums of the outgoing with this one is maybe not the best idea but not only did Julian Casablanca’s release his only solo album to date in November 2009, late in the[…]

Q&A with Detalji
Thursday, Dec 12, 2019

One of the changes that the outgoing decade brought to music is the rise of singer/producers who do everything themselves, from writing, recording to performing live. Among these artists is Krista Myllyviita aka Detalji from Helsinki, Finnland, who creates dark synth pop with roots in electronic dance music. We fell[…]

NOVEMBER 2019 in Rearview
Thursday, Dec 5, 2019

With not only 2019 but an entire decade winding down, we want to do something new and kick-off our monthly rearview series, because – quite frankly – the past deserves to be reviewed, acknowledged and yes, celebrated! We are focusing not only on what is happening here on glamglare but[…]

Photos and Impressions of Iceland Airwaves 2019
Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019

Every early November and now in its 21st year, Iceland Airwaves attracts a good 150 musicians to play the festival and more than 6,000 concert goers who want to see these acts perform in Reykjavik. The festival takes the Keychange commitment seriously in ensuring a noticeable gender balance. This being[…]

SONG PICK: CeaseTone – Egotopia
Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019

Icelandic guitarist, composer and producer Hafsteinn Þráinsson, better known under his band name CeaseTone released the new single “Egotopia”, announcing the upcoming album and it is everything we came to love from CeaseTone: the song structure is as lush as it is layered, a little mystical and definitely highly mesmerizing! Having[…]

SONG PICK: Mammút – Forever in Your Mind
Friday, Nov 8, 2019

The majestic “Forever in Your Mind” keeps you on your toes and while I don’t know about “forever”, the new single by Icelandic five-piece Mammút certainly wiggles itself in your earbuds and lingers there for… well… a long time. While they are a pleasure to listen to, everything becomes truly[…]

Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019

Portuguese musical act :PAPERCUTZ, led by Bruno Miguel, share three new songs from their upcoming album “King Ruiner” out in early 2020. While “Your Beliefs” features singer Catarina Miranda, the upcoming album will see three different vocalists in total. What all tracks have in common though is Miguel’s magic touch,[…]

Q&A with W. H. Lung (#airwaves19)
Monday, Nov 4, 2019

You might have come across W. H. Lung on glamglare (or elsewhere) before, because we truly dig the Manchester three-piece,  whose sound is a mix of krautrock, post-punk and synthpop. Much to our delight, they are scheduled to perform at this year’s Iceland Airwaves and hence we reached out to[…]

SONG PICK: JFDR – Taking A Part of Me
Wednesday, Oct 30, 2019

In an exactly one week we will be arriving in Reykjavik for our third attendance of the fabulous Iceland Airwaves festival. And they just announced that Jófríður Ákadóttir aka JFDR, one of Iceland’s most visible and prolific musicians will play right that day early evening. She also just has released[…]

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