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NEW TRACK: Julia Knight – Ghost Of You

Julia Knight delivers a knock-out debut single with “Ghost Of You”, letting her songwriting skills and superb vocals fully shine! There is a dark soulful roughness in Julia Knight’s voice that many of us came to love by say BANKS but also a light, shimmery, yes blissful side when she effortlessly taps into the high registers[…]

SONG PICK: Tiny Dinosaurs – Sit and Stare

“Sit and Stare” aptly summarizes the new EP “Awake” by Julie Jay, who records as Tiny Dinosaurs: it has a reflective feel to it, with an undercurrent of melancholy beneath the bright synth and guitar lines. Julie, who emerged from a long illness, is based in L.A. and found remarkable[…]

NEW TRACK: Few Bits – Big Sparks

Looking already forward to Friday? Here’s one more reason: listen to the beautiful title track “Big Sparks” of the new album by Belgian dream pop band Few Bits, out on September 30:

VIDEO: Wall – Last Date

Dark, no-wave and post-punk four-piece Wall from New York City dropped their video to “Last Date” today, and like their music, the video is somewhat simple at first glance and sparse yet definitely fascinating! There might be no middle ground because you either dig that kind of sound or you don’t. But if[…]

SONG PICK: Cape Cub – Lifeline

English singer/songwriter Cape Cub aka Chad Male drops one single per month until the release of his second EP “6AM” due October 21st. Today, it is the single “Lifeline” and it is another instantly alluring piece of music. “Lifeline” is a bit like walking through a tunnel, with dark spots but the end and[…]

SONG PICK: Kelly Lee Owens – CBM

“CBM” stands for colors, beauty and motion and London producer Kelly Lee Owens told The Fader that it is inspired by the experience of seeing the earth from space. Of course she has not been in space herself, but this subtle techno track conveys the feeling of weightlessness and disorientation[…]

SONG PICK: Noia – Love Hack

Gisela Fulla-Silvestre aka NOIA goes all out in her latest track: she combines synths, noise, diverse beats and multiple vocal layers into a rich musical experience. Noia is originally from Spain, but now based in New York, which seems to be the right place to make music that mixes so[…]

SONG PICK: Krusoe – Rivers Run Riot

For starters, “Rivers Run Riot” is stunningly gorgeous and one of the stand-out-tracks of 2016! With that being established, “Rivers Run Riot” also holds a certain menace, urgency and wistfulness, and makes you slightly uncomfortable but in a good way, because after all, this is a song that gets directly to[…]