VIDEO: The Dose – Cold Hands

Compelling visuals, interesting narrative with a touch of suspense even, directed with a decisive artistic vision, band mates who don’t need to hide (and luckily they don’t!) and on top of it all a crazy catchy indie-rock song: “Cold Hands”, the first video by the Los Angeles rock duo The Dose, delivers all that and[…]

RELEASED TODAY: Dog in the Snow – The Slow/Quick Reveal

This song got me with the very first bar: Helen Ganya Brown aka Dog in the Snow lays out an ultra cool industrial beat and sparse electronics that sucks you immediately in this track. What is she up to? We have already picked her last song “Plastic Body” as our[…]

SONG PICK: Vérité – Underdressed

Spring has arrived here in New York (at least temporarily) and we are all looking forward for being a little “Underdressed”, like New York singer Vérité in her new song. It is a sing-along power pop tune with something of a dark undertone. Enjoy our Song Pick of the Day!

SONG PICK: Blak Emoji – Sapiosexual

There’s a lot going on in “Sapiosexual”, lots of good stuff. Aside from the obvious, the rather brainy song title, with a Latin based and relatively newly created noun referring to being attracted to intelligence. What’s more interesting, for me usually anyway, is the music and it is uncompromising straightforward[…]

VIDEO: FMLYBND – Space & Time

They have a picture of the Empire State in the apartment, but other than that “Space & Time” by California band FMLYBND has a strong West-Coast-y feeling to it. They obviously have a lot of fun with what they doing and that shines through in their music. Us on the[…]

NEW TRACK: Mt. Wolf – Anacruisis

Where does this song fit in? After starting like a folk song it, turns more electronic before it ends like a rock anthem. So why not let it turn your Monday night into something magical. Mt. Wolf is a three piece from London and “Anacrusis” is a music-theoretical term. Enjoy!

SONG PICK: Satellite Mode – Fair

Jess, singer of New York duo Satellite Mode is having it in a relationship where the other side is not playing “Fair”. Her vocals express anger and dissatisfaction, her partner Alex’ production underscores the drama of the moment. I hope you are not in a similar situation, but if you[…]

SONG PICK: Bryde – Help Yourself

Be prepared for goosebumps: London singer/songwriter Bryde develops her song “Help Yourself” from a quiet guitar and voice piece to a big rock anthem and back. “If you can’t help yourself, nobody else will help you out of this.”, she sings. That is true, too often.

LATE NIGHT: Mike Sal – Beyond You And I

Great dance music and perfect tunes for high energy workouts often go hand in hand, and Mike Sal‘s “Beyond You And I” hits that sweet spot perfectly! I can’t decide where I love to hear the track more: on the dance floor or in the gym. Then again, this isn’t a decision[…]

SONG PICK: KYOSi – Early Riser

No matter if you are an “Early Riser” or not, our Song Pick of the Day will boost your Saturday. New York singer/producer KYOSi’s debut single is a fresh, upbeat track that channels the effect of the first rays of sunshine in the morning.