Video: Yes You Are – World Without End

Watch Kianna Alarid sing this wonderfully big pop song World Without End with her band Yes You Are. While Kianna has been making music for quite some time, Yes You Are is a new collaboration with Jared White and with this kind of music they are heading straight for the[…]

Video: Rebecca James – On My Way

Here’s a fun video by London singer/songwriter Rebecca James, who dances, bikes and rides the tube through the city. It’s an upbeat catchy song and I will have difficulties to get it out of my head again.

Video: Solvey – Redlight

Watch Solvey watching herself playing baseball against herself. It’s a great song too.

Video: Jennylee – Never

I could imagine that Warpaint bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg dances around the house quite often, so it’s no surprise that she does this in the video for her first single Never as JennyLee. Musically she doesn’t depart much from Warpaint’s dark-colored dream-rock, which is right on for me. I’m looking[…]

Video: Phone Home – I Went and Got a Gatorade”

Fortunately she doesn’t just bring some Gatorade home for a romantic evening. In fact, I haven’t spotted any Gatorade in this video, but it is a beautiful snippet about life in New York City, set to a moody instrumental track.

VIDEO: Robyn Cage – Born in the Desert

Robyn Cage from Utah loves the desert, after all she’s born there as the title of her debut album proclaims. The title track is a beautiful, big song and Utah’s landscape plus a piano and a bathtub are giving the perfect backdrop.

VIDEO: Stranger Cat – RED

Cat Martino, aka Stranger Cat, directed and edited this video herself, which features Charles Schneider as an evil sorcerer who abducts Stranger Cat into some enchanted forest. Beautifully done!

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Emika – My Heart Bleeds Melody

Emika’s third or forth album Drei, depending on how you want to count, is due on May 5th and now she released the first song My Heart Bleeds Melody, accompanied by a video she shot on her iPhone in Madeira. While open sky, sunshine and the ocean are not typical[…]

VIDEO: Torres – Sprinter

Here at glamglare we have a love affair with Brooklyn singer/songwriter Torres since we saw her live in Austin. We can’t wait for her second albume come out in May, but in the meantime, here’s a video of the title track Sprinter.