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Video: Vanessa Carlton – House of Seven Swords

Vanessa Carlton invites us in the video “House of Seven Swords” into her beautiful new home in Nashville. Nothing suggests the existence of seven swords in there, but it is of course meant metaphorical. In any case the song is beautiful and so is her fifth album Liberman, out now[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Bad Sounds – Avalanche

Despite the chaos a song titled Avalanche would imply, the track is decisively lo-fi, with a relaxed and 70s groovy vibe to it. Avalanche flows beautifully along and wiggles its way into your ears and stays right there, because it is that catchy yet in quite a subtle way! It’s the UK[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Aloha – Welcome to Your New Life

Our Song Pick of the Day comes from L.A. duo Alohaha. With the steel guitar in Welcome to your New Life sounds Hawaiian, but doesn’t really evoke the pretty pictures of a tropical island. Actually, the record cover visualizes the song perfectly.

Video: Empress Of – Icon

This video shows off three things we love in New York: the beautiful landscape upstate, New York City and the great music that is created there, in this case by Lorely Rodriguez, aka Empress Of, who recently released her excellent debut Me. Watch and enjoy:

PHOTOS: The Snaz give their NYC debut at Rockwood Music Hall

We are big fans of the Vermont rock quartet The Snaz, since we saw them this spring at SXSW. They are all under 20 and not really touring yet, so we were delighted to see that they come down for their debut NYC show to Rockwood Music Hall. And they[…]

NEW ALBUM: Painted Zeros – Floriography

Floriography, the full length debut album of Painted Zeros starts right of with lush, woozy guitars on (X) Flatline reminiscent of the best songs of the Silversun Pickups or Smashing Pumpkins, when Katie Lau asks: Which worries you more: that I’ll leave you, or that I won’t?I have changed, but my[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Ecca Vandal – End of Time

I think I write the word “Melbourne” quite often lately, but here we go again with another artist from that Australian city: Ecca Vandal with the track End of Time, which turns me into an instant fan of hers. Just listen to our Song Pick of the Day!

New Release: Sea Caves – Spanning the River

When the song starts with acoustic guitars and a flute, I was expecting a more mellow folk song, but Portland, Oregon quartet Sea Caves is up to something else here: their debut single Spanning the River soars into a quite big song, with a wonderfully melancholic edge. Their debut album[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Hank Mittnacht – Loosing Sleep

Mondays break the waves of the weekend sings Brooklyn based Hank Mittnacht in Loosing Sleep, the perfect song for easing into this Monday with its overall softness and sweet, comforting melody. Hank Mittnacht’s mellow vocals and playful guitar picks help Loosing Sleep truly shine, hence our Song Pick of the Day:

Video: Jaala – Salt Shaker

Not sure what exactly is going on in this video by the Melbourne four-piece Jaala – it’s more like a weird dream which you wake up from and don’t know what it meant. For sure I love the stuffed animal zombie-monster and the song is outstanding once you have come[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Twinkids – ACBTY

The seductive ACTBTY by the L.A. duo TWINKIDS with its elegant minimalistic production is perfect for closing your eyes and dream along. An excellent Song Pick for Sunday.