VIDEO: Dakota – Silver Tongue

Dakota is a four-piece from the Netherlands and in the video for their latest song “Silver Tongue” you can see the four women hanging out at some nondescript location. But with such a catchy and appealing piece of dream-pop you actually don’t need any more visual distraction. Watch and listen[…]

SONG PICK: Hero Fisher – Sylvie (Video)

“Sylvie”, the new song by London-based singer/songwriter Hero Fisher is one of those tracks that suck you in and don’t let you go until the last note. It starts quietly with a gently plucked guitar and then slowly morphs into an emotional cinematic finale. “Don’t let them make you leave[…]

VIDEO: Maya Lazaro – Nothing

Brooklyn-based musician Maya Lazaro goes with “Nothing” but love into this summer. For whom we don’t know as she dances mostly alone through the backyards and rooftops of the city, but she radiates so much joy that I’m sure that her sweetheart is not far away. “Nothing” is an unabashedly[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Sera Eke – The Space Between Us

Sera Eke is a new artist from London and we have covered her debut song “Space Between Us” as our Song Pick two weeks ago. Now she complements the track with a completely self-produced video, which adds a gripping, sad story to the already dramatic music. Even though it is[…]

VIDEO: Ibeyi – Away Away

The French-Cuban twins Ibeyi are back. “Away Away” is their new song and the video shows mostly the Díaz sisters having lots of fun making new songs. Not too much has changed in their music: The auto tune may raise an eyebrow, but it is not really disturbing. And after[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Shadow Monster – City in My Sailboat

Brooklyn singer/songwriter Gillian Visco goes by the stage name Shadow Monster and she plays her latest single “City in My Sailboat” to an audience of monsters, albeit cute stuffed ones. The video shows an intimate setting that moves from the meta-level of recording a live performance in an apartment to[…]


“Hidden Hills” by English alternative acoustic quintet Pavey Ark, is a winning charmer with its dynamic, playful and intricate vibe. Acoustic guitars with lots of finger picking, soft yet but at the same time powerful vocals, violins, steady drums all creating an intensifying sound that is as appealing as it is ultimately absolutely[…]

VIDEO: Elohim – Skinny Legs

L.A. producer and singer Elohim is a fascinating artist. We have already featured her latest track “Skinny Legs” as a turn into grittier territories after her self-titled debut EP. Now she follows up with visuals: a glimpse into some sort of inner struggle against some dark, seductive force which may[…]

VIDEO: Grace Savage – Just For Tonight

“Just For Tonight”, let’s pretend we can make it work. This – kind of self-destructive – move is what the latest song of UK singer/songwriter Grace Savage is about. In the video this translates into a swirl of color and emotion, before it ends with sobering emptiness.

VIDEO: Ekurtis – HumDrum

“HumDrum” immediately captivates with its charming and essentially super catchy melody, the soft vocals and its minimalistic instrumentation. This is a colorful and gorgeous video, with someone in it who can sing AND dance, no wonder because the artist who goes by Ekurtis exchanged his ballet dancing career with making music. If Ekurtis[…]