SONG PICK: Saya – The Moon

Good pop music depends much on what does not happen in the song. Toronto singer/songwriter Saya gets it right in her new song “The Moon”: sparse beats and electronics place the focus on on the story she wants to tell: I wrote “The Moon” in 2016 during a big writing[…]

VIDEO: Penelope Trappes – Carry Me

Watch the new video “Carry Me” by London musician Penelope Trappes, full of symbolism and with intense visuals and soundscapes. Penelope’s second album is announced for October 26. (Photo Agnes Haus)

SONG PICK: GIRL SKIN – Bite Real Hard (Video)

There is something highly fascinating about one-take shots in movies and music videos alike. The newest video by Brooklyn-based indie-rock collective GIRL SKIN features exactly that: captivating visuals directed by Idle House and shot in only one long reflective take. “Bite Real Hard” is a song especially dear to singer/songwriter[…]

SONG PICK: Cosmic Strip – Sugar Rush

Classic shoegaze is the thing of the London-based band band Cosmic Strip around singer Camella Agabalyan. Thick layers of guitars engulf the vocals and wash over you like the feeling the song wants to describe. Camella explains about “Sugar Rush”: I wanted to write a song about the feeling of[…]

SONG PICK: Cherry Blaster – Olive

Someone who goes by the artist name Cherry Blaster has my attention already, and then titling a song “Olive” even more so. Throw in some atmospheric, thick synths lines with dark vocals over it, and voilà! an appealing cocktail is ready to be savored. Cherry Blaster is the solo project[…]

SONG PICK: XPLOR – Bring Your Love Back

Quick, think of your favorite 80s romantic comedy and the soundtrack you would expect or like t to hear. Listening to “Bring Your Love Back” this kind of throwback 80s wistfulness comes up, but also the shimmer of optimism and that in the end all will be good. Singer/songwriter and[…]

SONG PICK: Kailee Morgue – Siren

Kailee Morgue has signed with Republic Records, on her way up to stardom and probably soon out of scope for glamglare. But if she continues to do such elegant, smart pop gems like “Siren” we will dearly miss her in the indie music scene. The track keeps the production minimal,[…]

Video: GVGrace – Mai Love

Watch the delightful and uplifting video “Mai Love” by L.A. duo GVGrace, which resembles the montage in a romantic comdedy during the phase when everything is bliss:

NEW ARTIST: Sera Selin

Some people just need to create. Consuming art cannot fully satisfy them – they have to release their own work into the world. Sera Selin, 16-year old singer/songwriter is one of them. Equipped with a musical education on the piano since her early childhood, she “got bored of playing other[…]