DMA’s are three friends from Newton, South Australia. They got signed to I OH YOU without even having played (together as a band) live before. Their videos are refreshingly different, because the three sport a, decisively, nerdy/geeky look but their sound is anything but. The songs on their EP are catchy[…]

NEW MUSIC: Lower Dens – To Die in L.A.

The Lower Dens have an interesting music journey behind them. Listen to their first album or even to Jana Hunter’s solo work before and then this. I really like it – how about a late registration in Austin?


Sexores are a three-piece from Barcelona via Latin America. They call their music dream pop and rightfully so: Below the Rainbow feels like a dream, with the vocals barely raise over thick guitar layers.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Zola Jesus – Hunger

Hunger is the third video off Zola Jesus’ last record Taiga. It is our favorite song and the video is simple and fun: it shows Nika Danilova doing some sort of twisted variation of yoga or standing model for various statues. Or whatever else you want to interpret into what[…]

3 Is A Band: Young Empires

While listening to Young Empires‘ debut EP Wake All My Youth, I had to check once, twice and then again to make sure I read correctly: Young Empires do NOT come from Australia? The land of up-beat, positive and lush sounds? The land with a seemingly endless supply of joyful electro-pop[…]

Throwback: Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy

1984 was the year when I had to decide what to do with my life and in the spur of a moment, instead of pursuing a university degree, I decided to pick up a trade and started an apprenticeship as hairdresser in the town I’ve lived all my life. A small[…]

NEW ALBUM: The Sidekicks – Runners In The Nerved World

This might very well be the album I’ve listened to the most in this still very young year of 2015. Hailing from Columbus, OH, The Sidekicks have released an immediately appealing new album with Runners In The Nerved World. The music is mainly upbeat, the songs are catchy and there’s a lot[…]

Zola Jesus live at St. Vitus

Fortunately, when Zola Jesus announced an “intimate show at St. Vitus”, I just saw her tweet passing by and could secure tickets immediately. Last Fall, I saw her at Webster Hall with the bonus of a full horn section and three additional musicians. But, when it comes to live shows,[…]

NEW MUSIC: Emika – Klavirni

Normally, I wouldn’t be drawn to a record with 13 acoustic piano tracks, all named Dilo. But I love Emika dearly and I actually liked her previous piano work a lot: the closer of Emika, Closing Credits always gets me with its dark intensity and her 2003 Klavirni EP with[…]

NEW MUSIC: Sea Change – Square

Sea Change is the stage name of Ellen Sunde from Norway. Her music is melodic and glistening and her voice reminds me of Empress Of or Salt Cathedral. She releases her first record Breakage on February 23rd. Her first challange will be to step out of Beck’s shadow, whose 2002[…]

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Color War – Shapeshifting

Although this video has already been released last fall, it is too good to let it pass. Filmmaker Crystal Moselle did this video for the Brooklyn electronic music duo Color War. The song is great, but juxtaposing it with three young ballet dancers having fun all over Manhattan is genius.[…]

FIRST LISTEN: Until The Ribbon Breaks – A Lesson Unlearnt

When we saw Until The Ribbon Breaks last year in Austin on our way to see a different band. I remember, I liked them, but I was more concerned with freezing on the open deck of Maggie Mae’s and the deadly accident that happened close by that night. Now they[…]

3 Is A Band: Lazyeyes

There’s nothing idle about Lazyeyes‘ upcoming months: they seem determined to make 2015 their year! Having been founded in the Summer of 2012, and having released their first EP only a couple of months later in January 2013, the three piece from Brooklyn just released their second EP titled New Year.[…]