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Bradford five-piece NGOD follow-up their charming debut single “Are You Satisfied” with another stunner. The just released “Blue” lets Sam Augustine’s striking vocals shine even more and demonstrates the band’s serious songwriting chops. From the start, “Blue” is hypnotic as well as super catchy and sports a must-chime-in chorus. Listen to “Blue”, our Our Song Pick of the Day:[…]

NEW TRACK: Elohim – Sensations

Listen to “Sensational”, an anthemic track about the singularly blissful moment of being in love. Elohim, a somewhat mysterious singer/songwriter from L.A. has already released a bunch of songs (like this one) and is now readying her debut LP, due on May 20.

SONG PICK: Tusks – False

This is what I find currently the most exciting kind of music: an effortless blend of guitars and electronics, cool and emotional at the same time. “False” by Emily Undersell, who goes by the name Tusks, combines all this in a wonderfully slow-building track. “I still believe in you”, she[…]

SONG PICK: Leitbur – Antique Travelers [SINGLE & VIDEO PREMIERE]

Just in time for the friendlier months of the year arrives “Antique Travelers”, a romantic synthpop sparkler that is as catchy as it is happiness-inducing.”Antique Travelers” evokes the glorious feelings of strolling through a bright, sun-drenched landscape while enjoying a mild breeze from the ocean which is not too far-fetched given that this is the brand[…]

SONG PICK: Chelsea Lankes – Paralyzed

Let’s end this somewhat L.A.-heavy week with Chelsea Lankes, whose new song “Paralyzed” is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Her dreamy reflection about a relationship of the kind “Maybe it works out, and maybe it doesn’t”, could very well take place on a sunny beach – there are seabirds[…]


“Bully For You” starts out with distorted guitar lines, and powerful, almost angry drum beats. Once the forceful, equally passionate vocals set in, it becomes clear that this song holds purpose and wants to be more than ‘simply’ the recent single by Vancouver quartet JPNSGRLS. “Bully For You” is a raucous feminist anthem[…]

SONG PICK: The Beautiful Fear – Arduus Ad Solem

The Latin title “Arduus Ad Solem” rolls easily from your tongue, once you give it a try, meaning ‘striving towards the sun’. “Arduus Ad Solem” is track number six on The Beautiful Fear’s upcoming album “ONE” (May 1st), the first installment of a double concept album. While it seems hard to single out one[…]

SONG PICK: Beyond Rare – Cold

Beyond Rare is, well, a girl/boy duo from… well, L.A. That alone doesn’t make them stand out from the, like, thousand other such duos from the City of Angels. But their music does, because it is not sunshine-infused electro pop, but rather a gritty affair with relentless beats driving singer[…]

SONG PICK: Billy Doze – Clouds

“Clouds”, the debut single by London artist Billy Doze, is the perfect feel-good-track: warm, bright, pleasantly driving beats with charming vocals. Yet the song’s title is “Clouds” and when the chorus sets in, the tune shifts its tempo and its mood with “clouds passing by, clouds going easy on me from time[…]

SONG PICK: Hunter As A Horse – Fallen Leaves

“Fallen Leaves” is a sad song about a rapidly cooling relationship. “Live is cruel and complicated” and yes, in such situations it may look exactly like this. Singer/guitarist Mia van Wyk speak-sings much of the song, which generates a calm reflective mood, while Paul Gala’s synths soar like the emotions[…]