NEW MUSIC: TelePathiQ – Dark Room

Dark Room is the first EP of TelePathiQ, the electronic music project of Darrick Riggs. The first two tracks are slow-burning, built on top of heavy, complex beats and dark synth drones and feature two different vocalists (or the same one through different effects). The last track is an instrumental[…]

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Ibeyi – Ghosts

Ibeyi are twin sisters from Cuba who do a very special kind of music out of piano and percussion. The video is black and white and minimalistic and gorgeous.

3 Is A Band: Mansionair

Although there are currently not more than two songs available online, including several re-mixes, these two songs are enough to make me want more! With Hold Me Down and Second Night, Mansionair from Sydney, Australia will come state side to play this year’s South By South West festival – and along the way most[…]

Throwback: SPK – Junk Funk

I saw this video first and last on TV in 1984 during the German show Formel Eins, a watercooler-talk inspiring video chart presentation in the 80s. Somewhat later, when we discovered “alternative” music, I learned about about SPK’s earlier work: as an Australian art collective they did industrial punk out[…]

NEW ALBUM: Ghost Culture – Ghost Culture

There’s something fresh and exciting about listening to an artist’s debut album, comparable with the first taste of real champagne, swimming in the ocean or falling in love – for the very first time. The self-titled album Ghost Culture by the London artist James Greenwood aka Ghost Culture takes the[…]

!!! (chk chk chk) live at Union Pool

There’s a special vibe in the air that Friday evening close to 9 o’ clock at  Brooklyn’s Union Pool, a pretty popular hangout and pick-up spot especially in the Summer time with its spacious backyard, romantic lighting, outdoors bar and taco truck (not necessarily in that order). Among the usual weekend crowd were music[…]

NEW MUSIC: Bandit – Losing in a Sense

Bandit is a three piece from Nashville, fronted by singer and guitarist Angela Plate. Losing in a Sense is a slow-burning track guided by heavy guitars and I can hear quite a bit Fools-era Warpaint in it.

NEW TRACK: Dena – Another Love

This year I want to have a closer watch at what’s going on musically Germany. I’ve already mentioned DENA a few weeks ago. She’s originally from Bulgaria, but lives in Berlin and brings somehow a German angle to pop music. Her new song Another Love is catchy and I’m looking[…]

3 Is A Band: Highly Suspect

January… not only the beginning of a new year, but also pretty much about time to get familiar with the bands who will be playing this year’s South By South West music festival in Austin, Texas which after all is only a mere 10 weeks away from today! And while listening[…]

Life Soundtrack: Sisters of Mercy – Vision Thing

The year 2015 is still young and the holidays, together with what they’ve brought us, are still lingering around. Almost 25 years ago, Christmas 1990, I received my first CD player and with it one CD. My back then boyfriend surprised me with this special gift. While I no longer[…]

NEW MUSIC: Låpsley

Låpsley is from Liverpool, 18 years old and signed to XL Recordings. Falling Short is a good song that maybe fits a little to well into what is currently hip in electronic pop music. Låpsley just released her EP The Understudy.

Excited about 2015

The music world 2014 ended with a heated discussion about the business model of the future and if the meager payouts by streaming services have the potential to kill music by new artists. On the other hand, one only has to go to SXSW or CMJ to see how much[…]

3 Is A Band: Depeche Mode

The first show I’ve attend this year, was by the US band Feathers playing Mercury Lounge, the night when the polar vortex occurred. Only a few days AFTER that show, Feathers were touring Europe, opening for Depeche Mode (more info on The Delta Machine Tour here). And so it is more than fitting to[…]