NEW MUSIC: Eliza Shaddad – My Body (Video)

Here is a gorgeous new song “My Body” by UK-based singer/songwriter Eliza Shaddad. The video is directed by Joe McCrae and feels like a glimpse in somebody’s mind where images flicker through the brain in a state of half-consciousness. Eliza’s full-length “Future” is expected for later this year. Watch the[…]

NEW MUSIC: Parcels – Tieduprightnow (Live in New York)

Berlin-based Aussie quintet Parcels combine two elements in their new video for “Tieduprightnow” that are a winning formula: a live band performance with New York City as the backdrop. Throw in an alluring tune and really nothing can go wrong. Super charming! The band filmed the video while staying in the[…]

NEW MUSIC: Elle Exxe – Queen (Video)

The video for “Queen” by Scottish singer/songwriter Elle Exxe speaks very much for itself as a celebration of women. Elle Exxe gives some background: I’m so proud of the ‘Queen’ video, I can’t watch it without crying tears of happiness. The song came out of a moment where I felt[…]

NEW MUSIC: Ay Wing – Strange (Video)

“Strange” is a delightful, super-catchy pop song, but then watch the video: Berlin-based singer/songwriter Ay Wing casts herself as a variety of iconic female film characters. Strange indeed, but it also serves as a reference to identity in our hyper connected times. Ay Wing explains: Strange’ tries to find humour[…]

VIDEO: Alice Phoebe Lou & Olmo – Devil’s Sweetheart

Watch this beautifully filmed and captivating video for “Devil’s Sweetheart”, a collaboration between Berlin-based singer/songwriters Alice Phoebe Lou and Olmo: Listen to “Devil’s Sweetheart” on Spotify:

NEW MUSIC: Stereoclip – Feel The Game (Video)

Put a horse in a music video and I’m sold! Belgian producer Stereoclip rides through the nature around the Gileppe Dam, maybe to find relief from the sticky party scenes in the city. The song is an elegant, somewhat melancholic fusion of dance music and electro pop and is the[…]

NEW MUSIC: Still & Storm – All Of These Things (Video)

Still & Storm is the project of Rachel and Dave Raymond, a couple from Chicago. Rachel is a big fan of 90s grunge music, but instead of paying a straightforward homage to the genre, the duo electrified it into a hard-hitting, melancholic pop song. Watch the video for “All Of[…]

New Music: ANIQO – Chess (Video)

“Chess” as a metaphor for life: every round brings new decisions and us closer to winning or losing. The new song by German singer/songwriter ANIQO builds up suspense with sparse beats and electronics, but then it never releases you: unlike the game, the chess of life never ends. “Chess” is[…]

NEW MUSIC: Host – Goodbye

“Goodbye”, the debut single by Ireland-based singer/producer Host is a triumphant, bright pop song with a nod to the 80s. Its topic is rather sad, though, as Host explains: Goodbye is about putting your heart and soul into a shit relationship that inevitably falls apart  right before your eyes, but[…]