Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: Joywave – After Coffee

The word “coffee” might very well trigger different responses in most of us. Some can not start their day without it; others prefer it a little later while already awake, and then some loathe coffee or gave it up altogether because of its effects. So when I listened to “After[…]


SONG PICK: feeo – End Song (Video)

“End Song” is literally that: closing out the tab that humanity had been running over the centuries and let everything come to an end. But for U.K. singer/producer feeo, the apocalypse is not particularly gloomy – it is rather a natural event, and you have to make the best out[…]

SONG PICK: Scoobert Doobert – Don’t Worry

Who can resist an invitation like “Don’t Worry?” Luckily, the song doesn’t continue with “be happy” but takes a different, unexpected route. The melody itself is upbeat, with a sunny, Californian surfer vibe which comes as no surprise since Scoobert Doobert grew up in San Diego. And the artist makes[…]



A castle is the culmination of dreams, the place you would like to be once you have made it, in particular, if it comes with a prince or princess. The new song “Castle” by London-based singer/songwriter Melanie Percy aka MELÓ blurs dreams and reality and she tempts you to not[…]

SONG PICK: Eliza Shaddad – Blossom (Video)

One year into the pandemic, it feels like we’ve seen it all before. The Zoom-inspired band videos or the ones with piling one video editing effect onto the other. It is possible, though, to create something blissfully refreshing like the Eliza Shaddad just did with her music video to her[…]

River Hooks

SONG PICK: River Hooks – You Lost a Real Friend

New York-based singer, songwriter, and producer River Hooks has a new song out! “You Lost A Real Friend” features a shapeshifting, lush production that washes over you like a wave on a tropical beach, while River’s airy vocals reflect the value of friendship. The track has this sleek and elegant[…]

SONG PICK: Cyrano – White Wine

Within mere seconds we were totally smitten by “White Wine,” and listening to the track only gets better the more we indulge in it. “White Wine” marks the new single by British producer Cyrano, who, like the famous fictional character, wants to remain in the background for now. For “White Wine,”[…]

Dune Aimee

SONG PICK: DUNE Aimee – Power Cut

“Power Cut” is a song that combines melancholy, drama, and upbeat pop sensibilities just in the right measure to make it an engaging experience every time you listen. DUNE Aimee is a singer/songwriter from the Netherlands who moved to Leeds, U.K. to advance her artistic career, so we can hopefully[…]

SONG PICK: Brothertiger – Dancer on the Water (Video)

We only discovered electronic musician and synthwave pioneer John Jagos, aka Brothertiger, last year and since then we can’t get enough of his music. Brothertiger dropped “Paradise Lost” in the fall last year, which is among our favorite albums of 2020. The livestream to celebrate the album felt super intimate[…]

Elysse Mason

SONG PICK: Ellysse Mason – Sweet Talkin

There is little more than vocals and a massive, swelling synth in “Sweet Talkin” by Manchester-based singer/songwriter Ellysse Mason. With just that, she creates a vast space to lose yourself in, with little structure to hold on to, but also suspense that carries on until the last bar. Ellysse says[…]