Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: Claire George – Orbit

Claire George is a singer/songwriter from the West Coast and with her new EP “Bodies of Water” she has self-produced an elegant masterpiece of thoughtful electro-pop. The ethereal “Orbits” is the addictive second single and our Song Pick of the Day. “Bodies Of Water” is out now on Cascine. Stream[…]

SONG PICK: Joseph of Mercury – Reluctant Love

With a big dose of jazziness and grandeur, yet also a big splash of melancholy, “Reluctant Love” wiggles itself right into our ear buds and music loving hearts. “Reluctant Love”, a song about the ‘precarious quality of pursuit’ is the new single by Canadian singer/songwriter Joseph of Mercury, and has[…]

SONG PICK: Alice Pisano – Celebrate Life (Video)

It is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. and here is a song and video that fits to the theme of the day perfectly. Italian, London-based singer/songwriter Alice Pisano invites you to “Celebrate Life,” with all its ups and downs. Because life itself is something we all can be thankful for[…]

SONG PICK: Earhart – An Incubator To Grow My Head In

Early in the year 2018, we featured Earhart‘s debut single “A Cross” and encouraged to follow the band for more to come. There was a second single and now there is the third: “An Incubator To Grow My Head In”. When asked about the song, the London-based quartet’s frontman Joe[…]

SONG PICK: Moscow Apartment – Orange

Moscow Apartment are Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla, two teenagers from Toronto, Canada, who have already an EP and a bunch of shows under their belt. Their new song “Orange” is a fresh, upbeat pop song that immediately grabs you and makes you want to sing along. The band explains[…]

SONG PICK: Suns Up – Love You Back

Just when the days get shorter, the weather colder and the duller colors dominate, “Love You Back” comes along, so shiny, beautiful and bright, that any hint of melancholy doesn’t stand a chance! “Love You Back” is only the second single by English four-piece Suns Up, and it is guitar driven pop in[…]

SONG PICK: Sophie Colette – Run Around

Sophie Colette is a musician based in New York who writes intimate pop songs full of clarity, such as “Run Around” about the push and pull in a probably doomed relationship. She also does beautiful and engaging live performances: don’t miss her playing at the glamglare holiday show on December[…]

SONG PICK: Frances Luke Accord – Honeyguide

Ahead of their second EP “Silver & Gold” (out on January 25, 2019), folk-pop duo Frances Luke Accord releases the gorgeous “Honeyguide”. This time around, the duo add some lovely female vocals to their track, coming from singer-songwriter Siri Undlin, better known by her moniker Humbird. “Honeyguide” is an exquisite example[…]

SONG PICK: Ashley Iona – Leaving

Sometimes all you can do is “Leaving,” even if it is painful. Australian singer/songwriter Ashley Iona describes process in a gripping pop song featuring a wailing guitar by John Romeo that lets you feel her emotional distress. Writing the song helped her to overcome a difficult situation as she recounts:[…]

SONG PICK: Hayes & Y – Blue

With a superbly understated cool and an almost lazy laid backness, “Blue” is as irresistible as the prospect of having a day off after a week’s work. “Blue” is the latest single by Manchester-based quartet Hayes & Y. Interestingly, the band members don’t hail from the U.K. but from other[…]