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SONG PICK: Kedr Livanskiy – Ariadna (Video)

Moscow-based electronic musician Kedr Livanskiy has just released her debut album “Ariadna” (Apple Music | Spotify). The title track is a wonderfully ethereal, dreamy song and the video delivers a perfect backdrop of undiluted beauty. Watch our Song Pick of the Day here: Listen to “Ariadna” on SoundCloud or Spotify:

SONG PICK: FEHM – Last Breath

Former post punk trio, now quintet FEHM is back with a new single, and a more intense sound. “Last Breath” is reminiscent of early 80s The Cure, with thick guitar and synths lines, brooding atmosphere and an overall mesmerizingly dark vibe. For someone who grew up with new wave, dark[…]

SONG PICK: Sampson – Shake the Fire

Our Song Pick of the Day is the debut single of Sampson, a singer/songwriter from Halifax, Canada. “Shake the Fire” is an emotional piece of pop music that balances dark and defiant, joyful moments. Sampson is working on an album, due out next year.

SONG PICK: Lalka – Dare To Love Me (Video)

“Dare To Love Me” challenges Lalka, a producer, singer and video maker from Brisbane, Australia. The track and the swirling imagery of the video make your head spin: “You you love me, I say you lie, I make you feel uncomfortable,” Lalka sings and after this audio-visual experience there is[…]

SONG PICK: Plastic Flowers – How Can I

London via Thessaloniki singer/songwriter and producer George Samaras, who goes by the artist name Plastic Flowers, released “How Can I” – a beautiful mix of the best dream pop and shoegaze have to offer. “How Can I” opens all airy and dreamy, then the guitars intensify, releasing all their sonic power in one[…]

SONG PICK: Halina Rice – KWYMO

“KWYOMO” is a track that pulls you in immediately: a driving, heavy beat feints a rock song before, before distorted synths set in and turn the whole thing into an exciting piece of electro pop. Halina Rice is a producer from London, who marries – not unlike to Kelly Lee[…]

SONG PICK: Lou Scarrs – All I Ever Knew

“All I Ever Knew” sits on the irresistible cusp of hard-hitting indie rock and enchanting pop, with great vocals, intelligent lyrics and an overall catchy vibe. According to Melbourne-based musician Lou Scarrs the track is about: ‘discovering that everything you thought you knew was bullshit – kinda like finding out[…]

SONG PICK: Illyin Pipes – Waking Up (Video)

As we here in the northern hemisphere prepare to hand over summer to the southern part of the planet, here is a fantastic audiovisual experience by Toronto band Illyin Pipes to reminisce the warmer months of the year: Soothing synth lines, dreamy vocals and singer Jill Harris dancing through HD[…]


“Body Talk” is as smooth as it is sensuous and madly infectious! It is also the debut single by Birmingham-based quintet SHE, comprised of Rebecca & Robin Davies, Simon McCoy, Edd Duffell and Ricky Hill, who have honed their skills and talents in various different bands and under diverse pseudonyms, all[…]