Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: William Doyle – Nobody Else Will Tell You

 “Nobody Else Will Tell You” is the stunning new single by William Doyle, taken from his upcoming album. When asked about his new song, William explains: “‘Nobody Else Will Tell You’  became about the exploration of your residential surroundings and affording them the same kind of curiosity and wonder that[…]

SONG PICK: Sacre – 01:00 AM Pink Mamba

The title “01:00 AM Pink Mamba” already suggests that Amsterdam-based French duo Sacre is up to something bigger. Indeed, the song is the seventh chapter of their story “Love Revolution” which comes out as an album end of the year. Go to Apple Music or Spotify to catch up on[…]

SONG PICK: Morning Midnight – Ancoats Junction

The question begs asking: What has Glasgow-based duo Morning Midnight done until recently, when “Ancoats Junctions” marks ‘only’ their debut single? Do they not know that we, their new and already devoted fan base, could have listened to more of these magnificent tunes? Thanks to the highly pleasing piano foundation,[…]

SONG PICK: Aïsha Devi – Uupar Theory

The feel of being thrown away into a different, futuristic world does not necessarily require an expensive VR headset. Put “Uupar Theory” on headphones and you have a similar effect. The electronic musician Aïsha Devi accomplishes this beautifully with fantastic, unsettling soundscapes with distorted synth and robotic vocals. Appetite for[…]

SONG PICK: Nikita Bassi – Satin

Take the debut single by Nikita Bassi at face value because as the title suggests, “Satin” is as smooth and sleek and utterly beautiful like the fabric. The London-based singer/songwriter has lived all her life in the U.K. yet likes to take influences from her Punjabi-Indian roots and adds Indian[…]

SONG PICK: Kyosi – Negative Space

“Negative Space,” the title track of the new EP by NYC-based producer and singer Kyosi takes into its very own world. The piano and her voice want to make you comfortable, but then there is slowly something else breaking through that is raw and unsettling. Again, Dani DiCiaccio, the artist[…]

SONG PICK: Freeman – Get Me Started

London-based singer/songwriter, Charlie Freeman, who makes music as FREEMAN, released  his new single, “Get Me Started” ahead of his sophomore album, “Love”, due out September 27. The single offers a good taste of what we can expect: pleasing melodies, smooth vocals and guitar play with a lot of swagger and[…]

SONG PICK: Chelsea Wolfe – The Mother Road

The Californian singer/songwriter Chelsea Wolfe is a master of dark, unsettling pop music for the last decade. Her latest song “The Mother Road,” an hommage to Route 66 is no exception, although it has deliberating feel to it: while the song starts slowly, it adds more and more layers and[…]


Toronto-based artist RALPH (née Raffa Weyman) enchants once more with her new single, the dance floor-ready and instantly catchy “Gravity“. I still have one of her previous hits, “Tables Have Turned”, in my ears. She knows how to bring joy and confidence into this world. More please! RALPH’s latestsingle comes[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Indi Rose – Lemon Tree

We all need a safe place, where we can retreat to and be ourselves. “Lemon Tree,” the new song by London-based singer/songwriter Indi Rose, leads you to such a place: carried by a gentle guitar line it slowly builds towards a cathartic finale, the moment when things fall into place.[…]