Zola Jesus live at St. Vitus

Fortunately, when Zola Jesus announced an “intimate show at St. Vitus”, I just saw her tweet passing by and could secure tickets immediately. Last Fall, I saw her at Webster Hall with the bonus of a full horn section and three additional musicians. But, when it comes to live shows,[…]

NEW MUSIC: Emika – Klavirni

Normally, I wouldn’t be drawn to a record with 13 acoustic piano tracks, all named Dilo. But I love Emika dearly and I actually liked her previous piano work a lot: the closer of Emika, Closing Credits always gets me with its dark intensity and her 2003 Klavirni EP with[…]

NEW MUSIC: Sea Change – Square

Sea Change is the stage name of Ellen Sunde from Norway. Her music is melodic and glistening and her voice reminds me of Empress Of or Salt Cathedral. She releases her first record Breakage on February 23rd. Her first challange will be to step out of Beck’s shadow, whose 2002[…]

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Color War – Shapeshifting

Although this video has already been released last fall, it is too good to let it pass. Filmmaker Crystal Moselle did this video for the Brooklyn electronic music duo Color War. The song is great, but juxtaposing it with three young ballet dancers having fun all over Manhattan is genius.[…]

FIRST LISTEN: Until The Ribbon Breaks – A Lesson Unlearnt

When we saw Until The Ribbon Breaks last year in Austin on our way to see a different band. I remember, I liked them, but I was more concerned with freezing on the open deck of Maggie Mae’s and the deadly accident that happened close by that night. Now they[…]

3 Is A Band: Lazyeyes

There’s nothing idle about Lazyeyes‘ upcoming months: they seem determined to make 2015 their year! Having been founded in the Summer of 2012, and having released their first EP only a couple of months later in January 2013, the three piece from Brooklyn just released their second EP titled New Year.[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Sneaker Pimps – Bloodsport

2002 was a tough year for us: New York City was still reeling from 9/11, the economy was depressed and we had difficulties to find jobs. And, to make this all very visible, an official drought caused all fountains of the city to be shut down. My soundtrack for in[…]

NEW ALBUM: Disappears – Irreal

Disclaimer: Disappears’ 3rd full length album Pre Language is one of my all time favorite albums and I am a huge fan of Brian Case’s voice and style of singing. Same goes for Jonathan van Herik’s way of playing guitar. I’ve seen Disappears playing live twice so far and immensely loved the[…]

NEW MUSIC: TelePathiQ – Dark Room

Dark Room is the first EP of TelePathiQ, the electronic music project of Darrick Riggs. The first two tracks are slow-burning, built on top of heavy, complex beats and dark synth drones and feature two different vocalists (or the same one through different effects). The last track is an instrumental[…]

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Ibeyi – Ghosts

Ibeyi are twin sisters from Cuba who do a very special kind of music out of piano and percussion. The video is black and white and minimalistic and gorgeous.

3 Is A Band: Mansionair

Although there are currently not more than two songs available online, including several re-mixes, these two songs are enough to make me want more! With Hold Me Down and Second Night, Mansionair from Sydney, Australia will come state side to play this year’s South By South West festival – and along the way most[…]

Throwback: SPK – Junk Funk

I saw this video first and last on TV in 1984 during the German show Formel Eins, a watercooler-talk inspiring video chart presentation in the 80s. Somewhat later, when we discovered “alternative” music, I learned about about SPK’s earlier work: as an Australian art collective they did industrial punk out[…]

NEW ALBUM: Ghost Culture – Ghost Culture

There’s something fresh and exciting about listening to an artist’s debut album, comparable with the first taste of real champagne, swimming in the ocean or falling in love – for the very first time. The self-titled album Ghost Culture by the London artist James Greenwood aka Ghost Culture takes the[…]