Song Pick of the Day





We are thrilled to exclusively premiere Quinn Lewis‘ irresistible new single “Rooftop”, which combines all the necessary sonic flavors to become one of Summer 2016’s big hits! The song ranges from moody to optimistic… yet let’s for a moment focus on the man behind this striking track: Quinn Lewis is an Aussie electro-pop artist out of Nashville, TN[…]

SONG PICK: Hockeysmith – Let’s Dagger

More than two years ago, I was super excited about the sisters Georgie and Annabel of Hockeysmith. With their dark blend of guitars and electronics seemed to be destined for greatness, but then, after a three track EP they fell into silence and I was wondering if they haves moved on[…]

SONG PICK: Aiym Almas – You Must Be True

Aiym Almas is a musician from Los Angeles via Kazakhstan and her latest single “You Must Be True” is a big goosebumps-inducing rock anthem with powerful vocals. “I want to find you / you must be true” she encourages herself as the subject of her search remains elusive. A beautiful[…]

SONG PICK: Paper City People – Vacancy Routine [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

“Vacancy Routine” is one of these alluring indie rock gems that impress with an interesting mix of mostly minor keys with sprinkles of majors, infectious chiming guitars and vocal hooks. “Vacancy Routine”, is the debut single by Melbourne duo Paper City People. Initially, Paper City People begun as a studio project between Boyd Kelly[…]

SONG PICK: Amber Mark – Monsoon

New York singer Amber Mark’s “Monsoon” is a track that goes to several places in its roughly five minutes: it is a ballad, written for Amber’s late mother Mia, but then she adds a fresh, almost hopeful beat before the song ends with German sound bites by Mia. Listen to[…]


Our Song Pick of the Day is the debut single of young music student Frances Murray, aka BLAB. “Johnny” seriously rocks with distorted, noisy guitars, which contrast with her clear, bright vocals. It’s a track you can listen over and over again and I’m beyond curious what else she has[…]

SONG PICK: Jon Prezant – Heartstrings

With Northside Festival (Brooklyn’s up-and-coming answer to SXSW et al) in full swing, I was looking for a cool local track to feature as our Song Pick of the Day and found one with “Heartstrings” by New York artist Jon Prezant. “Heartstrings” is a sweet, upbeat and slowly swelling synth pop tune[…]

SONG PICK: Water District – Supernova

There’s just one word that comes immediately to mind when listening to “Supernova”, the new single by Los Angeles indie rock band Water District –beautiful! The meaning behind the track in Water District’s own words: “Supernova is a song about what occurs when people explore new things in search of greatness and success. [..][…]

SONG PICK: Empara Mi – Wanderlust

Our Song Pick of the Day “Wanderlust” by Empara Mi is a wonderfully slow burning, intense track. It is her first release and there is not much to be found about her, but she has her social media in order, so I am sure we will hear more from her[…]

SONG PICK: Kit Trigg – Thrasher

Fans of the heavier version of electric blues rock rejoice because here come Kit Trigg with their debut EP “Thrasher”. While all four tracks are equally exciting, we chose the title track “Thrasher” as our Song Pick of the Day, and the reason for this is simple: there is just so[…]