VIDEO PICKS: ARY, Blu DeTiger, Chromeo, Caregiver, girl in red

ARY – My Awe Sustains Earlier this year, Norwegian musician ARY released an excellent album. She now released a dark, unsettling video for the lead single “My Awe Sustains” with the help of director Pernille Sandberg and digital artist Herwig Scherabon. ARY recalls: “I’ve always loved ‘music video’ as a[…]

fanclubwallet – You Have Got To Be Kidding Me [Video]

“You Have Got To Be Kidding Me” is the title track of fanclubwallet‘s just-released album. Behind the moniker is Ottawa-based musician Hannah Judge, who says about the beautifully mellow song, that’s tinged with just the right amount of upbeat sprinkles: Sometimes people can be really mean to you and try[…]

Laura Veirs

Laura Veirs – Seaside Haiku [Video]

“Seaside Haiku” is exactly that: a song born from haikus written in Seaside, Oregon. The gritty but cheerful song about doing your own thing is the second single off “Found Light,” the 12th album by Oregon-based singer/songwriter Laura Veirs. It is the first one she co-produced after focusing on songwriting[…]


Mayfly – Black Water [Video]

Being among people but still feeling alone and isolated – is what Charlie and Emma of the Montreal duo Mayfly go through in their new song “Black Water.” Musically and visually, in the video directed by Adrian Villagomez, they describe the struggle from two perspectives that come together to create[…]

The Luka State – Bring Us Down [Video]

After a little hesitation, whether I’d really want to go so much ‘rock,’ it became clear that I do because “Bring Us Down” is irresistibly stunning! The crazy banger is the new single by British four-piece The Luka State. Until recently, I was sort of worried that the times of[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Chelsea Jade, Eliza Niemi, Rosie Carney, The Darcys

Chelsea Jade – Superfan “Superfan,” the video, fascinates from the get-go. The new work by Chelsea Jade sees the artist in close-ups and surreal positions, all kept in black and white. The song is taken from her new album Soft Spot, out on Carpark Records. New Zealand-based Chelsea Jade is[…]

Charlie Hickey – Gold Line [Video]

“What’s the point of even trying” muses Charlie Hickey on the beautifully mellow “Gold Line,” and takes the listener on a joyful ride. The accompanying video supports the positive, inviting vibe, because that’s what the gorgeous track ultimately offers. “Gold Line” is taken from Charlie Hickey’s upcoming album Nervous at[…]

Kathryn Williams

Kathryn Williams – Answer In The Dark [Video]

Liverpool-based multi-faceted artist Kathryn Williams announced her new album “Night Drive” for July 15 on One Little Independent. The second single, “Answer in The Dark,” is a sweeping, nocturnal track with cinematic string arrangements. Kathryn says about the album: Some of it is questioning who we are, realising that being[…]

DC Gore – I Like You [Video]

The synth-pop banger “I Like You” marks the third single from DC Gore‘s upcoming debut album All These Things, out July 29th on Domino Records. Irresistibly catchy, “I Like You” is only on the surface carefree and easygoing because the song’s sentiment goes deeper. “I Like You” is an introspective view[…]

VIDEO PICKS: A.O. Gerber, Brian May, Nadia Sheikh, Vicky Farewell

A.O. Gerber – Looking for the Right Things On the surface, “Looking for the Right Things” might “just” be another beautiful song and another intriguingvideo but a lot thought and also time went into it. This is a fascinating work of art that shows that an artist can get lucky[…]