VIDEO: FEWS – 100 Goosebumps

Even before heading to this year’s SXSW, I knew that FEWS would be one of the most exciting bands to currently come out of the UK*, and having seen them live not only once but twice confirmed this guess. We chose “The Zoo” as Song Pick of the Day earlier this year,[…]

VIDEO: Zuster – Do U Want Me

Watch the Owens sisters Andie and Maggie, aka Zuster, light up the bleak surroundings with their beautiful harmonies. “Do U Want Me” is an electro pop song with a sudden soaring, meandering chorus, which gives the track a nice edge. I’m curious what the two are up to next. Listen[…]

VIDEO: Lilly Wolf – Terrible Mistake

Hindsight is 20/20. In that light, New York duo Lilly Wolf map out a list of  dreadful mistakes, showing what events led to them. The track “Terrible Mistake” is from their 2015 album “Deleted Scenes” (Apple Music | Spotify), for which the video is also a good metaphor: some of the[…]

VIDEO: Oyinda – Never Enough

“Watch me move like I’m up on a big screen” Oyinda sings in her new single “Never Enough”. Take the advice and blow up this video on the biggest screen you can play YouTube videos on – you won’t regret it.

VIDEO: Shadow Monster – Out Of My Mind

Shadow Monster is the stage name of Gillian Visco, a singer/songwriter from New York, who is also an actor in theater and film, an experience she used in the new video for “Out of my Mind”. There is a theater company behaving strangely, a cemetery (Green-Wood?) and tears are shed.[…]

VIDEO: Francine Thirteen – Lady Mary, The Lord and Spark

Since FKA twigs’ brand of audiovisual experimentation has moved closer to the mainstream, there is room for something new: Francine Thirteen tackles the topic of female archetypes in a new EP due later this year. The video “Lady Mary, The Lord and Spark” is full of symbolism and feels more[…]

VIDEO: The Dose – Cold Hands

Compelling visuals, interesting narrative with a touch of suspense even, directed with a decisive artistic vision, band mates who don’t need to hide (and luckily they don’t!) and on top of it all a crazy catchy indie-rock song: “Cold Hands”, the first video by the Los Angeles rock duo The Dose, delivers all that and[…]

VIDEO: FMLYBND – Space & Time

They have a picture of the Empire State in the apartment, but other than that “Space & Time” by California band FMLYBND has a strong West-Coast-y feeling to it. They obviously have a lot of fun with what they doing and that shines through in their music. Us on the[…]

VIDEO: Eliot Sumner – Half Way To Hell

Eliot Sumner lost a game of dice with the devil in this video, which brings her at least “Halfway to Hell”, where she already finds a lot of fire around. The power rock/pop mix of her music may be a little out of fashion, but she pretty much owns that[…]

VIDEO: Rina Sawayama – Where You Are?

Her T-Shirt says “Disco Sucks” but that is obviously irony in Rina Sawayama’s video for “Where Are U”, inspired by the Michael Jackson hit “I Wanna Be Where You Are”. She also plays guitar and handles her social media on two laptops and an iPhone from her bedroom. Or listen[…]