RELEASED TODAY: Sofi Tukker – Matadora

New York dance music duo Sofi Tukker released their second track today, as crazy as the first one Drinkee. None of them is actually Brazilian, but that doesn’t keep Sophie Hawley-Weld from singing in Portuguese. Good for us here in the northern hemisphere: we can use a little summer feeling[…]

SONG PICK: The Big Sun – Lonely Girl

Agh… I just have such soft spot for real life sound samples used in songs and Lonely Girl offers exactly that yet a few beats in, it gets sugar candy dreamy with a little edge – indie-pop at its best! The Big Sun, hailing from Oxford (UK), deliver one delicious upbeat[…]

3 Is A Band: Chain Wallet

When I listened to Shade for the very first time, a lot of different memories run through my mind, good memories, from the 80s… youthful, carefree, filled with joy. And nothing has changed. Even upon listening to Shade for the maybe 17th time, it’s still one beautiful little joyful bliss[…]

SONG PICK: Cross Record – Basket

Here is Cross Record with the first new 2016 track. It is a dark, atmospheric track that can turn even sunny beach into a haunted, barren place. Believe me, I experienced it myself when I listened to Cross Record during the holiday break. The album will be out on January[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Year of Glad – Blythe

We often look across the pond for our Song Pick of the Day or keep it very local, here’s a compromise: let’s head up North, and stop at Montreal, where Year of Glad is from. They describe their sound as “Drone Folk” and this is as close as it gets.[…]

SONG PICK: The Gloomies – LSD

Listen to “LSD” the debut single of the San Diego trio The Gloomies and any gloomy feelings you might have won’t stand a chance with this sunny and upbeat track. With its fuzzy guitar sounds, warm beats, mellow vocals and overall surf-rock feel, it is sending out waves of joy.[…]

SONG PICK: Pixx – Fall In

The holidays are over and that means the next bug thing to look forward to is SXSW 2016. A few hundred artists are already performed and one of them is Pixx from England, who released a beautiful four song EP last summer. She has been working on her debut album[…]

SONG PICK: Michael McQuaid – Vibes

“Vibes” by Michael McQuaid is a dark R&B track, with quite an earthy, (blues)-guitar vibe to it, and that makes for one highly interesting and also sensual combination! Michael McQuaid, a Texas native, moved to Nashville to pursue music and that’s where he comes up with this crazy cool and rather[…]

Song Pick of the Day: BLAJK – French Class

Intelligent synth-pop is alive and kicking and yet another proof for that statement are BLAJK, a five-piece from Toronto, Canada. We want to kick-off the New Year with something special, and French Class, the latest single by BLAJK, is just perfect! Stomping beats, catchy tunes and then these killer vocals[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Audrey Air – Strawberry Syrup Sixteens

Let’s go out 2015 with a new artist Audrey Air, who is working on her debut EP for next year. Strawberry Syrup Sixteens is a track which turns out not as easy going as it might appear after the first few bars. Beautiful, our Song Pick of the Day!

Song Pick of the Day: We Are The Stars – Flight

We Are The Stars, an identical twin brother duo from New York, recently released From The Sky, a six tracks EP featuring some of their most popular tracks. On it is for example Flight a vocoder-heavy, slightly trippy and slowly unfolding little gem of a synth-pop song – our Song[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Lantrns – Bonfire

This is the quiet time of the year and it is a good opportunity to catch up with what we missed in 2015. For example, this dark wave track Bonfire by New York band Lantrns, which has an intense haunting undertone beneath Kaitlyn Mills’ pretty vocals. There is more of[…]

Song Pick of the Day: MODOC – Make The World Wait

What a beautiful teaser Make The World Wait is! MODOC an alt-rock trio from Munice, IN are about to release their 2nd album titled Automatic + Voluntary on February 5th, 2016, and Make The World Wait will be the 2nd track on this new record. With killer hooks, driving beats and cool vocals,[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Natasha Kmeto – I Thought You Had a Boyfriend

My Song Pick of the Day is also my favorite song of the year: Natasha Kmeto’s I Thought you Had a Boyfriend. It perfectly captures a moment when a friendship unexpectedly turned into something more. A moment when you probably feel like that swelling synth line: joyful, anxious and confused.