Song Pick of the Day: Hank Mittnacht – Loosing Sleep

Mondays break the waves of the weekend sings Brooklyn based Hank Mittnacht in Loosing Sleep, the perfect song for easing into this Monday with its overall softness and sweet, comforting melody. Hank Mittnacht’s mellow vocals and playful guitar picks help Loosing Sleep truly shine, hence our Song Pick of the Day:

Video: Jaala – Salt Shaker

Not sure what exactly is going on in this video by the Melbourne four-piece Jaala – it’s more like a weird dream which you wake up from and don’t know what it meant. For sure I love the stuffed animal zombie-monster and the song is outstanding once you have come[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Twinkids – ACBTY

The seductive ACTBTY by the L.A. duo TWINKIDS with its elegant minimalistic production is perfect for closing your eyes and dream along. An excellent Song Pick for Sunday.

Video: Jessie Jones – Quicksilver Screen

Jessie Jones dances through the Southern Californian landscape in her video for Quicksilver Screen. The retro look fits well to the psychedelic pop song with a weird edge. I love it and will now listen to her selft titled debut album.

Song Pick of the Day: Sabina Ddumba – Not Too Young

It’s Friday, so let’s get the party started with this Song Pick of the Day Not Too Young by Swedish singer Sabina Ddumba. She’s obviously upset that some say she’s too young to understand love. She’s probably right, but I hope she made the right decision.

Song Pick of the Day: St. Tropez – Son Of God

Before you even had a chance to further think about Son Of God and what’s really going on here, the track’s already over with only 2 minutes and 17 seconds yet this was plenty of time to make you crave more. Just hit the play-button again, and start Son Of[…]

3 Is A Band: XY&O (xyando)

Always on the look-out for cool trios, I came across XY&O  (also spelled xyando) last week, and was immediately hooked! Couldn’t believe my luck. It was one of these accidental stumbles -my favorite- me just browsing around SoundCloud and picking up on songs. Fahrenheit got released less than two weeks  ago and[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Lauren Marsh – Promise

Our Song Pick of the Day is the upbeat pop anthem Promise by New Jersey singer/songwriter Lauren Marsh. It’s is about shrugging off bad experiences and enjoying life to the fullest and that message cannot be reinforced too often.

VIDEO: Nicky Venus – Legacy

How about a video for Wednesday and making this our very own #VideoWednesday?! We have something brand new and smokin’ hot for you with the beautifully haunting “Legacy” by San Diego resident Nicky Venus. “Legacy” is electro-pop at its best, think mid-80s Depeche Mode and then some. The video itself is[…]

PHOTOS: Lena Fayre plays her elegant pop at The Delancey (CMJ)

L.A. artist Lena Fayre has been around a few years and it is entirely my fault that I haven’t heard about her until last CMJ, where she fortunately played a few showcases, among them the Atypical Sounds/Audiofemme takeover at The Delancey. See photos of her show below and listen to[…]

PHOTOS: DF3 brought joyful synth pop to Leftfield (CMJ)

DF3, a synth pop trio from California via Mexico and Brooklyn, were scheduled to play two shows for CMJ 2015, both at equally intimate dance clubs on the Lower East Side. First up was their show at Leftfield, which I decided to catch. Two days later, a show at Fat[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Rare Monk – California

Casually letting SoundCloud run, I came across a one year old track by Portland’s (Oregon) Rare Monk and checked to see if there’s by any chance a newer, equally cool song and holy cow – there’s the yesterday released California! What. A. Song. The chorus goes California will burn and this already[…]