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NEW MUSIC: Chances – Rishikesh

Check out the third single “Rishikesh” of Montreal-based trio Chances. Inspired by the namesake city in India the track features a sonic “colorful chaos” including soundbites from the banks of the Ganges. Listen to “Rishikesh” on SoundCloud or Spotify:

NEW MUSIC: Megan Lilly – Stargirl

Megan Lilly could be your “Stargirl”. No, not seriously – she has other things in mind. Listen to Megan’s catchy new track on SoundCloud:

NEW MUSIC: Orchid – Slow (Kylie Minogue Cover)

London singer/producer Orchid closes out the year with a cover song and turns Kylie Minogue’s 2003 hit “Slow” from a dance banger into an enticing piece of future pop. Listen to the original (Apple Music | Spotify) and you will hear how pop music production has evolved in the last[…]

NEW MUSIC: Illyin Pipes – Daylight Confidant

The synths in “Daylight Confidant” rise like the sunlight after a long night. This is the new song by Toronto-based duo Illyin Pipes, a similar dreamy and bright experience as their last song “Waking Up”. Their debut EP “Spaces” is expected for next February. Listen to “Daylight Confidant” on SoundCloud[…]

NEW MUSIC: Beach Riot – She’s A Hurricane

With members spending their time in Brighton and others in London, Beach Riot nevertheless manage to come together to create energetic, fuzzy pop punk. “She’s A Hurricane” has so much tempo and class, that it is impossible to escape its fresh allure. Listen to “She’s A Hurricane” and hold on[…]

NEW MUSIC: Ashe – Girl Who Cried Wolf

California-based singer/songwriter Ashe is not the “Girl Who Cried Wolf” in her new track, a refreshing combination of acoustic and pop music elements. Listen to “Girl Who Cried Wold” on SoundCloud or Spotify: Ashe is on a U.S. tour with Louis The Child or Lauv for the next months: 12/6/17[…]

NEW MUSIC: Bleach Baby – This Is For You

Turns out, Bleach Baby not only sounds early 90s house but they even behave as if the Internet wouldn’t exist since they forgo any social media presence*. Not a problem for me because neither Instagram followers nor Spotify plays impress me much but it is the music itself and “This[…]

NEW MUSIC: Kayls – Porcelain

L.A.-based singer Kayls does electro pop songs, albeit a notch darker than it would be considered mainstream by the music industry. Her new track “Porcelain” takes on her escape from the hit machine of the L.A. music business that wanted her to become the next big thing.

NEW MUSIC: Eloïse – Now He Wears White

“So now he wears white every night and thinks he’s Jesus”, but he’s clearly not, because “Whiskey or whatever makes him think he’s got a message”. Pop singer/songwriter Eloïse is not impressed by the subject of her latest song “Now He Wears White”, which targets celebrity culture, even though she is being part of it. Eloïse is aware: “It’s kind of a satirical look at myself and people like me,” she explains.

NEW MUSIC: Elle Watson – Glued

Here’s a new track by Elle Watson that doesn’t go out of my head: “Glued” is a collaboration with Clams Casino and convinces with a sultry and lush production. More music will be on her EP, scheduled for early 2018.