VIDEO: FRND – Before U I Didn’t Exist

Confession: I never watched “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” yet there might be a few references to the cult classic in FRND‘s new video for his the super catchy “Before U I Didn’t Exist”. The track is destined to be a huge hit and a no-brainer for any party music playlist. The[…]

VIDEO: Rodes Rollins – Nasty Woman

Here’s a new atmospheric track and video by LA/NYC-based singer/songwriter Rodes Rollins with a straightforward warning: “I’m a nasty woman, babe”. Watch “Nasty Woman” below on YouTube or stream the song on SoundCloud:

SONG PICK: Steady Holiday – Who’s Gonna Stop Us (Video)

Not often music and video fit so well together, enhance and support each other like with the cinematic and mysterious “Who’s Gonna Stop Us” by Steady Holiday, a project of L.A.-based singer/songwriter Dre Babinski. It deals with two manipulative characters who run into and struggle with each other. The music[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Late Guest at the Party – Too Old For This

Founded in Italy, electro-pop quartet Late Guest at the Party are now based in New York and delight audiences with their intelligent blend of 80s disco and contemporary dance and house beats. Their ties to Italy and the European dance scene are still strong and inspired the lush and joyful[…]

VIDEO: Bad Wave – Good Son

They call the video to their hauntingly beautiful song ‘An instructional video on how to make a cup of tea”, yet there is so much more going on in “Good Son”. The new music video by electro-pop Bad Wave is a four and a half minute mini-vacay. Watch “Good Son”[…]

SONG PICK: Polartropica – Golden Soul (Video)

Ihui Cherise Wu aka Polartropica likes to fuse polar opposites together in her music. We noticed that already with her 2017 track “Olympia” and her new offering “Golden Soul” goes a similar way: on one hand it is a shimmering, sprawling pop song with chipper vocals, on the other hand[…]

VIDEO: Millie Turner – She Was A Dancer

U.K. singer/songwriter Millie Turner is back after her brilliant debut EP “Eyes On You” (Apple Music | Spotify) with another wonderful video. She explains about her inspiration: The narrative of the song is really important to the meaning. It’s about a woman who uses her body and dance as a[…]

VIDEO: Battery Operated Orchestra – Bella

The Australian/Scottish synth pop duo Battery Operated Orchestra celebrated summer with a mostly upbeat animated video “Bella” created by singer Brigitte Rose. But they take their musical inspiration from the 80s and add a dose of the dark side of that decade too. The ten track album “Snare” is announced[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Oriel Poole – Brighter

While the title of the new Oriel Poole single is „Brighter“, it starts in a dark corner, with Oriel seductively whispering in your ear over slithering bass lines and heavy beats. Then, as the song progresses, she is releasing you with lighter notes and swirling synths – after all her[…]

VIDEO: Acid Tongue – Accidental Drug Use

The slightly unsettling and yet so alluring single “Accidental Drug Use” got a stunning video treatment. Filmed and edited by director Justin Frick and visual artist Stephanie Severance, the video is fascinating in its imagery, bringing the moody song perfectly to life. “Accidental Drug Use” is the latest video by[…]