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SONG PICK: Household Dogs – Will My Dreams Be Electric Tonight?

Leeds-based four-piece Household Dogs deliver an intense and utterly gorgeous indie rock song with “Will My Dreams Be Electric Tonight?” Lead singer  and guitarist Declan Newcombe reveals about the track: “‘Will My Dreams Be Electric Tonight?’ was inspired by a dream I had in which someone was sleeping with my[…]

SONG PICK: Me Not You – Does Anybody Out There Care/

“Does Anybody Out The Care?” is probably a thought that has crossed everybody’s mind numerous times. Well, now there is a Me Not You song to express this feeling loudly for cathartic relief. Even better: the NYC duo has finally their excellent debut full-length album “Already Gone” (Apple Music |[…]


Portuguese musical act :PAPERCUTZ, led by Bruno Miguel, share three new songs from their upcoming album “King Ruiner” out in early 2020. While “Your Beliefs” features singer Catarina Miranda, the upcoming album will see three different vocalists in total. What all tracks have in common though is Miguel’s magic touch,[…]

Cream with a K

SONG PICK: Cream With A K – Saving Face

Lee Tatlock aka Cream with a K is singular artist who found her musical home at the crossroads of bubbly pop and fuzzy grunge rock. Her latest single “Saving Face” does not (yet) come with one of her resourceful video treatments, but features thundering live drums. Lee recalls: I made[…]


It feels like not so long ago that I first saw Mackenzie Scott aka TORRES live and consequently fell in love with her story telling, her fascinating vocals and beautiful guitar driven sound.  This was in Austin, 2015 when TORRES played one of the last sets of the SXSW music[…]

SONG PICK: Emily Jane White – Washed Away (Video)

The Californian singer/songwriter Emily Jane White is about to release her sixth album “Immanent Fire” about the destruction of the environment. There is no reason to be cheerful about this, but the single “Washed Away” has still something uplifting to it, like the appreciation of beauty on a walk trough[…]

SONG PICK: Youth Sector – Tonight

“Tonight”, the new single from Brighton art rockers Youth Sector shows the five-piece from a slightly darker side yet with an infectious exuberance that is impossible to escape. Is it the percussion or the synths parts that render the song pleasantly familiar? Yes, “Tonight” definitely sport some Tubeway Army feel and[…]

SONG PICK: JFDR – Taking A Part of Me

In an exactly one week we will be arriving in Reykjavik for our third attendance of the fabulous Iceland Airwaves festival. And they just announced that Jófríður Ákadóttir aka JFDR, one of Iceland’s most visible and prolific musicians will play right that day early evening. She also just has released[…]

SONG PICK: W. H. Lung – Symmetry

This Manchester three-piece does things a bit differently as far as their songwriting goes as well as how they approach their place and possibilities in society. W. H. Lung make music, highly compelling and hypnotic music, that does not follow any three minutes and under playlist rules. While some musicians[…]

SONG PICK: Eliza Shaddad – Girls

It has been a year since Eliza Shaddad released her debut album and seven months since she played our SXSW showcase. Now she is back with a new single “Girls” that conveys the helplessness when communication breaks down with somebody who you were so close once. The track is soaked[…]