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SONG PICK: Flawes – This Could Be Real

London via Yorkshire alt pop rockers FLAWES got my attention early last year already, when I featured them in our #3IsABand series. Now they have released their new single “This Could Be Real” which is impossible not make it our Song Pick of the Day. “This Could Be Real” sports an[…]

SONG PICK: Black Gold Buffalo – Pearls Deep

The band’s name, Black Gold Buffalo is somewhat of a false lead: this is not a country band from the middle of America, but a four-piece from London that does club-ready indie pop. In fact, their new single “Peals Deep” reminds of a more danceable version of Warpaint: Black Gold Buffalo has with Hannah Holland on bass and production and Joy Joseph on percussion a similar strong rhythm section that drives the song forward. Add Marc Hayward’s guitar melodies and Keziah Stillwell’s powerful vocals and you have one of the most exciting tracks of the year at your hands.

SONG PICK: Rain on Monday – Hiding Places

Swedish Indie-pop duo Rain in Monday, comprised of singer/songwriter Raimond Nurmilampi and producer Thomas Harsem delight with “Hiding Places”, their new highly intriguing single. Raimond’s emotive, husky vocals give “Hiding Places” an alluring edge and keep the bright and lofty track grounded. Watch the video to “Hiding Places”, our Song Pick[…]

SONG PICK: Hydrah – World Is Mine

This is Hydrah, a musician based in L.A. who has already covered classical music and punk rock in her career. With that background she turned to electronic music, such as her lasted release “World Is Mine”, a feel good, vibrant dance track. Crank up the volume and for 3:10 minutes the world will be yours indeed.

SONG PICK: Havens – What A Night

“What A Night” is the beautifully upbeat new single by Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter and producer Thijs Havens who goes by Havens for his solo project. With its bright, chiming instrumentation “What A Night” could make for a wonderful alternative to any holiday music, still festive and joyful but neither sugary nor overplayed. We[…]

SONG PICK: Sevdaliza – Mad Woman

In her latest song, Sevdaliza almost whispers the words over heavy, dark electronic textures. Whatever the titular “Mad Woman” has in her mind, it probably will not end well.

Sevdaliza is born in Iran, lives in the Netherlands and has her hands in many projects in music and film, for example the short “The Formula”, which this song is taken from. There is more of her genre-bending brand of electronics on her debut album “Ison”.

SONG PICK: Willodean – The Gold

“The Gold” by Los Angeles-based indie rock trio Willodean is absolutely gorgeous with its lazy beats, lush guitar strumming and a crazy-cool hook that is impossible to escape. This is power-pop at its best, complete with the always joyful cowbells! The three band members of Willodean bring diverse musical backgrounds[…]

SONG PICK: Candace – Horizons (video)

With “Horizons” music and video fit perfectly together. Candace, the three piece of Sarah Rose (guitar/bass/vocals), Sarah Nienaber (guitar/bass/vocals) and Mara Appel DesLauriers (drums/vocals) lead you sonically and visually through sun-drenched landscapes, just right for closing your eyes and dream the day away. Candace is working on a full-length “New Ruins”, due out in early 2018.

SONG PICK: Newmen – Electric Eel / Humanin

No, this is not Germany in the mid 70s but Germany in the late 2017s. The Frankfurt-based neo wave indie rock band Newmen just released the double track “Electric Eel / Humanin” and it is impossible to choose a favorite among the two. And why should we anyway? Analog synths[…]

SONG PICK: Acre Tarn – Wilderness (Video)

U.K. Singer/producer Anna-Louise Etherington records exciting electronic gems under the name Acre Tarn. After “Crescent Moons” early this year, she is now back with a new song “Wilderness”. The track is only available as a video, which shows Anna in the wilderness, haunted by mysterious masked figures. There is certainly[…]