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European and American fans of indie rockers ISLAND can rejoice together, as the London-based four-piece is gearing up for their headlining tour in Europe and then makes their way over to the states again. If you were lucky enough to have caught ISLAND at SXSW2018, then you might want to see[…]

SONG PICK: Stella Donnelly – Old Man (Video)

Australian singer/songwriter Stella Donnelly is a cheerful, charistmatic young woman as we could witness first hand at her Iceland Airwaves show where she was interviewed for The Current. It fits that her new song and video “Old Man” feels upbeat and light-hearted on the surface, but in fact it is[…]

SONG PICK: Geographer – Summer of my Discontentment

“Summer of my Discontentment” is the first and wistfully gorgeous new single from Geographer‘s upcoming EP, due out March 8th. This EP marks a special turning point in the artist’s life, which even non-artists will be able to relate to, because the vast majority of us has moved from A[…]

SONG PICK: She’s Excited! – Drowning (ft. Mimiko)

Our Song Pick of the Day “Drowning” is an elegantly produced future pop track, which builds suspense around every corner. It is the latest single by She’s Excited!, a singer & producer from Brooklyn via Munich, Germany and for this song she worked together with Japanese-American musician Mimiko. This makes[…]

SONG PICK: Kid Bloom – Sugarcoat

“Sugarcoat” exquisitely dances on the exciting edge between sadness and joy, a sonic combination that can only come from a warm and sunny place like Los Angeles. Californian indie rock band Kid Bloom deliver yet another fantastic song after their hit singles “Different State of Mind” and “Electric U”. On[…]

SONG PICK: E.Parker – Girl

London-via-Australia singer/songwriter E.Parker has a special way to tell her stories, with gravitas and poise. Add the sleek, never intrusive production to it and you have perfect, modern pop gems at had. Her latest song “Girl” is somewhat more abstract than her previous work, but comes with a concrete message.[…]

SONG PICK: Working Men’s Club – Bad Blood

Named after the pubs and venues they tried to sneak into, singer and guitarist Sydney Minsky-Sargeant, guitarist-vocalist Giulia Bonometti, and drummer Jake Bogacki make music as Working Men’s Club – exciting music that is! Like the crazy talented love child between Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem, “Bad Blood” hums and rattles along,[…]

SONG PICK: Sharon Van Etten – Seventeen

New York or in this case Brooklyn is a fast changing city. Sharon Van Etten arrived here in 2005 and in her moving new video “Seventeen” she shows us some of the venues or remains of venues that helped launching her career, juxtaposing it with growing up and changing herself[…]

SONG PICK: Maple & Beech – Side-Eye

What began as the solo project by Minneapolis-based producer Tyler Tholl, grew into a seven-member ensemble of friends and family who create smart electro-pop under the name Maple & Beech. Their new single “Side-Eye” is instantly catchy and attracts with its careful balance of suspense and joyfulness. No reason to give this song[…]

SONG PICK: Someone – Pull It Together

Tessa Rose Jackson aka Someone is back with big plans in 2019. First up is the power pop single “Pull It Together” with an infectious chorus. “I don’t know why I can’t pull it together. I don’t know why it’s so hard to remember when it was better” – you[…]