VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Ian Sweet, Odina, The Weather Station

Ian Sweet A lot is going on in the new video by L.A. singer/songwriter Jillian Medford aka IAN SWEET. Are those people in suits really fighting or just playing. And who are they anyway? Maybe Jillian’s words give you a clue about her self-directed video: “[The Track] taps into my[…]


SONG PICK: Gaeya – Tide For The Change (Video)

Imagine stepping out of a cabin somewhere in nature. The sun has just risen, the light is crisp and the air clear, and around you, the wildlife awakens. This is the feeling that “Tide for the Change” by Swedish musician Gaeya evokes when it swells from a simple piano line[…]

Need Serene

SONG PICK: Neeq Serene – Fields of Gold (Video)

There are two worlds in “Fields of Gold,” the new song by London-based musician Neeq Serene. The borderline is blurry like the two languages, English and Urdu, that are blended together throughout the song, but you can feel when the transition happens in a grand, cinematic moment. It is nothing[…]

Danielle Durack

SONG PICK: Danielle Durack – Eggshells (Video)

As we come slowly out of the winter break, there are already many releases lined up to look forward to. On January 15 Phoenix-based singer/songwriter Danielle Durack releases her new album “No Place,” which is described as her “journal laid bare for listeners.” The closing track “Eggshells” is about the[…]

SONG PICK: Limahl – One Wish For Christmas (Video)

“One Wish For Christmas” by Limahl landed in my inbox already before Thanksgiving and instantly knew that I would want to feature the track because as a true teenager of the 80s, who can say ‘no’ to one of England’s hottest pop-stars? Yes, Limahl, the former lead singer of new[…]

SONG PICK: Dharma – 90s Baby (Video)

We are super excited about this one! We’re following Dharma Ramirez for five years since she was the singer and guitarist of the Vermont band The Snaz. We met the band first at SXSW 2015 when they played the backroom of a raunchy Sixth Street bar on the same makeshift[…]

SONG PICK: Winona Avenue – December Night (Video)

At home in Indianapolis, IA, Winona Avenue create warm and alluring pop-songs with a message. “December Night” is about Christmas and the holiday spirit and it is presented in a fascinating way. The video, directed by Andrew Rozario, picks up on the theme of love and belongingness, telling a story[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Carly Chea, Flor and the Sea, Paper Tapes, Pet Needs

Carly Chea – Personal Pop Star “Personal Popstar” is about the difficulty to find true supporters in the music industry and avoid those who use a musician’s ambition for their own gain. NYC-based singer/songwriter Carly Shea wrote this infectious track on her way back from L.A. and added swirling, glamorous[…]

SONG PICK: Circa Waves – Miss Christmas (Video)

Very early this year, on January 11th to be precise, we featured British indie rock quartet Circa Waves with the lush and beautiful “Move to San Francisco”.  Back then, we have already heard about a new flu outbreak somewhere deep in China but we could not imagine that the year[…]