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SONG PICK: Elise Boulanger – Cigarettes et Rosé

Canadian singer/songwriter Elise Boulanger releases the utterly gorgeous “Cigarettes et Rosé” today. With her crisp and confident vocals, as well as impressive songwriting creativity and skills, she evokes the legendary Kate Bush big time. Warm string tones are contrasting with austere drum rolls and marching beats. While living in France,[…]

Samantha Margret

SONG PICK: Samantha Margaret – Feminist gf

The future is female and faking support for feminist causes will not save patriarchalism. That is the message singer, songwriter and producer Samantha Margret has for a particular annoying type of man. There is a good dose of menace in way the song builds: she knows that she will win, but it is not going to be easy.

SONG PICK: Valetta – Irregular Low

At home in Manchester, Valetta just released the bold, beautiful and superbly original “Irregular Low”. The magnificent track simmers and swirls, and intensifies, before it dances into a grandiose finale. This is not the work of a newcomer band but clearly the creative output of very skilled musicians, who know[…]

SONG PICK: Todavía – Euclid

Todovía is the project of singer, composer and producer Rhyan Riesgo from Los Angeles. They just released a new album “Orange Feint of Sky” with 11 dreamy, cinematic synth pop songs. “Our intention is to break your heart,” Todovîa states and they may well succeed when you give in and let yourself sink into those sweeping soundscapes.

SONG PICK: CAAMP – Officer of Love (video)

Following the release of the glorious “Fall, Fall, Fall”, a song about change and all that must change, especially racial and environmental injustices, CAAMP come out with “Officer of Love”. This time, the Ohio-based trio goes for a romantic and a catchy, feel-good vibe. The groovy track is now out via[…]

Skyler Cocco

SONG PICK: Skyler Cocco – The Drive

“The Drive” is about the healing effects of a long drive (or walk for that matter), when the world passes by and one has the time and space to reflect and make important decision. In this case the story went apparently well for Skyler Cocco as she maintains an upbeat, bright vibe throughout the song. The New York-based singer/songwriter creates all music herself and that certainly helps to get the elegant production just right without trendy bells and whistles.

I See Rivers

Q&A with I See Rivers

I See Rivers is the trio of Eline (keys, vocals, percussion), Gøril (guitar, vocals, drum pad), and Lill (drums, vocals) from Norway, who met in Liverpool and are spending now much of their time in Wales. They have just released their debut album “Deep & Rolling Green,” a diverse collection of 16 songs that make it hard to put them into a specific genre.

Read our Q&A with I See Rivers here:

Ella Grace

SONG PICK: Ella Grace – Pieces (Video)

“Pieces” is one of those songs that put you instantly into a relaxed mood and you wish that London-based singer/songwriter Ella Grace would go on forever with her gentle reflections about a relationship she cannot let go. While inspired by a breakup, neither the song nor the beautiful visuals focus on the hardship, but rather explore the resulting feelings with curiosity.

SONG PICK: Amelie Patterson – Let Your Trouble Go

“Let Your Trouble Go” is the new single by Canadian singer/songwriter Amelie Patterson and it is a sweet, mellow track with sparkling sprinkles of hope. While the verse is kept pensive and dulcet, the chorus goes all-in with a beautiful catchiness that makes us want to chime in and feel[…]