NEW MUSIC: Host – Goodbye

“Goodbye”, the debut single by Ireland-based singer/producer Host is a triumphant, bright pop song with a nod to the 80s. Its topic is rather sad, though, as Host explains: Goodbye is about putting your heart and soul into a shit relationship that inevitably falls apart  right before your eyes, but[…]

SONG PICK: GIRL SKIN – Darling (Video)

The new project of Sid Simons, singer and songwriter of Brooklyn band GIRL SKIN, is all about love: he and his girlfriend and muse Foster James are merging creative forces for a split EP “LoveMore”, due out on May 18. After Foster James’ “Skin” (Apple Music | Spotify) last week, Sid[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Coralcrown – She is a Saint

“She is a Saint” is an instantly appealing, passionate song, one that sticks and lingers which also plays in favor of the visual treatment the single received. The video to “She is a Saint” tells some sort of love story but the lines between narrative and dream elements or wishful[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Pale Houses – The Ocean Bed

The beautifully flowing “The Ocean Bed” is the lead single of Pale Houses‘ recently released album “Songs of the Isolation” and it got some video treatment. The Nashville-based quartet kept it simple and focused on what is important and came up with a zen-like lyric video. We are psyched to[…]

NEW MUSIC: Abi Wade – Beautifully Astray (album)

The cello is the main instrument of Brighton-based singer/songwriter Abi Wade, but there is a lot more going on on her debut album. Her song feel like miniature worlds in itself, brimming with ideas. Like her new single “Reasonable Doubt”, which she describes as follows: I imagine a twisted &[…]

SONG PICK: RALPH – September Fades (Video)

“September Fades” is a bright, nostalgic pop song by Toronto-based singer RALPH that will stick in your head for at least the rest of the day. Director Gemma Warren created the matching visuals for the track: follow RALPH and several other characters on an evening in a motel from the[…]

NEW MUSIC: Young Galaxy – Down Time album & Frontier video

Young Galaxy was responsible for two of my favorite songs last year and tomorrow finally their new album “Down Time” comes out. While the Montreal-based duo has been around for a while, “Down Time” is a new start of making music independently on their own label. To celebrate the occasion,[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Ariah & – Gold Bottle

New York born and raised singer/songwriter Ariah Noetzel, who goes by the stage name Ariah &, decided to give one of her songs the video treatment, the mysteriously catchy “Gold Bottle”. We could not be any happier to exclusively premiere the intriguing music video to maybe our favorite Ariah & tune. In a[…]

NEW MUSIC: Tarantina – I’m A Loner (Video)

“I’m A Loner” is even without visuals a dramatic and gripping song about coping with the end of a relationship. London-based artist Tarantina teamed up with director Samuel Thomas to bring the song to life in a disturbingly cold and inhuman urban setting. Tarantina explains: I Am A Loner is[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Lye Marlow – Headlights

With “Headlights”, singer/songwriter/producer Clare Moses aka Lye Marlow, created an exquisite synth pop number that is enchanting in its restraint. The key markers are Clare’s alluringly delicate vocals contrasting with the darker tones of the song, adding beautiful sparkles and optimism. We are excited to exclusively premiere the gorgeous video to[…]