SONG PICK: Echos – Tomorrow

I can’t help but I need to pick another boy/girl duo for our Song Pick of the Day: Echos from Portland, Oregon. “Tomorrow” is a dramatic track driven by big sounds and Lexi Norton’s chills-inducing vocals. “I know you’re leaving in the morning // but if tomorrow never comes” she[…]

SONG PICK: Deep Dark Blue – Atomic

“Atomic” starts out all soft, with flittering flute sounds here and there, lustrous like a water color painting, with soft vocals who ask “Is this a real vision or is this an illusion”. “Atomic” is a magnificent track by L.A. electronic-duo Deep Dark Blue and it is our Song Pick of the Day. Listen[…]

SONG PICK: Meadowlark – Paraffin

Meadowlark is a duo from the UK and our Song Pick of the Day is a beautiful piece of electro pop, which is kept close to the ground by a good dose of melancholy, even though singer Kate McGill expects this relationship to grow big. An EP is scheduled for[…]

SONG PICK: Fierce Mild – Song He Never Wrote

  “Song He Never Wrote” perfectly balances a mix of urgency and melancholy yet the same time, importance and heartbreak and on top of it, the track sports an overall compelling melody, with cool metal-vibe vocals. Our Song Pick of the Day by Melbourne’s Fierce Mild, reminds me of many[…]

SONG PICK: Reyna – Ink On My Skin

We capped off SXSW with a sister duo and our Song Pick of the Day presents another one: the Banuelos sisters from Milwaukee, who perform and record now as Reyna. “Ink on my Skin” is an upbeat pop song with beach party vibe.

SONG PICK: Lyel – Shadow

Our Song Pick of the Day is posted from SXSW and comes from an artist, who does not play here, but should be: Finland via Germany singer/songwriter Lyel with her third track “Shadow”.

SONG PICK: LANY – Where The Hell Are My Friends

“Where The Hell Are All My Friends” is one of those synths pop songs that instantly embrace you with a pleasing melody and great hooks yet the lyrics stand in stark contrast with the mellow vibe when Paul Klein starts singing “Have I started to hate California, why am I[…]

SONG PICK: Wildes – Bare

“Bare” is a song by the London band Wildes, which has with Ella Walker only one member. It is a slow-building track full of melancholy and you will have Ella’s voice in your head long after it has finished. “Bare” is our Song Pick of the Day.

SONG PICK: The Hubbards – Cold Cut

“I’m a sucker for you” sing The Hubbards on “Cold Cut”, the beautifully catchy single release for their upcoming EP. Well, what can I say, I am a sucker for UK indie rock, and The Hubbards create the perfect mix of  pleasant pop and intriguingly smart and well crafted alt rock. Listen to “Cold Cut”,[…]