VIDEO: Violet Sands – Drive

The joy of having no destination, no purpose in a long drive is the topic of the new video by Violet Sands. Not so much in their home base of Brooklyn, so naturally the video takes place on the West Coast. Or maybe not – it is rather a wide[…]

VIDEO: Mainland – I Found God

“I Found God” is the new single by New York-based pop rock trio Mainland, an anthemic power ballad which got an equally compelling visual treatment. The video was produced and directed by female art duo, Similar But Different – comprised of artist Charlotte Fassler and Dani Girdwood. What makes the[…]

SONG PICK: Lalka – Dare To Love Me (Video)

“Dare To Love Me” challenges Lalka, a producer, singer and video maker from Brisbane, Australia. The track and the swirling imagery of the video make your head spin: “You you love me, I say you lie, I make you feel uncomfortable,” Lalka sings and after this audio-visual experience there is[…]

VIDEO: Robyn Cage – Slow The Devil

Singer/songwriter Robyn Camp, who resides in Salt Lake City, is known for making highly sensual videos to go with her powerful, sultry vocals and story-telling songs. For one of her recent singles “Burning Now”, she ventured out into the desert and set a piano on fire –  for real! This[…]

SONG PICK: Illyin Pipes – Waking Up (Video)

As we here in the northern hemisphere prepare to hand over summer to the southern part of the planet, here is a fantastic audiovisual experience by Toronto band Illyin Pipes to reminisce the warmer months of the year: Soothing synth lines, dreamy vocals and singer Jill Harris dancing through HD[…]

VIDEO: Ruby Fray – Cilantro

This video is seriously about “Cilantro”: watch Emily Beanblossom, singer and songwriter of Ruby Fray take on a big bowl of the titular herb to presumably prepare some delicious food. A giant portion of guacamole maybe? In the end it doesn’t matter: the beautifully shot video and the bright, reflective[…]

VIDEO: Desert Mountain Tribe – Interstellar

The London-based indie rock trio Desert Mountain Tribe comprised of Felix Jahn (drums), Jonty Balls (vocals, guitar) and Philipp Jahn (bass) just released a marvelous video for “Interstellar”, a track from their 2016 debut album “Either That Or The Moon”. In its album version a mesmerizing nine minutes long, “Interstellar” got[…]

VIDEO: Rews – Shine

Guitar and drum duos have something raw and powerful about them and Rews, the band of Shauna Tohil and Colette Williams from London and Belfast, is not an exception. That is also enough for a three and a half minute energy influx in the video. Watch “Shine” here: Rews are[…]

VIDEO: Hero Fisher – Push The Boat Out

Super-8 amateur footage invokes an immediate feeling of nostalgia and melancholy (one wonders if the HD material shot today will have the same effect in twenty years). It tells stories of long gone moments of happiness, of a time that – in hindsight – feels easy and simple. London-based singer/songwriter[…]

VIDEO: M1LDL1FE – Distraction

The colorful and atmospheric video to “Distraction” is the perfect visual enhancement to a gorgeous song. “Distraction”, by Singapore-based indie-pop quartet M1LDL1FE, is the first track on their recently released self-titled EP. What makes the video so compelling is the smart combination of band shots, Singapore nightlife and lots of[…]