3 Is A Band: Broncho

I might have heard Class Historian by Broncho on either a Pandora or Songza playlist and liked it from the spot. What’s not to like? Upbeat and bouncy with a catchy chorus that thanks to its easy lyrics everybody can immediately chime in. The song is in deed so catchy, that it toured my brain all[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Warpaint – Exquisite Corpse

The first time I heard about Warpaint was in fall 2010, weeks before the release of their first full length album The Fool. I immediately checked my streaming service and found their 2008 EP Exquisite Corpse. It’s a big EP with six songs, totaling in 34 minutes and I fell[…]

Nothing More live at Irving Plaza (Juggernaut Tour)

Together on tour were Thank You Scientist, WOVENWAR, Nothing More and Periphery, and on a very cold night, on February 12th, they filled Irving Plaza with fans who came for any of the four bands but hardly anybody knew them all.  I came for Nothing More, since I had seen[…]

Turbo Goth live at Coco66

It’s still smack-dab deep in the middle of Winter in New York City, but this does not keep us from venturing out, going to a show. I wanted to see Turbo Goth ever since I listened to them prior to SXSW 2014, but I missed them (as so many other cool[…]

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Lowell – I love You Money

While everybody else is discussing how musicians and songwriters are compensated fairly, the Canadian electropop artist Lowell goes for the green stuff directly by declaring I Love You Money, naturally in a big and loud celebration. I hope, it loves her back. She’s confirmed for SXSW this March, and I’m[…]

FIRST LISTEN: Susanne Sundfør – Ten Love Songs

Susanne Sundfør has already done five albums and is a star in Norway, her home country, but it took a tweet from ex Keep Shelly in Athens singer Sarah P. to make me listen to her sixth album Ten Love Songs. It is a delightful piece of music, not far[…]

THROWBACK: Anne Clark – Our Darkness

I love songs driven by relentless synth and drum lines and one could argue that Anne Clark, together with her co-writer David Harrow invented them in 1984 for the song Our Darkness. Anne (not to be confused with Annie Clark, who records as St. Vincent) introduced a unique style of[…]

NEW ALBUM: Man Without Country – Maximum Entropy

Behind the somewhat confusing name Man Without Country is a musician duo, comprised of Ryan James and Tomas Greenhalf, with live show support from Mike Monaghan on drums/percussions. They’re hailing from South Wales and seem to like their country in the country of Great Britain – despite their band name. Without having known anything[…]

NEW MUSIC: Laura Groves – Committed Language

Let a song start with synthesized mallets and I’m already sold. But from there Laura Grove’s Committed Language becomes only better: she adds more bright synth and vocal layers to something that reminds me on a Kate Bush or Empress Of song. The EP is out soon and I’m already[…]

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Zhala – Aerobic Lambada

This is Zhala’s second video for Aerobic Lambada. Not a postive and minimalistic as her first one, it is rather nightmarish affair: It finds Zhala in the Swedish forest by night and involves a pomegranate fruit. The song is great and I have probably already mentioned that Zhala is an[…]

Adryelle, Feral The Earthworm and Fifth Nation live at Trash Bar

Tuesday night we ventured out to Trash Bar to see Adryelle, an electronic music artist from Baltimore. She is like a darker and less flashy version of Grimes – she also performs alone behind a desk using loops and samples to create her music right there on stage. Last year’s[…]

SXSW MUST SEE: Catfish and the Bottlemen

Must See for SXSW are Catfish and the Bottlemen, making their US touring debut over from Wales and if I ever had only seen them performing on Letterman (unlikely, because I don’t watch TV), I would not have really been impressed. Looks too much like a Julian Casablancas impersonation (huge fan!) and overall[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: The Strokes – Is This It

Lately, I’ve been referencing The Strokes too often to not finally come back to them for glamglare’s LifeSoundtrack series. By the time, The Strokes have put out their first album, Is This It in July 2001 (click on the link to read about the album cover controversy), I lived already in[…]