SONG PICK: Alan Booth – Clutch

We go back to Australia, Sydney to be precise, for our Song Pick of the Day. Producer and singer Alan Booth’s track “Clutch” is only on the surface a smooth R&B track – below the vocals melodies twist and twirl and put a good dose of anxiety into the song.[…]

VIDEO: Emika – Flashback

Berlin producer Emika just finished the recording of a full symphony in Prague and is already back to release new music on her main line: dark, melodic, beat-driven synth pop. Watch the video to “Flashbacks”:


FEWS is a band we don’t know much about – yet. They’re a four piece and according to their bio on SXSW’s page originally from Sweden yet their Facebook page shows London, UK as their other base. What I do know though is that “The Zoo” is a killer track![…]

NEW MUSIC: Calicco – Drake Tears

“Drake Tears” is a dreamy, ambient instrumental track with a nice upbeat piano line. Calicco is a producer from Michigan and the first one who followed glamglare’s new Snapchat account.

SONG PICK: The Jackobins – One More Chance

For all of us who are at times missing the bands we grew up with like U2 or Simple Minds, to just name a couple, there’s good news in form of Liverpool five-piece The Jackobins who make “classic” alternative rock, with great hooks and big stadium anthems. Their latest single[…]

VIDEO: Postaal – Burnin’

Postaal are a duo from Paris and that’s all we know at this point. The video is set somewhere in Southeast Asia and juxtaposes serene landscapes with city life and Thai boxing. Somehow, this summarizes nicely the chorus: “Keep the fires burnin’, baby”.

SONG PICK: Ambrose Sunshine – Mumma Ket

Ambrose Sunshine is a producer from Melbourne, Australia and his latest track, “Mumma Ket” is a relaxed and catchy electro pop piece with indeed a lot of sunshine in it – exactly what we need right now here on the other, cold side of the planet. Listen to our Song[…]

SONG PICK: Tom Low – Phone

Tom Low stays 100% on topic with “Phone” which is written, produced and performed by himself, because it’s also recorded -you’d guessed it- on a phone, the iPhone 6 to be precise. The song itself is a lovely ditty with cool beats, a nice melody, decisively lo-fi and faint Beatles[…]

SONG PICK: Hans Island – Break Free

Hans Island is a Danish-Canadian collaboration which has just released their self-titled debut EP. Our Song Pick of the Day, “Break Free”, is a smooth, upbeat track about letting go and moving on – as pictured on the cover: there is always a new morning.

VIDEO: Tsar B – Escalate

The video for “Escalate” by Belgian singer Tsar B was inspired by an Aladdin musical. For me it has rather a spy movie vibe where cloaked characters going after some guy for some reason. Who’s on the right or wrong side here? Who knows?