Video: GVGrace – Mai Love

Watch the delightful and uplifting video “Mai Love” by L.A. duo GVGrace, which resembles the montage in a romantic comdedy during the phase when everything is bliss:

VIDEO: The Diamond Age – Morning Pages

On my playlist rotation for a little over two weeks, “Morning Pages” always stood out as a fantastic indie rock song that I wanted to feature but never got around to. I especially liked the breathy development of the track and how it ends. Today, while playing the single to[…]

VIDEO: Abbi Press – Deep Breath

Watch Brooklyn singer/producer Abbi Press roller-skating through New York City, above and below ground in the video for her new song “Deep Breath”:

VIDEO PREMIERE: Deitre – Feeling Good

“Feeling Good” by New York-based glam rock duo Deitre, is a superbly upbeat track, that takes its title seriously and so does the video which we are excited to exclusively premiere today. “Feeling Good” is one of the eleven tracks of Deitre’s last year released debut album and it got[…]

VIDEO: Iyamah – Silver Over Gold

I cannot get this song out of my head. Maybe that is what happens to you too when you watch the inspiring video “Silver Over Gold” by U.K. singer/songwriter Iyamah. She gives the following background: This song means a lot to me because it’s written about the two most important[…]

VIDEO: FRND – Before U I Didn’t Exist

Confession: I never watched “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” yet there might be a few references to the cult classic in FRND‘s new video for his the super catchy “Before U I Didn’t Exist”. The track is destined to be a huge hit and a no-brainer for any party music playlist. The[…]

VIDEO: Rodes Rollins – Nasty Woman

Here’s a new atmospheric track and video by LA/NYC-based singer/songwriter Rodes Rollins with a straightforward warning: “I’m a nasty woman, babe”. Watch “Nasty Woman” below on YouTube or stream the song on SoundCloud:

SONG PICK: Steady Holiday – Who’s Gonna Stop Us (Video)

Not often music and video fit so well together, enhance and support each other like with the cinematic and mysterious “Who’s Gonna Stop Us” by Steady Holiday, a project of L.A.-based singer/songwriter Dre Babinski. It deals with two manipulative characters who run into and struggle with each other. The music[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Late Guest at the Party – Too Old For This

Founded in Italy, electro-pop quartet Late Guest at the Party are now based in New York and delight audiences with their intelligent blend of 80s disco and contemporary dance and house beats. Their ties to Italy and the European dance scene are still strong and inspired the lush and joyful[…]

VIDEO: Bad Wave – Good Son

They call the video to their hauntingly beautiful song ‘An instructional video on how to make a cup of tea”, yet there is so much more going on in “Good Son”. The new music video by electro-pop Bad Wave is a four and a half minute mini-vacay. Watch “Good Son”[…]