SONG PICK: VEE 303 – Wounded (Video)

“Wounded” is a chilled future pop song with intricate beats that reminds of FKA twigs work. But VEE 303 is actually a German, Berlin-based singer/songwriter and fashion designer and she sets the song to sleek video full of symbolism. She explains about the song: Wounded is about the dynamic of[…]

SONG PICK: Alice Pisano – Celebrate Life (Video)

It is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. and here is a song and video that fits to the theme of the day perfectly. Italian, London-based singer/songwriter Alice Pisano invites you to “Celebrate Life,” with all its ups and downs. Because life itself is something we all can be thankful for[…]

SONG PICK: Roxiny – Golden Prophet (VIDEO)

No only is “Golden Prophet” a fantastic indie pop song with weight and intensity, it conveys also a strong message. New York musician Roxiny says about the track: I wrote ‘Golden Prophet’ about my personal experience as a survivor of sexual abuse. It’s the one thing that I can honestly[…]

SONG PICK: Huntly – Drop Gear (Video)

It is said that Huntly does an exciting live performance, which is another good reason to visit Melbourne, Australia one day. But just listen and you can imagine how their show looks like: their brand of electronic music has less of the usual well-structured slickness and more emotional heat. “Drop[…]

SONG PICK: tamtam – Rise (Video)

tamtam lives in California, but was born and raised Saudi Arabia where women are extremely restricted in their rights. Throwing some light on this injustice and fighting for gender equality is a natural background for her music. Her latest future pop song “Rise” is about overcoming the resistance she faces[…]

VIDEO: Inbal – Hail in Madrid

Inbal Croitoro who goes simply by Inbal I is a singer/songwriter from Tel Aviv who writes quirky, genre-crossing alternative pop songs. “Hail In Madrid” is one of four songs on her new self-titled EP (Apple Music | Spotify). Inbal gives some background: Hail in Madrid explores the fuzzy boundary or[…]

VIDEO: Charlene Soraia – Where’s My Tribe

Watch the video for “Where’s My Tribe” and you will slowly calm down. London singer/songwriter Charlene Soraia wrote this beautifully haunting song alone in her bedroom. For the video she got help by The Rest who joined her for an interesting experiment. Charlene recalls: The Rest were really understanding of[…]

SONG PICK: Roman Lewis – Midnight in Paris (Video)

With great finesse and a musical talent that reaches far beyond his young age of 17, Roman Lewis takes us on a journey to the capital of France while serenading “Midnight in Paris”. The video is filmed on location and depicts the longing and the heartbreak and everything in-between beautifully.[…]