SONG PICK: Pixel Fix – Settle Me

Listening to “Settle Me”, I hear a playful, upbeat synth-pop song, in the tradition of my favorite Australian bands. Listening closely though, I realize, the singer must be from the UK, and that’s exactly where Pixel Fix are from, more precisely from Oxford, England. Digging a bit deeper, and listening[…]

VIDEO: Eliza Shaddad – Wars

“Wars” is the first single of UK artist Eliza Shaddad and there could not be a bleaker place for the video taking place than an empty parking garage. Eliza seems to walk around aimlessly, but she is looking for something and what she finds is not pretty.

SONG PICK: Kinder Than Wolves – Hazel Days

Here is a beautiful track by Orlando three piece Kinder Than Wolves. Our Song Pick of the Day “Hazel Days” is carried by a soft, bright guitar line and Paige Coley‘s warm and intimate vocals. Their debut EP is out on April 15th.

NEW ALBUM: Cross Record – Wabi Sabi

The first time I listened to “Wabi-Sabi” was at a beach, which caused something like a complete disconnect between the sensations signaled to my eyes and ears. There are the glistening sea, bright colors and people having fun in front of me, but Cross Record’s music comes from very different[…]

SONG PICK: Moats – Hungry

Syncopated drum beats, clear bass lines, defined guitar riffs, and then those stunning vocals – it all comes exquisitely together in “Hungry” and touches, twirls and drifts apart again. This is one incredibly awesome gem of a song, released by the British four-piece “Moats” and our Song Pick of the[…]

SONG PICK: Zaflon – 7 Stalkers

Our Song Pick of today is a darker, rougher electronic track by London producer Zaflon. For “7 Stalkers” he enlists singer Gilan to tell how there is no escape from the seven sins before the song ends pretty much in musical destruction. Zaflon’s debut EP is announced for February 12.

Music Quotes:

Among the many awesome thoughts expressed by David Bowie… this quote resonates with me in particular, and so I put it on a photo we took at Baby’s All Right with Dilly Dally‘s gear on stage.

SONG PICK: Mirror Mask – Second Coming

Distinct bass-lines open “Second Coming” before the synths and eventually the vocals chime in, claiming “I am alone”…  Our Song Pick of the Day “Second Coming” is the newest track by Austin, TX duo Mirror Mask. They call their sound “dark wave” and 80s wave influences including all that happened in electronic music[…]

SONG PICK: Kynn – Walk On Water

KYYN is a fellow Brooklynite who just released her debut single Walk on Water. Our Song Pick of the Day is a delightful, emotional electronic pop piece that is kept off center by a noisy, distorted piano line. Look forward to three more songs on her upcoming EP.

Song Picks of the Day 16.4

Maybelleen The Flavr Blue Viola Beach Nicholas Roberts Dog In The Snow Lucifers Beard Darla And The Blonde​

SONG PICK: Darla And The Blonde – End of the Party

The new London band Darla And The Blonde​, a five piece around songwriter Nina Lovelace, delivers our Song Pick of the Day. The End of the Party breathes new life in classic rock music, including a fine guitar solo, but tackles with the “Umbrella Revolution” in Hong Kong a rather[…]

LATE NIGHT: Missio – Can I Exist

Can I Exist is a new slow-burning track by the Austin electronic duo Missio taking on the topics of depression and addiction. It starts full of melancholy with a simple piano line and builds up to an emotional finale.

SONG PICK: Lucifers Beard – Black & Blue

Our Song Pick of the Day comes from the British three-piece Lucifers Beard, who just released a killer debut single with Black & Blue and their first EP YETI to follow in May. Black & Blue is one powerful, intelligent rock song, with plenty of hooks, pleasing guitar solos, and awesome vocals. Imagine what the[…]

SONG PICK: Dog in the Snow – Plastic Body

Today’s Song Pick of the Day is from last year, but I cannot pass over Helen Ganya Brown’s hauntingly beautiful vocals in the track Plastic Body. She records under the name Dog In The Snow and is based in Brighton, England.