SONG PICK: Marie Dahlstrøm – Crashing Down

Marie Dahlstrøm’s latest song is called “Crashing Down”, but it feels like a sunrise on a beautiful summer morning. Our Song Pick of the Day features soulful vocals over an elegant and smooth production.

NEW MUSIC: Alex The Flipper

For your Tuesday evening delight, here is a new track by Austrian producer Alex The Flipper. Enjoy!

SONG PICK: Sin Kitty – Wondering

What do you get if you mix dreamy, speak singing female vocals with distinct shoegaze chord progression plus psychedelic touches for good measure? A pretty amazing album which Sin Kitty, hailing from Asheville, NC just released. And while I’ve been listening through all 10 tracks on the album a few[…]

PHOTOS: Natasha Kmeto live at Bowery Ballroom

Of my ten favorite albums of 2015 there were two I have not yet seen live. One of them was my number two, Natasha Kmeto with her fantastic album “Inevitable” (the other one was Marriages). So I was happy to hear that she would come over to our coast for[…]

SONG PICK: Alma Elste – Limitless

Alma Elste is from Paris and makes great music – I don’t know much more about her right now. But our Song Pick of the Day “Limitless” is just perfect: subtle electronics, smooth vocals and a slick beat.

SONG PICK: Paperwhite – Unstoppable

If you need a jolt of energy on this Sunday, sing along with Katie Marshall, who forms with her brother Ben the duo Paperwhite: “We are Unstoppable”. Our Song Pick of the day is an anthemic electro pop track, which is hard not to like.

NEW ALBUM: L.A. Girlfriend – Neon Grey

Some albums, like the ones by Cross Record or Sea Caves try to surprise the listener with every song or often even within a song. Others find beauty in steadiness, like “Neon Grey” by L.A. Girlfriend. Behind that name is not, as one could assume, a bunch of dudes from,[…]

SONG PICK: Shallow Waves – Tired

Toronto’s Shallow Waves take their inspiration from 90s grunge and garage bands and mix and whirl it all perfectly together in the grungy, yet charming “Tired”, our Song Pick of Saturday.

NEW MUSIC: Shallou – Heights

New York City is pretty much frozen at this moment and it is not warmer in Joe Boston’s aka Shallou’s hometown of Chicago, so a warm and shimmering track like “Heights” is very welcome. It is inspired by a vacation in Mexico, which explains the relaxed vibe.

SONG PICK: Eliza Shaddad – Run

Ahead of her EP release on March 18th, Eliza Shaddad delights us with “Run”, a brooding, highly atmospheric and ever intensifying gem of a song. Her vocals can be velvety soft yet at the same time powerful when she cries out: “Run from me far and fast as you can[…]

SONG PICK: Andrew Grant – Slow Burn

“Slow Burn” is the debut track by L.A. producer Andrew Grant. It features his intense vocals and a thundering dance floor bass line that twists the song into an unexpected area.

3 Is A Band: Mirror Travel

Granted, Mirror Travel might not have to travel far when playing next month’s SXSW festival, since they’re originally from Austin but are also residing in Taos, New Mexico yet that’s exactly how I came across them: by listening through bands scheduled to be performing at the music festival. Mirror Travel[…]