Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: Boe Huntress – Day Becomes Night

U.K. artist Boe Huntress often supplements her music with a theatrical performance. I haven‘t seen a show of hers, but even without visuals her songs have a strong cinematic appeal: „Day Becomes Night“, the first cut of her new EP „A Female Power“ (Apple Music | Spotify) features a sudden[…]

SONG PICK: Knox White – You’ve Been My Girl

Even though the title “You’ve Been My Girl” might hint a melancholic track, Knox White manages to make the mellow vibe work for his super chill song and turn the sadness around, at least temporarily. “You’ve Been My Girl” is irresistibly gorgeous, with hints of mid 80s Prince including some serious[…]

SONG PICK: Isadora – Visions

Singer/producer Isadora came to London from the U.S. to make music – not an easy endeavor in this super-competitive music capital. No wonder how she came up with the chorus for her new single: “I got visions, Man, but not a single plan.” The song reflects on her difficult situation[…]

SONG PICK: Earhart – A Cross

“A Cross” is the debut single by London-based indie rock group Earhart and is incredibly alluring, with its ebb and flow of instrumentation and full band vs minimalist approach. The band formed in 2017 and turned the obsessive home-studio demo-ing of frontman Joe Tennant into a live act with Daniel Green[…]

SONG PICK: Fifi Rong – Awake (EP Announcement)

Our Song Pick of the Day has a wonderful flow with its smooth synth lines and almost whispered vocals, like the stream of consciousness in the state between being awake and asleep. “Awake” is the title track of the upcoming 4-track EP by London-based singer/producer Fifi Rong, due out next[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Bonse – Cashmere

British alt-pop artist Bonse plays with the possibilities of menacing tension and blissful release in “Cashmere”, the gorgeous title track of his just released EP with the same name. “Cashmere” starts with cascading synth-lines, evoking the image of a sun-flooded waterfall but not for long, because as soon as the beats[…]


When “Glow” starts with a piercing squeak and singer Aoife McCann’s urgent vocals, it is hard to anticipate what you are up for. But as the track adds more layers of beats, synth layers and sound effects it is hard to escape its fascination. Æ MAK is a four piece[…]

SONG PICK: iamhill – Give It A Rest

iamhill is singer/producer from Canada (as far I could find out). Her new song, “Give It A Rest” has a catchy chorus, but keeps you continuously on the edge with an ominous bass drone. The official announcement brings it to the point: Written, produced, recorded, and performed in it’s entirety[…]


Only two weeks ago, MOTHICA played Brooklyn’s new darling venue Elsewhere in front of a big crowd of fans. Together with her band, she performed three new songs that night, and while I liked them all, I can not even remember if I heard this stunner back then. “Lovetalk” is[…]