LATE NIGHT: Notaker – Infinite

“Infinite” is one of the immediately absolutely awesome EDM tracks, one without annoying bells and whistles, like coffee with too much milk, or a drink with too much ice cubes in it. “Infinite” by Notaker just flows along and the journey is just too much fun to not repeat it. Again,[…]

SONG PICK: The Beautiful Fear – Arduus Ad Solem

The Latin title “Arduus Ad Solem” rolls easily from your tongue, once you give it a try, meaning ‘striving towards the sun’. “Arduus Ad Solem” is track number six on The Beautiful Fear’s upcoming album “ONE” (May 1st), the first installment of a double concept album. While it seems hard to single out one[…]

SONG PICK: Beyond Rare – Cold

Beyond Rare is, well, a girl/boy duo from… well, L.A. That alone doesn’t make them stand out from the, like, thousand other such duos from the City of Angels. But their music does, because it is not sunshine-infused electro pop, but rather a gritty affair with relentless beats driving singer[…]

SONG PICK: Billy Doze – Clouds

“Clouds”, the debut single by London artist Billy Doze, is the perfect feel-good-track: warm, bright, pleasantly driving beats with charming vocals. Yet the song’s title is “Clouds” and when the chorus sets in, the tune shifts its tempo and its mood with “clouds passing by, clouds going easy on me from time[…]

VIDEO: Avec Sans – Heartbreak Hi

U.K. band Avec Sans played an unforgettable show at SXSW and you can see some of this experience in the video for the title track of their upcoming album, due for release on June 3. What you also see is singer Alice Fox on a beautiful beach. Enjoy!

VIDEO: Lena Fayre – Cry

Watch Lena Fayre’s icy video for “Cry”, her latest song featuring her trademark mix of dark and catchy pop vibes. Lena dances in the snow, pets a white snake (maybe this one?) and I am not sure what happens in the end. Listen to “Cry on Soundcloud”

SONG PICK: Hunter As A Horse – Fallen Leaves

“Fallen Leaves” is a sad song about a rapidly cooling relationship. “Live is cruel and complicated” and yes, in such situations it may look exactly like this. Singer/guitarist Mia van Wyk speak-sings much of the song, which generates a calm reflective mood, while Paul Gala’s synths soar like the emotions[…]

VIDEO: FEWS – 100 Goosebumps

Even before heading to this year’s SXSW, I knew that FEWS would be one of the most exciting bands to currently come out of the UK*, and having seen them live not only once but twice confirmed this guess. We chose “The Zoo” as Song Pick of the Day earlier this year,[…]

SONG PICK: Lost Woods – Vodka Ocean

“Vodka Ocean”, is the up-tempo, superbly catchy single for Lost Woods’ upcoming EP. The song deals with the singer’s regret of having gotten really drunk during a music festival, and subsequently having thrown up over his girlfriend’s and his stuff in their tent. While this doesn’t paint too rosy a picture, the song is way[…]

VIDEO: Zuster – Do U Want Me

Watch the Owens sisters Andie and Maggie, aka Zuster, light up the bleak surroundings with their beautiful harmonies. “Do U Want Me” is an electro pop song with a sudden soaring, meandering chorus, which gives the track a nice edge. I’m curious what the two are up to next. Listen[…]