SONG PICK: Candace – Horizons (video)

With “Horizons” music and video fit perfectly together. Candace, the three piece of Sarah Rose (guitar/bass/vocals), Sarah Nienaber (guitar/bass/vocals) and Mara Appel DesLauriers (drums/vocals) lead you sonically and visually through sun-drenched landscapes, just right for closing your eyes and dream the day away. Candace is working on a full-length “New Ruins”, due out in early 2018.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Evelinn Trouble – Sunset Everytime

Evelinn Trouble takes being an artist seriously, frequently reinventing herself and her music. No album is like the next, surprising her ever-growing fan base with lo-fi pop, to industrial doom rock or Motown esthetics. Her latest song “Sunset Everytime” is something else again and it is awesome! You can easily[…]

VIDEO: Kodaline – Ready to Change

When was the last time a music video made your heart beat faster, sending you through a whirlwind of emotions? “Ready to Change”, the new video by Kodaline, will take your heart by storm! The visuals to the enchanting new single “Ready to Change” tell a heartwarming story yet do not[…]

VIDEO: Black Heart – Abandon

Black Heart is the project of Corina Cinkl from Vienna, Austria. As a teaser for her upcoming EP she released a hypnotic video that contrasts the dark electronics of the song with bright light flickering over her face. Watch “Abandon” here:

VIDEO: Sgrow – Kismet

We have talked before about Sgrow, a Norwegian, electronic duo that does eclectic and gripping music maybe best suited for the twilight hours of the day. For the third single “Kismet” of their upcoming album, due out on November 10, they teamed up with director Linnea Syversen for a video[…]

VIDEO: Julietta – Runaway

What is it that makes vintage videos looks so comforting? Probably it suggests a better time, with, in hindsight, fewer worries and problems. NYC singer Julietta takes advantage of this effect and leads us through lush summer landscapes in her new video for “Runaway”. Definitely a treat, now that summer[…]

SONG PICK: Cusi Coyllur – amivulnerable (Video)

Shannen Roberts aka Cusi Coyllur is a musician and a mental healthcare advocate. Her new song “amivulnerable”, an eclectic, skillful piece of electronic music, is about abuse and how difficult is is too escape: Rearrange my words So you hear what you like. Rearrange history Hide In time. The video[…]

SONG PICK: East of my Youth – Broken Glass (Video)

Herdís Stefánsdóttir and Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir from Reykjavík, Iceland do dreamy, electro-pop as East of my Youth. Glittering synths and soaring vocals make their lastest song “Broken Glass” feel as clear and bright as the sky over the empty pool in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, where Herdís and Thelma having fun[…]

VIDEO: Grit – Divided By One

Band videos, trying to convey a glimpse of live atmosphere plus telling some sort of story are either hit or miss, with easily either too little or too much going on. “Divided By One”, the latest video by French four-piece Grit though is definitely a hit! The song itself is intelligent indie[…]