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SONG PICK: Evvol – It’s OK (Video)

After Friday’s Song Pick here is another act who helped sparking this blog: genre-defying Berlin-based duo Evvol, formerly Kool Thing. They are now ready to release their second album “The Power” on May 8. First single “It’s Ok” is a compelling synth pop piece that keeps you on the edge with unexpected vocal effects and leaves it unclear how well things really are.

SONG PICK: Luna Bec – Come Over Tonight

Many different scenarios are possible with an invitation like “Come Over Tonight”, and London-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Luna Bec might just have the best for you. Her gorgeous new song is playful and bouncy, with an overall much-needed optimistic vibe. When asked about her latest single, Bec explains: “Come Over[…]


SONG PICK: Austra – Anywayz (Video)

Katie Stelmanis aka Austra can be counted as one of the early inspirations for the blog and so we are very happy to hear new music from her after the 2017 album “Future Politics.” The reason for her three year break from music led to her fourth album “HiDRUiN” about destructive relationships. Album opener and second single “Anywayz” is classic Austra: glittering synth and soaring vocals, put together in a way you hardly can get anywhere else.

SONG PICK: Josh Oreo – Starcrawling

Australian singer/songwriter Josh Oreo just released his highly appealing debut single “Starcrawling”, a song directed at the incongruent people epitomizing the whitewashed, banal society we live in.” “Starcrawling” is a convincing and effortless rock song with plenty of catchy pop elements, and cool guitar hooks that bring the likes of[…]

Laura Gray

SONG PICK: Laura Gray – Break, Drift.

“Break, Drift.” is an apt title for the new song by Montreal-based musician Laura Glover aka Laura Gray. It is about breaking up with somebody, but the music invites you rather to drift along with Laura’s thoughts. It is comforting in its reflective melancholy: these things happen, but you’ll get over it.

SONG PICK: YutaY – Run

Moving your home from the East Coast to the West Coast certainly changes your perspective on many things. For non-New Yorkers, owning and driving a car, for example, is pretty much the norm. Also, things on the West Coast run at a much slower pace, and people tend to be[…]

SONG PICK: Zooni – Dissolve (Video)

Ten months ago, we featured British indie-rock quartet Zooni with their mesmerizing debut single “Pany”. Since then, the four have released a few more singles and an EP, and now add the gorgeous “Dissolve” to their growing oeuvre. “Dissolve” is a quiet, multi-layered song in the tradition of Radiohead and the[…]

Kelly Lee Owens

SONG PICK: Kelly Lee Owens – Melt!

Welsh musician and producer Kelly Lee Owens is finally back with a new album “Inner Songs,” the follow-up to her brilliant self-titled debut albums released about three years ago. Like with Cbm in 2016, she stokes again curiosity with an almost instrumental techno track “Melt!” about climate change. Listen carefully: there is a lot going in in this track that makes you literally feel the vanishing ice of the planet.

SONG PICK: White Tail Falls – Disintegrate (Part II Video)

“Disintegrate” marks the second single of White Tail Falls’ debut album “The Age Of Entitlement”, out on May 29th via Physical Education Records. The video to the almost painfully gorgeous song marks the second chapter of a short-film directed, edited and shot (on an iPhone) by Craig Young, following White Tail[…]