SONG PICK: Emily Jane White – Washed Away (Video)

The Californian singer/songwriter Emily Jane White is about to release her sixth album “Immanent Fire” about the destruction of the environment. There is no reason to be cheerful about this, but the single “Washed Away” has still something uplifting to it, like the appreciation of beauty on a walk trough[…]

SONG PICK: MALKA – Taking It Back

“I’m Taking It Back.” Scottish singer/songwriter Tamara Schlesinger aka Malka stays on top of fear and anxiety. Her latest song flows like thoughts crossing one’s mind. But before the mood becomes too dark, the chorus cuts in like a sunburst that brings you back to the light. MALKA explains: ‘Taking[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Fifi Rong – Love Is a Lonely Thing Part 1

“Love Is a Lonely Thing,” but not so much in the new video by London-based singer, songwriter and producer Fifi Rong. There she enjoys a good time out in nature with a somewhat mysterious companion. But then, maybe everything was just a dream? The story is to be continued. Watch[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Editors – Black Gold

Only reluctantly, did I open the email that said “New Video by Editors”, I mean, Editors are a British alt rock band I loved in the… when was it? Early and later 00s? What can they possibly have to offer now? A. Lot. As it turns out! Their new single[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Georgia – Never Let You Go

The first thing I heard this morning was “Never Let You Go”, Georgia‘s new and absolutely fantastic single. How is this London-based singer/songwriter and superb drummer coming up with one infectious pop pearl after the other? (Remember “About Work The Dancefloor” and “Started Out?”) Georgia’s sound is edgy enough to[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Chelsea Wolfe – Deranged for Rock & Roll

Chelsea Wolfe has released a beautiful, classic bar-at-the-end-of-the-world video for “Deranged for Rock & Roll.” She also released her fantastic sixth album “The Birth of Violence” today. Listen to the album on Apple Music or Spotify and watch the video below: Connect with Chelsea Wolfe on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Asha – Brooklyn Lights

“Brooklyn Lights” is an intimate song by Brooklyn singer, songwriter and producer Asha about the struggles you sometimes have to take on in life, especially as an artist. It also demonstrates how expressing yourself sonically and visually can help you and others coping with such situations. Watch “Brooklyn Lights” here:[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Sophie Colette – Would You Like It

Had I never listened to any of Sophie Colette‘s pop pearls before and never seen the Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter either, then her brand new video “Would You Like It” would seal the deal!  The music video, directed by Karina Vidal, is everything a music, arts and New York loving heart desires.[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Kitzl – Wizard Girls

Kitzl is an electronic singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada who creates experimental, quirky pop songs and outer-worldly visuals. If another Canadian electronic pop star comes to mind here, you are on the right track. Watch “Wizard Girls” here: Listen to to the song on Spotify: Connect with Kitzl on Facebook, Instagram[…]