VIDEO: A R I Z O N A – I Was Wrong

The video to A R I Z O N A‘s single “I Was Wrong” is as sweet as band videos can get. The video tells a little story, following a beautiful young woman throughout her day, with scenes of the band playing live cut in-between. Adorable! The track is highly infectious[…]

NEW TRACK: Gold Spectacles – The Vine

“You belong, you belong with me” sings the London-based duo [Gold Spectacles] ( again and again. Don’t be fooled by the upbeat vibe of the song, there is a good dose of obsession in this love story. “The Vine” is a track on their debut EP “Flaws and Visions”, scheduled[…]

SONG PICK: Wildlife – Dead Century

Wildlife are back with a brand new single, announcing the release of their full length album to drop later this year. “Dead Century” is a highly energetic song, with driving beats and a big anthem chorus one can’t help but instantly chime into: “It’s all been forgotten in the dead century / All[…]

VIDEO: whenyoung – See How They Run

Whenyoung is a London four-piece and their debut video shows them playing “See How They Run” at a house party. The video is as straight-forward as the song: a rock band playing a rock song with a sing-along power chorus. Delightful!

NEW TRACK: My Heart The Brave – Runner

Beautifully moody, slightly melancholic with touches of sunshine in-between. “Runner” the single from My Heart The Brave‘s upcoming full length album, is a slowly building track, that knows exactly how to keep you and wanting for more – and just wait for the surprise half way through, when the song takes[…]

NEW TRACK: Ben Hobbs – Here’s Where the Story Ends

More often than not I find covers don’t add value. An exception is Ben Hobbs’ “Here’s Where the Story Ends”, first released by The Sundays in 1990: he adds some serious gravity to the airy original. It’s the second time I fall for a cover of this song: The Tin[…]

SONG PICK: Amaroun – Fear

Our Song Pick of the Day is from Amaroun, a new artist from England. Her second single “Fear”, a slow-moving track which keeps suspense by Amaroun’s unique vocals: she could belt it out at any time, but she never does.

SONG PICK: Kyiki – Here For

Kyiki’s “Here For” came out a few weeks ago, but it still sticks in my mind whenever it appears in my Soundcloud playlist. It has an undeniable Massive Attack vibe with its complex beats and the decomposed synth line, but that is just alright with me. So let’s make it[…]

VIDEO: Free Money – Headful

“Headful” is the instantly alluring  debut of Free Money, a new indie-rock act from East London. For the time being, Free Money will publish their songs via video only and so we feature “Headful” this way because this track is just so good with is hooks, beats edgy vocals and overall effortlessly cool vibe. If[…]

NEW TRACK: Majik – Closer

Listen to London-based duo Majik with their new beautiful track “Closer”, which “explores the gritty side of love”.