SONG PICK: The Japanese House – Follow My Girl

The Japanese House is the project of English singer/songwriter Amber Bain. “Follow My Girl” is the second single from her upcoming debut album “Good At Falling,” due out on March 1 next year. The song hits exactly the golden line between edgy electronics and catchy synth pop and makes you[…]

SONG PICK: Highschool Jacob – Nobody But You

“Nobody But You”, the new single by Los Angeles-based Highschool Jacob, is hypnotic in its build and lyrics, when he repeats multiple times over: “You’re looking at me like I’m somebody else, I’m looking at you like there’s no one else”, and simply absolutely beautiful! The sonic expression of “Nobody But[…]

SONG PICK: VEE 303 – Wounded (Video)

“Wounded” is a chilled future pop song with intricate beats that reminds of FKA twigs work. But VEE 303 is actually a German, Berlin-based singer/songwriter and fashion designer and she sets the song to sleek video full of symbolism. She explains about the song: Wounded is about the dynamic of[…]

SONG PICK: The Fame – Wide Awake

The debut single by Toronto-based quartet The Fame “Wide Awake” is about self-reflection and the daily life ongoings and it is totally stunning – debut or not! Listen to “Wide Awake”, our Song Pick of the Day: Connect with The Fame on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Photo credit: Avalon Mohns

TOP 15 SONGS of 2018 – Elke’s Picks

What makes a great song? Better yet, what particular element(s) characterizes your favorite songs? Thinking about what to do for 2018, whether to compile a Top 10 album list, or a Top 10 song list or what not, I realized that among all my favorite songs for the passing year[…]

SONG PICK: Girl As Wave – Another Life

Girl As Wave is the stage name of singer/songwriter Marci Elizabeth, who turned her music into a different direction with her latest EP “Poison Vines and Nectar,” a compelling piece of dreamy indie rock. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day “Another Life” below: Stream “Poison Vines and Nectar”[…]

SONG PICK: Ciircus Street – Broken

An instantly captivating melody, beautifully harmonizing vocals, interesting lyrics and an arrangement that draws the listener in. “Broken” is very lovely, despite the more mellow content. It is also the new single by English duo Ciircus Street. Singer and keyboarder Jim Crowder provides the following background to their song: “Broken is[…]

SONG PICK: Cat Turner – Easier

We were just in Ireland, unfortunately only for a layover in Dublin. Still it seems fitting to pick the new song by singer/producer Cat Turner from Galway, Ireland. Her song “Waster” has already blown me away last spring (and will make an appearance in my top 15 2018 songs) and[…]

SONG PICK: New Luna – Red Music

Have not used the description “jangly guitars” in a long time (at least a month, if not two) but there is no better two-word term to characterize “Red Music”, the new single by Manchester quartet New Luna. But wait! There is more, because these jangly guitars suddenly give way to less[…]

SONG PICK: Ariel Gold – Blue

Ariel Gold is a new singer/songwriter who arrived with a splash in form of the excellent EP “Grace” with six atmospheric, crafty pop songs, which showcase her range as a songwriter and musician. Listen to the ethereal “Blue” our Song Pick of the Day on Spotify: Stream the EP “Grace”[…]