Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: Cj Pandit – Talk Talk Talk!

“Talk Talk Talk!” the new single by British indie-pop artist Cj Pandit is beautifully bright, lush, and simply irresistible. When asked about his new track, Cj offers: “It’s me trying to understand what it means to feel alone in a group of people, when everything gets a little overwhelming, and[…]


SONG PICK: Tatum – Bloodsport

The title song of the debut EP “Bloodsport” by South African singer/songwriter Tatum is a soaring ballad about the fact that love cannot exist without pain – a perfect topic for her dark, soulful and dramatic music.

SONG PICK: Brendon – The Butterfly Song

Sweepingly nostalgic with a heavy dose of melancholy and all the more gorgeous is “The Butterfly Song”, the new single by British singer/songwriter Brendon. While the track starts out all wistful, it then suddenly takes a sharp turn after the halfway mark and continues on a brighter and more hopeful[…]

Maddie Jay

SONG PICK: Maddie Jay – Shakes

Summer is going to be different and restricted this year, but music is always there to help. Enter a collection of swirling, lighter-than-air pop songs by L.A. via Canada singer, songwriter and producer Maddie Jay. “Mood Swings” is the title of her debut EP which deals with the change of the environment after her move to California.

SONG PICK: props – wired

British multi-instrumentalist and producer Mark Gilyead makes music under the moniker props and has just released a three tracks EP that is highly intriguing in its diversity. We first heard of “wired” and loved it from the spot, hence we decided to feature this song, especially with a line like[…]


SONG PICK: Lial – Dirty Little Lies (Video)

Should you be with this person or is this relationship a downward spiral? London-based singer songwriter Lial puts a new spin on a recurring theme in pop music: what if the “Dirty Little Lies” make things with somebody interesting in the first place. Her new song pitches reconciliatory words against drums pounding like a racing heartbeat – you can sugarcoat the situation, but thrill and danger are always present.

SONG PICK: Barley Passable – All I Have

Australian synth-pop duo Barley Passable seem to enjoy keeping a bit of a secret around their musical project and start with building some hype and following around them. But why ever not. Kai Ollmann (guitars and vocals) and Davy Brown (keyboards and vocals) are onto something if their first release “All[…]

Fenne Lily

SONG PICK: Fenne Lily – To Be A Woman Pt. 2

And one again we turn to Bristol for some more excellent music by singer/songwriter Fenne Lily: “To Be A Woman Pt. 2” is stop-you-in-your-tracks music that does everything right: a driving beat, electrifying guitars, enigmatic soundbites and intense, but intimate vocals. You immediately get dark state of mind the song comes from.

SONG PICK: James Humphrys – Colours

So much exuberance and joy in “Colours”, the new single by Bristol-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist James Humphrys. The super groovy track sparkles and swirls like a freshly projected rainbow in the mid-summer sky. When asked about his new single James explains: “Colour explores the themes and thoughts surrounding that uncomfortable[…]

Alice Pisano

SONG PICK: Alice Pisano – Tears Will Set You Free

London-based, Italian singer/songwriter Alice Pisano has a powerful appeal for darker times: don’t hold back your emotions, because showing them just makes you only stronger. “Tears Will Set You Free” – her first song since her 2019 EP “Celebrate Life” – has a new fresh feel to it: less folk and more pop, without giving away Alice’s signature intimacy.