SONG PICK: Accidental Muse – Summertime Feeling

While the artist behind the moniker Accidental Muse keeps his persona hidden, his debut single “Summertime Feeling” deserves to receive some spotlight because it is a bright and swirly electro pop gem, ready for this season’s dance floors. The Los Angeles-based musician has toured as guitarist for hire for well-known acts like Doobie[…]

SONG PICK: Nic Pool – The Falls

We were big fans of the New York trio Twin Wave and while there is nothing new from them, we are happy to report that singer Nick Williams – now based on the West Coast – is back with a new project Nic Pool. His debut track “The Falls” is[…]

SONG PICK: Memory Bells – Day at a Time

Los Angeles based indie rockers  Memory Bells make it hard not to fall for their new single “Day at a Time” with an upbeat chorus like “come on, wake up, there is no need to worry” and its crazy catchy melody. The quartet used to be a trio under the name[…]

SONG PICK: Lunafruit – Rise

“Rise” is the second single by London three-piece Lunafruit, telling the story of early morning reflections about a relationship. Impeccably produced, melodic, bright and uplifting it changes its mood a few times and makes you want to rewind and just listen another time. Listen to “Rise”, our Song Pick of[…]


“Everything… is not enough” sings Philip Winiger in “Alles”, the new glorious single by San Francisco-based trio INHALT. The track keeps it with INHALT’s signature sound of pronounced beats, lots of (analog) synths and cryptic lyrics often sung in German. Like no other song by INHALT, this one though specifically[…]

SONG PICK: Heather Jayne – Shadows

It may be because I listened to “Pornography” yesterday, but the guitar in “Shadows” by U.K. singer/songwriter Heather Jayne has a distinctive The Cure feel to it, which turns the song clearly to the dark side. Add ominous synth sounds and Heather’s wavering vocals to it and you have a[…]

SONG PICK: HANĀ – Traitors

Manchester-based singer/songwriter HANĀ goes deeply onto the dark side in her debut song “Traitors”. With thundering, menacing drums and soaring synth lines she tells a story that we have to hear too often in the news. HANĀ explains: It’s a song about how a young man was manipulated into a[…]

SONG PICK: Feel Freeze – Bridge To Your Heart

As a teaser for their upcoming album “Feathers and Scars”, Danish synth-pop duo Feel Freeze release the atmospheric single “Bridge To Your Heart”. The song is warm and fuzzy, balancing the fine line between melancholy and optimism, making us want to chime into the “there’s a bridge to your heart”[…]

SONG PICK: M.I. – Euphoria

A euphoric state of mind after having escaped from your boundaries is the theme of the new song by London singer/songwriter M.I. That describes well her own experience in the music industry, as she wants to go beyond her role as an accomplished singer. Her song “Euphoria” does an especially[…]