Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: Zaac Pick – Ladder To The Sun (Video)

The video to “Ladder To The Sun” drew me immediately into its compelling story. It is so nice to see young people hanging out together… “Ladder To The Sun” is the second track from Zaac Pick‘s upcoming album “Passages” (out May 22nd) and with its melancholic undertones yet overall optimistic[…]


SONG PICK: Austra – Mountain Baby (ft. Cecile Believe)

The release of a new Austra album is always a special day at glamglare. “HiRUDiN” – you don’t want to know what this is if you are squeamish – is just Katie Stelmanis fourth album over almost a decade and a lot has changed since her first full-length “Feel it Break.” What remained the same is the diverse approach to the production and her clear, bright almost outerworldly vocals. I recommend listening to the entire album, but the latest single “Mountain Baby” is a good summary for what to expect: an intriguing collage of sonic experiences, featuring a Toronto children’s choir and fellow Canadian musician Cecile Believe (fka Mozart’s Sister).

SONG PICK: Midnight Vesta – I’ll Have Another

The sun came finally out today in New York, and while enjoying breakfast on the balcony, we were listening to my playlist of potential song picks and when “I’ll Have Another” came on, I loved the track all over again. The track is defined by its groovy John Mayer vibe, complete[…]


SONG PICK: Mïrändä – I Am Art (Video)

“I Am Art” says New York-based producer and singer Mïrändä and she proves it with an impressive, swirling video, with all visuals created by herself in isolation. “Limitations can set you free,” she says, but this is not just about her. We all can take this as motivation and inspiration to get through the current situation. After all, art is at the core of the human spirit.

SONG PICK: Video Age – Shadow On The Wall

Going with stereotypes makes it hard to believe that Video Age are a contemporary band at home in New Orleans. Their sound is so blissfully nostalgic, with 70s glitter and irresistible groove, that I had pictured them hailing from somewhere as sunny and seemingly carefree as Los Angeles or Malibu.[…]

Emmy Wildwood

SONG PICK: Emmy Wildwood – Electric Dreaming

Tuscon-based singer and producer Emmy Wildwood goes in many different directions on her new album “Heavy Petals” (Apple Music | Spotify) The uniting element between the songs is the unapologetic use of a smacking drum machine, but on top she layers different instruments and styles and condensed the currently super-trendy DYI bedroom pop vibe to its very essence. The closer “Electric Dreaming” is the most electronic of the 9 tracks, but there is much more do discover on the record.

SONG PICK: Kidsmoke – The Bluest You

What now almost seems like a different life, Kidsmoke‘s new single “The Bluest You” transported me -virtually, anyway- back to a moment in time when I saw them live. It was March 2019, the Welsh showcase in Austin, TX  for SXSW in full swing, when I experienced this dreamy surf-sound[…]

Discovery Zone

SONG PICK: Discovery Zone – Blissful Morning Dream Interpretation Melody (Video)

“Blissful Morning Dream Interpretation Melody” is a futuristic audiovisual experience by Berlin-based artist JJ Weihl – formerly part of Fenster – who records music as Discovery Zone. Disguised as an add for a dream sharing app the video shows an eerily happy future while JJ Weihl’s classic electronic sounds carry your mind away.

SONG PICK: Daragh – Pretend

“Pretend” is the new single by Irish singer/songwriter Daragh Wearen, who used to play guitar and write songs in Company Ink, and started his solo project as Daragh. Grounded in shimmering synths lines, “Pretend” has a warm and fuzzy feel to it, with some great guitar work and Daragh’s energetic[…]

Saint Saviour

SONG PICK: Saint Saviour – Wake Me

This is a song like a sunrise that slowly sneaks into your consciousness with warm rays of light. Aptly titled “Wake Me,” the new track by Becky Jones aka Saint Saviour is built around a gently plucked harp and feels so harmonious that even the processed vocals feel right in place.