VIDEO FRIDAY: Tanners – Venus

“Venus” is a super-catchy pop song released in 2018. Now NYC-based musician Tanners released a video to bring the story to life and show you the face she can’t forget. Dream and reality blur here as it sometimes happens when out in town late at night. Watch the video below:[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Fifi Rong – Upstream

London-based singer/producer Fifi Rong has given her 2018 song “Upstream” the proper video treatment: fitting to the soaring, cinematic vibe of the music the video shows her in a scene that could be a montage from a movie. We don’t know what Fifi is up to and if there will[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Goodside – I‘ve Been Feeling Something Lately

„I‘ve Been Feeling Something Lately“ and that is not necessarily a good thing as the new music video by Sydney quartet Goodside reveals. Watch how singer and songwriter Casey Logemann wrestles with growing doubts about her relationship below: Connect with BAND on Facebook or Instagram.

SONG PICK: Herizen – Focus (Video)

Keeping “Focus” is not easy when one is young and being pulled in many directions. But in real life singer/songwriter Herizen has her stuff together and wants to show it with a fun and heartwarming video. Herizen explains: The inspiration for the FOCUS music video really just came to me[…]

SONG PICK: Reptile Room – Talk (Video)

“We don’t talk about it anymore” – the new song by the Atlanta-based three-piece Reptile Room is about the breakdown of communication. Bill Zimmerman, Sean and Sami Michelsen write and produce the music together and one can imagine that the parts of the songs came from different minds. In the[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Eva & The Vagabond Tales – The Sea Will Return You

“The Sea Will Return You” is an intriguing song title and the video transforms it beautifully into images. Eva & The Vagabond Tales is a Californian folk band around singer Eva Mikhailovna, who explains the story of the song: This song is about the beginning and end of a relationship[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Kat Spina – Play it Loud

Which are the songs you can not help but to sing along with? You might very well add “Play it Loud” by Kat Spina to your repertoire because the song is so cheerful that even the grumpiest vocally challenged person would feel inclined to chime in. And for those of[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Ellis – Something Blue

Ellis is the singer/songwriter Linnea Sigelkow from Canada, who has already made a splash this year with appearances at SXSW and New Colossus. “Something Blue” is a new song with a wonderfully relaxed and dreamy vibe that is perfectly reflected in the images of the video. Watch “Something Blue” on[…]


Despite its apocalyptical visuals and fiery message, “Broken Ship” by AKIVA also comes with a dose of optimism. As long as there are people who take their feelings and beliefs and transform them into compelling art, not all is lost! Based in Bedfordshire, a county in the East of England,[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Kazu – Salty

Kazu Makino is a member of Blonde Redhead, one of the best indie bands for more than 25 years. If you have been following them, Kazu’s first solo song and video just seem to be naturally something she would come up when on her own. Sound and image have a[…]