Juanita Stein

SONG PICK: Juanita Stein – Snapshot (Video)

“Snapshot” is a hauntingly beautiful song about keeping the memory of a lost loved one alive through the little things that remain left behind. Brighton-based, Australian singer/songwriter Juanita Stein has created this reflective masterpiece for her late father, who was an inspiration to her father in many ways.

Ela Minus

SONG PICK: Ela Minus – megapunk (Video)

Born in Colombia and based in Brooklyn, Ela Minus is a synthesizer maven who does dark, electronic pop music without the help of computers. Her new song “megapunk” is a protest anthem which fits perfectly to the here and now. “you don’t want to understand / you’re choosing to lead us apart / but against all odds / you still won’t make us stop,” she sings and chances are that you know exactly whom she means, no matter where you are in the world.

SONG PICK: Dream Wife – After The Rain (Video)

At glamglare, we have been fans of the music and live performances of British/Icelandic band Dream Wife ever since we saw them live during Iceland Airwaves 2016. They just released their excellent second full-length album (listen here) and while most tracks explode with energy, the closing track “After The Rain” strikes a different note. Singer Rakel Mjöll, known for her raucous speak-singing, turns to softer vocals as she candidly refers to a difficult situation from her own life.

SONG PICK: The Cuckoos – So Real, So Surreal (Video)

Austin-based psych-rockers The Cuckoos continue to release singles and videos simultaneously, with their new “So Real, So Surreal”. This latest installment is a beautifully woozy and summer-sensual song. What prompted the band to create a video featuring a blow-up doll? And how did they avoid to make this look all[…]

Ess See

SONG PICK: Ess See – Overdrive (Video)

There is this one moment when continuous romantic disappointment turns into new hope in its brightest colors. No matter on which side of this event you may be, the new song by Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Sarah Cobb aka Ess See is the perfect anthem to lift you up. She produced this one herself and gave it a subtle, joyful retro-feel to the time when affairs of love were perceived simpler.

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Alewya, Cusi Coyllur, Fenne Lily, NZCA LINES

Alewya – Sweating If the July weather does not get you sweating, this video by London-based singer, songwriter and producer Alewya will. The song is scorching hot and the visuals directed by Jack Bowden remind you what a night at the club looked like. Enjoy! Watch the video now:  […]