SONG PICK: Fufanu – Your Collection

So, you thought you can put this Monday already behind you, winding down, drinking tea… think again. Here come Fufanu from Reykjavík, Iceland (the country known for Björk, incredibly awesome landscape, the Airwaves music festival and more). “Your Collection” is our Song Pick of the Day and it’s like Front 242 and[…]

New Track: Actor – Uppercut

This is a new track Uppercut by UK band Actor. We had their last track Baby Cries as Song Pick of the Day, but now I know a little bit more about them: it is the band of Louisa Osborn, Chris Mulligan and Ste Anderson, who create intense alternative pop[…]

Song Pick: Giungla – Cold

UPDATE: “Cold” has just been re-released Giungla is Emanuela Drei from Italy with Cold, one of the coolest tracks I’ve heard this year. Aside from her vocals, there’s just a guitar and drum machine that produces a sick, distorted beat. This is our Song Pick of the Day and you[…]

Late Night: MK Grands – Rxssia

There are songs that evoke the images of a night out in the city: passing lights in a cab, late night drinks in a lounge and going home not alone. The beautifully smooth Rxssia by Australian MK Grands is such a track and I will try to collect more in[…]

Song Pick of the Day: The Chambermaids – Tall Grass

Tall Grass is the latest song by the Minneapolis four-piece The Chambermaids. Aside from the for shoegaze typical reverb guitars, one can identify some classical instruments meant for “chamber music” in the mix, hence the band’s name. (My guess). Don’t be fooled though, our Song Pick of the Day is a[…]

Elke’s Top Ten Albums of 2015

Throughout 2015, I’ve been listening to hundreds of album releases and those I particularly liked, I blogged about. My list here is a personal one, and it can only be personal when created by one person only. How could I ever be “objective”? One of my own personal rules for[…]

Song Pick of the Day: My Fellow Sponges – Air

Here’s a beautiful song by the Irish six-piece My Fellow Sponges. They use an array of acoustic instruments and top it off with some electronics. I’ve never really been to Ireland, but I can imagine that it’s the perfect soundtrack for driving around there – our Song Pick of the[…]

Oliver’s Top Ten Albums 2015

It is time again to present my top ten favorite albums. In 2015, like in previous years, there was again much more good music that fits into a single list and looking at the selections of fellow blogs confirms it: what is the number one on one list sometimes doesn’t[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Cameron A G – Lost Direction

When I listened to Lost Direction for the very first time, a little over a month ago, I put it on hold with a note “for the quieter season”. By now, I’d say we’re in the middle of it and as usual it’s anything but “quiet” but this song is. It[…]

3 Is A band: HÆLOS

Whenever an artist is using special characters in their name, they automatically get more attention and this is no different with HÆLOS – I was instantly intrigued! Luckily, this London three-piece can back up their name choice with some excellent trip-hop inspired, electro-pop. Their music is dark and urgent  at times[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Tangerines – Skin Dives

What a nonchalant and laid-back little gem Skin Dives by the London quartet Tangerines is. Oh the guitars! The GUITARS! And then on top the lazy, gnarly vocals… A sure-fire Song Pick of the Day, especially now during the holiday season: Skin Dives clears your ears from too much sugar, snow, or jingle[…]