Lydia Luce

SONG PICK: Lydia Luce – Maybe In Time (Video)

December is a good time for reflection – maybe sitting down in the afternoon, watching darkness outside slowly settling in and musing about past and future. For such a state of mind, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Lydia Luce has a wonderful soundtrack for you with her new album “Dark River.” The whole[…]

Alaska Reid

SONG PICK: Alaska Reid – Big Bunny (Video)

Alaska Reid is a singer, songwriter and guitarist originally from Montana and now residing in Los Angeles. After playing in the band Alyeska she is now recording music under her own name. Her latest release is “Big Bunny,” an infectious track with a fuzzy guitar over electronic beats, which reflects[…]

Sólveig Matthildur

SONG PICK: Sólveig Matthildur – Venus (Video)

Sólveig Mathildur is a musician from Iceland, maybe best known as keyboardist and singer in the spooky dark wave trio Kaelan Mikla. Solo she shows a gentler side with beautiful Nordic synth pop, bright but with a good dose of melancholy. Her latest song “Venus” is a moving ballad about[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Ella Grace, GHXST, Kinlaw, October Drift

Ella Grace – I Wonder London-based singer/songwriter Ella Grace seems to be in good spirits in her new video “I Wonder,” but the song is about how a relationship can fade in times of enforced distance. Ella explains: The person I’d been seeing and planning a future with was in[…]

SONG PICK: Luke De-Sciscio – Casuals (Video)

For many people, 2020 was more than just challenging. And particularly for artists, this also meant a severe crack in their creative process, with difficulties coming up with words and melodies or whatever their medium of art. However, London-based singer/songwriter Luke De-Sciscio shows no slowing down, thankfully! Had we enjoyed[…]

Elle Reve

SONG Pick: Ellereve – Melt (Video)

Elisa Giulia Teschner is a singer, songwriter and producer from Munich, Germany and Ellereve is her new solo project. First single “Melt” is a dark electronic pop track where two conflicted characters seem to find each other – until a heavy synth line in the bridge hints that fate might[…]

Hayley Ross

SONG PICK: Hayley Ross – Moving All Around (Video)

Hayley Ross is a singer/songwriter from Brighton, England, but musically you would put her rather on this side of the Atlantic. Our Song Pick of the Day “Moving all Around” is an earthy guitar-driven song with sweeping cinematic qualities. Originally released on her debut album “The Weight of Hope” earlier[…]

Chloe Rodgers

SONG PICK: Chloe Rodgers – Faces (Video)

In “Faces” U.K. musician Chloe Rodgers reflects on two diametrically different moments in her life. The beauty of this ethereal, quiet track is the distance to the actual events, which conveys melancholy about the passing of good times, but also hope that the bad ones can and will be overcome[…]