VIDEO FRIDAY: Asha – Brooklyn Lights

“Brooklyn Lights” is an intimate song by Brooklyn singer, songwriter and producer Asha about the struggles you sometimes have to take on in life, especially as an artist. It also demonstrates how expressing yourself sonically and visually can help you and others coping with such situations. Watch “Brooklyn Lights” here:[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Sophie Colette – Would You Like It

Had I never listened to any of Sophie Colette‘s pop pearls before and never seen the Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter either, then her brand new video “Would You Like It” would seal the deal!  The music video, directed by Karina Vidal, is everything a music, arts and New York loving heart desires.[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Kitzl – Wizard Girls

Kitzl is an electronic singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada who creates experimental, quirky pop songs and outer-worldly visuals. If another Canadian electronic pop star comes to mind here, you are on the right track. Watch “Wizard Girls” here: Listen to to the song on Spotify: Connect with Kitzl on Facebook, Instagram[…]


Kid Bloom‘s music has one remarkable and fairly unique feature: Lennon Klosser‘s vocals! When we featured Kid Bloom’s single “Sugarcoat” earlier this year, I resisted the temptation to mention who the vocals remind me of but this time I want to say it. As someone who grew up in the[…]

SONG PICK: Kacy Hill – To Someone Else (Video)

Kacy Hill moved from Phoenix to L.A. and and rubbed shoulders with super stars in the music business. With her new song “To Someone Else” she is now doing her own thing in a quite spectacular way. Bright, elegantly produced and with unexpected, out-of-character drum breaks, the song captures your[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Ailsa And The Seahorses – Seventeen

Follow Scottish singer/songwriter Ailsa And The Seahorses on a trip down memory lane, to a time when things in life were just simple and carefree. From the perspective of the here and now, there is an undeniable sense of melancholy in the song and the visuals. But watching the almost[…]

SONG PICK: Ro Bergman – Horizon

“Horizon”, the new single by indie-rock musician Ro Bergman is hypnotic in its repetitiveness and irresistibly gorgeous at once. Dark and brooding yet with a touch of hope and optimism when the chorus of “new horizon”, chanted repeatedly, sets in. When asked about his newest song, Bergman provides: “Out of the underground[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Alice Pisano – Stay

Sometimes there is not much needed in a video to emphasize the power of a song. You have Alice Pisano at the piano, a cellist and a guitarist in a beautiful room at St. Lukes in London and together they bring the song “Stay” to life. Enjoy! Connect with Alice[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Tusks – Be Mine

Emily Underhill aka Tusks has released a fabulous second album “Avalanche”. Get into the groove with the video “Be Mine” and listen to the album on Apple Music or Spotify. Connect with Tusks on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

VIDEO FRIDAY: Dry Cleaning – Magic of Meghan

I loved “Magic of Meghan” by London-based quartet Dry Cleaning from the spot, together with its smart and compelling video. “Magic of Meghan” got a visual treatment that lets you guess what might happen next or which sheer endless other possibilities there are. The video was created by Sheffield-based artist[…]