VIDEO: Alice Phoebe Lou – Galaxies

Ahead of her album “Paper Castles”, scheduled for March 8, Alice Phoebe Lou delights her fans with a gorgeous surreal video for her latest single “Galaxies”. Alice explains that the track: “Happened on a rainy moody day in Berlin, my friend Harry Charles & I wrote this song while lying on[…]

VIDEO: Larkins – TV Dream

Manchester is brimming with cool bands, and guitar-pop band Larkins are no exception. The inspired band video invites us to come out and see them live. Frontman Josh Noble explains about the single: “‘TV Dream’ was inspired by my grandparents; the idea that romance and dancing has lost its appeal[…]

SONG PICK: Doomsquad – General Hum

Without even listening to the end of “General Hum”, I already started to create today’s #glamglarepick feature because I am a huge fan of Toronto-based sibling-trio Doomsquad. With “General Hum” they not only released yet another fantastic electro-psych single but also an electrifying video, directed by Zak Tatham. Both promote[…]

SONG PICK: Giungla – In My Head

Italian one-woman powerhouse Ema Drei aka Giungla is back! She dazzeled us with the irresistable combination of heavy distorted guitars and glitchy electronic beats almost three years ago on her debut EP “Camo”. Her latest song “In My Head”, out today, picks up from there, but adds more melody and[…]


European and American fans of indie rockers ISLAND can rejoice together, as the London-based four-piece is gearing up for their headlining tour in Europe and then makes their way over to the states again. If you were lucky enough to have caught ISLAND at SXSW2018, then you might want to see[…]

PHOTOS: SXSW Day 4 Roundup

At every SXSW there comes the point where it is hard to keep up with the daily posts. But here they are, with a little delay, the photos of day 4. Follow us along for more impressions on Twitter or Instagram under @glamglare.

PHOTOS: SXSW 2018 Roundup Day 3 – glamglare showcase

Countless hours of preparation, but on Wednesday the day of our showcase has finally arrived. We had a blast! Big thanks to everybody who could come out. Check out a few photos below – our full coverage will be up soon. Follow us along for more impressions on Twitter or[…]

PHOTOS: SXSW 2018 Day 2 Roundup

Tuesday was a day that felt like it had 100 hours. That Austrian lunch with Leyya, wasn’t it a week ago? That’s SXSW, so do more things on a day than usually in a week and still miss most of the festival. We’re still lagging on seeing live music, but[…]