PHOTOS: Highly Suspect live at SXSW 2015

Keeping a favorite for last… while our South By Southwest coverage ended about two weeks ago, there’s still a band left, I wrote about before but wanted to cover as well: Highly Suspect – a pretty awesome three piece from Cape Cod and if not touring, currently residing in Brooklyn but touring they do! Not only are[…]

PHOTOS: Avers live at Darwin’s Pub, SXSW 2015

Avers are a pretty interesting band from Richmond, VA (more or less from that area) and especially interesting is the fact that all six band members who form Avers, found each other despite also (successfully) playing in other bands. In Avers, they are also not bound to one specific instrument or[…]

PHOTOS: Young Ejecta live at The Main II, SXSW 2015

I saw Young Ejecta first unexpectedly last year opening for Gazelle Twin. Back then, singer Leanne Macomber was accompanied by Joel Ford, who was playing the music, but for SXSW she was traveling light and alone: a smart choice given the special circumstances of the festival. Young Ejecta is doing[…]

PHOTOS: Be Forest live at Valhalla, SXSW 2015

Be Forest are Costanza Delle Rose (bass, vocals), Erica Terenzi (drums, vocals) and Nicola Lampredi (guitar) a three piece from Pesaro, Italy. Their expansive tour also lead them to this year’s South By South West music festival, where they played several shows. I had the good fortune to catch them at “The International Shoegaze[…]

PHOTOS: The Snaz live at Trophy Bar, SXSW 2015

The Snaz is a young four-piece band from Vermont: They are remarkable, because Dharma, Mavis, Zach and Nina are neither siblings nor carefully selected by some cunning producer. They are just (?) four teenagers who have been working together creatively for about three years and that to great results. Their[…]

Ibeyi live at SXSW 2015

Ibeyi was one of the bands I listened to when the first announcements for SXSW 2015 came out in October 2015, and I was immediately fascinated by their story and music on a very personal level. However, the elements of their music, piano, traditional percussion and chants in Yoruba initially[…]

Swervedriver live at Red 7, SXSW 2015

There are bands, who seem to have disappeared, yet never lost their fan base. Then they come back, and are (still) so incredibly good that it blows your mind. Swervedriver is one of these bands with not having released an album in 15 years and then putting out a gem like I[…]

Idgy Dean live at the The Main II, SXSW 2015

Even though Lindsay Sanwald, the woman behind Idgy Dean, lives in Brooklyn, I haven’t had heard of her until the last evening before taking of to Austin. Fortunately, time and location of her show on the 17th fit into our schedule – otherwise we would have missed one of the[…]

Modern Chemistry live at Red 7 Patio, Austin SXSW 2015

The rain has finally stopped and while it was certainly much warmer that early Spring evening in Austin than it would have been in New York or say New Jersey, it was still kinda cold, yet Modern Chemistry put enough heat into their show to fire up their audience at Red 7’s[…]