VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Lailana, Red Moon, She’s Excited!, Talia Jackson

Lailana – Pixelated Soundwaves U.K. singer/songwriter Lailana covers a tough topic in her song “Pixelated Soundwaves” – the same as Claire George earlier this week, by the way: losing somebody to drug addiction. The song is upbeat and bouncy, but Lailana packed a deeper meaning into the music and video.[…]

SONG PICK: Josin – The Darkness (Video)

“The Darkness,” the new single and video by German singer, songwriter, and producer Josin is a sonic and visual masterpiece. The juxtaposition of understanding and accepting with sadness and despair are hypnotizing in its push-and-pull dynamic. When asked about her newest work, which also announces an upcoming EP, Arbella Rauch, the[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Ella Sisters – Sugarcoat and Q&A

Norwegian sibling-duo The Ella Sisters gear up for the release of their sophomore EP Sugarcoat out later this year. Maren and Charlotte envision Sugarcoat as the second volume of their delightful debut EP Queens. The new album will expand on the themes already laid out in the first installment and widens it to underestimation and confidence as well as the[…]

Claire George

SONG PICK: Claire George – Pink Elephants

Los Angeles-based artist Claire George does not disguise what her new song “Pink Elephants” is about: the pain and helplessness of losing somebody to drug abuse, something she herself has experienced with a person close to her. Claire, who has carved out her very own niche in synth-pop with her[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: GIRL SKIN, Hybrid, memoryfield with Robyn Cage, Tim Ayre

GIRL SKIN – You’re A Freak GIRL SKIN‘s new music video “You’re A Freak” beautifully visualizes the push-and-pull of their acceptance anthem dedicated to all “the beautiful freaks and the gorgeous outsiders.” The single/video is taken from the band’s much-acclaimed debut album Shade is on the other side, released via[…]


SONG PICK: feeo – End Song (Video)

“End Song” is literally that: closing out the tab that humanity had been running over the centuries and let everything come to an end. But for U.K. singer/producer feeo, the apocalypse is not particularly gloomy – it is rather a natural event, and you have to make the best out[…]

SONG PICK: Eliza Shaddad – Blossom (Video)

One year into the pandemic, it feels like we’ve seen it all before. The Zoom-inspired band videos or the ones with piling one video editing effect onto the other. It is possible, though, to create something blissfully refreshing like the Eliza Shaddad just did with her music video to her[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Chiiild, Jiants, Maryze, Saint Sinner

Chiiild – Sleepwalking Montreal-based Chiiild is an experimental soul band, led by Yonatan Ayal, who released the magnificent music “Sleepwalking” brimming with surreal and super cool elements. The video is directed by Dan Regan who says about the project: [it is] a piece about evolutionary love and the subconscious told[…]

SONG PICK: Brothertiger – Dancer on the Water (Video)

We only discovered electronic musician and synthwave pioneer John Jagos, aka Brothertiger, last year and since then we can’t get enough of his music. Brothertiger dropped “Paradise Lost” in the fall last year, which is among our favorite albums of 2020. The livestream to celebrate the album felt super intimate[…]