NEW ALBUM: Princess Century – Progress

Electronic music is going many different ways: some is optimized towards danceability, some merges back into rock music and some reaches for ever more abstraction, like Laurel Halo’s work. Princess Century’s debut album on the other hand, while named Progress, goes musically it rather back to a time, when electronic[…]

Video: Solvey – Redlight

Watch Solvey watching herself playing baseball against herself. It’s a great song too.

Dilly Dally’s Wake-up Call at Baby’s All Right (CMJ)

If you immerse yourself in a multi-day music festival like CMJ or SXSW, you’ll find yourself sooner or later at a point where everything blurs and you don’t really feel anymore if it’s day or night. Then you want to see a band like Dilly Dally from Toronto, who wakes[…]

New Album: Cheatahs – Mythologies

Upon learning that UK band Cheatahs wouldn’t be able to make it to the US right in time for New York’s CMJ 2015 festival, I was pretty bummed. They were scheduled to play five shows. Just imagine! Bathing in big, fat, loud guitar driven sound (shoegaze anyone?) for not just one[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Maybe the Moon – Washout

Maybe The Moon is a duo from California, who, according to their bio, had a love-at-first-sight moment in December 2012. Since then they also make beautiful pop music, for example their track Washout with a chord progression that keeps you on the edge. It’s our Song Pick of the Day.

Song Pick of the Day: Def.GRLS – FinGRLess Lady

We all know songs where lyrics and music are in stark contrast with each other, and FinGRLess Lady by Def.GRLS is such a song and our Song Pick of the Day. The music is all warm and fuzzy, recorded in deliberate lo-fi style, making me think of The Beatles (sic!) especially[…]

Spaces of Disappearance’s mysterious show at Leftfield (CMJ)

Earlier today I wrote about Grimes and her stunning live performances, but she’s not the only one who masters the fine art of electronic solo live performances: Elaine Davis from Chicago, who goes as Spaces of Disappearance on stage, combines cool electronics with a powerful, soulful voice. We saw her[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Actor – Baby Cries

Actor may have found the most un-Googleable band name ever. Her management company is from the U.K., so I assume she’s from there to. That’s all I know. Anyway, it’s a great track and it’s our Song Pick of the Day.

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Grimes – Weregild

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Grimes – Weregild Grimes just announced her new album Art Angels and is now all over the place in the Internet and other media. From all we know, Grimes is still Claire Boucher’s one-woman show, although she surly has some help to manage her ever-growing operations. Claire is[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Jolympix – Waiting

I could pretend I wouldn’t know how time works or that Europe would be 5 or more hours ahead of us in New York… and argue that since this is a band from Denmark, our “daily” Song Pick of the Day still happened right in time (for Wednesday!). But, whom[…]