Song Pick of the Day: Mansionair – Speak Easy

Early this year, I came across an exciting young band from Sydney, Australia, and was lucky enough to having caught them live during Austin’s SXSW.  Mansionair were live as thrilling as recorded and the three just released a new song, featuring once again Jack’s beautiful falsetto. Listen to our Song[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Lara Snow – Creatures of the Night

At every festival like CMJ, there seems to be one artist we run into on almost every day. This year, I’m delighted that it was Lara Snow, an electronic singer songwriter from Tel Aviv, who we met several times. CMJ is over, but she’ll play another show at Pianos next[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Vundabar – Darla

Browsing through all the possibilities this -last- CMJ day offers, I’ll go with Darla by Vundabar for my Song Pick of the Day. It’s an energetic, upbeat song with some fine (guitar) hooks. We saw the three from Boston playing Pianos yesterday, and they shouldn’t be missed playing Niagara today either. 

CMJ Roundup Day 3: Religia // The Beaches // Georgia

Unfortunately I couldn’t join for the daytime shows, but Elke saw Idgy Dean, Methyl Ethel and Courtesy Tier. More about them later. For me the evening started with Religia, the project of Asha Iwanowicz from Brooklyn. She combines mostly electronic music with great vocals and I’m sure we’ll hear more[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Monogem – Gone

This is glistening electropop from California by Monogem from California. She is playing Rockwood Music Hall tonight for CMJ and I hope I can be there. Our Song Pick of The Day.

VIDEO: Robyn Cage – Born in the Desert

Robyn Cage from Utah loves the desert, after all she’s born there as the title of her debut album proclaims. The title track is a beautiful, big song and Utah’s landscape plus a piano and a bathtub are giving the perfect backdrop.

3IsABand – 10 Must See Trios at CMJ 2015

In my #3IsABand series, I feature bands whose music excites me and who are comprised of exactly three band members. While some long time favorites don’t play this year’s festival, or some I won’t feature (again), I discovered a few new ones I am very much looking forward to seeing live.[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Solvey – Wave

I just love this song by Solvey, the lastet project of Jessica Zambri. She will play CMJ on Friday 9:30 pm at Pianos and I will try hard to be there. Here is her song Wave, our Song Pick of the Day.

VIDEO: Stranger Cat – RED

Cat Martino, aka Stranger Cat, directed and edited this video herself, which features Charles Schneider as an evil sorcerer who abducts Stranger Cat into some enchanted forest. Beautifully done!