VIDEO: Lara Snow – Sometimes it’s enough

Lara, singer of the Berlin via Tel Aviv electro-pop duo Lara Snow is led by a friend to a mysterious abandoned building (which I suspect has not been approved for filming) for a day of thrill and fun. Things don’t seem to be like they appear and there are some[…]

VIDEO: Annabel Allum – Tricks

In “Tricks” you see singer and guitarist Annabel Allum plays with soil, chalk, dust and sand, which makes the video feel as dry as the distorted guitar that dominates this track.

VIDEO: Ella On The Run – Walk Away

The visuals to “Walk Away” are as pleasing and beautiful as the song itself. Ella On The Run is singing with a spitting image of herself, with a whirling kaleidoscope, creating a mesmerizing, sensual effect. The video, directed by Rafe Gibbon, does the lyrically sparse track justice by letting Ella On The Run’s[…]

VIDEO: The Lulls – Paris

What makes a really cool song even greater? An inspired video! And the Californian surfgaze-trio The Lulls did just that. Together with their new single “Paris”, they also released a stunning video to go with it. It’s a classic band video, filmed like what an Apple Inc. commercial might look like. Directed[…]

VIDEO: Rooms – Stars Beyond

“Stars Beyond” is a mesmerizing new song by Sydney psychedelic-pop duo Rooms. The video to go with it, tells the charming yet heart-breaking love story between two women. End of story… …wait! This is one of the videos worth spending time on because of its sheer beauty and emotional depth. It was developed and shot by[…]

VIDEO: Wildwood Kin – Warrior Daughter

Wildwood Kin is a trio of two sisters with their cousin from England, but their style of indie Americana is more at home over here. The video for “Warrior Daughter” shows them in the beautiful setting of an enchanted forest with an abandoned mansion. Plus, they doing some seriously awesome[…]

VIDEO: Bichkraft – Stain of Rest

Hailing from Kiev in the Ukraine, Bichkraft recently visited New York City to play a few gigs and to mainly record more material, after having released an amazing full length album on Wharf Cat Records in June 2016. Their debut album “Shadoof”, is full of raw energy and confidence in trying out things without making[…]

VIDEO: Big Eyes – Stake My Claim

No better way that starting a day with some serious rock. Big Eyes is the band of Kait Eldridge and “Stake My Claim” is a jolt of energy, just under two and a half minutes long. In the video, you will see her walking through the city moving in reverse,[…]

VIDEO: FEWS – 10 Things

FEWS, the Swedish/American quartet based in the U.K., have with their debut “Means” released one of my top favorite albums of 2016 and after The Zoo and 1000 Goosebumps, they put out another video, this time for “10 Things”. Initially, the splatter style B-movie video set in a 60s bowling alley left me a[…]

VIDEO: Electrogenic – In This Together (Apoptygma Berzerk cover)

Apoptygma Berzerk is a Norwegian band who is around since the late 80s and I have to admit that I didn’t know them until a few days ago. But there are a lot of younger bands that feel being musically influenced by them so much that they decided to do[…]