SONG PICK: Linki – Demonise

As much as I like the wave of forward-looking electronic music, I always appreciate a straightforward rock song when it appears in my stream. “Demonise”, the debut song by singer/songwriter Linki is such a track: it starts with wailing guitars and doesn’t let you go until the last bar. Watch[…]

NEW TRACK: Grace Joyner – Knees

Since “Knees” popped up in my Soundcloud stream, I’ve been listening to it again and again. It is a new song by singer/songwriter Grace Joyner from South Carolina, who releases her second EP “Maybe Sometimes in C” next Friday.

VIDEO: Lex – My Way

Watch L.A. singer/songwriter/actress Lex (not to be confused with the band Lex) in fancy clothing walking through the beautiful landscape of Alaska. The song elegantly combines pop melodies with heavy hip hop beats and I’m looking forward to hearing more from her. Lex will play Shaggfest next weekend.

NEW TRACK: Raw Fabrics – Get Me The Hell Out Of Here

“Get Me The Hell Out Of Here” is one of the songs that I don’t need to think for a second about whether I’d like to feature it or not, it’s a given as soon as I hit the ‘play’ button and start listening. “Get Me The Hell Out Of Here”[…]

SONG PICK: Saints Patience – Break of Dawn – [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Swirly guitar riffs first, driving drum beats next, followed by a soft cloud of strings and then the vocals, oh these smooth and soulful rock vocals – what more is there to desire? “Break of Dawn” is one superb example of an instantly addictive alt-rock anthem! London duo Saints Patience, comprised of multi-instrumentalist Spencer and vocalist[…]

LATE NIGHT: LYONN – The Symphony

“The Symphony”, the debut single by Californian duo LYONN, gets you hooked -and onto the dancefloor- right from start! It is an infectiously upbeat and truly charming tune, and if the music alone would not have convinced me that this is one amazing track, then the lyrics did the trick. There’s this line that my[…]

NEW TRACK: St. Tropez – I Wanna Live In St. Tropez

Ahead of the release of their debut album, St. Tropez hailing from Amsterdam, deliver another superb single in addition to their previous two: the more fuzz-rock and rather moody “Order” and the swirly, radiant “Son of God” that we chose as our Song Pick of the Day last November. With the just released “I[…]

SONG PICK: Izzy Flynn – Medicine

When this song starts with a lone piano line you would not guess, where it will end: as a piece of sleek, soulful electronic music that got us immediately excited here at glamglare. “Medicine” is a new track by English singer/songwriter Izzy Flynn and our Song Pick of the Day.[…]

VIDEO: Kllo – Bolide

What is going on here? This video is more like an art installation, so this is up to your interpretation. In any case, this new track by Melbourne duo Kllo is an excellent piece of electronic music. Listen to “Bolide” on Soundcloud:

SONG PICK: LL. – Let Me In

LL is a London singer/songwriter who is spot on with current trends: her music is soulful, intense and futuristic. “Let Me In”, a track from her debut EP “Cocoon”, is about going back to safety to recover and the music makes you feel that there is something dreadful that pushes[…]