Song Pick of the Day




Loyal Lobos

SONG PICK: Loyal Lobos – Amor Como Puñal (Video)

“Amor Como Puñal” is about love becoming deadly. However, L.A.-via-Bogotá singer/songwriter Andrea Silva aka Loyal Lobos keeps the danger lurking below the surface in this dreamy, slow-burning track. The song is Andrea’s only offering for this year, but she promises more new music for 2022. Listen to “Amor Como Puñal”[…]

SONG PICK: Finn Forster – Stay Right Till The End

The mass appeal of “Stay Right Till The End” is easy to grasp, given the song’s potent energy. Close your eyes, picture yourself at a live show, and have a brilliant time while listening to the song. “Stay Right Till The End” is the new single by indie-rock band Finn[…]

Abby Sage

SONG PICK: Abby Sage – Fever Dream

“Fever Dream” deals with one of the hardest situations in a relationship: unrequited love. In her new song L.A.-based singer/songwriter Abby Sage tries to fix what is not fixable until angry guitars screech about the futility of her attempts. She shares about the song: ‘There’s a fire in your mind[…]

SONG PICK: GVosti – I Got You

When New York-based GVosti sings “I Got You,” then she means it in the best of ways, and she means it. All too often we offer support and then the other person never takes us up on it. GVosti’s single took shape in the most difficult of times, and the[…]


SONG PICK: Haawa – Love You Now

Chilled beats, a few guitars and synths plus restrained vocals: NYC singer songwriter Haawa goes with a minimalist but effective approach to bring her empowering message across. She says: “This song is about being unapologetic in our desires and whole heartedly pursuing the things we want. Pouring into our own[…]

SONG PICK: Mars Motel – The Second Sun

So much sweet melancholy that Mars Motel offers us in their newest single “The Second Sun.” By now, the Brooklyn-based indie-rock quartet slimmed down to a duo, comprised of Sarik Kumar and Justin Lieberthal. Since the conception of the “intergalactic, sonic experience” that is Mars Motel in 2017, they have[…]

SONG PICK: Amara ctk100 – How Can I Sleep Now That I Know?

“How Can I Sleep Now That I Know?” is a song about pushing through a difficult time, which adds a serious rock guitar to Amara ctk100‘s brand of hard-hitting pop music. The London-based musician plays the instrument herself. She recalls: “My Dad taught me the guitar back when the guitar[…]

SONG PICK: Kid Bloom – Like I Never Left

It’s been a while since we last featured Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter/producer, and multi-instrumentalist Lennon Kloser, better known under his artist moniker Kid Bloom. His newest single ” Like I Never Left” offers everything we came to love about Kid Bloom’s music. The song swirls and shimmers and it feels[…]

SONG PICK: Sea Change – Night Eyes

Norwegian singer, songwriter, and producer Ellen Sunde aka Sea Change does music at the exact sweet spot of pop and electronic avant-garde. I have been a fan since her brilliant first album “Breakage” in 2015, but for some reason, there was never an opportunity to have her as a Song[…]

SONG PICK: Ross Newhouse – Ohio

When a talented singer/songwriter, comfortably at home in the folk music genre, adds electronic elements to his music, magic can happen! Swing States, the new EP by Ross Newhouse proofs this concept right. The production of the three tracks on the EP is stellar, evoking the sound of eclectic folk-pop grandmaster[…]