VIDEO: Rooms – Stars Beyond

“Stars Beyond” is a mesmerizing new song by Sydney psychedelic-pop duo Rooms. The video to go with it, tells the charming yet heart-breaking love story between two women. End of story… …wait! This is one of the videos worth spending time on because of its sheer beauty and emotional depth. It was developed and shot by[…]

NEW TRACK: Hudson Scott – Get Down

Listening to Hudson Scott‘s brand new single “Get Down”, I immediately think of lounging by the pool, with a big fruity cocktail in my hand, with a pink straw, turquoise paper umbrella, pineapple decoration and all, soaking up the sun. But that’s not the lyrical intent as Hudson Howard reveals himself: “‘Get[…]

SONG PICK: Katie Burden – I Can See Clear

Our Song Pick of the Day is “I Can See It Clear” by the L.A. singer/songwriter Katie Burden. She has been around for a while on both coasts and in the middle and is now ready to release her debut full length “Strange Moon” on September 16. “I Can See[…]

NEW TRACK: Paper Lions – My Number

At a time, when couples break up over a text message or others are communicating with apps that don’t leave any trace of what has being said, it is somewhat re-assuring that someone makes a song about telephone communication. Or at least about “you got my number” because, this reminds me of a time[…]

SONG PICK: Colouring – About You

A song that starts out with “Stop all the clocks / I’ll be with you / You’re all that I think about” has won my heart already, so beautiful! And then there is everything else of course, the smooth production, the infectious vibe, the rich vocals and the cool effects in[…]

New Track: Elle Belle – Knock On The Light

“Knock On The Light” begins with a big dose of swagger and finesse as well as a lot of promise and does not disappoint. This latest single by Los Angeles based musician Elle Belle includes guest vocals by Misty Boyce (keys for BØRNS) that provide a stunning contrast to his own and together with the overall laid-back vibe make “Knock[…]

WITH WHISKEY OR COFFEE: Andrew Foster – Down The Rabbit Hole

Acoustic guitar, rich vocals, lovely melody with a tiny bit of suspense, smart lyrics… “Down The Rabbit Hole” draws you right in and doesn’t let you go for three minutes and 21 seconds. “Down The Rabbit Hole” is the newest single by U.K. singer/songwriter Andrew Foster and the first tune featured in our[…]

LATE NIGHT: Kauf – A Ruin

Kauf is an electronic musician based in Los Angeles, who creates beautifully flowing, mesmerizing tracks with sparse but rich vocals to go with. A full length album is scheduled for later this year but for now there are two singles and lots of remixes, to get our anticipation going. Here’s “A[…]

SONG PICK: Glider Pilots – Simple Things

Here on the northern hemisphere we are in full summer mode, so we gladly take this track by the Queensland, Australia brother/sister duo Glider Pilots to celebrate the bliss of the season. “Shoreline’s a magnet, it keeps pulling me” singer Samantha Hope declares dreamily to shimmering guitar lines and gentle[…]

VIDEO: Wildwood Kin – Warrior Daughter

Wildwood Kin is a trio of two sisters with their cousin from England, but their style of indie Americana is more at home over here. The video for “Warrior Daughter” shows them in the beautiful setting of an enchanted forest with an abandoned mansion. Plus, they doing some seriously awesome[…]