Charm of Finches

SONG PICK: Charm of Finches – Treading Water (Video)

Two days ago, Emily McNally asked “Can we be friends.” Today, Australian sister duo Charm of Finches is one step further in their new song about the friendship that could replace a relationship. With gentle guitars and beautiful harmonies, “Treading Water” is a trip down memory lane. While Mabel and[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Katy J Pearson, Little Majorette, Penelope Trappes, Wallice

Katy J Pearson – Miracle “Miracle,” the new song and video by British singer/songwriter Katy J Pearson puts you immediately under its spell. You want to know how the enchantingly quirky story unfolds and at one point you might even shed some tears. Happy tears. Well, I did. When asked[…]

Abby Sage

SONG PICK: Abby Sage – Smoke Break (Video)

“Smoke Break” could be the prequel of Monday’s Song Pick “Carefree.” L.A.-via-Toronto singer/songwriter Abby Sage describes the time in a failing relationship before – maybe – relief sets in. When emotions are still heavy like the drums and synths in the song. But “Smoke Break” is not just a sad[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Alex McArtor, Claire George, Emma Negrete, GEISTE

Alex McArtor – Bras and Jeans Watching the beautiful new video by Texas singer/songwriter Alex McArtor, her influences are immediately apparent. She names David Lynch as a key influence on her intricate storytelling. The visuals on “Bras and Jeans” reminded me instantly of a famous 70s movie, of Peter Weir’s “Picnic[…]

SONG PICK: Cathal Murphy – Frame (Video)

“Frame” is a refreshingly smooth and instantly appealing track, and the new magnificent single by singer/songwriter Cathal Murphy. At home in Camlough, Northern Ireland, the gifted artist went to Glasgow to film his video and get also some photos done. “Frame” is the first single from Murphy’s upcoming debut EP,[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Fake Fruit, feeo, Leah Thomas, Reisender

Fake Fruit – Milkman California post-punk three-piece Fake Fruit just released the compelling “Milkman” together with a truly inspired video. The clip sees singer/guitarist Hannah D’Amato in the role of the milk delivery person and guitarist Alex Post and drummer Miles MacDiarmid in diverse other roles. The music video, directed[…]

Madi Diaz

SONG PICK: Madi Diaz – Nervous (Video)

“Nervous” is a personal song and you may not get behind what exactly Nashville-based singer/songwriter Madi Diaz is experiencing here. But it still likely will strike a chord with you as it deals with the complexities of personality and the interactions with the world around us. Madi keeps the song[…]

Daytona Starsky

SONG PICK: Daytona Starsky – Gasoline (Video)

This song is hot and does not beat around the bush: there is fire between Daytona Starsky and the woman he is attracted to. Add some “Gasoline,” and you have an explosive mix, driven by a heavy bassline and scorching guitars. Daytona Starsky is originally from the Netherlands and now[…]


SONG PICK: Wyldest – Beggar (Video)

Zoe Mead aka Wyldest is a master of melodic dream pop. Her latest song, “Beggar,” is a beautiful example of this: layers of sound flowing around a gentle guitar line, and the vocals sit perfectly in the mix to never take you out of a meditative state. She says about[…]


SONG PICK: Anika – Finger Pies (Video)

Berlin-based musician Anika (Annika Henderson) has been releasing music throughout the last decade with her band Exploded View and under her own name. Anika’s new song “Funger Pies” rides on an energetic bassline and creates an air of mystery. What is going on here? Both Anika’s explanation below and the[…]