SONG PICK: Huntly – Drop Gear (Video)

It is said that Huntly does an exciting live performance, which is another good reason to visit Melbourne, Australia one day. But just listen and you can imagine how their show looks like: their brand of electronic music has less of the usual well-structured slickness and more emotional heat. “Drop[…]

SONG PICK: Luke Top – The Dumb-Show

While Fool’s Gold has disbanded, its lead singer continued making music. Born in Tel Aviv, Israel and raised in Los Angeles, California, Luke Top released a solo album in 2016 and is gearing up to release an EP later this month with the title track “The Dumb-Show”. The single is[…]

NEW MUSIC: Hydrah – Return

Here’s a new one from L.A. via Minneapolis producer Hydrah. She delighted us with infectious dance tracks in the past, but now she goes a somewhat different direction: “Return” is an (almost) instrumental with a strong classical influence. The way the track opens up into a grand soundscape it is[…]

SONG PICK: Charlee Remitz – Forever Like This

Love and relationships are the favorite topic in pop music, but most songs focus on the dark side: trouble, breakups and abuse. For a change, here is a song that describes the most blissful, precious moment, when mutual love is sparked and everything seems possible. Naturally, this happens only rarely[…]

SONG PICK: Little Grim – Silence

Consisting of singer Joe Murphy and guitarist Jeremy Barclay, the London-based duo Little Grim just released an incredibly infectious new indie rock gem with “Silence”. The instrumentation of “Silence” is sparse, making every embellishment count and Joe Murphy’s vocals shine. Yet, the track picks up intensity throughout its run and swirls[…]

SONG PICK: Adia Victoria – Dope Queen Blues

“Dope Queen Blues” is a hard-hitting song by singer/songwriter Adia Victoria from Nashville. The intriguing melange of several genres and influences was produced by The National’s Aaron Dessner, who also contributes the fierce piano chord that drives the song forward. Adia Victora fills us in: I wrote it about when[…]

SONG PICK: Realworld – Perfect Vision

“Perfect Vision” is a beautifully laid back song, that makes you want to not do anything for a little while but listen. Truly listen, and maybe tapping your foot a bit to the rhythm of the drums and guitar strumming. The super chill track is the debut single by Brooklyn-based[…]

SONG PICK: The Desert – Gone

The Desert is an exciting new band from Bristol, England. Their new single “Gone” deals with the feelings of loss and singer Gina Leonard conveys her desperation impressively over dark trip-hop inspired synths and beats. And while her vocals may have taken some inspiration from Portishead’s Beth Gibbons intimacy and[…]

SONG PICK: Somedays – When We Left

The not so long ago formed British indie rock quintet Somedays brings to mind the top 20 hit of a famous New York band, and maybe unsurprisingly their debut single “When We Left” is not too far off from the American five-piece either. “When We Left” delights with appealing guitar and[…]

SONG PICK: tamtam – Rise (Video)

tamtam lives in California, but was born and raised Saudi Arabia where women are extremely restricted in their rights. Throwing some light on this injustice and fighting for gender equality is a natural background for her music. Her latest future pop song “Rise” is about overcoming the resistance she faces[…]