Song Pick of the Day: Maszer – Fata Mirage

Maszer is a trio from Seattle, in parts via Tel Aviv. I love the guitar line on their first single Fata Mirage, our Song Pick of the Day. They are readying an EP for release in December.

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Warpaint – Undertow

In the light of Jenny Lee Lindbergs first solo show ever yesterday at Baby’s All Right (watch out for photos in the next days), here’s a throwback to 2010, when her band’s ascent to a indie rock favorite with fans all over the world began. I’m sure the four members[…]

Song Pick of the Day: The Rungs – Whispers

November shows its grey and rainy face this afternoon, yet our Song Pick of the Day Whispers by the Brooklyn-based duo The Rungs, will sweep away any gloomy thoughts. Instantly! It’s an upbeat and playful little gem of a song with just the right dose of sunshine and a touch of[…]

3 Is A Band: A R I Z O N A

“The good is often surprisingly close, especially when living in a cultural metropolis”, is what came to my mind immediately upon learning that  A R I Z O N A  is a three piece from well, New Jersey. They do however divide their time between East Coast, West Coast aka[…]

Video: Yes You Are – World Without End

Watch Kianna Alarid sing this wonderfully big pop song World Without End with her band Yes You Are. While Kianna has been making music for quite some time, Yes You Are is a new collaboration with Jared White and with this kind of music they are heading straight for the[…]

PHOTOS: The Beaches heat up Fontana’s basement venue (CMJ)

The Beaches from Toronto delivered a power rock show at the Canadian Blast event at Fontana’s. Listen to Little Pieces from their EP Heights and let the photos speak for themselves. = All concert photos by – Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard ==

Song Pick of the Day: The Coa† – Knowledge

We want to know // We want to know sing The Coa†  (yep, that’s the desired spelling) in their just released, pretty cool Knowledge. While we would like to know more about this band, all there is for now, is their music. Okay then, listen to our Song Pick of the[…]

Video: Rebecca James – On My Way

Here’s a fun video by London singer/songwriter Rebecca James, who dances, bikes and rides the tube through the city. It’s an upbeat catchy song and I will have difficulties to get it out of my head again.

NEW ALBUM: Princess Century – Progress

Electronic music is going many different ways: some is optimized towards danceability, some merges back into rock music and some reaches for ever more abstraction, like Laurel Halo’s work. Princess Century’s debut album on the other hand, while named Progress, goes musically it rather back to a time, when electronic[…]