VIDEO: Eliot Sumner – Half Way To Hell

Eliot Sumner lost a game of dice with the devil in this video, which brings her at least “Halfway to Hell”, where she already finds a lot of fire around. The power rock/pop mix of her music may be a little out of fashion, but she pretty much owns that[…]

VIDEO: Rina Sawayama – Where You Are?

Her T-Shirt says “Disco Sucks” but that is obviously irony in Rina Sawayama’s video for “Where Are U”, inspired by the Michael Jackson hit “I Wanna Be Where You Are”. She also plays guitar and handles her social media on two laptops and an iPhone from her bedroom. Or listen[…]

VIDEO: Monogem – Gone

This is a simply beautiful video: Monogem’s “Gone” shows two gorgeous women dancing through a sun-filled loft apartment. “I’m gone ‘cause I can do better” sings Jen Hirsh and it is up to you to make up the story here.

VIDEO: Brave Shores – Surfs Up

When Stephanie and Jay McCarrol aka Brave Shores literally couch surf to an island they are invited to a beach party. Weird things are happening that don’t really fit to the upbeat mood of the song. Pay attention to the details!

VIDEO: Emika – Flashback

Berlin producer Emika just finished the recording of a full symphony in Prague and is already back to release new music on her main line: dark, melodic, beat-driven synth pop. Watch the video to “Flashbacks”:

VIDEO: Postaal – Burnin’

Postaal are a duo from Paris and that’s all we know at this point. The video is set somewhere in Southeast Asia and juxtaposes serene landscapes with city life and Thai boxing. Somehow, this summarizes nicely the chorus: “Keep the fires burnin’, baby”.

VIDEO: Tsar B – Escalate

The video for “Escalate” by Belgian singer Tsar B was inspired by an Aladdin musical. For me it has rather a spy movie vibe where cloaked characters going after some guy for some reason. Who’s on the right or wrong side here? Who knows?

VIDEO: Eliza Shaddad – Wars

“Wars” is the first single of UK artist Eliza Shaddad and there could not be a bleaker place for the video taking place than an empty parking garage. Eliza seems to walk around aimlessly, but she is looking for something and what she finds is not pretty.

VIDEO: Naadia – Omut

This is a new song Omut (Омут) by the electronic Russian band Naadia (Наадя). It is a slow, atmospheric track, which fits perfectly to the visuals that fall somewhere between Games of Throne and a Fever Ray video. Check out also this live video of an older song on s[…]

VIDEO: Letters to Nepal – Loosing Now

Booklyn electronic duo Letters to Nepal has just released a video for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest. Watch Anton Fadeev hammering the beats into his Maschine controller, while Evgeniya Kusnetzova is singing, playing the theremin and doing the special effects. It is all live and recorded in one take. We[…]