VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: High Waisted, in earnest, LONA, Morgan Harper-Jones

High Waisted – Modern Love “Modern Love” is the latest single off High Waisted‘s new album, “Sick of Saying Sorry”, out May 22nd and it got a cool video treatment. Its creators Jenni Yang & Logan Seaman say about the inspiration behind the video: “Jenni found a quote that says “to[…]

SONG PICK: Zaac Pick – Ladder To The Sun (Video)

The video to “Ladder To The Sun” drew me immediately into its compelling story. It is so nice to see young people hanging out together… “Ladder To The Sun” is the second track from Zaac Pick‘s upcoming album “Passages” (out May 22nd) and with its melancholic undertones yet overall optimistic[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: David Archuleta, Hi Motive, Runrummer, Sam Himself

David Archuleta – Just Breathe David Archuleta‘s vocals are as charmingly beautiful as back in his American Idol days, and “Just Breathe” is a mellow, lovely song. The video was shot while keeping social distancing rules in place. The portrayal of people around the world, health care workers, and people[…]


SONG PICK: Mïrändä – I Am Art (Video)

“I Am Art” says New York-based producer and singer Mïrändä and she proves it with an impressive, swirling video, with all visuals created by herself in isolation. “Limitations can set you free,” she says, but this is not just about her. We all can take this as motivation and inspiration to get through the current situation. After all, art is at the core of the human spirit.

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Color The Night, Dance Loud, Pure Protein, Sandmoon

Color The Night – Road Infectious feel-good song and playful feel-good visuals, that is “Road” by Austrian six-piece Color The Night. Directed by Niki Texler and Sarah Zaza, the music video invites to sing and bounce along while on the road, virtually anyway. Watch the video now: Dance Loud –[…]

Discovery Zone

SONG PICK: Discovery Zone – Blissful Morning Dream Interpretation Melody (Video)

“Blissful Morning Dream Interpretation Melody” is a futuristic audiovisual experience by Berlin-based artist JJ Weihl – formerly part of Fenster – who records music as Discovery Zone. Disguised as an add for a dream sharing app the video shows an eerily happy future while JJ Weihl’s classic electronic sounds carry your mind away.


“Not Over You” is the new single by Dutch artist YVI, and it is irresistibly stunning! With its mesmerizing beats, pace and timing “Not Over You” could be very well a new single by Radiohead with Thom Yorke’s vocals replaced by Diederick Brandsma‘s darker, warmer and equally appealing voice. When asked[…]

Oriel Poole

SONG PICK: Oriel Poole – Warrior (Video)

A New Year’s Eve love affair sparked the latest song “Warrior” by L.A.-based singer/songwriter Oriel Poole. Presumably the story didn’t have happy ending: the track is a dark, brooding future pop piece that immediately pulls into a world of intense, twisted emotions. Oriel released “Warrior” a few month ago, but the suspense-laden video is brand new.

SONG PICK: Belle and the Dragon – Trees (Video)

Flyleaf’s singer/guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya and bassist Pat Seals formed pop-rock band Belle and the Dragon together with P.O.D. drummer Noah Bernardo and had their debut album “Birthrights” released earlier this year. Now they put out the joyful new single “Trees”, together with an inspiring video. It is great fun to[…]