Song Picks of the Week

UK Band Landshapes plays Union Pool on July 16th. That’s why I listened to their song Stay and I really like it, so it’s our Song Pick of Monday. We’re staying in the UK but are leaving London, heading a bit further North to Norwich to listen to Desire by[…]

PHOTOS: No Joy live at Rough Trade

No Joy is a Canadian four piece, originally founded by Jasmine White-Gluz (vocals, guitar) and Laura Lloyd (guitar), now joined by drummer Garland Hastings and bassist Michael Farsky. They do shoegaze, almost in the literal sense of the word: both guitarists operate an impressive array of technology at their feet[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK Kraftwerk – Die Roboter

I think I heard this song first 1979 in music class. We were asked to bring some cassettes to be played in front of the class and a fellow student brought Kraftwerk’s Die Roboter. The kids back then were divided between classical music (those who learned instruments) and 50s rock’n’roll,[…]

NEW ALBUM: Glower – The Circle Binds

The second Low Motion, the title track of Glower‘s album starts, I loved it already! It’s about the feelings The Circle Binds is able to evoke: it is as if I’m sitting in my favorite bar and surprisingly, an old friend comes in, one I haven’t seen in years but always thought[…]

NEW ALBUM: Wolf Alice – My Love is Cool

The first time we saw Wolf Alice was on the second day of SXSW 2015 at The Parish and we were pretty much blown away. The band had so much energy and singer Ellie Rowsell was so intense and beautiful that we both became immediate fans. The same has apparently[…]

Song Picks of the Week

The Song Pick of Monday Come in comes from London musician GEoRGiA (capitalization hers). I love the industrial beat on this track, which is off a four track EP with the same name. More of this please! Are You Happy asks The Outdoor Type in our Song Pick of Tuesday.[…]

Releases and Announcements

New Releases Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool Oliver: This week two female-fronted four-pieces battle from both sides of the Atlantic it out for the most love from the critics. London band Wolf Alice released their excellent debut My Love Is Cool on Dirty Hit Records. More about it[…]

3 Is A Band: Little Racer

I’ve known Little Racer’s music for quite a while but only now, with having lost or dropped their fourth member and with being on Papercup Music, I stumbled across them again. Almost literally, because I saw them in the audience for a show at UO Live Stage on Bedford Ave during Northside Festival. (Williamsburg[…]

It Hugs Back – Slow Wave

What I love most about Slow Wave, the new album by the British four piece It Hugs Back, is the chilled and overall highly laid-back vibe. Especially in songs like Somnolence or Anyway, Matthew Simms’ vocal and guitar style remind me of a few 90s favorites of mine. Listening to his voice, I have for example Huey[…]

Ibeyi play a surprise acoustic set at Rough Trade NYC

Ibeyi is one of the new bands I’m the most excited about this year, so it was a no-brainer to rush to Rough Trade NYC last Friday to see them live once more. They played an acoustic set in the store itself, not in the back room venue, which was[…]

Waterstrider played a beautiful set at Palisades

Two months ago, I came across the album Waterstrider, the self-titled debut album of the Californian band Waterstrider and wrote a review about it. I loved the album back then, and I still do and so it was a no-brainer to go see Waterstrider live when in town. Touring with Trails And Wails,[…]

Wolf Alice live at Poisson Rouge

When I read about a show at Poisson Rouge in the Greenwich Village, I picture sitting at a table with a glass of wine while nibbling some sushi. You can do that there for some shows, but for a rock band like Wolf Alice, it is turned into a packed[…]