SONG PICK: Alyusha – 48

Alyusha is a London-based musician and her new song “48” is such a delicious piece of future pop that it stops you in your track. The way her vocals lead through the song surprises around every corner and you want it go on forever. Hey, you can always rewind. Alyusha[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Kat Spina – Play it Loud

Which are the songs you can not help but to sing along with? You might very well add “Play it Loud” by Kat Spina to your repertoire because the song is so cheerful that even the grumpiest vocally challenged person would feel inclined to chime in. And for those of[…]

SONG PICK: Sam Valdez – Turn

“Turn” is one of those songs that feel immediately familiar and whenever is came up in my playlist I checked immediately on my phone who is the artist. It is Sam Valdez, who is not a unknown here on glamglare: her song “It’s Alright” was a Song Pick in 2017.[…]

SONG PICK: Imperial Daze – People Are Animals

The brooding vibe in psych-pop band Imperial Daze‘s new single only lightens up throughout the contrastingly bright chorus when they cheeringly chant “People Are Animals” – and that sentiment sticks. Having found a home in Great Britain’s capital, Imperial Daze come from different backgrounds and nations and this cultural diversity[…]

SONG PICK: Death Hags – Oublie Moi

L.A.-based musician Lola Jean, aka Death Hags, originally wrote “Oublie Moi” (French for “Forget Me”) for a Twin Peaks-themed compilation from the perspective of the character Josie Packard. It has been a long time since I watched the “Twin Peaks”, but I remember it was full of uncanny figures and[…]

SONG PICK: Ciaran Lavery – Full Love

With his beautifully melancholic new single “Full Love” singer/songwriter Ciaran Lavery makes a case for going all in. He requests to not dilly-dallying around but to earn our feelings towards love and to honestly express them. The song itself wins us immediately over with its mellow vibe and irresistibly catchy[…]

SONG PICK: Snow Ghosts – Ribcage

Dramatic orchestral or cutting edge electronic music – our Song Pick of the Day “Ribcage” is both. The U.K. three-piece Snow Ghosts used an array of old and new instruments to create a soundscape that connects ancient and modern times like the eternal cycle of death and the grief of[…]

SONG PICK: West Coast Weekend – Heart Attack

Los Angeles-based quartet West Coast Weekend live up to their band name with the glistening debut single “Heart Attack”. Such a tune could hardly come from anywhere else but the West Coast with its sleek production, anthemic feel and upbeat vibe, even some sunny hand claps are thrown in for[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Ellis – Something Blue

Ellis is the singer/songwriter Linnea Sigelkow from Canada, who has already made a splash this year with appearances at SXSW and New Colossus. “Something Blue” is a new song with a wonderfully relaxed and dreamy vibe that is perfectly reflected in the images of the video. Watch “Something Blue” on[…]

SONG PICK: Me Not You – Not Fine

“Not Fine” is usually not what you hear when you ask somebody how they are. But sometimes it is the truth as it was probably for singer Nikki of New York duo Me Not You when she experienced conflicting emotions on a visit to her family upstate. The feeling of[…]