SONG PICK: Lara Snow – Wild Sea (Video)

Tel Aviv- and Berlin-based singer/songwriter Lara Snow does big, glittering synth pop reminiscent of Icelandic artists like Vök or Hildur. In her latest single “Wild Sea” she reveals a very personal story “of a poisoned relationship and a great heartbreak.” Don’t expect her sulking, though: Lara’s music always feels elevating and empowering and is maybe what you need right now to brighten your day. And even better, her EP “Delete Everything” is finally out.

SONG PICK: Giek_1 – Both Ways (Video)

Stephanie Smit aka Giek_1 is a musician and visual artist based in Amsterdam. The new single “Both Ways” is one of those songs that immediately takes you into a different headspace with its atmospheric production and Giek_1’s layered, ethereal vocals. This is music to lose yourself in and you will find more of this on her EP “ESCAPE,” to be released on May 1.

SONG PICK: Neon Dreams – Walk Away

When I first came across “Walk Away”, the new single and video by alt-pop duo Neon Dreams, my heart did a little happy jump for excitement. So. Good. At that time, I was looking forward to seeing the Halifax-based band live in Austin next week. But, only a few hours[…]

SONG PICK: Evvol – It’s OK (Video)

After Friday’s Song Pick here is another act who helped sparking this blog: genre-defying Berlin-based duo Evvol, formerly Kool Thing. They are now ready to release their second album “The Power” on May 8. First single “It’s Ok” is a compelling synth pop piece that keeps you on the edge with unexpected vocal effects and leaves it unclear how well things really are.


SONG PICK: Austra – Anywayz (Video)

Katie Stelmanis aka Austra can be counted as one of the early inspirations for the blog and so we are very happy to hear new music from her after the 2017 album “Future Politics.” The reason for her three year break from music led to her fourth album “HiDRUiN” about destructive relationships. Album opener and second single “Anywayz” is classic Austra: glittering synth and soaring vocals, put together in a way you hardly can get anywhere else.

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Ellis, Novaa, October Drift, The Blinders

Ellis – Embarrassing “Embarrassing” by Canadian singer/songwriter Ellis is looking at shame from two angles. There is nothing to fear here: the nocturnal video by Max Taeuschel treats its protagonist gently, engulfed in mild light and soft feathers. Ellis releases her album “Born Again” on April 3 and will make[…]

Laura Gray

SONG PICK: Laura Gray – Break, Drift.

“Break, Drift.” is an apt title for the new song by Montreal-based musician Laura Glover aka Laura Gray. It is about breaking up with somebody, but the music invites you rather to drift along with Laura’s thoughts. It is comforting in its reflective melancholy: these things happen, but you’ll get over it.

SONG PICK: Dustin Lovelis – Stay Calm, Ezra (Video)

Among last Friday’s new releases was “Stay Calm, Ezra”, announcing Dustin Lovelis‘ debut album “In Your Chamber”, out via Park The Van. I listened to the single but stayed for the entire album, on double repeat and then some. So. Good. Beautiful harmonies, mostly mellow vibes paired with an overall[…]