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SONG PICK: Wyldest – Beggar (Video)

Zoe Mead aka Wyldest is a master of melodic dream pop. Her latest song, “Beggar,” is a beautiful example of this: layers of sound flowing around a gentle guitar line, and the vocals sit perfectly in the mix to never take you out of a meditative state. She says about[…]


SONG PICK: Wyldest – Seastroke

London musician Zoe Mead aka Wyldest is about to release a three song soundtrack for the short film “Birdwatcher” on August 25. The first single is “Seastroke,” which opens with a two minute intro that invites you to just dream along before Zoe’s gentle voice comes into the mix.

VIDEO FRIDAY: Wyldest – Quiet Violet

Zoe Mead, singer and guitarist in London-based trio Wyldest directed the video “Quiet Violet”, which tells the story of living a constrained life and dreaming of escape. The song is on Wyldest excellent debut album “Dream Chaos” (Apple Music | Spotify), out today. Watch “Quiet Violet” below: Connect with Wyldest[…]

SONG PICK: Wyldest – Hitchhiker

Happiness, independent from any external influences, is the topic of the new track by London synth-pop three-piece Wyldest. About the titular “Hitchhiker” singer and a songwriter Zoe Mead explains: “This dude had nothing material, but anyone who met him saw him as happiest person they’d ever met.” “Hitchhiker” is the[…]

SONG PICK: Hilang Child – King Quail (Video)

“King Quail” is every bit as mesmerizing as you would expect from a song with royalty in the title. It is the super gorgeous new single by Brighton-based singer, musician, and songwriter Hilang Child, ahead of his upcoming album “Every Mover”. Leading up to his album, the Welsh-Indonesian artist nee[…]

The New Colossus Festival – glamglare Picks

Dire times maybe ask for philosophy and culture, and so a variation of a quote of the famous German writer Goethe comes to mind: “two hearts have always beat within my breast”, one for SXSW and one for The New Colossus Festival, well since 2019 anyway! Now, with the former[…]