SONG PICK: Florence Arman – Naked (Video)

“Naked” is the irresistibly lush and stunning debut of Florence Arman, a young British singer, and songwriter. While “Naked” happens to be the artist’s first single, we were lucky enough to have listened to more of her already and can not wait for everyone to enjoy her work. “Naked” marks[…]

Jess Cornelius

SONG PICK: Jess Cornelius – Body Memory (Video)

“I was my own woman once and I was sure I was enough” – then life happens and things start looking very different. In In “Body Memory” L.A. via Melbourne singer/songwriter Jess Cornelius gives a very personal insight into how certain events can shape you forever, but also how you ultimately have to cope with it.

Patricia Lalor

SONG PICK: Patricia Lalor – Alone (Video)

At 14 years old, Patricia Lalor has never lived in a world without Californian band Warpaint. We have no word whether she is a fan, but judging from her latest song “Alone” she surly has a similar taste in music: there are the harmonies, the melodic guitar lines and the intricate beats. “Alone” is dream pop at its best and we hope to see more of this on her upcoming EP “Do It Again,” out on July 24.

Ask Carol

SONG PICK: Ask Carol – Run With You (Video)

Ask Carol is a duo from Norway and their new song sums up a feeling that is familiar to many of us these days: getting away from it all. “All I want to do is run with you,” Carol sings over an energetic beat and scorching guitars and you might just want to join her.

Loyal Lobos

SONG PICK: Loyal Lobos – Whatever It Is (Video)

“Whatever It Is” grows from a quiet acoustic song into something like a big rock anthem and on the way Loyal Lobos spends so much musical creativity that one can only look forward to her upcoming album “Everlasting,” due out August 7. Behind Loyal Lobos is Andrea Silva, who moved from Colombia to Las Angeles.

Dance Loud

Q&A With Dance Loud

Dance Loud is the Chicago-based duo of producer and DJ Kristin Sanchez and guitarist, drummer and vocalist Desereé Fawn Zimmerman. They have just released their debut album “The Moment,” an intriguing fusion of dance-floor-ready beats and accessible, catchy pop music. Kristin and Deserée play all instruments and record and produce all music themselves. They were so kind to answer a few questions that give us a glimpse into where they come from and how their creative process works.

Video Picks of the Week

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Alexia Charoud, Cherry Blaster, Komorebi, Mae Krell,

Alexia Charoud – Silver Lines French electronic musician Alexia Charoud creates dark enigmatic soundscapes, that make the perfect soundtrack for a sci-fi story: watch Alexia be seduced by an evil alien queen. She also just released an excellent EP “I-Refrain” (Apple Music | Spotify). Cherry Blaster – Body Language Iulia[…]