Video: Jennylee – Never

I could imagine that Warpaint bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg dances around the house quite often, so it’s no surprise that she does this in the video for her first single Never as JennyLee. Musically she doesn’t depart much from Warpaint’s dark-colored dream-rock, which is right on for me. I’m looking[…]

Song Picks of the Week

Mansionair Pr0file’s TORRES Merry Ellen Kirk Wayde Autodrone Negative Gemini

Song Pick of the Day: Wayde – Eleanor

Eleanor by the UK band Wayde is in rotation of my new favorite songs for last couple of months and now it’s time to make it our Song Pick of the Day. Enjoy a hauntingly beautiful track with grunge elements, great vocals and a cool hook. Can’t wait to hear MORE from[…]

Idgy Dean gave a mesmerizing performance at Pianos (CMJ)

There’s no denying that we totally dig the music of Idgy Dean, who recently released her debut album titled Ominous Harminus (see our review here).  I was lucky enough to catch Idgy Dean play an early afternoon show, upstairs at Pianos for the Audiofemme and Atypical Sounds CMJ showcase. Seeing Lindsay[…]

Video: Phone Home – I Went and Got a Gatorade”

Fortunately she doesn’t just bring some Gatorade home for a romantic evening. In fact, I haven’t spotted any Gatorade in this video, but it is a beautiful snippet about life in New York City, set to a moody instrumental track.

Song Pick of the Day: Merry Ellen Kirk – Ever After

Merry Ellen Kirk likes her songs to start slow and then build up. That’s what also happens in Ever After, our Song Pick of the Day. Her album We Are The Dreamers will be out tomorrow and it’s a beautiful pop record with slight folk touches.

Song Pick of the Day: TORRES – Special

The fangirl in me can’t help but admire all she does. She is Mackenzie Scott who goes by TORRES and who’s currently touring with Garbage. Together they’re playing Kings Theatre in Brooklyn come Saturday, and after having seen TORRES in a church (Austin, TX), at Baby’s All Right and also at Mercury[…]