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SONG PICK: Shells – Jailbird

“Not gonna be a jailbird anymore” sings Shells in her new song “Jailbird”. And the track indeed does not evoke a prison at all: it is light as air, using many different instruments and sounds with Shells’ voice floating over it. The U.K. singer is working on her debut EP[…]

3 Is A Band: Saint Slumber

There seems to be no shortage of intriguing three-pieces in and around New York and Saint Slumber (formerly Dawns) are no exception! The trio hails from a small town outside New York City and they are about to release their debut EP “Youth” on November 11. Ahead of the EP, they have released the[…]

NEW MUSIC: L. $hamPain – To Kill a Mocking Girl (EP)

“To Kill a Mocking Girl” is EP number four by the prolific Texan singer/songwriter L.$hamPain. She describes the songs as pages from her notebook, set to minimal electronics, pianos and her haunting vocals. My favorite is maybe “Zoe’s on a Freight Train”: it evokes the association of a scene in[…]


Are not first ideas often the best anyway? Like the song title “Vs and Gs” which initially was only a demo title and a stand-in for “vocals and guitars”. With “Vs and Gs” London trio DANCEHALL deliver one incredibly infectious gem of a rock-song. Pulsating drums, pronounced guitars and edgy vocals create an urgent vibe[…]

SONG PICK: Bonzai – I Did

Bonzai was born in Indiana, raised in Dublin and now lives in London. Still, that doesn’t fully explain how she conceived a track like “I Did”. If you’re starting to get bored by the relentless parade of “New R&B” music, here is a way out. Where exactly this will lead,[…]

VIDEO: Aircrafting – Tides

In New York City, you don’t need to look too far to come up with an idea for a cool video, often the good is obvious and only a subway ride away. And so, Brooklyn indie-rockers Aircrafting set out to visualize their new single “Tides” at the Coney Island boardwalk, tinting[…]

SONG PICK: Laurel – Hurricane

London-based singer/songwriter Laurel does everything herself: writing, performing, producing and mixing. You would not guess this from her latest song “Hurricane”, a rich and powerful but still intimate rock song. And then there are Laurel’s unique dark and breathy vocals that can give you the chills. Her debut EP “Park”[…]