Song Pick of the Day




Shaunna Heckman

SONG PICK: Shaunna Heckman – Cradle the Sound

Shaunna Heckman is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Duluth, Minnesota. Her latest song “Cradle the Sound” is a dreamy, ethereal piece of synthpop for which she collaborated with Julie Kathryn aka I Am Snow Angel. Shaunna recalls how this came together: “Julie has been an inspiration for a long[…]

SONG PICK: Silver Relics – Tails

New York-based psych-rock band Silver Relics release the catchy “Tails.” Formed in late 2017 by songwriter Alex Sepassi, Silver Relics have their roots in classics rock spiced with a flurry of modern elements. The result is a highly pleasing melange of sounds and vibes. Asked about “Trails,” Sepassi says: “Tails”[…]

Mumble Tide

SONG PICK: Mumble Tide – Good 4 Me

“Good 4 Me” marks one of those moments of clarity about the lack of clarity in one’s life. Where does this all lead, what is good for me, and what not? Bristol duo Mumble Tide wraps this all in a piece of guitar-heavy bedroom pop with the message that all[…]

Sister Lucy

SONG PICK: Sister Lucy – Dream

Sister Lucy is trying hard to measure up to somebody’s dreams until she’s having it in the last third of the song. With “Dream,” Abi Sinclair, the woman behind Sister Lucy, releases her debut single, an infectious indie-rock banger that follows her conflicting emotions musically. We can look forward to[…]

SONG PICK: Chillhum – highspeed

Denver producer and vocalist Chillhum delights with “highspeed,” a beautifully woozy and effortlessly pleasing electropop gem. Asked about the song’s context and message, Ethan Bedell, aka Chillhum, says: Lyrically, ‘highspeed’ is a song centered around how disorienting it can be as a young person trying to figure out what direction to take[…]

Emilee Moore

SONG PICK: Emilee Moore – White Mazda Truck

The title “White Mazda Truck” does not prepare you for the deeply emotional ride L.A. singer/songwriter Emilee Moore is about to take you. But it is not unusual that the brain attaches unremarkable details to important memories. In Emilee’s case, it was the car’s make that stuck in her mind[…]

SONG PICK: Fair Visions – Channel

“Channel” is the newest single from Fair Visions‘ upcoming EP Modern Kids. The New York-based post-punk band goes a little darker and maybe even more mysterious on “Channel.” Fair Visions’ sound is inspired by the greatest of the electronic/industrial genre, think New Order or Depeche Mode but they certainly put[…]


SONG PICK: Mayuko – Imaginary Bubbles

In “Imaginary Bubbles,” the acoustic bass guides you through a fantastic, swirling soundscape. This sonic sculpture is created by the German artists Michelle Cheung, Kasia Kadlubowska and Rebecca Mauch, who record as Mayuko. The trio comes from classical music but has turned to electronics and jazz to blend experimental but[…]

SONG PICK: Foolish Deep – Looking for the Moon

“Looking for the Moon,” the new super catchy single by Californian indie-rock band Foolish Deep is as gorgeous as it is romantic. The song feels like someone, a special someone, is taking me by the hand, leading me to a corner of the world that’s free of any problems but[…]