Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: Philco Fiction – Runimals

To get into the mood for the weekend, here is our Song Pick of the Day, the bouncy Runimals by the Norwegian duo Philco Fiction: it sounds like they have hired an entire brass orchestra. Their second album is coming out later this month.

SONG PICK: Georgia Mae – Keeper of the Key

I’m staying a bit longer in Australia, musically that is, and head over to Brisbane where Georgia Mae can be found, when she’s not in Sydney. Keeper of the Key is a sweet, slightly melancholic, simply beautiful song. It just has the right amount of tension and build-up for not being[…]

SONG PICK: Exes – Grey

Last week, we saw an episode of the TV show “Nashville” and and there a band consisting of two of the ex-boyfriends of the third band member named themselves “The Triple-Exes”. Our Song Pick of the Day comes from the real world EXES who are from L.A. and their music[…]

SONG PICK: Tyto Alba – Between The Lines

Let’s end the week with the Denver, Colorado indie rock band Tyto Alba: our Song Pick of the Day Between the Lines features melodic guitar layers and and Melanie Steinway’s soaring voice. More music and a video is coming soon.

SONG PICK: TMPL – Keep Falling

Keep Falling is one of these darker electronic songs, filled with a lot of longing, accentuated rhythms, sensual vocals and exploding with desire. Our Song Pick of the Day comes from the Canadian duo TMPL who’s about to release a new EP in the upcoming weeks. Listen to Keep Falling now:

SONG PICK: Rel – Before the Storm

Here’s something for the first (non-holiday) Friday of the Year: L.A. singer Rel with her last single Before The Storm, an up-to-date electro-pop song with a good deal of twists and turns – I like particularly the droning bass and the thundering beat beneath it. I’m looking forward to more[…]

SONG PICK: The Big Sun – Lonely Girl

Agh… I just have such soft spot for real life sound samples used in songs and Lonely Girl offers exactly that yet a few beats in, it gets sugar candy dreamy with a little edge – indie-pop at its best! The Big Sun, hailing from Oxford (UK), deliver one delicious upbeat[…]

SONG PICK: Cross Record – Basket

Here is Cross Record with the first new 2016 track. It is a dark, atmospheric track that can turn even sunny beach into a haunted, barren place. Believe me, I experienced it myself when I listened to Cross Record during the holiday break. The album will be out on January[…]

SONG PICK: The Gloomies – LSD

Listen to “LSD” the debut single of the San Diego trio The Gloomies and any gloomy feelings you might have won’t stand a chance with this sunny and upbeat track. With its fuzzy guitar sounds, warm beats, mellow vocals and overall surf-rock feel, it is sending out waves of joy.[…]