Song Pick of the Day




Léa Sen – I Feel Like I’m Blue [Video]

Singer, songwriter, and producer Léa Sen offers with “I Feel Like I’m Blue” another exquisite taste from her upcoming EP, You Of Now Pt. 1, out on May 20th via Partisan Records. The song might be the EP’s most wistful track yet its melancholy is beautifully chill and absolutely irresistible![…]

Keeper E

Keeper E. – I Can Do It

Keeper E. is annoyed. The Canadian singer/songwriter sings “I Can Do it” and is not willing anymore to let herself be talked down by other people, in particular men. She explains: “This song is about claiming our own power and acknowledging that we are human, and we make mistakes, and[…]

Riches – The Frequency

“The Frequency” is Riches‘s magnificent and utterly irresistible new single. Behind Riches are Catherine McCandless (Young Galaxy) and Wynn Holmes (choreographer) who created “The Frequency” together with producer/composer Dan Lissvik (studio/Atelje). Riches is a multidisciplinary, intercontinental collaboration of music, dance, and performance. Songs are the first iteration of the project,[…]

Chelsea Jade

Chelsea Jade – Best Behavior

“‘Best Behaviour’ is an offer to be imperfect and carefree,” says L.A. singer/songwriter Chelsea Jade and a few bars into this upbeat, chill song you get the vibe: you cannot always be perfect, so have a little fun. “Best Behavior” is the third single off Chelsea’s second album “Soft Spot,”[…]

Skinny Dippers – Night to Day

Do judge a single by its cover and give “Night to Day” a listen already. Super gorgeous, no? “Night to Day” is the new single by Skinny Dippers who enlisted fellow musician Nola Wren to create the cover art. The result is phenomenal and captures the essence of the song beautifully.[…]

Ruth Radalet

Ruth Radelet – Crimes

“Crimes” is the new single by the former singer of the band Chromatics Ruth Radelet. The bright, glittering synth-pop track – produced in collaboration with Filip Nikolic of Poolside – explores questions about how far you want to go to be successful. She explains: “‘Crimes’ is about the pursuit of[…]

E-Prime – Stop Runnin’ [Video]

Montreal is very much on my mind these days because I am traveling there again soon and of course thanks to its excellent music scene. Naturally, I am always curious when I learn about new music from Canada’s second-most populous city. Quel surprise! While electronic synth-pop sibling duo E-Prime didn’t[…]

C'Est Karma

C’Est Karma – Coffee [Video]

“I make coffee now” is a good description for the moment you have grown up and are responsible for your well-being. For Karma Catena aka C’Est Karma it was her move from Luxembourg to Amsterdam and living in her own space that inspired this reflection about big life changes. And[…]


While New York indie rockers SOFTCRUSH formed only in the fall of 2021, they demonstrate impressive songwriting chops and exquisite producing skills with their debut single “See You Go” and the follow-up “Puppet.” The four band members each bring their own musical background and influences to the project, and the[…]

Jenny Berkel

Jenny Berkel – Lavender City

In summer, things seem easy-going, and you may overlook dishonesty just because everything feels so good. But when reality hits, you have to grapple with the fact that you should have known all along. This is the story that Canadian singer/songwriter Jenny Berkel tells in her beautifully arranged song “Lavender[…]