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NEW ARTIST: Sera Selin

Some people just need to create. Consuming art cannot fully satisfy them – they have to release their own work into the world. Sera Selin, 16-year old singer/songwriter is one of them. Equipped with a musical education on the piano since her early childhood, she “got bored of playing other[…]

NEW MUSIC: Eliza Shaddad – My Body (Video)

Here is a gorgeous new song “My Body” by UK-based singer/songwriter Eliza Shaddad. The video is directed by Joe McCrae and feels like a glimpse in somebody’s mind where images flicker through the brain in a state of half-consciousness. Eliza’s full-length “Future” is expected for later this year. Watch the[…]

NEW MUSIC: Actrese – Nasty Game

London musician Actrese operates outside of current musical trends. Her minimal electronics and weird melodies remind me rather of the German New Wave of the 80s, updated for the technologies of the late 2010s. According to herself, her music is “Moody, Honest, Engaging.” And: “I do not like to state[…]

NEW MUSIC: More Giraffes – Dinosaur

“Dinosaur” oozes massive amounts of playful, child-like joy, dispensed as sparkly pop candy. The second single by L.A.-based duo More Giraffes, comprised of Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford, shows once again their incredible talent for catchy and likable pop songs. Listen to “Dinosaur” now: For your Spotify playlist:

NEW MUSIC: Mothica – Water Me Down & More

Brooklyn musician Mothica is very busy these days: not only she has embarked on a headlining U.S. tour, she also released two new songs. The first one is “Chasing Lights”, a collaboration with producer duo Memba— listen on SoundCloud: Then there is “Water Me Down”, a brand new single, the[…]

New Music: ANIQO – Chess (Video)

“Chess” as a metaphor for life: every round brings new decisions and us closer to winning or losing. The new song by German singer/songwriter ANIQO builds up suspense with sparse beats and electronics, but then it never releases you: unlike the game, the chess of life never ends. “Chess” is[…]

NEW MUSIC: Host – Goodbye

“Goodbye”, the debut single by Ireland-based singer/producer Host is a triumphant, bright pop song with a nod to the 80s. Its topic is rather sad, though, as Host explains: Goodbye is about putting your heart and soul into a shit relationship that inevitably falls apart  right before your eyes, but[…]