VIDEO: A R I Z O N A – I Was Wrong

The video to A R I Z O N A‘s single “I Was Wrong” is as sweet as band videos can get. The video tells a little story, following a beautiful young woman throughout her day, with scenes of the band playing live cut in-between. Adorable! The track is highly infectious[…]

VIDEO: whenyoung – See How They Run

Whenyoung is a London four-piece and their debut video shows them playing “See How They Run” at a house party. The video is as straight-forward as the song: a rock band playing a rock song with a sing-along power chorus. Delightful!

VIDEO: Free Money – Headful

“Headful” is the instantly alluring  debut of Free Money, a new indie-rock act from East London. For the time being, Free Money will publish their songs via video only and so we feature “Headful” this way because this track is just so good with is hooks, beats edgy vocals and overall effortlessly cool vibe. If[…]

VIDEO: Jesse Mac Cormack – Repeat

Black and white videos, featuring a good-looking woman and a good-looking man are so easy to love. Give me pulsating drums, and coarsely charming vocals and I’m all set! It’s no different with Jesse Mac Cormack‘s video for “Repeat”, his latest, highly atmospheric single, which grips you from the start, shakes you, sends[…]

VIDEO: Alex Cameron – She’s Mine

“She’s Mine” is a catchy, instantly likable song and then on top of it comes this feel-good-video, you can’t help but break out into one big smile. When I watched “She’s Mine” for the first time,  I wasn’t sure if Alex Cameron is kinda making fun of 80s bands or if[…]

VIDEO: Saint God – Narasvette

The shoegaze duo Saint God created this beautifully intense video after they met Italian dancer Giulia Piana in their home town of Tel Aviv. Together with the ambient light she turns the monuments at Edith Wolfson Park into a mythical place that complements the mood of the song “Narasvette” perfectly.


With “I Got Something” KYTES  unleashed a great feel-good-song, sporting hand-clapping and a catchy sing-along chorus. And… the track already got remixed by super producer Robot Koch, lending the tune his melodic, delicate touch.  As if that’s not yet enough of the good, KYTES released a cheeky fun video to go with the track today![…]

VIDEO: Liana Bank$ – LVLUP

I love New York videos and this is a particularly good one. Upcoming artist Liana Bank$ has fun on a night out in Manhattan and she enjoys dancing on Times Square and the escalator on the World Trade Center Path station. The track “LVLUP” is also so good with its[…]

VIDEO: Leitbur – Antique Travelers

Just in time for the friendlier months of the year arrives “Antique Travelers”, a romantic synthpop sparkler that is as catchy as it is happiness-inducing.”Antique Travelers” evokes the glorious feelings of strolling through a bright, sun-drenched landscape while enjoying a mild breeze from the ocean which is not too far-fetched given that this is the brand[…]