VIDEO FRIDAY: Archie Faulks – Hung Up

What makes a great video? For starters, a great song of course plus appealing visuals and intelligent story telling. “Hung Up”, the latest single by London-based singer/songwriter Archie Faulks is achingly beautiful, a song so bright and lovely that you can not help but smile and instantly feel good. Wait[…]

SONG PICK: Rozi Plain – Conditions (Video)

“Conditions” is a song to get lost in: let your thoughts drift away on flowing layers of guitars, synths and vocals. The track is from Rozi Plain‘s fourth album “What Boost”, out on April 5 and is accompanied by dream-like video shot by Ed Tucker on Morecambe Bay, England. Watch[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Callaghan Belle – Dear Detroit

Callaghan Belle did what many do in the entertainment business: move to L.A. But the glamour capital of the world is not everything, so she wrote a longing love song “Dear Detroit” to her hometown. Together with the video her struggle becomes palpable as the melancholy in the music and[…]


SHHE is the stage name of Scottish/Portuguese singer/producer Su Shaw and “BOY” is just her second release, but already a masterpiece of stripped-down, electronic pop music. The song builds layer after layer and just when you think you heard it all, it ups the intensity yet another notch. SHHE gives[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Jeannel – Lullaby

Jeannel is a Berlin-based artist and her latest song “Lullaby” is a slow-burning, intimate piece of synth pop. The video clip – a collaboration with director Felix Aaron – is an enigmatic clip that follows Jeannel and a mysterious dancer though the wee hours of the night. Watch “Lullaby” here[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: ANIQO – Must Surrender

German artist ANIQO creates hauting soundscapes that come from dark places in the mind. Her latest song “Must Surrender” is about the fear of change, which can become our worst enimy. ANIQO gives some details: Must surrender is about the liberation of deadlocked structures and the detachment of an inflexible[…]

SONG PICK: DELUNE – Those Days (Video)

Sisters Kate and Izzi Eberstadt from New York have already done many things – artistic and philanthropic – in addition to producing and recording engaging pop music under the name DELUNE. “Those Days” is their second single, a haunting synth-pop track carried by two-way vocal harmonies. “What happened to us?”[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Cat Turner – 23 / IOU

“23 / IOU” is a new double-single by Irish singer/producer Cat Turner, darker and with a more inward feel than her previous songs. The accompanying visuals are as intense and mesmerizing as the music and tell two entire stories with just a few images. Watch “23 / IOU” on YouTube:[…]

SONG PICK: Molina – Venus (Video)

Bright and glittering, with dark undertones gliding through the music like shadows of clouds moving fast over blue skies, that is “Venus”, the new synth pop track of classic beauty by Danish producer/singer Molina. The song is enhanced with the visuals created by French artist Diane Guais, who gives us[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Wyldest – Quiet Violet

Zoe Mead, singer and guitarist in London-based trio Wyldest directed the video “Quiet Violet”, which tells the story of living a constrained life and dreaming of escape. The song is on Wyldest excellent debut album “Dream Chaos” (Apple Music | Spotify), out today. Watch “Quiet Violet” below: Connect with Wyldest[…]