SONG PICK: Renay – Inspire Me (Video)

The muse is a double-edge sword for the artist as L.A.-based singer, songwriter and producer Renay reveals about her new song “Inspire Me”: “This song is about how the muse inspires, paradoxically propelling you to create (birth), yet through the intense obsession it devours you (death). An intensely positive rendition[…]

SONG PICK: Ani Glass – Mirores (Video)

Cornish musician Ani Glass kicks off the year with a new song “Mirores” about “the alignment of ideas, motivation and energy and that rare but illuminating experience of feeling inspired.” Like her older sister Gwenno, she sings in the native language of Cornwall, but the bright, upbeat synth pop track[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: ANIQO / Bambara / The Eiffels

ANIQO German singer/songwriter ANIQO filmed a heartwarming video for her new song “LoveLive”.  Watch her roam the streets of Berlin looking out for a bit of love, directed by Anita Goß & Peter Hönnemann. Watch the video now: Bambara Beautifully moody, dark and mysterious the new video by Bambara, directed by[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Calista Kazuko / Chrysta Bell / Skeleton Woman

Calista Kazuko – Benzo Belle Accompanying her new album “Empress”, Calista Kazuko released a quirky, enigmatic and highly captivating music video for “Benzo Bell”. Beyond the surreal images lies a darker topic and a strong message. Watch the video now: Chrysta Bell – Fells Like Love Chrysta Bell is often[…]

SONG PICK: Braids – Eclipse (Ashley) (Video)

While music fans everywhere are busy with compiling lists of their favorite songs and albums of 2019 or the entire decade, you might want to consider “Eclipse (Ashley)” by Montreal-based indie art rock band Braids as well because their new single is irresistibly gorgeous! The track has a coaxing flow[…]

SONG PICK: talker – Learning the Feeling (Video)

No more being nice and quiet, says Celeste Taucher aka talker in her brand new single “Learning the Feeling”. No matter what makes you currently want to be kicking and screaming, the cathartic chorus may be just what you need to channel your feelings. And while you are on it,[…]

SONG PICK: Lux Lyall – Gun Metal Horses (Video)

“Gun Metal Horses” is a slow-burning, reflective song full of nostalgia by London-based artist Lux Lyall. The track unfolds like a dream with acoustic strings over a steady beat and unlikely electronics. Lux Lyall describes the mood perfectly as “longing for the past, fearing for the future and reflecting on[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Ásgeir / Belau / Smoke Fairies / Tourists / Tusks

Ásgeir – Youth Icelandic artist Ásgeir took advantage of his home country’s mesmerizing scenery and spent a winter writing, sometimes with his poet father Einar Georg Einarsson, and with English translation help from American songwriter John Grant. Watch the video now: Belau – Essence (live) Hungarian producer duo Belau showcase[…]