Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: Renwick – High Horse

“High Horse” comes with a big dose of nostalgia thanks to its bouncy synths and the reflecting vibe. Having grown up in Sydney, Australia, Renwick learned to play the trombone, the piano, and other instruments from a young age on and is able to draw from many different influences, eventually[…]

BLACKOUT TUESDAY: The Show Must Be Paused

SOLIDARITY A simple and clear message. We are participating in #BlackoutTuesday so that we can reflect on the systemic racism and violence that pervades our culture. Visit #TheShowMustBePaused to learn more and find a collection of relevant resources, to make this day of reflection count. Together we stand against racism,[…]

Nickie Minshall

SONG PICK: Nickie Minshall – Watch Your Step

Nickie Minshall has been making music for a while in her hometown of Toronto and is now ready to embark on a solo career. Her first offering: “Watch Your Step,” an emotional and catchy pop song that puts her crystalline vocals front and center. Nickie recalls about the song: I’ve[…]

SONG PICK: Milwin – Kill the Lights (feat. Philip Strand)

“Kill the Lights” the new single by Swedish songwriter, DJ and producer Milwin places itself effortlessly in any collection of irresistible, dancefloor-ready feel-good songs. The exquisite track features vocalist Philip Strand of the Swedish rock band Normandie and sparkles with an abundance of sexy summer vibes. Milwin, né Edwin Milton[…]


SONG PICK: Chinwe – Sin

A super-relaxed beat and chills-inducing vocals guide the latest track by London-based singer Chinwe. The resignation is palpable, when she comes to terms with the fact that love has come to an irreversible end.

SONG PICK: Kid Brunswick – SKINNY

When we first featured British singer/songwriter and producer Harry Gilmour, he released his unique and irresistible brand of electro-grunge rock under the moniker Brunswick. Since then, he published a couple of more singles plus his debut album and is now Kid Brunswick. We think that name suits this crazy talented[…]


SONG PICK: Odina – Please

In summer 2016 I listened to Odina and her song “You Loved Me, You Killed Me” for the first time during my morning commute. I almost dismissed it first for its initial simplicity, but then quickly was drawn in by the deep emotional vulnerability of her vocals and the way her music slowly builds a sonic landscape around you.
Since then the London-based singer/songwriter has released several stellar singles and EPs and now four years later her debut full-length “What I Never Told You” is finally on the horizon for an August 12 release. A perfect name for an Odina record by the way: judging from the first two singles, Odina’s songs have not lost anything from their heartwarming intimacy and still makes you feel as you are the first one who she lets in on personal secrets.

SONG PICK: JUNO – Sleepwalker (Video)

“Sleepwalker”, the debut single by Australian synth-pop duo JUNO evokes the sound of fellow Aussie bands like the famous 80s staple INXS or the contemporary superstar Tame Impala. The track is highly catchy and despite its serious topic, it is sparkling lush with a feelgood vibe. If this was still[…]

Ally Evenson

SONG PICK: Ally Evenson – Not So Pretty

Our Song Pick of the Day is the title track “Not So Pretty” of the debut EP of Detroit-based singer/songwriter Ally Evenson. The earthy folk rock song sets the stage for a wondrous journey through Ally’s musical world that takes you to a few quite unexpected places. Like much of pop music, “Not So Pretty” is about overcoming a dark chapter in Ally’s life.